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Problem Solving

Encircle the most appropriate answer from the following options

1          How many possible solutions are there for a problem?

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) Many

2          During the analysis process, a problem is decomposed into how many sub problems?

(a) Multiple

(b) Infinite

(c) Four

(d) No division

3          Which among of the following is the sum of the programs?

(a) Instructions

(b) Information

(c) Data

(d) None

4          How many steps are there to solve any kind of problem?

(a) 5

(b) 7

(c) 9

(d) 11

5          Programming can be best describe as

(a) Problem solving

(b) Virus

(c) Application program

(d) All

6          First of all problem must be clearly

(a) Solved

(b) Identified

(c) Think

(d) Brief

7          Symbol of connector

(a) ◯

(b) →

(c) ▭

(d) none

8          The technique to divide the main problem into sub problems is called

(a) Top-Down Design

(b) Divide and Conquer Rule

(c) Algorithm

(d) Both a & b

9          Computer cannot find these errors

(a) Syntax

(b) Logical

(C) Execution

(d) Runtime

10        What is the sequence of developing a program?

(i) Coding        (ii) Designing (iii)       Analysis           (iv) Testing      (v) Identification of problem

(a) i, ii, iii,iv, v

(b) iii,ii,v,i,iv

(c) v,iii, ii,i,iv

(d) None

11        After designing a program coding can be done

(a) Only in C++ language

(b) In any computer language

(c) In BASIC

(d) In VB

12        In which block in a flow chart we can write X = YZ

(a) Comparison block

(b) Process block

(c) I/O block

(d) Can not write

13        Input/Output

(a) ◯


(c) ▭

(d) none

14        Set of instruction to solve any kind of problem is known as

(a) Analysis

(b) Algorithm

(c) Program

(d) None

15        The process of writing instructions in programming language is called

(a) Debugging

(b) Coding

(c) Solving

(d) Programming

16        Which of the following error is detected at compile time of program?

(a) Runtime

(b) Syntax

(c) Logical

(d) Both a & b

17        To help the programmer during execution of the program

(a) Maintenance

(b) Documentation

(c) Flow Chart

(d) Algorithm

18        The grammatical rules of a programming language to write program are known as

(a) Programming language

(b) Logic of the programming language

(c) Rules of the programming language

(d) Syntax of the programming language

19        Errors in the program is called

(a) Debugging

(b) Bugs

(c) Testing

(d) None

20        An algorithm is

(a) Generic type

(b) Language specific

(c) For analysis

(d) None

21        Diamond symbol is used for

(a) Start

(b) Flow line

(c) Decision

(d) Input/output

22        PL stands for

(a) Programming language

(b) Programming Layout

(c) Protocol language

(d) None

23        Flow chart is valuable aid in a program

(a) Maintenance

(b) Coding

(c) Documentation

(d) Both a & b

24        Which of the following is syntax error?

(a) 7 = X+Y

(b) Z= X + Y

(c) X+Y=Z

(d) Both a & c

25        Logical errors can only be detected

(a) By thoroughly testing the program

(b) By testing each logical path of the flow of control in the program

(c) By observing all variables in the program

(d) All of these

26        The symbol is used to flow charts to start or stop a process

(a) Rectangle

(b) Diamond

(c) Oval

(d) Parallelogram

27        Which of the following is the process of running the program and finding the errors from the program?

(a) Debugging

(b) Bugs

(c) Testing

(d) None

28        Typographical errors in BASIC statements are

(a) Runtime errors

(b) Logical errors

(c) Syntax errors

(d) Execution errors

29        Division by zero is

(a) Syntax errors

(b) Logical errors

(c) Execution errors

(d) Runtime error

30        Which among the following Language is easy for the user

(a) Machine

(b) High level

(c) Assembly

(d) None

31        How many types of errors

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

32        Which Symbol is used to indicate the direction of flow of information in a flow chart

(a) Decision

(b) Flow line

(c) Process

(d) Connector

33        Which of the following errors occur if you write a formula c=a + b in source program instead of c=a* b

(a) Syntax error

(b) Logical Error

(c) Execution error

(d) None

34        Step after development and testing the program is

(a) Booting

(b) Debugging

(c) Implementation

(d) All

35        A symbol is used in flow chart for processing

(a) Diamond

(b) Rectangle

(c) Oval

(d) Flow lines

36        The symbol for decision box is

(a) An oval

(b) A diamond

(c) A circle

(d) A parallelogram

37        Terminal symbol is represented by the shape

(a) Circle

(b) Oval

(c) Rectangle

(d) Parallelogram

38        When a runtime error occurs then

(a) Computer stop the execution of the program and displays an error message

(b) Computer returns wrong output result

(c) Computer continue to execute other statements of program

(d) None

39        Which of the following is the process of maintaining the program?

(a) Debugging

(b) Bugs

(c) Testing

(d) Maintenance

40        A decision box can have

(a) One exit

(b) Two exit

(c) Three exit

(d) Four exit

41        Data whose result is known in advance

(a) Numeric

(b) Test

(c) String

(d) String variable

42        What is called the processing of finding and removing errors from a computer program?

(a) Programming

(b) Debugging

(c) Analyzing

(d) Documentation

43        The technique “Divide and Conquer” is used to solve

(a) Simple problems

(b) Complex problems

(c) Large problems

(d) Both b & c

44        Which of the following is similar to the road map or map of a building?

(a) Coding

(b) Documentation

(c) Flow chart

(d) None

45        An error occurs when the program violet one or more grammatical rules of the programming language is called.

(a) Desk checking

(b) Syntax

(c) Run time

(d) Algorithm

46        BASIC is a

(a) HLL

(b) LLL

(C) Assembly

(d) Both b&c

47        Which of the following is refers to the installation of the program in the user environment?

(a) Maintenance

(b) Testing

(c) Implementation

(d) Documentation

48        In which block in a flowchart we can write Print A

(a) Comparison block

(b) Process block

(c) I/O block

(d) None

49        The grammar of the computer language is

(a) Error

(b) Sequence

(c) Flowchart

(d) Syntax

50        Flow line is denoted by the symbol

(a) →

(b)  ̲

(c) ↔

(d) none