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751.What is the impact of setting multiple indexes for the same key, in index sequential files?

 Multiple indexes for the same key cannot be set

  1. It increases efficiency 
  2. It decreases efficiency
  3. It will increase complexity as the access time will be increased
  4. none

752.Which of the given techniques is/are used to improve query performance in database?

  1. Good File organization
  2. Indexing 
  3. Both Indexing and Good File organization
  4. only one record per query

 753.While recovering data, which of the following files does a recovery manager examines at first?

  1. A system file
  2. Log file
  3. Data dictionary
  4. Metadata

754.___    __ is a control that users click to perform an action, set or toggle a state?

  1. Button 
  2. Text box
  3. Input form
  4. Sort

755.___    __is a control that enables users to one  from an associated list; users can also type an

  1. Combo box 
  2. Button
  3. Text box
  4. Static area

756.Partitions may become unbalanced in?

  1. Range partitioning 
  2. Hash partitioning
  3. List partitioning
  4. Vertical partitioning

757.Only one type of constraint can be enforced in any table by CREATE command?

  1. True
  2. False   


ALTER COLUMN _description varchar50

Syntax of ALTER TABLE is NOT .

  1. True
  2. False   

760.Which of the following is disadvantage of chaining technique to handle the collisions?

  1. Unlimited Number of elements
  2. Fast rehashing
  3. Overhead of multiple linked lists  
  4. Maximum number of elements must be know 

761.In which of the following, Materialized Views are suitable?

       A.  Data warehousing

       B.   Decision support

C. Mobile computing


763.A software package designed to store and manage databases?

  1. Database
  2. DBMS
  3. Data model
  4. Data

764.A super key that does not contain a subset of attributes that is itself a super key is called a _    _?

  1. candidate key  
  2. primary key
  3. super key
  4. secondary key 

765.A ____ relationship exists when an association is maintained within a single entity?

  1. unary  
  2. ternary
  3. binary
  4. weak

766.Which of the following is NOT one of the ways of resolving deadlocks?

  1. Undoing all the updates made by the particular transaction which is the
  2. cause of deadlock.
  3. A message is passed to the victim and depending on the system the
  4. transaction may or may not be
  5. started again automatically.

767.Picking a list of all previously completed transactions and undoing all the updates? 

  1. Rollback `victim’ transaction and restart it.
  2. 22
  3. 25 
  4. All
  5. none

768.You can’t modify more than one table at a time through a view?

  1. True  
  2. False

 769.Which of the following is one of the purposes of using DML commands?

  1. Creating databases
  2. Destroying databases
  3. Inserting data in tables 
  4. None

780.Which one of the following ER diagrams mostly resents the relationship between Student and Grade entities?

  1. 1toM
  2. Many to Many
  3. 1to1
  4. all

781.Which of the following statements are Data Definition Language command?

  3. GRANT

782.Who is responsible for authorizing access to the database, for coordinating and monitoring its use

  1. Database Designers
  2. Database Administrators   
  3. End Users
  4. Application Programmers 

783.A ____ entity has a primary key that is partially or totally derived from the parent entity in the relationship.

  1. strong
  2. weak 
  3. business
  4. relationship

784.Which of the following SQL keywords is not used with DDL statements? 

 Identify the constraint that limits the values that can be placed in a column. 


785.Which of the following enforces a relation into 1st normal form ?

 The domain of attribute must include only atomic values

  1. True
  2. false

786.Every non-key attribute is fully functionally dependent on primary key  non-key attribute is non-transitively dependent on primary key. Every non-key attribute is partially dependent on superkey  Which of the following is NOT a feature of HASH ACCESS?

A.indexes to search or maintain 

B.Very fast direct access

C.Inefficient sequential access

D.Use when direct access is needed, but sequential access is not.  

787.Which of the following is NOT a feature of a good interface?

  1. data structure based 
  2. user friendly consistency
  3. process based

788. Which of the following is true about application programs ? 

  1. develop before the database design
  2. Tools selection is made after the development database
  3. meant to perform different operations by the user  
  4. must to design before the designing and developing database  

789.Which of the following is incorrect with respect to indexed sequential files ?

  1. New records are added to an overflow file
  2. Record in main file that precedes it is updated to contain a pointer to the new record
  3. The overflow is merged with the main file during a batch update
  4. Multiple indexes for the same key field cannot be setup  

790.Which of the following is one of the purposes of using DDL commands ?

  1. inserting records into databases
  2. updating records into databases 
  3. manipulating databases
  4. creating and destroying databases

791.Which of the following statements creates a database named COMPANY?

  1. CREATE DATABASE company  rep
  2. CREATE DB company
  3. ADD DATABASE company 
  4. CREATE company DATABASE

792.What is the impact of setting multiple indexes for the same key, in index sequential files ? 

  1. Multiple indexes for the same key can not be set
  2. It increases efficiency
  3. It decreases efficiency
  4. It will increase complexity as the access time will be increased    
  5. The information regarding ‘views ’ and ‘Integrity constraints’ are found in
  6. Both Data Dictionary and System Catalog

794.Which of following is not the feature of Indexes ?

  1. must be refreshed when the data in their master tables changes
  2. improve the performance of SQL execution when they are used for query rewrites
  3. can be accessed directly using a SELECT statement  

795.Which of the following is not true regarding DB transactions ?

  1. A set of database operations that are processed partly 
  2. A database transaction is a logical unit of database operations 
  3. A database transaction must be atomic 
  4. A database transaction must contains the ACID property   

796.Which of the following are the general are performed during the development of application programs?

  1. Data input
  2. Programs
  3. Editing
  4. Display
  5. All of given

 797.Which of the following is not a type of user interface?

  1. Forms
  2. DB tables

 798.Which of the following is not true about input forms ?

  1. Especially useful when the person entering the data is not familiar with the inner workings
  2. Provide different controls to add data into the tables
  3. One input forms can populate one table at a time 

799.Which of the following is NOT a feature of Context DFD?

  1. one process which resents the entire system
  2. all sources/sinks external entities
  3. sub-processes which explain and decomposed the major process into small processes
  4. data flows linking the process to the sources and

 800.Which of the following is true for the relational  model?

  1. Constraint is a rule that restricts the values in a database.
  2. Degree of a relation is the number of rows in a relation.
  3. Null value is a blank or zero value given to an attribute value
  4. when its value is inapplicable or its value is unknown.
  5. Complex key is a key consisting of more than one attribute.