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Mcqs for Entry Test with Answers pdf for MDCAT Test Preparation | MDCAT Mcqs Questions | MDCAT Test Preparation | Important Questions. However Today we will discuss about the important MDCAT mcat Computer Science mcqs chapter wise pdf with answers from which Computer Science mcqs for entry test with answer for MDCAT Test can be set up for the Subject of Computer Science mcqs for entry test with answer for upcoming MDCAT TEST 2021.Similarly We have also set small mcat practice test chapter wise for the MDCAT Test Preparation.

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201. PowerPoint is an example of among the following? 

  1. Word processing 
  2. Database Management Software 
  3. Spreadsheet software 
  4. Presentations graphics software  

202. Spreadsheet includes  what among following which is a sequence of keystrokes and instructions that are recorded and saved? 

  1. Micro 
  2. Macro  
  3. Key 
  4. None of above 

203. Which performs maintenance type task usually related to computer, its device or its program among the following? 

  1. Utility program  
  2. Communication software 
  3. Application software 
  4. None of above 

204. Software enables professional designer to design and produce sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics and brilliant colors among the following? 

  1. Paint 
  2. World processing 
  3. Spreadsheet 
  4. Desktop Publishing  

205. Which utility program is used among the following to make a duplicate copy of selected files/folders? 

  1. Disk Defragmenter 
  2. Copy 
  3. Backup  
  4. File compression 

206. Which utility programs is used for file compression among the following? 

  1. WinZIp
  2. PkZIP 
  3. Backup 
  4. Both A & B  

207. Which utility program among the following is used to detect and to remove the physical as well as logical problems on the disk? 

  1. Disk Scanner  
  2. Disk Defragmenter 
  3. Diagnostic Utility Program 
  4. Anti Virus 

208. Which one is the main part of Operating System among the following? 

  1. File System 
  2. Kernel  
  3. Drivers 
  4. Utility programs 

209. Which one is considered as the main system software among the following? 

  1. Operating system  
  2. Utility programs 
  3. Language Translator 
  4. World Processing Software 

210. Which among the following is the process to starts operating system when a user turns on the system? 

  1. Booting  
  2. Running 
  3. Starting 
  4. None of these 

211. A small, silicon object which contains microscopic circuitry is termed as which among the following? 

  1. Processor 
  2. Microchip  
  3. Transistor 
  4. Clipboard 

212. What is cache memory among the following? 

  1. Faster than the main memory 
  2. Smaller than the main memory 
  3. Slower than the main memory 
  4. Both a and b  

213. The pictorial representation of the procedure proposed to solve a problem by a program is known as which among the following? 

  1. Interpreter 
  2. Binary coded 
  3. Decimal interchange 
  4. Flow Chare  

214. What will be called a hardware item that can be attached to a computer to increase its functionality, such as a printer or monitor choose which one is correct: 

  1. Additional devices 
  2. Accessory 
  3. Peripheral  
  4. Devices 

215. Name the term among the following is used for the connection on an IBM PC or compatible computer usually named LPT1, where is plugged in a c able for a parallel printer choose which one is coorect? 

  1. Common port 
  2. Com port 
  3. Serial port 
  4. Parallel port  

216. A program, document, utility that isn’t hardware on a computer is termed as which among the following? 

  1. Software 
  2. Data 
  3. Extension 
  4. File  

217. Which is the biggest company of computer software in the world among the following?

  1. Google 
  2. Yahoo 
  3. Microsoft  
  4. Oracle 

218. Do you know about ALGOL, BASIC, COBAL, 4GL, 3GL, Java, PASCAL, C, C and VB are related to which among the following? 

  1. Computer companies 
  2. Computer websites 
  3. Computer language  
  4. None of above 

219. ROM is the acronym for which among the following? 

  1. Read only memory  
  2. Read over memory 
  3. Read of memory 
  4. None of above 

220. RAM is the acronym for which among the following? 

  1. Read after memory 
  2. Random access memory  
  3. Read all memory 
  4. None of above 

221. What is a URL among the following

  1. The address of a page on the world wide web. 
  2. The title of a web site 
  3. The title memory card 
  4. None of these 

