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Mcqs for Entry Test with Answers pdf for MDCAT Test Preparation | MDCAT Mcqs Questions | MDCAT Test Preparation | Important Questions. However Today we will discuss about the important MDCAT mcat Computer Science mcqs chapter wise pdf with answers from which Computer Science mcqs for entry test with answer for MDCAT Test can be set up for the Subject of Computer Science mcqs for entry test with answer for upcoming MDCAT TEST 2021.Similarly We have also set small mcat practice test chapter wise for the MDCAT Test Preparation.

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1. All physical components and other attached I/O devices of computer are called which among the following:

  1. Software 
  2. Hardware  
  3. Firmware 
  4. Liveware 

2. Which is the major innovation of Third Generation among the following? 

  1. Integrated Circuits (IC’s)  
  2. LSIC 
  3. Vacuum Tube 
  4. Transistors 

3. Which among the following computer deals with continuously varying physical quantities? 

  1. Digital compute  
  2. Analog computer 
  3. Marco computer 
  4. Mini computer 

4. ——– are close to human languages among the following? 

  1. High Level Languages  
  2. Low Level Languages 
  3. Assembly language 
  4. None Of These 

5. ——— translates one instruction at a time among the following? 

  1. Compiler 
  2. Interpreter  
  3. Assembler 
  4. None Of These 

6. The Main memory used in 1st Generation  is which among the following? 

  1. PROM 
  2. ROM and RAM 
  3. EPROM 
  4. Magnetic Drums  

7. Punched car was invented  by which among the following? 

  1. Herman Hollerith  
  2. Charles Babbage 
  3. Blake Pascal 
  4. John Mauchley 

8. Computer can transmit all the information to transmission media as series of which among the following binary bits?

  1. 1’s and 0’s  
  2. O’s and 3’s 
  3. 2’s and 2’s 
  4. 0’s and 2’s 

9. Computer Means what among the following? 

  1. To Operate 
  2. To Produce 
  3. To Calculate  
  4. To Generate 

10. Computer ear is divided into how much ages among the following? 

  1. Two ages 
  2. Three ages  
  3. Only one ages 
  4. Four ages

11. Bus is a set of which among the following that is used as a communication path? 

  1. Wires  
  2. Processor 
  3. Register 
  4. None of These 

12. 1K Byte =  how much Bytes among the following 

  1. 1024 Bytes  
  2. 8 Bytes 
  3. 1G Bytes 
  4. 1M Bytes 

13. There are basically register among the following? 

  1. Fourteen  
  2. Eight 
  3. Sixty Five 
  4. None of These 

14. A port or interface that can be used for communication , in which only 1 bit it transmitted at a time is called which among the following: 

  1. Serial Port  
  2. Parallel Port 
  3. Serial and parallel both transmit 1 bit 
  4. None of These 

15. Which port is reliable among the following? 

  1. Serial  
  2. Parallel 
  3. Both are equal reliable 
  4. None of These 

16. Arithmetic, logic unit of a computer system perform what  among the following? 

  1. Logical decision 
  2. Arithmetic and Logical Functions  
  1. Simple Mathematical Calculation 
  2. Arithmetic Calculations 

17. The Type of memory, which is permanent and retains data even the compute is turned off is known as which among the following?

  1. RAM 
  2. Primary Memory 
  3. ROM  
  4. External Memory 

18. CPU stands for which among the following? 

  1. Controlling Power Unit 
  2. Central Processing Unit  
  3. Central Processor Unit 
  4. None OF These 

19. There are how many typical component of CPU, namely which among the following?

  1. Two, Arithmetic and logical unit and control unit  
  2. Three, ALU, CU and External Storage 
  3. Two, Arithmetic and logical unit and memory. 
  4. None of These 

20. There are ——— buses, namely ———–

  1. Two , Control bus, connecting bus 
  2. Three, address bus, data bus a and control but 
  3. Three, Address bus, data bus and communication bus  
  4. None of These 

21. Printer resolution is usually measured in which among the following? 

  1. Data par inch 
  2. Character par inch 
  3. Dots per inch  
  4. None Of These 

22. Standard keyboard has function keys among the following? 

  1. 10 
  2. 11 
  3. 12  
  4. 14 

23.  Which among The Following are the input devices?

  1. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Flatbed Scanner  
  2. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Flatbed Plotter 
  3. Han-Held Scanner, Drum Plotter, Mouse , Joystick 
  4. None Of These 

