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1 The primary object of a central bank is to

(A) Earn profit

(B) Advance loans to traders

(C) Safeguard the national interest

(D) All of these

2 Commercial banks create following money

(A) Metallic

(B) Credit

(C) Paper

(D) All of these

3 The following is not used in E-Banking

(A) Credit card

(B) Debit Card

(C) Cheque

(D) All of these

4 Credit money in the country is controlled by

(A) Central bank

(B) Commercial bank

(C) Industrial bank

(D) Agricultural bank

5 Scheduled bank means a bank which is registered with

(A) Stock exchange

(B) Central bank

(C) World bank

(D) All of these

6 On which account a bank does not pay interest

(A) Saving account

(B) Fixed deposit

(C) Current account

(D) All of these

7 Before opening account in bank a married woman is asked about her

(A) Husband’s name

(B) Father’s name

(C) Mother’s name

(D) All of these

8 Loans which can be recovered on demand are called

(A) Short term loans

(B) Demand Loans

(C) Overdraft

(D) All of these

9 Crossing makes the cheque

(A) Un-safe

(B) Un-acceptable

(C) Safe

(D) Acceptable

10 Main parties of promissory note are

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

11 No “I OWE YOU” is written instrument drawn by

(A) Trader

(B) Debtor

(C) Creditor

(D) All of these

12 What is the objective of foreign exchange control

(A) To stabilize exchange rate

(B) To increase government revenue

(C) Favourable balance of payment

(D) All of these

13 Money market deals in

(A) Promissory note

(B) Bill of exchange

(C) Marketable securities

(D) All of these

14 When the State Bank of Pakistan came into existence

(A) 1947

(B) 1948

(C) 1955

(D) 1972

15 Which function is not performed by central bank

(A) Credit creation

(B) Advancing loans

(C) Lender of last resort

(D) Bank of the public

16 When was Islamic banking system introduced in Pakistan

(A) 1970

(C) 1980

(B) 1972

(D) 1982

17 Who was the founder of commercial bank

(A) Goldsmiths

(B) Merchants

(C) Money lenders

(D) All of these

18 Which of the following cannot open account in a bank

(A) Parda-nasheen women

(B) Minor or infant

(C) Lunatic or mental patient

(D) Non-trading concerns

19 The loans which are issued for the period of one to five year called

(A) Demand loans

(B) Short term loans

(C) Medium term loans

(D) Long term loans

20 Drawee of the bank draft is a

(A) Bank on which draft is drawn

(B) Bank which issues a draft

(C) Payee of the draft

(D) Sender of amount by draft

21 The document which reveals the ownership of goods kept on port

(A) Bill of lading

(B) Dock warrant

(C) Delivery order

(D) Railway receipt

22 Stock certificate is a document issued by

(A) Commercial bank

(B) Central bank

(C) Limited companies

(D) Stock market

23 The term foreign exchange includes

(A) Bank draft

(B) Letter of credit

(C) Foreign B/E

(D) All of these

22 Joint stock company can open the following account in bank

(A) Fixed

(B) Current

(C) Saving

(D) All of these

23 Which principle is followed by central bank to issue currency notes

(A) Currency principle

(B) Banking principle

(C) Both A & B

(D) None of both

24 An account holder does not need to write a cheque to withdraw money from following account

(A) Saving account

(B) Fixed deposit account

(C) Current account

(D) None of these

25 Which bank does discount the bill of public

(A) Commercial bank

(B) Agriculture bank

(C) Industrial bank

(D) All of these

26 Imperial Bank was established in

(A) 1921

(B) 1925

(C) 1932

(D) 1937

27 The Commercial Banks may be

(A) Scheduled

(B) Non-scheduled

(C) Foreign

(D)  All of these

28 E-Banking provides benefits to the following

(A) Account holders

(B) Banker

(C) Economy

(D) All of these

29 which controls credit money in the country

(A) Central bank

(B) Commercial bank

(C) Industrial bank

(D) Agriculture bank

30 Non-scheduled bank can

(A) Deal in foreign exchange

(B) Attain public confidence

(C) Open new branch without permission

(D) All of these

31 The nature of relations between bank and customers is

(A) Debtor & creditor

(B) Agent & principal

(C) Bailor & bailee

(D) All of these

32 The goods or items accepted as a security for advancing loan should be

(A) Durable

(B) Insured

(C) Under burden

(D) All of these

33 Cheque is always crossed by

(A) Drawer

(B) Drawee

(C) Holder

(D) All of these

34 The main parties of promissory note are

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

35 Which one can be crossed?

(A) Money order

(B) Postal order

(C) Credit card

(D) All of these

36 Which instrument is not dealt at the stock exchange?

(A) Shares

(B) Debentures

(C) Both

(D) Bills of exchange

37 PICIC was established as

(A) Private company

(C) Partnership

(B) Limited company

(D) None of these

38 PICIC was established in

(A) 1950

(B) 1951

(C) 1957

(D) 1961

39 Modaraba may be

(A) Specific or multi purpose

(B) Perpetual

(C) For specific period

(D) All of these

40 Document used for deposit money in bank is

(A) Receipt of fixed account

(B) Pay in slip

(C) Deposit slip

(D) Credit advice

41 The customer can transact in online banking with

(A) Only with related branch

(B) Any branch of related bank

(C) Any branch of any bank

(D) Where the facility of online is available

42 The duty of State Bank of Pakistan is

(A) Issue note

(B) Issue loans to people

(C) Acts as trustee

(D) Money transfer to traders

43 The actual reason of variation in rate of exchange is

(A) Trading situation

(B) Change in value of money

(C) Political situation

(D) Change in demand and supply of currencies

44 Agricultural Development Bank formed in

(A) 1949

(B) 1957

(C) 1956

(D) 1961

45 Commercial Banks were nationalized in Pakistan in

(A) 1965

(B) 1974

(C) 1981

(D) 1984

46 Central Bank for all country’s banks is

(A) Leader

(B) Custodian

(C) Fellow

(D) Lord

47 Commercial Bank is the financial adviser for

(A) Government

(B) Account holders

(C) Financial institutions

(D) Local government

48 Treasury bill is issued by

(A) Central bank

(B) Government

(C) Commercial bank

(D) Trader

49 The pates in pledge are

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

50 Facility of overdraft is provided only to

(A) Shareholder

(B) Debenture holder

(C) Account holder

(D) All of these