222. What is used among the following in a computer to protect a networked server from damage by those who log in to it? 

  1. Antivirus 
  2. Firewall  
  3. Gateway 
  4. Flow control 

223. A cathode ray tube is found in what among the following? 

  1. Monitor  
  2. CPU 
  3. Printer 
  4. None of Them 

224. Choose Which of the following is not an image file? 

  1. Tmp  
  1. Jpeg 
  2. Tif 
  3. None of above 

225. Which on is not an output device among the following?

  1. Keyboard  
  2. Printer 
  3. Platter 
  4. None of Them 

226. Which is the fastest type of computer memory among the following

  1. Cache  
  2. Flash 
  3. Micro 
  4. Rom 

227. What is the name of the professor who coined the name virus for self replicating programs among the following 

  1. Tim burners-lee 
  2. Ken Thompson 
  3. Alan truing 
  4. Fred Cohen  

228. The capacity of computer bus depends upon which among the following? 

  1. Capacity of CPU 
  2. Capacity of the microprocessor 
  3. The number of data lines it contains  
  4. The system software 

229. The interface between user and computer is which among the following? 

  1. Programming  
  2. Hardware 
  3. Memory 
  4. Processing 

230. What type of device is a computer mouse among the following

  1. Output 
  2. Input  
  3. Storage Device 
  4. None of them 

231. How do we call the part of the screen you can click on which displays a list of commands choose one among the following: 

  1. A Menu 
  2. The Computer 
  3. Some Documents 
  4. None Of These 

232. What do you call the space where the computer does its processing choose one among the following: 

  1. CPU 
  2. RAM  
  3. OS 
  4. ROM 

233. KB, MB, GB, is respectively choose one among the following: 

  1. Kilo Bytes, Mega Bytes, Giga Bytes  
  2. Kilo Bits, Mega Bits, Giga Bits 
  3. Kelvin Bytes, Medium Bytes, Giga Bytes 
  4. None Of These 

234. A set of 8 bits is called which among the following: 

  1. Byte  
  2. Giga Byte 
  3. Mega Bytes 
  4. Birney 

235. What is termed the portion of RAM set aside for temporarily holding information read from a disk choose one among the following: 

  1. Rom 
  2. Cache Memory 
  3. Bus 
  4. Disk Cache  

236. There is a modem which can handle FAX protocols and transmit data. What this data is called choose one among the following: 

  1. Fax Modem 
  2. Data Modem 
  3. Both A And B  
  4. None Of These 

237. The capacity of a hard disk depends upon which among the following: 

  1. High Speed Motor 
  2. Movement Of Read 
  3. Number Of Disk Platter Stacked  
  4. None Of These 

238. Which software controls basic I/O device choose one among the following: 

  1. Device Driver 
  2. Ant-Virus Tool Kit 
  3. Business Software 
  4. Operating System  

239. Which  medium among the following is used by input dives light pen for graphical input is: 

  1. Interpreter 
  2. Binary Coded 
  3. CRT Screen  
  4. Flow Chart 

240. The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it run is called which among the following: 

  1. Interpreter  
  2. Binary Coded 
  3. Decimal Interchange 
  4. Flow Chart 

241. RAM stands for which among the following? 

  1. Random origin money 
  2. Random only memory 
  3. Read only memory 
  4. Random access memory  

242. 1 Byte = which among the following?

  1. 8 bits  
  2. 4 bits 
  3. 2 bits 
  4. 9 bits 

243. which device among the following used to carry digital data on analogue lines is knowns as:

  1. Modem  
  2. Multiplexer 
  3. Modulator 
  4. Demodulator 

244. BIOS stands for which among the following:

  1. Basic Input Output system  
  2. Binary Input output system 
  3. Basic Input Off system 
  4. all the above 

245. Father of “C‘ programming language is which among the following choose correct one?

  1. Dennis Ritchie  
  2. Prof John Keenly 
  3. Thomas Kurtz 
  4. Bill Gates 

246. The instructions that tell a computer how to carry out the processing tasks are referred to as computer———–? 

  1. programs  
  2. processors 
  3. input devices 
  4. memory modules 

247. An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is which among the following? 

  1. CPU 
  2. Memory  
  3. Storage 
  4. File 

248. Which among the following is the key to close a selected drop -down list; cancel a command and close a dialog box?

  1. TAB 
  2. SHIFT 
  3. ESC  
  4. F10 

249. Which among the following is the key we use to run the selected command? 

  1. SHIFT 
  2. TAB 
  3. ENTER  
  4. CTRL 

250. Choose one Which among of the following is not a valid memory unit

  1. MB    
  2. KB      
  3. Byte                
  4. XB