24. Laser Printer and ink-jet printers are example of which  among the following? 

  1. Impact Printer 
  2. Line Printer 
  3. Drum Printer 
  4. None Of These  

25. Plotters can be generally divided into how many categories which is namely called what among the following?

  1. Two, Pen Plotters and Electrostatic Plotters  
  2. Two , Drum Plotters and Flatbed Plotters 
  3. Four , Pen , Electrostatic , Drum and Flatbed plotters 
  4. Three , Pen , Electrostatic and Flatbed Plotters 

26. The purpose of input device  is which among the following? 

  1. Pass Information  
  2. Filtration of information 
  3. Pass information directly to CPU 
  4. None of These 

27. Where engineering applications ar used and precision is mandatory, we use what among the following for printing? 

  1. Laser 
  2. Electrostatic Plotter 
  3. Pen Plotter  
  4. None Of these 

28. The Mouse is a primary input device but it has lack the ability to easily transmit/perform one among following? 

  1. Graphical 
  2. Numerical 
  3. Alpha Numerical 
  4. Textual  

29. The CD-Writer performance is measured in which among the following unit? 

  1. DPI 
  2. Bytes 
  3. None Of These  

30. Screen Output is known as which among the following? 

  1. Software 
  2. Livewire 
  3. Soft Copy  
  4. Hard Copy 

31. Ram is —— Memory 

  1. Volatile  
  2. Non Volatile 
  3. Permanent 
  4. None Of These 

32. which Is a pre-programmed memory among following?

  1. Static RAM 
  2. Dynamic RAM 
  3. SISS and DIMM both 
  4. None of These  

33. Irregular data can accessed on magnetic tape 

  1. Randomly 
  2. Serially  
  3. Use Dieting 
  4. None Of These 

34. LBA Stands for which among the following?

  1. Logical Block Address 
  2. Logical Buffer area 
  3. None Of These 

35. Auxiliary Storage are which Memory among the following? 

  1. Primary 
  2. Non-Volatile  
  3. Temporary 
  4. None Of These 

36. The read/write heads of hard disk drive, floppy disk drive and tape drive contain electromagnets which among the following is correct?

  1. The statement is true. 
  2. The above statement needs little correction 
  3. the above statements is a false statements 
  4. Information’s is not sufficient  

37. Each byte is the combination of how many small unit called bits: 

  1. 16 
  2. 10 
  3. 8  
  4. 18 

38. Smallest unit of the memory is which among the following?

  1. Nibble 
  2. Bit  
  3. 0 or 1 
  4. Byte 

39. Each box of memory has which address among the following?

  1. Alterable 
  2. Unique  
  3. Two 
  4. None Of These 

40. A Large Memory Can Further be installed , Known as which among the following?

  1. Conventional 
  2. Primary Memory 
  3. Expanded Memory  
  4. ROM 

41. The main unit of computer is which among the following:

  1. CPU  
  2. Input Unit  
  3. Memory Unit  
  4. Output Unit 

42. The device which provides display to users, is which among the following:

  1. CPU  
  2. TV  
  3. Memory Unit  
  4. Monitor  

43. Which is not a valid memory unit among the following

  1. MB  
  2. KB  
  3. Byte  
  4. XB  

44. The most common type of printer is which among the following:

  1. Scanner  
  2. Drum Printer  
  3. Dot-Matrix Printer  
  4. Inkjet Printer 

45. The extension .exe represents 

  1. Examination File  
  2. Extra File  
  3. Executable File  
  4. Extension File 

46. There are how many different ways for creating a table in Microsoft access?

  1. 2  
  2. 4  
  3. 3  

47. We can create multiple column document in Ms Word is 

  1. True   
  2. False  
  3. Situation Dependent 
  4. None Of These 

48. WAN stands For which among the following: 

  1. Wide Area Network  
  2. Wired Area Network  
  3. While Area Network  
  4. Whole Area Network 

49. There are how many method(s) of Linux installation 

  1. 6  
  2. 2  
  1. 1

50. MS Excel is which among the following:

  1. Application Software  
  1. Operating System  
  2. Editor  
  3. Package