Top 500+ 9th Class Computer Science Subject Mcqs Pdf Download Chapter No 08

Chapter No: 8

Introduction To Windows

Encircle the most appropriate answer from the following options

1:         Control panel allows you to customize which of the following feature

(a) Appearance          

(b) Themes    

(c) Printers

(d) All

2:         Computer virus is simply a

(a) Disease    

(b) Type of bacteria   

(c) Hardware

(d) None

3:         The OS windows was introduced by

(a) Intel

(b) Microsoft

(c) IBM

(d) UNIX

4: Which statement is not true for windows?

(a) Different version   

(b) Difficult to install

(c) Ease to remove    

(d) Both b & c

5:         A mouse controls Icons by a

(a) Keyboard  

(b) Mouse       

(c) Scanner

(d) None

6:         The controlled area on the screen is called

(a) ICON        

(b) Desktop    

(c) Screensavers

(d) Background

7.           What will be the storage capacity of floppy disk of 3.5 inch is

(a) 512 bytes  

(b) 512 KB      

(c) 1.44 MB

(d) 1.44 KB

8:         The disk drive labeled with B: specified the

(a) Floppy disk drive

(b) HD

(c) CD-ROM

(d) None

9:         This option allows installation and removal of printers from the computer

(a) Add/ Remove hardware 

(b) Display

(c) Keyboard  

(d) Printers

10:       The function of antivirus is

(a) To detect virus u

(b) To remove a virus

(c) Both b & c

(d) None

11:       Which of the following is not a windows application?

(a) C++


(c) Word

(d) None

12:       Which of the following is not the function of OS?

(a) Memory Management     

(b) Inserting disk in the drive

(c) I/O devices management   

(d) Load programs

13:       Shutdown command

(a) Alt + F4    

(b) Alt + Fl      

(c) Alt + F5

(d) Alt + F6

14:       Ms Windows is a

(a) Application software         

(b) OS

(c) Graphics software

(d) Data Base

15:        Which of the following disk may have multiple partitions?

(a) DVD

(b) HD

(c) CD

(d) None

16:       In a file ABC.txt the file extension is

(a) ABC          

(b) txt 

(c) ABC.txt

(d) None

17:       Antivirus is

(a) Hardware  

(b) Software  

(c) Floppy

(d) HD

18:       Kelz is a

(a) Bacteria    

(b) Disease     

(c) Virus

(d) Anti virus

19:       Windows is a

(a) GUI           

(b) CLI

(c) CLS          

(d) CPU

20:       The file extension of sound file is

(a) ppt 

(b) html           

(c) wav           

(d) bmp

21:       The file created in Microsoft Access database is                  

(a) DOS         

(b) xls 

(c) bmp          

(d) mdb

22:       Which of the following operating systems is commonly used in personal computers?

(a) DOS         

(b) Windows 

(c) UNIX         

(d) Macintosh

23:       The Windows operating system is used in personal computers about         

(a) 90 %         

(b) 100 %       

(c) 10 %         

(d) 50 %

24:       Desktop view is

(a) Internal directory structure of DOS

(b) External commands

(c) Tree          

(d) Windows interface     


25:       Start is

(a) A check box         

(b) A button    

(c) Pop down menu

(d) Text box

26:       Which among the following is not an icon?   

(a) My computer

(b) Recycle Bin          

(c) An open file         

(d) My briefcase

27:       Folders are     

(a) Path          

(b) Directories          

(c) Word processor    

(d) Database

28:       What appears after we turn on a computer and load windows?       

(a) Icon           

(b) Desktop   

(c) Menu Bar  

(d) Control Icon

29:       Major source of virus is         

(a) Fax

(b) E-mail       

(c) Telephone 

(d) Person

30:      It may be a program or a set of program that can cause extensive damage to your computer system           

(a) Virus        

(b) Antivirus    

(c) Data          

(d) Program

31:       Which of the following functions is difficult with a mouse?   

(a) Double click          

(b) Entering data      

(c) Right click 

(d) Drag

32:       Hourglass shape of mouse pointer indicates 

(a) Busy state           

(b) Drag          

(c) Selection   

(d) Edit

33:       on the right side for    

(a) Maximization        

(b) Close        

(c) Restore     

(d) Minimization

34:       Which of the following is used to change the system defaults or properties of the computer?

(a) Recycle Bin          

(b) Control Panel      

(c) Windows Explorer

(d) Start Button

35:       To change the background of the desktop _ on the desktop

(a) Left click   

(b) Right click           

(c) Double click          

(d) Single click

36:       Once the selected program starts, a small icon appears on the       

(a) Format bar

(b) Taskbar   

(c) Toolbar     

(d) Scroll bar

37:       The bar at the bottom is         

(a) Menu bar  

(b) Selection bar        

(c) Task bar  

(d) Drawing

38:       The menu having options like programs, favorites, documents, setting, find, run etc is

(a) Start menu          

(b) Program menu     

(c) End menu 

(d) View menu

39:       What are called the small computer programs which are used to destroy other computer programs?

(a) Virus        

(b) Anti-virus  

(c) Software   

(d) Firmware

40:       The first thing which we see after logging into the computer is        

(a) Window     

(b) Icon           

(c) Desktop   

(d) None

41:       GUI is more   

(a) Customizable        

(b) Stable       

(c) Efficient    

(d) All

42:       Which of the following is not the control menu?        

(a) Close        

(b) Max          

(c) Min

(d) Shutdown

43:       We can shutdown computer by pressing

(a) Start + Shutdown           

(b) File + Close

(c) Max + Exit

(d) Double click mouse

44:       What are called the small computer programs which are used to protect computers?

(a) Virus         

(b) Anti-virus

(c) Software   

(d) Firmware

45:       GUI stands for

(a) Geometrical interface      

(b) Graphical use

(c) User interface

(d) Graphical user interface

 46:         It launches the internet explorer browser.

(a) GU

(b) Recycle bin          

(c) Internet explorer 

(d) Folders

47:       Which of the following is true about a floppy disk?

(a) C:

(b) A:

(c) D:

(d) E:

48:         Which of the following icons of windows is used to access different disk drives of computers?

(a) Recycle bin

(b) My computer

(c) My Documents

(d) None

49:        It offers an easy to reach location where we can store and retrieve important data.

(a) HD

(b) My documents

(c) My computer   

(d) None

50:        In my computer we can access

(a) Hard drive 

(b) Floppy drive          

(c) Network drive       

(d) All