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651. Twofold plunge or pair lineal transmission of plummet bunch enrollment includes which one of the accompanying?

  1. patrilineal transmission of one bunch of properties and matrilineal transmission of another set
  2. Transmission similarly through the two guardians
  3. Transmission in which plunge lines are sex-explicit for example men send to their children and ladies to their girls
  4. Transmission in which drop lines are with the end goal that men communicate to their little girls and ladies to their children.

Ans. (a)

652. Characteristic increment of populace implies—

  1. The net distinction among births and passings
  2. Population blast
  3. The distinction among relocation and movement
  4. The distinction between rate of birth and death rate

Ans. (a)

653. Who has conceptualized the accompanying four factors that instant relocation?

(I) Factors related with the space of beginning,

(ii) Factors related with space of objective,

(iii) Intervening deterrents, and

(iv) Personal components

  1. Malthus
  2. Everett Lee
  3. Ricardo
  4. Doubleday

Ans. (b)

654. As per the ‘Change hypothesis’, the nascent decrease stage is portrayed by –

  1. High ripeness and death rates
  2. High ripeness and low death rates
  3. Low mortality and low ripeness rates
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (a)

655. No test in portrayed three sorts of populace as per their phase of segment development. They are:

  1. Incipient decay, temporary development and high development potential
  2. Transitional development, high fixed stage, declining stage
  3. Incipient decay, low fixed stage and high development potential
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (a)

656. A mobile sales rep would be checked at his area for the night whether or not that was his lasting home. Which sort of evaluation could it be?

  1. De facto
  2. De jure
  3. Legal
  4. Informal

Ans. (a)

656. Which hypothesis of populace development worries about an investigation of the questionable issue of the interrelationship among populace and creation?

  1. Malthusian hypothesis
  2. The Density standard
  3. Social capillarity hypothesis
  4. Classical school

Ans. (d)

657. Populace will in general expansion in a mathematical proportion, while horticultural produce expansions in arithmetical proportion. Who has said this?

  1. Marx
  2. Adam Smith
  3. Pareto
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (d)

658. Which of the accompanying assertions about Malthus’ hypothesis of populace is bogus?

  1. Malthus has discussed preventive checks and positive checks
  2. Malthus put accentuation on the impediment of the inventory of land
  3. Malthus has gotten a handle on the meaning of modern turn of events
  4. Population is fundamentally restricted by the methods for resource

Ans. (c)

659. Who, among the accompanying sociologists, seen wrongdoing and aberrance as playing a positive guideline in the practical reconciliation of society?

  1. Durkheim
  2. Karl Marx
  3. Anguses Comte
  4. T.H. Marshall.

Ans. (a)

660. Think about the accompanying articulations

1. Law is made, while custom fills in the public arena.

2. Law is explicit, custom isn’t.

3. Both law and custom need an exceptional office for requirement.

4. Customs vanish all alone, while laws vanish with conscious endeavors by a perceived power.

Which of the assertions given above are right?

  1. 1,2,3 and 4
  2. 1 and 2 in particular
  3. 3 and 4 in particular
  4. 1, 2 and 4 in particular

Ans. (d)

661. As per E. Durkheim, law is the noticeable image of society’s  

  1. Division of work
  2. Collective awareness
  3. Mechanical fortitude
  4. Religious life.

Ans. (b)

662. Who, among the accompanying distinguished sensor motor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational as stages during the time spent socialization?

  1. John Piaget
  2. Erving Golf man
  3. Charles Cooley
  4. G.H. Mead

Ans. (a)

653. Acknowledgment of the social privileges of settlers in probably the West European nations is a genuine illustration of –

  1. Assimilation
  2. Isolation
  3. Integration
  4. Acculturation

Ans. (c)

654. Which of coming up next is/are the model/instances of job struggle?

1. A football trainer whose little girl is an individual from the group.

2. An understudy going to film during class time.

3. An appointed authority listening the instance of wrongdoing against her child.

Select the right answer utilizing the code given underneath:

  1. 2 in particular
  2. 1 and 3 in particular
  3. 1 and 2 in particular
  4. 1,2 and 3

Ans. (b)

655. Which one of coming up next is the essential factor in reference bunch conduct?

  1. Membership
  2. Out-going
  3. In-bunch
  4. Relative hardship.

Ans. (d)

656. Think about the accompanying articulations:

1. Connections inside patrilin or marlin bunches are set up and kept up through plunge joins followed through either or the two guardians.

2 Affine families are connected by marriage.

3. The term ‘avuncular’ alludes to noticeable situation of mother’s sibling.

Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1 and 2 in particular
  2. 2 in particular
  3. 1 and 3 in particular
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Ans. (d)

657. In bilinear plunge

  1. Men send to children, while little girls acquire from their moms.
  2. Men send to little girls and ladies to their children.
  3. Descent is followed in father’s and mother’s line, each for various traits or sorts of property.
  4. Membership is gained through father or mother and traits are communicated similarly through the two guardians.

Ans. (c)

658. Which one of the accompanying effectively characterizes the term family relationship?

  1. A socially recognized and supported sexual joining between two people.
  2. A socially perceived association between people set up either through marriage or through close family members.
  3. A gathering of people straightforwardly connected by family associations, the grown-up individuals from which accept accountability for caring the youngsters.
  4. A gathering of individuals who guarantee a genealogical association of plummet through male or female line.

