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Today we will discuss about the important PPSC English mcqs with answers pdf from which English grammar mcqs with answers pdf for PPSC Test can be set up for the Subject of PPSC English (grammar vocabulary & comprehension) mcqs pdf for upcoming PPSC Tehsildar and other Papers. Similarly We have also set small English Grammar MCQs Online Tests with answers for the PPSC Test Preparation. Moreover we have recorded all PPSC Test related preparation videos and sessions for the subject of ppsc english mcqs pdf with solutions.

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If you want to get command on these English grammar mcqs with answers pdf for PPSC Test Preparation then you should attempt all PPSC English Grammar MCQs Online Tests with answers and other PPSC practice tests which we have prepared for you people and placed below. Moreover MCQ’sFoundry.com is the only platform which is providing free ppsc english mcqs past papers / english comprehension and composition mcqs with answers pdf from PPSC English Mcqs past papers for Test Preparation.

101. I awakened at 7 a.m., ironed my clothes and … out.

a) went

b) gone

c) was going

102. Marian … Mary two years before long.

a) has met

b) was meeting

c) met

103. We … to Australia previous year.

a) had gone

b) went

c) had been

104. My cat … with a toy when I yell it.

a) played

b) has played

c) was playing

105. Pavarotti … his previous performance at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

a) had given

b) was giving

c) gave

106. Beethoven … his first piece of music when he was 12 years old.

a) composed

b) composing

c) had composed

107. I put my coat on and … a look in the mirror.

a) taken

b) had taken

c) took

108. I was going to a supermarket when the fire … out.

a) break

b) broke

c) was breaking

109. Bill … football at 10 o’clock yesterday.

a) played

b) was playing

c) have played

110. Henry … to his cousin while his wife was reading a newspaper.

a) talking

b) talk

c) was talking

111. Steven … the 1st book when he was four years old.

a) had read

b) read

c) was reading

112. We moved to Hyde Park and then we … in a restaurant.

a) relaxed

b) have relaxed

c) were relaxing

113. David Beckham (man) … for Manchester United from 1993 to 2003.

a) was playing

b) played

c) playing

114. Jill cleaned the table after supper, took a shower and … to bed.

a) was going

b) had gone

c) went     

115. Lincoln … the 16th President of the US in 1860.

a) had become

b) became

c) become

116. I was sitting in the café when my phone … .

a) was ringing

b) had rung

c) rang

117. I was listening to music when my mom … my room.

a) entered

b) has entered

c) entering

118. I was trying to concentrate when suddenly my girlfriend … me a fright.

a) had given

b) gave

c) given

119. I was reading a book while the children … .

a) slept

b) had slept

c) were sleeping

120. The first Derby … place in May 1780.

a) took

b) has taken

c) had taken

Future Tenses

121. Bill … his parents tomorrow. He has got an appointment with them.

a) visits

b) will visit

c) is visiting

122. Jim has invited us to his birthday party. He … 27 next week.

a) will be

b) is

c) is going to be

123. It’s a wonderful evening. I really don’t think it … tomorrow.

a) rain

b) will rain

c) is going to rain

124. Carol is 15. She already knows what she wants. She … a singer.

a) becomes

b) become

c) is going to become

125. I’m sorry, but I have no time to do it. I … in serious negotiations tomorrow.

a) take part

b) will take

c) am going to take part

126. Can you help me? – Well, it’s a difficult situation but I … what I can do for


a) will see

b) am seeing

c) am going to see

127. I promise, I … tomorrow.

a) ring you up

b) will ring you

c) am going to ring you

128. I … very glad to see you tomorrow.

a) am

b) will be

c) am going to be

129. Kate doesn’t know whether she … to Amsterdam next summer.

a) go

b) is going

c) will go

130. They are planning the wedding. They … in a near future!

a) marry

b) will marry

c) are going to marry

131. Wait a moment, I … a notebook.

a) take

b) will take

c) am going to take

132. I think that he … to Berlin in a few days.

a) will return

b) is returning

c) is going to return

133. Jill … to the dentist next Monday. She has made this accord today.

a) will go

b) shall go

c) is going to go

134. My parents pick a new car two days ago. Today they … purchase it.

a) will

b) are going to

c) had

135. Their team is powerful. I trust they … .

a) will win

b) winning

c) are going to win

136. When water … at 100 degrees, put some salt and spaghetti into the


a) will boil

b) is boiling

c) boils

137. She has got serious problems. She … a lawyer. She has already informed

him about her visit.

