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Today we will discuss about the important PPSC English mcqs with answers pdf from which English grammar mcqs with answers pdf for PPSC Test can be set up for the Subject of PPSC English (grammar vocabulary & comprehension) mcqs pdf for upcoming PPSC Tehsildar and other Papers. Similarly We have also set small English Grammar MCQs Online Tests with answers for the PPSC Test Preparation. Moreover we have recorded all PPSC Test related preparation videos and sessions for the subject of ppsc english mcqs pdf with solutions.

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If you want to get command on these English grammar mcqs with answers pdf for PPSC Test Preparation then you should attempt all PPSC English Grammar MCQs Online Tests with answers and other PPSC practice tests which we have prepared for you people and placed below. Moreover MCQ’sFoundry.com is the only platform which is providing free ppsc english mcqs past papers / english comprehension and composition mcqs with answers pdf from PPSC English Mcqs past papers for Test Preparation.

301. You should be very careful. Snowboarding is a … hobby.

a) boring

b) dangerous

c) awful

302. He gave her a beautiful … ring. The ring is made of gold.

a) goldful

b) golden

c) gold

303. She is … than Caroline.

a) shorter

b) short

c) shortly

304. I think she is … girl in our school.

a) beautiful

b) beauty

c) the most beautiful

305. I think that BMW is a good car. But my brother thinks that AUDI is … .

a) good

b) better

c) gooder

306. They have bought a … table.

a) new brown round wooden

b) round new brown wooden

c) new round brown wooden

d) new wooden brown round

307. Mary speaks … German.

a) fluent

b) fluently

c) fluenty

308. We all think his behavior is … .

a) antinormal

b) unnormal

c) abnormal

309. She has a beautiful … (made of gold) ring.

a) goldish

b) golden

c) gold

310. Our guide showed us a/an … tower.

a) gloomy old high water

b) high gloomy old water

c) gloomy high old water

d) water old high gloomy

311. I would like to buy this flat because it’s … than that.

a) large

b) larger

c) the larger

312. We can’t work with her anymore. She’s too … .

a) unresponsible

b) inresponsible

c) ilresponsible

d) irresponsible

313. Jane bought a nice … skirt.

a) metaly

b) metalic

c) metal

314. He is permanently … .

a) inattentive

b) unattentive

c) imattentive

315. They was in a … house.

a) big three-story separated nice

b) three-storey separate nice big

c) nice big three-storey separated

d) separated nice big three-storey

316. I like to employ time at home. I’m so … .

a) inactive

b) inective

c) disactive

317. This chair has a … cover that looks like natural.

a) leatherish

b) leathery

c) leather

318. Monkey is … animal I’ve ever seen.

a) the funniest

b) funnier

c) the most funny

319. This black dress is … than the navy one.

a) elegance

b) elegances’

c) more elegant

320. This facility is currently … .

a) un-available

b) in-available

c) non-available

321. He acquired some pictures of delightful … clouds.

a) feathery

b) feathered

c) featherly

322. The tiny girl found a … kitten.

a) little pretty grey

b) grey little pretty

c) pretty little grey

d) grey cute little

323. I think this street is … in the town.

a) the shortest

b) shorter

c) more short

324. She wants the lot right now. She’s too … .

a) im-patient

b) un-patient

c) dis-patient

325. She is presence very … today!

a) unpolite

b) inpolite

c) impolite

326. This group dedicated many … actions.

a) unsocial

b) antisocial

c) dissocial

327. My grandmother woolen a … sweater.

a) blue new winter

b) winter new blue

c) blue winter new

d) new blue winter

328. I wouldn’t trust him. I think he’s … .

a) unreliable

b) irreliable

c) inreliable

329. His story is … than hers.

a) interesting

b) interstinger

c) more interesting

330. Professors think that she is … girl in the group.

a) more smart

b) the smartest

c) smarter


331. The train was moving … .

a) slow

b) slowly

c) slowy

332. The car was moving very … .

a) fastly

b) faster

c) fast

333. He has learnt the poem … .

a) badly

b) bad

c) the worst

334. A car appeared … .

a) sudden

b) suddenly

c) more sudden

335. She will have an exam soon. She studies very … .

a) hard

b) harder

c) hardly

336. He got his driver’s license a month ago. He drives very … .

a) careful

b) care

c) carefully

337. Mark speaks Russian … .

a) fluent

b) fluently

c) fluenty

338. Joana is … beautiful.

a) amazingly

b) amaze

c) amazing

339. He passed the exam … .

a) easy

b) easily

c) ease

340. She read … .

a) slowly

b) slow

c) slowful

341. Sandra looked at him … .

a) angrily

b) angry

c) angryful

342. She ran … .

a) quick

b) quickly

c) quickful

343. Dave always speaks … .

a) clearful

b) cleary

c) clearly

344. They managed to do the task … .

a) correct

b) correctly

c) correctful

345. She was upright … to me.

a) closeful

b) closely

c) close

346. Their trip was … problematic.

a) extremely

b) extremly

c) extremef-ul

347. … his team was trampled in the semi-final.

