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51 Banks can be formed

(A) Under partnership

(B) Under joint stock company

(C) Under cooperative society

(D) All of above

52 When interest free banking started in Pakistan

(A) 1st January, 1971

(B) 1st July, 1975

(C) 1st January, 1981

(D) 1st July, 1985

53 In country, the Central Bank is the custodian for

(A) Economic system

(B) Financial system

(C) Industrial system

(D) Economic and financial system

54 The account exempt from zakat and income tax is

(A) Saving account

(B) Fixed account

(C) Foreign currency account

(D) current account

55 Reserve Bank of India was established in

(A) 1936

(B) 1935

(C) 1948

(D) 1950

56 Foreign exchange control reduces

(A) Circulation of capital

(B) Export of capital

(C) Import of capital

(D) None of these

57 In Pakistan Bank has monopoly of issue note

(A) Commercial Bank

(B) Industrial Bank

(C) State Bank

(D) None of these

58 When Agricultural Development Bank was established

(A) 1957

(B) 1965

(C) 1961

(D) 1968

59 Days of grace are given on document

(A) Bill of exchange

(B) Promissory note

(C) Cheque

(D) Draft

60 A trustee is the

(A) Owner of property

(B) Care-taker of pi-property

(C) Mortgagee of property

(D) None of these

61 Money deposited in the bank is considered by a customer as

(A) Asset

(B) Liability

(C) Saving

(D) Investment

62 Schedule bank means a bank which is registered with

(A) Stock exchange

(B) Central Bank

(C) World Bank

(D) All of these

63 Pakistan Central Bank established in

(A) 1947

(B) 1948

(C) 1949

(D) 1950

64 The primary objective of central bank is to

(A) Earn profit

(B) Advance loans to traders

(C) Safeguard to national interest

(D) All of these

65 Term “dishonouring of cheque” is used when

(A) Bank refuse to pay

(B) Bank stop payment

(C) Bank delay the payment

(D) All of these

66 Which document is attached to the application for the registration of bank

(A) Memorandum of bank

(B) Articles of bank

(C) Prospectus of bank

(D) All of these

67 Which things can be accepted by bank as security at the time of granting loans

(A) Gold and silver

(B) Property

(C) Shares and debentures of company

(D) All of these

68 A commercial bank does the business of

(A) Accepts deposits and advances loan

(B) Issue currency notes

(C) Rediscounting of bill of exchange

(D) All of these

69 A drawee of cheque is

(A) Payee

(B) Bank

(C) Customer

(D) Endorsee

70 Central Bank of Pakistan was established in

(A) 1947

(B) 1948

(C) 1949

(D) 1950

71 Which one of the following banks performs its function according to the instructions of the Central Bank?

(A) Foreign Bank

(B) Scheduled Bank

(C) Non-Scheduled Bank

(D) All of these

72 Which of the following banks is called “lender of last resort”?

(A) Saving Bank

(B) Mortgage Bank

(C) Central Bank

(D) Schedule Bank

73 Which of the following is an Agency Service of Commercial Banks?

(A) Collection of dividends

(B) Issuance of credit instruments

(C) Receipt of Zakat and Ushr

(D) Receipt of Hajj applications

74 What is received by the post office on money order?

(A) Profit

(B) Interest

(C) Commission

(D) Duty

75 Long-term loan is advanced against the following security

(A) Non-material

(B) Material

(C) Personal

(D) All of these

76 Pay-in-slip is a written proof of

(A) Transferring money

(B) Depositing money

(C) Withdrawing money

(D) All of those

77 Acceptance is compulsory for

(A) Letter of credit

(B) Bill of exchange

(C) Promissory note

(D) Cheque

78 Money deposited in the bank is considered for the bank.

(A) Asset

(B) Liability

(C) Investment

(D) Saving

79 Which of the following banks is not prevailing in Pakistan?

(A) Consumers Bank

(B) Saving Bank

(C) Exchange Bank

(D) School Bank

80 Which of the following banks is an association of international banks?

(A) Foreign Bank

(B) Central Bank

(C) Exchange Bank

(D) Consortium Bank

81 What does the bank demand for opening a new account?

(A) Phone number

(B) Academic qualification

(C) Introductory reference

(D) Birth certificate

82 Bank is responsible for country’s economic and monetary progress

(A) Central

(B) Commercial

(C) Agricultural

(D) Co-operative

83 What are the objectives of monetary policy?

(A) Stability in price

(B) Exchange stability

(C) Stability in capital market

(D) All these

84 State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by

(A) Liaquat Ali Khan

(B) Miss Fatima Jinnah

(C) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA)

(D) Ayub Khan

85 Schedule Bank is registered under State Bank of Pakistan Act

(A) 1965

(B) 1956

(C) 1950

(D) None of these

86 The bank formed under Royal Charter is

(A) Bank of Venice

(B) Bank of Spain

(C) State Bank of Pakistan

(D) Chartered Bank of England

87 Which bank does discount the bill of public

(A) Commercial bank

(B) Agriculture bank

(C) Industrial bank

(D) All of these

88 Which Bank protects costly things from the public?

(A) Commercial Bank

(B) Central Bank

(C) Industrial Bank

(D) Agricultural Bank

89 Stock certificate is a document issued by

(A) Commercial bank

(B) Central bank

(C) Limited companies

(D) Stock market

90 A Commercial Bank keeps less cash reserve if

(A) Cheque is used in most of the transactions

(B) Clearing House facility is available

(C) Rediscounting facility is available

(D) All these

91 Commercial Bank can be regarded by nature as

(A) Depository Bank

(B) Central Bank

(C) Investment Bank

(D) None of these

92 The primary objective of Commercial Bank is

(A) To earn profit

(B) To help the govt.

(C) To help the poor

(D) To issue notes

93 In Pakistan Clearing House is

(A) Commercial Bank

(B) Scheduled Bank

(C) Central Bank

(D) none of these

94 Commercial bank advises its customers on

(A) Household matters

(B) Financial matters

(C) Political matters

(D) All of these

95 Commercial bank is economic advisor of

(A) Customers

(B) Government

(C) Local government

(D) Public

96 Which is the guardian of credit money?

(A) Central Bank

(B) Commercial Bank

(C) Saving Bank

(D) Scheduled Bank

97 The rate at which the Central Bank and Commercial Banks purchases and sell foreign currency is called

(A) Spot rate

(B) Inter bank rate

(C) Forward rate

(D) Market rate

98 Cash reserve of a Commercial Bank may consist of

(A) Cash in hand

(B) Cash kept with Central Bank

(C) Cash kept with other Banks

(D) All of above

99 Which has the monopoly to issue currency notes?

(A) Commercial Bank

(B) Government

(C) Central Bank

(D) All of these

100 Commercial banks normally advance loan for

(A) Long-term period

(B) Medium-term period

(C) Short-term period

(D) For progress of trade