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Encircle the most appropriate answer from the following options

1:         The devices which gives instruction/data to the computer are called

(a) Input         

(b) Output       

(c) 1/0 

(d) Printer

2:         Which of the following are input devices       

(a) Key board 

(b) Light Pen  

(c) Scanner    

(d) All

3:         When we save data on a hard disk the hard disk serves as an        

(a) Output Device      

(b) Input Device         

(c) 1/0 Device

(d) None

4:         OCR is a        

(a) Input Device         

(b) Output Device      

(c) 1/0 Device

(d) None

5:         A keyboard usually is divided into

(a) Sectors     

(b) Tracks      

(c) Typewriter area    

(d) 4 Areas

6:         The starting with character F are called        

(a) Arrow keys           

(b) Function keys     

(c) Alphabet keys

(d) Numeric keys

7:          In windows the combination of CTRL. ALT, DEL key is used for    

(a) For Dos mode      

(b) Copy the text        

(c) Escape     

(d) Print Preview

8:         Page Up and Page Down are

(a) Numeric keys       

(b) Navigation keys  

(c) Editing keys          

(d) Function keys

9:         The standard arrangement of keys on a keyboard is called 

(a) Typewriter area

(b) PC/XT       

(c) 101 keys   


10:       An image can be converted into text by a software called   

(a) CAD          

(b) OCR         


(d) Driver

11:       The resolution of a scanner is measured in               

(a) Dpi

(b) Sectors     

(c) Tracks      

(d) Inches

12:       Pick one that does not match the other                     

(a) Light pen   

(b) Joystick    

(c) Mouse       

(d) Speaker

13:       Voice recognition is    

(a) Input to the computer in form of words

(b) Recognizing different sounds of devices

(c) Converting voices into print outs  

(d) Using speakers

14:       The digital camera CCDs instead of 

(a) Disk          

(b) Film                      

(c) Printing     

(d) Media image

15:       A TV like screen is also called

(a) Cathode ray tube

(b) Digital camera

(c) Image and voice recognizer         

(d) CD player

16:       Monochrome monitors are    

(a) Colored monitors  

(b) A monitor with one color

(c) A monitor with two color          

(d) A monitor with no color

17:       In monitors terminology RGB indicates         

(a) Red, Green and blue colors      

(b) 3 guns of red, green, and blue color

(c) Two color and a gun         

(d) Two guns and colors

18:       An output device produces results in hard form is

(a) Speaker    

(b) Monitor     

(c) Printer      

(d) Video display

19:       The printers used with minicomputer and mainframe computer are

(a) Dot matrix 

(b) Line           

(c) Daisy Wheel         

(d) None

20:       The printers with advance technology belong to

(a) Liner printers         

(b) Impact printers

(c) Non-impact printer         

(d) Daisy Wheel printers      


21:       The printers that does not strike on to the paper for printing are called

(a) No such printer exist        

(b) Impact printer

(c) Non-impact printer         

(d) Line printers          

22:       Which of the statement explain impact printers        

(a) Noisy        

(b) Strikes on paper   

(c) Print line by line    

(d) All

23:       The printer considered faster than all others works with       

(a) LASER technology

(b) Electrostatic          

(c) Thermal Energy   

(d) Nozzle spray

24:       Daisy wheel printers cannot produce

(a) Text          

(b) Character 

(c) Graphics  

(d) Noise

25:       For printing of large drawings and images we use    

(a) Plotter      

(b) LASER printer      

(c) Line printer

(d) Dot matrix

26:       In Dot matrix printers, the matrix refers to

(a) The dots which it printouts

(b) Name of the inventor

(c) The row and column range of the carriage          

(d) Printing speed

27:       Which of the followings is not true for CD-ROM

(a) High storage capacity      

(b) Can stores sounds

(c) Writing and reading mechanism are same

(d) Writing and reading mechanism are different

28: The writable CDs are called

(a) CD Roms 

(b) CDW         

(c) CD-R        

(d) CD Writer

29:       Depending upon printing mechanism the printers can be

(a) LASER and Inkjet 

(b) Dot Matrix & Daisy Wheel printer

(c) Impact and Non impact 

(d) Composite and RGB

30:       The two basic types of plotters are

(a) Flat and drum     

(b) Light pen and drum          

(c) Pen and drum       

(d) Flat bed     

31:       It is very meaningful to use activity type of plotter to monitor earthquake

(a) Flatted       

(b) Inkjet         

(c) Non-impact           

(d) Drum

32:       A keyboard has been divided into general areas                  

(a) Two           

(b) Four         

(c) Five           

(d) Three

33:       A keyboard is similar to         

(a) Motherboard         

(b) Calculator 

(c) Typewriter           

(d) None

34:       Joystick is a device               

(a) Input         

(b) Output       

(c) Storage     

(d) None

35:       Red, blue and green colors are called                       

(a) Secondary colors

(b) Primary color      

(c) Additive color        

(d) Both b & c

36:       Which device receives information from the outside the computer system?

(a) Output

(b) Input

(c) Peripheral

(d) None

37: The devices that retrieve information from the computer memory.

(a) Peripheral 

(b) Input          

(c) Output       

(d) Storage

38: Output devices retrieve information from the computer memory, convert it into a form that can be directly understood by

(a) Computer 

(b) Programmer         

(c) Software   

(d) Human

39:       Which of the following is an input device?    

(a) Monitor     

(b) Speakers  

(c) Floppy drive          

(d) None

40:       The keyboard keys arrangement is called    

(a) AT-XT style          


(c) AT style    

(d) IBM style

41:       A keyboard may be divided into how many general areas.  

(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 6

(d) 8

42:       A keyboard consists of how many function keys?   

(a) 9

(b) 10  

(c) 11

(d) 12

43: The device that translates images into an electronic format that can be stored in computers memory is

(a) Printer       

(b) Scanner   

(c) Joystick    

(d) Light pen

44:       A pointing device, which almost looks like a mouse is?        

(a) Light pen   

(b) Joystick    

(c) Keyboard  

(d) Trackball

45:       Which device is used in a digital camera for storage?          

(a) CD

(b) Film           

(c) CCD         

(d) Printer

46:       A video monitor consist of a  

(a) Screen      

(b) CRT          

(c) TV 

(d) None

47:       A RGB monitor has    electron guns.

(a) 4

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 5

48:       Which of the following is called an impact printer?   

(a) Daisy Wheel         

(b) Ink-jet        

(c) Line printer

(d) Both a & c

49:       The printer that prints without hitting on printing paper are    

(a) Impact      

(b) Non Impact          

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

50.      The capacity of CD-ROM is up to

(a) 750 GB     

(b) 680 GB     

(c) 680 MB

(d) 680 KB