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Chapter No: 7

Microsoft Word

Encircle the most appropriate answer among the following options

1          Which of the following software is most commonly used for word processing personal computers?

(a) Word perfect

(b) Word Star

(c) Ms-Word

(d) Word 5.0

2          Which of the following tool is used in the past to prepare the documents?

(a) Calculator

(b) Typewriter

(c) Supercomputer

(d) Ms-Word

3          Which shortcut key is used to close a file

(a) Ctrl + F4.

(b) Alt + F4

(c) Ctrl + F1

(d) Ctrl + F3

4          Font size are measured in points and a point is of an inch

(a) 1/36

(b) 1/48

(c) 1/60

(d) 1/72

5          Word processor is also called

(a) Electronic typewriter

(b) Typing Machine

(c) System Software

(d) OS

6          Which of the following key is used for help in MS-Word word?

(a) F4

(b) F3

(c) F2 .

(d) F1

7          Which of the following is generally found directly below the title bar?

(a) Menu Bar

(b) Taskbar

(c) Status bar

(d) Title bar

8          Default setting is

(a) Faulty setting

(b) User defined

(c) Printing setting

(d) System defined

9          Zoom allows you to the view of a page on the screen

(a) Enlarge

(b) Reduce

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

10        The default color for highlighter is

(a) Red

(b) Green U

(c) Yellow 0 1

(d) Black

11        Header and footer allows you to insert information at the of every page

(a) Top

(b) Bottom

(c) Middle

(d) Both a & b

12        Clicking on any of the menu bar items will cause Ms-Word to display a

(a) Toolbar

(b) Taskbar

(c) Drop down menu

(d) Title bar

13        Justification is

(a) Alignment as per paper size

(b) Right alignment

(c) Left alignment

(d) Center alignment

14        Ctrl + 5 is for

(a) Double space

(b) 5 lines space

(c) 1.5 lines space

(d) Single space

15        The keyboard shortcut to display the spelling and grammar dialogue box is

(a) F6

(b) F7

(c) F8

(d) F9

16        An area of memory used for temporary storage of information in word is called

(a) Clipboard

(b) RAM

(c) Register

(d) None

17        Ctrl + C is used for

(a) Copy

(b) Cut

(c) Paste

(d) Delete

18        Font is also called a

(a) Type face

(b) Appearance

(c) Size

(d) Style

19        Which of the following font size is the best for paragraph of text?

(a) 8

(b) 10

(C) 12

(d) 14

20        MS Word is a based program

(a) Windows

(b) System


(d) None

21        Which of the following bar is the top most bar of MS-Word?

(a) Status

(b) Toolbar

(c) Title

(d) Menu

22        Which of the following view shows you what your text will look like on a web page?

(a) Normal view

(b) Web layout view

(c) Print layout view

(d) Outline view

23        Which of the following view shows you what your document will look like when it is printed?

(a) Normal view

(b) Web layout view

(c) Print layout view

(d) Outline view

24        Which of the following shortcut keys are used to create a new blank document?

(a) Ctrl + B

(b) Ctrl + N

(c) Ctrl + 0

(d) Ctrl + S

25        Which of the following shortcut keys are used to open an existing document?

(a) Ctrl + B

(b) Ctrl + N

(c) Ctrl + 0

(d) Ctrl + S

26        The redline under the words indicates the

(a) Spelling mistakes

(b) Grammar mistakes

(c) Both a & b

(d) Formatting errors

27        In which mode of the OVR is appeared in status bar of Ms-Word window?

(a) Insert mode

(b) Overtype mode

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

28        Which of the following shortcut keys are used to save current document on the disk?

(a) CTRL +D

(b) CTRL +T

(C) CTRL + S

(d) CTRL + 0

29        Which one option is not in Edit menu?

(a) Undo

(b) Redo

(c) Find

(d) Font

30        Shortcut command used for printing is

(a) Ctrl + A –

(b) Ctrl + S

(c) Ctrl + D I

(d) Ctrl + P

31        Press Ctrl + 2 keys for spacing

(a) Single

(b) Double

(c) Triple

(d) None

32        CTRL + Y is used for

(a) Undo

(b) Redo

(c) Find

(d) Page break

33        Which of the following shortcut keys are uses to past items from clipboard into a specific location of documents?

(a) CTRL +C

(b) CTRL + V

(c) CTRL + X

(d) CTRL + P

34        Which keyboard shortcut is used to make the selected word bold?

(a) CTRL + B


(c) ALT + B

(d) TAB + B

35        Which keyboard shortcut is used for double underline?

(a) Ctrl + Shift +D

(b) Ctrl + [

(c) Ctrl + Shift +M

(d) Shift + F3

36        How many points are in one inch?

(a) 10

(b) 12

(c) 32

(c) 40

37        What happened when print icon on the standard toolbar is clicked?

(a) Current page of document is printed

(b) Whole of the document is printed

(c) Only the selected text are printed

(d) None

38        On menu bar of MS-WORD number of items are

(a) 8

(b) 9

(c) 10

(d) 11

39        Clicking on the Print icon prints the document currently active in the Word.

(a) Manually

(b) Automatically

(c) Both “a” and “b”

(d) None of these

40        Which of the following is used to select the paragraph

(a) Single click

(b) Triple click

(c) Right click

(d) None of these

41        Shortcut command used for “Save as”

(a) F1

(b) F2

(c) F11

(d) F12

42        Shortcut command used for closing a tile is

(a) Ctrl + T

(b) Ctrl + 1

(c) Ctrl + W

(d) Ctrl + C

43        To short cut key for find and replace is

(a) Ctrl+F

(b) Ctrl + H

(c) Ctrl+ 0

(d) Ctrl + P

44        The orientation (s) of the paper can be:

(a) 1

(b) 2

(C) 3

(d) 4

45        Decorative text is called

(a) Serif

(b) Scan Serif

(c) Both a & b

(d) None

46        To find a specific word in the document we use

(a) Ctrl + F

(b) Ctrl + Q

(c) Ctrl + L

(d) Ctrl +R

47        To Goto a specific word or number in the document we use

(a) Ctrl + Q

(b) Ctrl +R

(C) Ctrl + G

(d) Ctrl +D

48        Go to beginning of document

(a) Ctrl + A

(b) Ctrl + Home

(c) End

(d) Shift + Home

49        Go to end of document

(a) End –

(b) Shift + End

(c) Alt + End

(d) Ctrl + End

50        (37) To change font face we use

(a) Ctrl + Alt + P

(b) Ctrl + Shift+ T

(c) Ctrl + Shift+ J

(d) Ctrl + Shift+F