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101 Basic objective of commercial bank is

(A) Welfare of people

(B) Help of government

(C) To earth profit

(D) Arrangement of foreign exchange

102 If drawer of cheque is a payee himself then what word is written after the word pay

(A) Order

(B) Bearer

(C) Self

(D) None of these

103 For which cheque bank pays money at its counter?

(A) Bearer cheque

(B) Order cheque

(C) Crossed cheque

(D) Both A and B

104 Each leaf of the Cheque Book contains customer’s

(A) Father’s name

(B) Address

(C) Telephone number

(D) Account number

105 Cheque is an unconditional order

(A) From customer

(B) From Bank

(C) From government

(D) None of them

106 A cheque which can be cashed by its holder

(A) Bearer cheque

(B) Order cheque

(C) Cross cheque

(D) All these

107 The parties of cheque are

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

108 The cheque which cannot be encashed at bank counter is called

(A) Bearer cheque

(B) Order cheque

(C) Cross cheque

(D) Blank cheque

109 In which account, the cheque book is not issued?

(A) Current a/c

(B) Saving a/c

(C) Foreign currency a/c

(D) Fixed deposit a/c

110 Acceptable credit instruments are

(A) Written

(B) Oral

(C) Foreign

(D) Domestic

111 Which instrument is not dealt at the stock exchange?

(A) Shares

(B) Debentures

(C) Both

(D) Bills of exchange

112 Bills of exchange is a negotiable instrument that contains

(A) A written order

(B) Conditional written order

(C) Unconditional written order

(D) None of these

113 Generally, the instruments which are used in foreign receipts and payments called

(A) Exchange control

(B) Foreign exchange

(C) Letter of credit

(D) All these

114 Credit instrument drawn by one bank on another bank is called

(A) Cheque

(B) Bill of exchange

(C) Bank draft

(D) Postal order

115 The credit instrument which has four parties is

(A) Bill of exchange

(B) Cheque

(C) Bank draft

(D) Promissory note

116 The parties bill of exchange are

(A) Three

(B) Five

(C) Six

(D) Seven

117 Which is comparatively used more?

(A) Bill of exchange

(B) Cheque

(C) Draft

(D) Promissory note

118 Banks were nationalised in Pakistan in

(A) 1971

(B) 1974

(C) 1978

(D) 1979

119 Head office of National Bank of Pakistan is situated in

(A) Lahore

(B) Islamabad

(C) Quetta

(D) karachi 

120 National Bank of Pakistan was established in

(A) 1948

(B) 1949

(C) 1950

(D) 1951

121 Islam forbids

(A) Investment

(B) Partnership

(C) Trade

(D) Interest

122 When was Islamic banking system introduced in Pakistan

(A) 1970

(B) 1972

(C) 1980

(D) 1982

123 For withdrawal of amount bank issues to account holders

(A) Cash book

(B) Cheque book

(C) Bank draft

(D) Pass book

124 Bank is an institution

(A) Social

(B) Religious

(C) Financial

(D) Welfare

125 The person who opens a bank account is called

(A) Owner of the bank

(B) Customer of the bank

(C) Employee of the bank

(D) Director of the bank

126 Overdraft facility is available in

(A) Saving account

(B) Fixed account

(C) Current account

(D) None of these

127 On which of the following amounts of overdraft. Bank receives interest

(A) Fix

(B) Total

(C) Used

(D) All these

128 Which of the following Bank performs its functions according to the instructions of Central Bank

(A) Foreign Bank

(B) Schedule Bank

(C) Non-Scheduled Bank

(D) All these

129 Central Bank was established

(A) 1948

(B) 1950

(C) 1951

(D) 1960

130 Which account is suitable for the business community?

(A) Fixed account

(B) Current account

(C) Saving account

(D) All these

131 Which method is prevailing in Pakistan for issuing note

(A) Fixed fiduciary system

(B) Proportional reserve system

(C) Both A & B

(D) All these

132 The following is used in E-Banking

(A) Debit card

(B) Credit card

(C) Both A & B

(D) None of these

133 Which Banks can open their branches in foreign countries?

(A) Scheduled Bank

(B) Non scheduled Bank

(C) Both A & B

(D) None of these

134 Which of the following changes cause to change in foreign exchange

(A) Change in exports and imports

(B) Change in capital flow

(C) Change in Bank rate

(D) All these

135 Modaraba may be

(A) Specific or multi purpose

(B) Perpetual

(C) For specific period

(D) All of these

136 A document which shows the title of goods shipped through a general ship is called

(A) Bill of lading

(B) Proforma invoice

(C) Bill of entry

(D) License

137 Bank provide cash finance facility to such account holders who have

(A) Saving account

(B) Current account

(C) Foreign currency account

(D) Basic banking account

138 The document/is used in online banking is / are

(A) Debit card

(B) Credit card

(C) A.T.M. card

(D) All of these

139 Bank provide Qarz-e-Hasna to

(A) Entrepreneur

(B) Industrialist

(C) Capitalist

(D) Students

140 The share of federal government in the paid up capital of Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan is

(A) 50%

(B) 51%

(C) 54%

(D) 57%

141 Obtaining loan against life insurance policy is

(A) Easy

(B) Difficult

(C) Complicated

(D) Impossible

142 Document used to deposit money into Bank

(A) Bank statement

(B) Pay in slip

(C) Credit voucher

(D) Pass book

143 Which affairs of banks are revealed by Articles of Association?

(A) Internal

(B) External

(C) Political

(D) Financial

144 What is necessary to withdraw money through an ATM?

(A) I. D. card

(B) Cheque

(C) Pin code

(D) None of these

145 Illiterate person provides to the bank for identity

(A) Birth certificate

(B) Thumb impression

(C) Photograph

(D) All of these

146 Refund of demand loans is done

(A) After six months

(B) On demand

(C) On fixed period

(D) After three months

147 The word “Bank” has been derived from German word

(A) Back

(B) Bancus

(C) Banco

(D) None of these

148 If a Bank is unable to submit prospectus at the time of registration, then it has to submit

(A) Statement in lieu of prospectus

(B) Certificate of incorporation

(C) Certificate of commencement

(D) None of these

149 What is the purpose of using credit card

(A) To purchase goods and services

(B) To win the prices from Bank

(C) To travel abroad

(D) To invest the savings

150 In case of inflation in the country, the rate of margin is

(A) Increased

(B) Reduced

(C) Waived

(D) All these

151 Pay-in-slip is written evidence of

(A) Transferring money

(B) Depositing money

(C) Withdrawing money

(D) All these

152 Long term loan is advanced against the following security

(A) Non-material

(B) Material

(C) Personal

(D) All these

153 What is received by the Post Office on money order

(A) Profit

(B) Interest

(C) Commission

(D) Duty

154 A developed or organized money market is always

(A) Elastic

(B) Less elastic

(C) More elastic

(D) Not elastic

155 Where is the Head Office of Z.T.B.L.

(A) Karachi

(B) Lahore

(C) Peshawar

(D) Islamabad

156 The amount of money in the account of account holder is called

(A) Profit

(B) Interest

(C) Deposit

(D) Loan

157 Capital market does not deal in

(A) Shares

(B) Treasury bill

(C) Debentures

(D) Bonds

158 Which letter of credit is accompanied by some documents

(A) Confirmed

(B) Documentary

(C) Non-documentary

(D) All these

159 The nature of relationships between Bank and customer are

(A) Debtor and creditor

(B) Agent and principal

(C) Bailor and Bailee

(D) All these

160 Bank of England was formed in

(A) 1594

(B) 1694

(C) 1794

(D) 1894