a) will visit

b) is visiting

c) is going to visit

138. Well, I … this pair of shoes.

a) am taking

b) will take

c) am going to take

139. I have won the lottery. I … the prize to charity. I had decided to do that


a) donate

b) will donate

c) am going to donate

140. He has to do so much today. He … tired after work.

a) will be

b) be

c) is going to be

141. Carol … busy tomorrow.

a) is going to be

b) is

c) will be

142. Ok, I’ve decided! I … to the gallery tomorrow.

a) will go

b) go

c) am going

143. I’m so tired of this town. I … to Paris.

a) will move

b) am moving

c) am going to move

144. She … to the birthday party this weekend. Sarah invited her a week ago.

a) has to go

b) will go

c) is going to go

145. It’s very cold today. I expect it … tomorrow.

a) snows

b) will snow

c) is going to show

146. David is in Boston now. You … him till Monday.

a) won’t see

b) don’t see

c) are not going to see

147. The company … a new store tomorrow.

a) opens

b) opening

c) will open

148. It’s so difficult to make a choice. Ok, I … the red one.

a) buy

b) will buy

c) am going to buy

149. I wanted to go for a walk but I’m too tired to do something today. I … at

home and watch TV.

a) am to stay

b) stay

c) am going to stay

150. I don’t know what to do. I can’t visit you because I … for Madrid


a) will leave

b) leave

c) am getting to leave

Passive Voice

151. Hey, look! The letter … .

a) delivers

b) is delivered

c) is delivering

152. This book … by Dickens.

a) was written

b) wrote

c) is written

153. Churchill … during the Boer war.

a) captured

b) is captured

c) was captured

154. Buscuits … from milk, eggs and flour.

a) are made

b) makes

c) made

155. Napoleon (leader)… in 1815.

a) defeated

b) defeat

c) was defeated

156. Many buildings … by the hearth in 1980.

a) destroys

b) destroyed

c) were destroyed

157. The fire … under control yesterday.

a) brought

b) was brought

c) was been bring

158. The Beatles … all over the world.

a) are known

b) knew

c) are knew

159. This poem … by Robert Burns.

a) was wrote

b) is written

c) was written

160. That state … by the British in the 18

th century.

a) captured

b) capture

c) was captured

161. America … in 1492.

a) discovered

b) was discover

c) was discovered

162. Australia … by Dutch explorers in 1606.

a) discovering

b) discovered

c) was discovered

163. Everybody … about the accident tomorrow.

a) informs

b) will inform

c) will be informed

164. My wallet … yesterday.

a) was stolen

b) steal

c) was stole

165. Your TV … tomorrow.

a) delivered

b) delivers

c) will be delivered

166. The president … tomorrow.

a) will elect

b) elected

c) will be elected

167. Greenpeace (non governmental organization)… in 1969.

a) was founded

b) founded

c) is founded

168. New Year … all over the place.

a) celebrate

b) is celebrated

c) was celebrated

169. That opera … by Verdi(Italian Composer) in 1851.

a) composed

b) composing

c) was composed

170. This single … last month.

a) release

b) releasing

c) was released

171. The door … 2 hours ago.

a) breaks

b) was broke

c) was broken

172. This project … tomorrow.

a) completedu

b) compete

c) will be completed

173. Berlin … in the 12

th century.

a) was founded

b) founded

c) is founded

174. These shoes … in Italy.

a) were make

b) were made

c) made

175. The room … as in future.

a) cleans

b) will clean

c) will be cleaned

176. The tickets … several hours ago.

a) counted

b) counts

c) were counted

177. Their government … in 1485.

a) established

b) is establish

c) was established

178. The drama … next year.

a) will be built

b) built

c) is build

179. That movie … by Scorsese(American Film Direrctor) in 1990.

a) directed

b) was directed

c) is directed

180. This sweater … of wool.

a) is make

b) is made

c) makes

Modal Verbs

181. My sister is only 6, but she … already play the piano.

a) can

b) must

c) has to

182. … you open the window, please?

a) Should

b) Could

c) Must

183. Perhaps he … pass the exam tomorrow.

a) must

b) may

c) has to

184. Students … listen to the teacher.

a) may

b) can

c) must

185. You look very pale. I think you … go to the doctor.

a) should

b) might

c) can

186. I must be at work at 9 o’clock every day. So, I … wake up at 7 a.m.

a) can

b) have to

c) may

187. Steve … drive a car very well. He is a skillful driver.

a) can

b) might

c) has to

188. She … speak German, Italian and French.

a) may

b) can

c) should

189. … you tell me where Trafalgar Square is?

a) Must

b) Might

c) Could

190. Do you see black clouds? It … rain this evening.

a) needs

b) could

c) may

191. Sorry, I have no time to discuss anything now. I … be at a meeting at 10


a) must

b) may

c) could

192. She told me to watch that movie. She told that I … go to the cinema


a) have to

b) should

c) might

193. I’m very ill. I … go to the doctor.

a) may

b) have to

c) can

194. I can’t understand anything. … you help me, please?

a) Should

b) Might

c) Could

195. Mary says she … read minds.

a) can

b) must

c) have to

196. … you give me a pen, please?

a) Must

b) Should

c) Could

197. I don’t know where to go next summer. I … go to London.

a) have to

b) may

c) should

198. My car is way too dirty. I … clean it immediately.

a) might

b) must

c) can

199. He is a good sportsman, but he … stop smoking.

a) might

b) may

c) should

200. It’s very cold outside. We … put on warm clothes.

a) have to

b) could

c) may

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