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401.A hierarchical data model is :

  1. Partially ordered
  2. Not ordered
  3. Totally ordered
  4. Concept of ordering does not appear

402.A form defines :

  1. where data is placed on the screen
  2. the width of each field
  3. both [A] and [B]
  4. all

403.The designer of a form includes :

  1. Field designators
  2. Prompts
  3. Data
  4. Both [A] and [B]

404.UPDATE command belongs to which type of Classification

  1. DML
  2. DDL
  3. DCL
  4. DQL

405.The _________ function helps reduce the need to use multiple OR conditions.

  1. IN
  2. AND
  3. Like
  4. Between

 406.Which of the flowing clauses allows to sort the records in result set?

  1. Where
  2. Order by
  3. From
  4. Having

407.In SQL queries, while creating tables or relations in database, key columns may be specified by

  1. Null
  2. Not Null
  3. Data Type
  4. None

408.Identify the language which is used to specify database schema.

  1. DCL
  2. DML
  3. DDL
  4. Non

409.Data Definition Language (DDL) statements are used to define the database structure or schema. Some examples:

  1. CREATE – to create objects in the database
  2. ALTER – alters the structure of the database
  3. DROP – delete objects from the database
  4. TRUNCATE – remove all records from a table, including all spaces allocated for the records are removed
  5. COMMENT – add comments to the data dictionary
  6. RENAME – rename an object

410._______ Operators are the ones that require two operands on both sides of the operator.

  1. Double
  2. Tow Sided
  3. Binary
  4. None of the given options

411.What happened if the Where clause is omitted from a Delete Statement?

  1. All record from the table are deleted
  2. No record from the tables will be deleted
  3. First record of the tables will be deleted
  4. The statement will not be executed and will give a syntax error

412.Which of the following is a String function in SQL

  1. Count
  2. LEN
  3. SQRT
  4. SIN

413.Revoke is a __________ Statement

  1. Data Definition
  2. Control Access
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Data Description

414.Truncate command response time is ____ as compared to Delete command.

Select correct option:

  1. Poor
  2. Same
  3. Better
  4. worst

 415.Which of the following syntax of the functions in SQL is used to add column values?

Select correct option:

  1. COUNT(*)
  2. COUNT(expression)
  3. MAX(expression)
  4. SUM(expression) 

416.SQL is used for:

Select correct option:

  1. Creating, managing and deleting tables and manage the relationships among the stored date.
  2. Generating queries, organizing, managing and retrieving data stored in a database.
  3. Maintaining data integrity and coordinate data sharing.
  4. All

 417.Which of the following is used to filter rows according to some condition(s)?

Select correct option:

  2. FROM
  3. WHERE

418.Which language is used to permit or prohibit access to a table?

Select correct option:

  1. DCL
  2. DDL
  3. DML
  4. All .

419.Which of the following is used to filter rows according to some condition(s)?

Select correct option:

  2. FROM
  3. WHERE

 420.Which language is used to permit or prohibit access to a table?

Select correct option:

  1. DDL
  2. DML
  3. All .
  4. DCL

421.Data Manipulation Language (DML) is the set of commands used to maintain and query a database including updating, inserting, modifying and retrieving data.

Select correct option:

  1. True
  2. FALSE

 422.Which of the following is NOT a DDL command?

Select correct option:

  1. Delete
  2. Create DB
  3. Create table
  4. Drop

423.Which of the following function falls in the category of Aggregate functions.

Select correct option:

  1. MIN
  2. M SUM
  3. MAX
  4. All

424.Value of a function in SQL is always determined by the input parameters

  1. FALS
  2. TRUE “One to Many” cardinality one instance of a relation is mapped with

Select correct option:

  1. many instances of second entity type
  2. One instance of second entity type
  3. Primary key of 2 relations
  4. none

426.A second Normal Form (2 NF) relation should

  1. Select correct option:
  2. not have a composite key
  3. not have attributes dependent on key attribute
  4. not have attributes dependent on one another
  5. be in 1 NF

427.Normalization of database is essential to

  1. avoid accidental deletion of required data when some data is deleted
  2. eliminate inconsistencies when a data item is modified in the database
  3. allows storage of data in a computer’s disk
  4. use a database management system

428. Select correct option:

  1. i and iii
  2. i and ii
  3. ii and iii
  4. ii and iv

 429.A relation which is in a higher normal form

Select correct option:

