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951      If a – b = – 3, then (a – b) 3 = ___?

A.        18       

B.         -18

C.         27       

D.        -27

952      What is the percent profit made on the sale of 1000 shares of stock bought at Rs. 10 per share and sold at Rs. 12 per share?

A.        10%    

B.         15%

C.        20%   

D.        30%

953      . A student divides a number by 5 and get 3 as remainder. If his friend divides the square of the number by 5, what will be the remainder?

A. 4    

B. 5

C. 6     

D. 3

954      The expression x2−8x+12 is equal to 0 when x=2 and x=?

A.        2         

B.         4

C.        6         

D.        8                     

955      Two consecutive positive multiples of three have a product of 54. What is the sum of the two numbers?

A.        12       

B.         13

C.         14       

D.        15

956      If x > 0, what values of x satisfy the inequality x2 > x?

A.        All perfect squares      

B.         All positive real numbers

C.        All real numbers greater than one    

D.        All real numbers less than one

957      If one man write 15 sheets in 15 minutes then, one man will write 1 sheet in?

A.        0.5 minutes     

B.         1 minutes

C.         1.5 minutes     

D.        2 minutes

958      Simplify (2x + 3) (x + 6) – (2x – 5) (x + 10)

A.        24       

B.         33

C.        68       

D.        73

959      A is two years older than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A, B and C be 27, then how old is B?

A.        10 Years        

B.         12 Years

C.         14 Years         

D.        16 Years         

960      Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 kmph and including stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

A.        10 minutes      

B.         20 minutes

C.         30 minutes      

D.        40 minutes

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961      A and B invest in a business in the ratio 3: 2. If 5% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs. 855, the total profit is:

A.        Rs. 1200         

B.         Rs .1300

C.         Rs. 1400         

D.        Rs. 1500

962      If x2 – y2 = 28 and x – y = 8, then the average of x and y is

A.        0.75    

B.         1.75

C.         2.75    

D.        3.75

963      Find the roots of the equation x2+5x+6=0.

A.        2, 3     

B.         -2, -3

C.         3, −3   

D.        1, −3

964      Out of 500 students, 360 are girls. The percentage of boys will be:

A.        24%    

B.         26%

C.        28%   

D.        30%

965        All of the following functions have a exactly one root EXCEPT:

A.        f(x) = x2 – 2x + 1        

B.         f(x) = 4x2 – 4x+1

C.        f(x) = 9x2 – 6x + 4      

D.        f(x) = 4x2 – 3x+3

966      What is the unit digit in the product (2344×6892×349×527×238) ?

A. 1    

B. 2

C. 3     

D. 4                

967      What is the unit digit in 771 ?

A. 2    

B. 3

C. 4     

D. 1                

968      What is the number, which decreased by 7 is equal to 10 increased by 7?

A.        14       

B.         24

C.         34       

D.        44                               

969      What is the value of t if:  3×2 + tx – 21 = (3x – 3)(x + 7)?

A.        12       

B.         14

C.         16       

D.        18

970      Quarter of one tenth of 120 is?

A.        2         

B.         3

C.         4         

D.        5                                 

971      Dilawar is an instructor having 9224 students under him, arranges them into a square and finds 8 students to be excess. What is the number of students in the front row?

(A)       66       

(B)       76

(C)       86       

(D)       96                   

972      The size of the rectangle which can be made using 256 rectangles shapes with a side length of 6 cm is:

(A)       16 cm             

(B)       36 cm

(C)       2.67 cm                      

(D)       96 cm                         

973      Expand the following equation:         (x3−3) (x+7)

A.        x2+4x+21        

B.         x2+14x−21

C.        x4+7x3−3x−21

D.        x4+14x+21                              

974      Quantitative Comparison:

Quantity A: 22+32                   Quantity B: (2+3)2

A.        Quantity A is greater.  

B.         Quantity B is greater.

C.         The two quantities are equal   

D.        The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

975      Given that: (x+3y) (x−3y) =8

Quantity A: x2−9y2                 Quantity B: 16

A.        Quantity A is greater.   `          

B.         Quantity B is greater.

C.         The two quantities are equal   

D.        The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

976      If one mile is equal to 5,280 feet, how many feet are 100 miles equal to in scientific notation?

A.        0.528×106       

B.         528×103

C.        5.28×105         

D.        528,000                                  

977      Using Scientific Notation: 0.00750.0126=?

A.        0.000945        

B.         9.45⋅10−5

C.         0.945⋅10−5      

D.        9.4510−6                                

978      A five-year bond is opened with $5000 in it and an interest rate of 2.5%, compounded annually. This account is allowed to compound for five years. Which of the following most closely approximates the total amount in the account after that period of time?