a) Unfortunate

b) Fortunate

c) Unfortunately

348. … he achieved to do it.

a) Surprise

b) Surprisely

c) Surprisingly

349. She plays the piano … .

a) beauty

b) beautiful

c) beautifully

350. Nicky spoke … .

a) softly

b) soft

c) softy

351. Sandy was twirling … .

a) gracefuly

b) grace

c) gracefully

352. His team plays hockey … .

a) terribly

b) terrible

c) terribler

353. The rain was dwindling … .

a) heavy

b) heavily

c) heavyful

354. Teddy passed the test … .

a) success

b) successful

c) successfully

355. The dog was waiting for him … .

a) patiently

b) patient

c) patienty

356. He always dresses … .

a) smart

b) smartly

c) smarty

357. She wrote the letter … .

a) immediate

b) immediately

c) immediatety

358. Richard works … .

a) perfectly

b) perfect

c) perfecty

359. Finally, they returned home … .

a) safe

b) safely

c) safy

360. They live together … .

a) happyful

b) happy

c) happily

Relative Clauses

361. Steve is a person … always does his best.

a) whose

b) which

c) who

362. Rennes is a city, … is situated in France.

a) who

b) which

c) whose

363. BMW is a car … I like.

a) that

b) who

c) whose

364. He is a person … can speak four languages.

a) who

b) which

c) whom

365. This is a city … was founded in 1791.

a) which

b) who

c) whose

366. She took a puppy … she had seen three days before in the street.

a) who

b) whom

c) which

367. She has an aunt … is a teacher at school.

a) which

b) who

c) whose

368. I met Olivia, … asked me to tell you about the accident.

a) which

b) who

c) whom

369. We visited a city, … I have never been to.

a) which

b) whom

c) whose

370. I like the sofa … we saw in the mall yesterday.

a) who

b) that

c) whom

371. He has a friend … is a student.

a) whose

b) that

c) which

372. The person … I gave my keys is my aunt.

a) which

b) what

c) whom

373. The woman, … car it is, should pay a parking fine.

a) that

b) whose

c) which

374. I saw Jack, … is a medical doctor in our hospital.

a) who

b) whom

c) which

375. She likes snakes, … many people hate.

a) whom

b) who

c) which

376. She doesn’t like the flower … stands in the living room.

a) who

b) that

c) whose

377. I visited a cousin … is a dentist.

a) that

b) which

c) whom

378. The person … I phoned four days ago is my grandfather.

a) whom

b) which

c) whose

379. Steve asked me about Joanna, … travelled with us last summer.

a) whom

b) which

c) who

380. He took the pen, … was red.

a) whom

b) which

c) who

381. Michael has bought a suit … is black.

a) who

b) that

c) whom

382. He shook hands with a man … is a mayor.

a) that

b) whose

c) which

383. The singer, … she likes a lot, is Bob Marley.

a) which

b) whom

c) what

384. She is playing with the boy, … gave him a balloon two days ago.

a) which

b) who

c) whom

385. She told us the news, … we had already heard.

a) who

b) whose

c) which

386. The actor, … David likes, is Brad Pitt.

a) whom

b) who

c) which

387. The car … belongs to Steve is black.

a) whom

b) that

c) whose

388. Peter played with a boy … studied with him.

a) which

b) whom

c) that

389. He gave me the present, … was wrapped beautifully.

a) whose

b) which

c) who

390. He met a lady, … helped him find the way to the cinema.

a) who

b) whom

c) which

Noun plus preposition

391. She has some trouble … her car.

a) at

b) on

c) with

392. I am a student … business administration.

a) of

b) in

c) at

393. Mr. Smith is a great example … courage.

a) of

b) in

c) for

394. I couldn’t find an answer … your question.

a) on

b) to

c) at

395. He has a great interest … science.

a) for

b) in

c) at

396. I can’t find any connection … these facts.

a) among

b) between

c) for

397. Massive storm cause huge damage … the city.

a) on

b) for

c) to

398. I think his attitude … life is too pessimistic.

a) of

b) to

c) for

399. The humanity hasn’t found cure … this disease yet.

a) from

b) to

c) for

400. I have some difficulties … Maths.

a) in

b) at c) for

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