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Chapter No: 5

Subprogram and File Handling

Encircle the most appropriate answer among the following options

1          A structured program is written in

(a) Gates

(b) Modules

(c) OR gate

(d) Flow Chart

2          Which type of programs are difficult to debugs?

(a) Structured

(b) Unstructured

(c) OS

(d) Application

3          The DEF statement in BASIC can be used to define a name of a

(a) built in library function

(b) Single line statement function

(c) Subroutine


4          In structured or modular programming a large program is divided into smaller, manageable parts called

(a) Sub- programs

(b) Modules

(c) Files

(d) Both a & b

5          How many types of subprograms in BASIC?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) None

6          In the function ABS ( -2.2) becomes

(a) 2.2

(b) -2.2

(c) 2

(d) None

7          General format of the function LEFT $

(a) LEFT $ (A, &, n)

(b) LEFT$( A$ )

(c) LEFT $( $, n)

(d) LEFT$(A$,n)

8          A function is used to calculate and return

(a) 4 values

(b) 3 values

(c) 2 values

(d) 1 value

9          To extract any portion of a string in BASIC one would be

(a) MID $

(b) RIGHT$

(c) LEFT$ 0 1


10        A piece of data on which the function has to operate is called

(a) Data file

(b) Input data

(c) Argument

(d) Return value

11        Built in functions are also known as

(a) Standard

(b) Library

(c) Intrinsic

(d) All

12        Instructions that are written once in the main program or independently and can be called more than one time in the main program is called

(a) Control statement

(b) Loop

(c) Subprogram

(d) None

13        Output of CHR$(65)

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D

14        Which of the following functions are written by the language developers?

(a) User defined

(b) Library

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

15        BASIC library functions are divided into

(a) 4 types

(b) 3 types

(c) 2 types

(d) 1 types

16        Which BASIC function is used for generating numbers which are used in simulation problems?

(a) INT

(b) RND

(c) ABS

(d) SGN

17        Which of the following BASIC function returns the absolute value of given number or expression?
(a) FIX

(b) SQR

(c) ABS

(d) ABC

18        Which of the following BASIC function returns the integral part of real number or expression. It drops the decimal point and number to the right of it?

(a) FIX

(b) SQR

(c) ABS

(d) TAB

19        Which of the following BASIC function returns the square root of any positive no.?

(a) FIX

(b) INT

(c) SQR

(d) ABS

20        Output of the print VAL (“240- F Johar Town”)

(a) F

(b) 240

(c) 240-F Johar Town

(d) None

21        A file is activate with one of the following statement before its use


(b) READ


(d) None

22        Which function skips x spaces in a print statement?

(a) INT

(b) FIX

(c) SPC

(d) RND

23        The solution to simplify the long and complex program is?

(a) GOTO

(b) Spaghetti code

(c) Sub program

(d) IF… THEN

24        Module is a

(a) Internal directory

(b) Complex program

(c) Complete a single value

(d) Small part

25        Library functions in BASIC are

(a) Generally supplied by the computer manufacturer

(b) Developed by the programmer

(c) Supplied as part of the BASIC system

(d) In built in every computer system

26        When RETURN is encountered in a BASIC subroutine, the program returns to the statement?

(a) Immediately following GOSUB

(b) Immediately preceding GOSUB

(c) at the beginning of the subroutine

(d) at the beginning of the main program

27        Which of the following BASIC statement is used to define your own function?

(a) DEF FN


(c) DEF

(d) FN

28        The output of a function INT (-5.7 ) is

(a) -5


(c) -6

(d) 5

29        Which of the following BASIC function is used to print or insert the blank spaces?

(a) LEFT $

(b) RIGHT $

(c) STR $

(d) SPACE $

30        Which of the following functions is used to return the trigonometric ratio called sin of angle X?

(a) ANGLE ().

(b) SINE ()

(c) COS ()

(d) SIN()

31        PRINT SQR ( 4 ) would be

(a) 4


(c) 2

(d) 16

32        LEFT $ (“KIPS”, 3 ) =

(a) IPS

(b) kip

(c) KI

(d) KIP

33        Which of the following statement must be placed at the end of the main program?

(a) END

(b) STOP



34        Which of the following consists of alphabets, digits and special characters?

(a) Record

(b) Field

(c) Character

(d) File

35        Which of the following is a group of related characters to have a unit of information?

(a) Record

(b) Data Fields

(c) Character

(d) File

36        Which of the following is a collection of fields to provide information about an entity in a file?

(a) Record

(b) Field

(c) Character

(d) File

37        Types of files in BASIC program

(a) 5

(b) 4

(c) 3

(d) 2

38        OPEN statement

(a) Prepare a file for processing

(b) Print the file

(c) Copy the file

(d) Delete the file

39        CHR$ can get the ASCII

(a) 255 values

(b) 250 values

(c) 256 values

(d) 254 values

40        Types of file access methods in BASIC

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

41        The extension of program file is

(a) .DAT

(b) .EXE



42        The extension of data file is

(a) .DAT

(b) .EXE



43        Which of the following statement is used to print values of a file in file handling?


(b) READ

(c) OPEN


44        To read information from a file, it must be opened for

(a) Input Mode

(b) Output Mode

(c) Append Mode

(d) Both a & b

45        Which of the following is a reserved section of primary storage used for storing temporary data being written to or read from a file?

(a) Register

(b) Buffer

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

46        In BASIC you can use a file in

(a) 5 Modes I I

(b) 4 Modes II

(c) 3 Modes 1

(d) 2 Modes

47        Which of the following mode means that the data will be added to the end of an existing file on disk?




(d) All

48        Which of the following mode means that the program will eventually write data to the file?




(d) All

49        Which of the following BASIC statement disconnects the connection between the data file and the BASIC program?



(c) OPEN


50        A file is activated with one of the following statement before its use


(b) READ


(d) None