A.        $2657 

B.         $3657

C.         $4657 

D.        $5657 

979      If 3a – 5 = 3 + 2a, then a = ?

A.        4         

B.         8

C.         12       

D.        16       

980      A train travels at a constant rate of 20 meters per secon

D. How many kilometres does it travel in 10 minutes? (1 km=1000 m)

A.        10 kilometres  

B.         11 kilometres

C.        12 kilometres 

D.        13 kilometres

981      If 6 men take 9 days to complete a work, how many men can complete the work in 3 days?

A.        16 Men                       

B.         18 Men

C.         20 Men                       

D.        22 Men

982      A man takes 6 hours 15 minutes to walk a certain distance and riding back. He could walk both ways in 7 hours and 45 minutes. How long would it take him to ride both ways?

A.        4 Hrs 45 minutes       

B.         5 Hrs 45 minutes

C.         6 Hrs 45 minutes        

D.        7 Hrs 45 minutes

983      A train passes a telephone pole in 40 seconds moving at the rate of 36 KM per hour. Find the length of the train?

A.        500 m 

B.         600 m

C.        700 m 

D.        800 m

984      A number when divided by 44, gives 432 as quotient and 0 as remainder. What will be the remainder when dividing the same number by 31?

A. 8    

B. 5

C. 4     

D. 0

985      Two numbers are in the ratio of 15:11. If their H.C.F. is 13, find the numbers.

A.        180,153                      

B.         185,143

C.         191,143                      

D.        195,143

986      A train with stoppages travelled a distance at 60 KM an hour and without stoppages 90 KM an hour. How many minutes per hour the train stops?

A.        20 min            

B.         24 min

C.         28 min            

D.        30 min                        

987      Electricity poles are at a distance 50 metres apart. A railway passenger counts the pole on the rail road as he passes them. How many will he have passed by a train in 4 hours if the speed of the train is 45 KPH ?

A.        1600   

B.         2600

C.        3600   

D.        4600                           

988      Solve for x when 3x=19

A.        0         

B.         -2

C.         3         

D.        -6                                

989      A rectangular field which is 10 times as long as its breadth has an area of 75690 sq. m. What is its perimeter?

(A)       275 m             

(B)       2750 m

(C)       1914 m                       

(D)       191m  

990      Which of the following is a multiple of 92?

A.        224     

B.         324

C.         424     

D.        524                             

991      The difference between the first two perfect squares that end with 9 is:

(A)       11       

(B)       40

(C)       30       

(D)       120                             

992      If m and n are both rational numbers and 4m=8n, what is m/n?

A.        0         

B.         1/2

C.        3/2      

D.        2/3                              

993      In 1994, men increased by 5 percent, women by 8 percent and total population by 20 percent, and for every 7 boys there are 6 girls. Find the number of boy in 1994?

A.        6833   

B.         7833

C.         8833   

D.        9833   

994      In a common base transistor circuit the current gain is 0.98.On changing the emitter current by 5.00 mA, the change in collector current is:

A.        4.9 mA            

B.         5.9 mA

C.         6.9 mA            

D.        7.9 mA                       

995      A (100 W, 200 V) bulb is connected to a 160 V power supply. The power consumption would be

A.        24 W               

B.         64 W

C.         100 W             

D.        120 W

996      Planck’s constant has the dimensions of:

A.        Energy            

B.         Frequency

C.         Momentum     

D.        Angular momentum                           

997      The modulus of rigidity of a liquid is

A.        Zero   

B.         One

C.         Infinity           

D.        None of these                         

998      The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

A.        14       

B.         15

C.        16       

D.        17       

999      At 3:40, the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock form an angle of:

A.        130 degree      

B.         160 degree

C.        180 degree     

D.        360 degree      

1000    How much of the pure water we must add to 2 gallons of 90% pure cleaning solution to yield a 30% pure cleaning solution?

A.        3 gallons         

B.         4 gallons

C.         3 gallons         

D.        3 gallons

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