  1. implies that it also qualifies to be in lower normal form
  2. does not necessarily satisfy the conditions of lower normal form
  3. is included in the lower normal form
  4. is independent of lower normal forms

 430.“Unary relationship” is one which involves

Select correct option:

  1. Single entity
  2. Two entities
  3. Many entities
  4. No entity

 431.An attribute y may be functionally dependent on

 (i) a composite attribute x,y

(ii) a single attribute x (iii) no attribute

Select correct option:

  1. i and ii
  2. i and iii
  3. ii and iii
  4. iii “One to One Relationship” One instance of first entity type is mapped with two instances of second entity type

Select correct option:

  1. true
  2. false

433.DML perform functions such as

Select correct option:

  1. Insertion
  2. Deletion
  3. Creation of database
  4. All

434.“Select” and “project” are the examples of

Select correct option:

  1. Unary operations
  2. Binary operations
  3. All
  4. D. Ternary operations

435.identify the basic part(s) of a SELECT statement?

  2. FROM
  3. Both SELECT and FROM

436. Which of the following SQL statements used to control access to the data and to the database?

Select correct option:

  1. GRANT
  3. Both GRANT and REVOKE

437.GRANT is a ______________ Command.

Select correct option:

  1. DDL
  2. DML
  3. DCL
  4. None

438.Is the given SQL Statement prompt error? Select * from relation1;

Select correct option:

  1. Logical Error
  2. No Error
  3. Parameter Error
  4. Time out Error

439.Consider a table named “employee” having fields Employee name, Employee ID, Age, salary. Which of the following is true if the following SQL statement tries to execute? SELECT * FROM employee WHERE Emp name=’ALI’;

Select correct option:

  1. The statement has a syntax error
  2. The statement only displays the Employee ID of those employees whose name is ALI
  3. The statement displays the entire fields from Employee in which the Employee name is ALI
  4. The statement must have an ORDERBY clause

440.Consider the two relations, Supplier (S no, S name, Contact No, Address) and Supply (S no, Item no). Which of the following statements give(s) a list of supplier names supplying the item with Item no ‘555’?

  1. Select correct option:
  2. SELECT S name FROM Supplier WHERE Item no=’555’
  3. SELECT S name FROM Supplier, Supply WHERE Supplier S no=Supply S no AND Item no=’555’
  4. SELECT S name FROM Supplier WHERE S no EXISTS (SELECT S_no FROM Supply WHERE Item no=’555’)
  5. SELECT S_name FROM Supplier WHERE S_name EXISTS (SELECT S_name FROM Supply WHERE Item_no=’555′)

441.Which of the following is the correct syntax for adding a new column into an existing table.

Select correct option:

  1. ALTER TABLE table name { ALTER [COLUMN] column type [(size)] [DEFAULT default] }
  2. ALTER TABLE table name { ADD [COLUMN] column type [(size)] [DEFAULT default] }
  3. Both I and II.
  4. None .

442. DML does not used to :

Select correct option:

  1. add new rows to tables
  2. alter a table definition
  3. retrieve rows from table
  4. modify the rows of tables

443.Objective of an order by clause is to display or arrange output of a select statement in a particular order.

Select correct option:

  1. True
  2. False

444.Which of the following is not DML command?

Select correct option:

  1. Select
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. Truncate

445.Which of the following is incorrect about alter table statement?

Select correct option:

  1. Cannot be used to modify type or size of an existing column
  2. Can be used to delete a column
  3. Can not be used to create a new table
  4. Can be used to add column in the existing tablet.

446.Which of the following is used with INSERT command to insert values in a DB table?

Select correct option:

  1. ONTO
  2. UPTO
  3. WITH
  4. INTO

 447.Which of the following is a correct way of selecting all the columns from a table called PERSONS?

Select correct option:

  1. SELECT FROM * Persons
  2. SELECT * FROM Persons
  3. SELECT * WHERE Persons
  4. SELECT WHERE * Persons

 448.The ________ operator allows to use wild cards in the where clause of an SQL statement.

Select correct option:

  1. IN
  2. FROM
  3. LIKE
  4. None .

 449.Which of the following statements creates a database named IMDB.

Select correct option:


450.Which of the following is not true regarding clustering?

Select correct option:

  1. It increases the efficiency since related records are placed close to each other
  2. Clustering makes records, difficult to access
  3. suitable to relatively static situations.
  4. It is a process, which means to place records from different tables to place in adjacent physical locations