Ans. (b)

659. As indicated by Merton which of the accompanying oddballs nominative methods for making progress and goes to freak implies, specifically wrongdoing?

  1. Retreats
  2. Innovation
  3. Revivalism
  4. Insulation

Ans. (c)

660. Among the accompanying, who has contributed much towards the advancement of modem hypotheses of freak conduct?

  1. Durkheim
  2. Albert Cohen
  3. Merton
  4. John Bowl by

Ans. (c)

661. Think about the accompanying sentences:

Based on the new examinations on the families in India, it very well may be contended that adjustments of the family have taken the bearing of-

1. Making all families little and nucleated.

2. Expanding dutiful reliance of children on fathers and lessening the extent of the intimate connections.

3. Debilitating family standards and expanding patterns towards neo-nearby home.

Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1,2 and 3
  2. 2 and 3 in particular
  3. 1 and 2 in particular
  4. 3 in particular.

Ans. (d)

662. In Radcliffe-Brown’s terms, the connection between a man and his mom’s sibling in a matrilineal society is one of –

  1. Filiations
  2. Complementary filiations
  3. Supplementary filiations
  4. Fictional filiations.

Ans. (b)

663. The term Portray’ alludes to which one of the accompanying?

  1. Grouping of family units in a typical family
  2. Followers of a strict society
  3. An affectionate local area
  4. Clustering of a few tribes into exogamous units.

Ans. (d)

664. Think about the accompanying explanations regarding social separation in modern culture:

1. Mechanical society is unstratified.

2. Modern culture is delineated on position premise.

3. Modern culture is delineated based on class and status.

4. Mechanical society frustrates social versatility for the person.

Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1 and 4 in particular
  2. 3 in particular
  3. 3 and 4 in particular
  4. 2, 3 and 4

Ans. (b)

665. The hypothesis of social separation offered by K. Davis and W. Moore is known as

  1. Multi-dimensional hypothesis
  2. Conflict hypothesis
  3. Functional hypothesis
  4. Structural list hypothesis.

Ans. (c)

666. Which of the accompanying hypothesis/model expresses that the arrangement of remunerations prompts an arrangement of definition?

  1. Conflict hypothesis
  2. Functional hypothesis
  3. Weber an model
  4. Roles-status model

Ans. (b)

667. Which one of the accompanying assertions is right?

  1. The hypothesis of separation as ‘class’, ‘status’ and ‘gathering’ was given by M. Weber.
  2. K. Marx upheld that super ordinate expert in a general public is to control the subordinates by giving requests, putting requests, giving alerts and forcing disallowance.
  3. R. Dahrendorf holds the view that delineation exists in every single human culture of the world and furthermore it as a useful need.
  4. R. Merton was the herald in propounding the contention viewpoint for clarifying social separation.

Ans. (a)

668. Think about the accompanying articulations:

  1. Social definition is omnipresent.
  2. Position and class are instances of social separation.
  3. Sanskritisation happens outside the structure of position framework.

Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1 and 3 in particular
  2. 2 in particular

669. As per E.O. Wright, which one of coming up next is excluded among the three components of control in present day industrialist creation?

  1. Investments or cash capital
  2. The actual methods for creation like land or manufacturing plants and workplaces
  3. Labor power
  4. Political force.

Ans. (d)

670. As indicated by Goody, separating devolution implies:

  1. Children of each sex get totally different amounts as legacy
  2. Only the male kid acquires
  3. Children of both genders acquire, ladies accepting their part at marriage as endowment.
  4. Only the most established male and most youthful female youngster acquire.

Ans. (c)

671. Which one of coming up next is right as to the distinction between a working class and a slave?

  1. Proletariat is a free compensation worker while slave isn’t.
  2. Proletariat is metropolitan while slave is country.
  3. Proletariat possesses some land while slave doesn’t.
  4. There is no contrast between the two.

Ans. (a)

672. Think about the accompanying proclamations:

  1. As indicated by some early friendly scholars like Herbert Spencer, social advancement is a cycle
  2. through which social orders create in unsurprising manners that for the most part reflect
  3.  progress towards ‘higher’ or all the more almost ideal types of public activity.

673. Oswald Spengler and Arnold J. Toynbee contended that social orders change as per patterns of rise, decrease, and fall similarly as distinct individuals are conceived, experienced, develop old, and pass on.

Which of the assertions given above is/are Correct?

  1. 1 in particular
  2. 2 in particular
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Ans. (c)

674. A social organization is –

  1. A set up technique that manages human conduct.
  2. where social capacities are coordinated.
  3. A association where social positions are resolved.
  4. An associations that controls social help.

Ans. (a)

675. Which one of coming up next is certifiably not a social foundation?

  1. Kinship
  2. School
  3. Education
  4. Prison

Ans. (b)

676. Who, among the accompanying, has stressed the positive elements of contention in the public arena?

  1. George Simmel
  2. Karl Marx
  3. Max Weber
  4. Noam Chomsky

Ans. (a)

677. Which one of coming up next is a right grouping of social change as indicated by F.A. Sorokin?

  1. Ideational – Sensate – Idealistic
  2. Idealistic – Ideational – Sensate
  3. Sensate – Idealistic – Ideational
  4. Sensate – Ideational – Idealistic.

Ans. (c)

678. Which one of coming up next is a characteristic of culture?

  1. Culture is supernaturally talented
  2. Culture is socially built
  3. Culture is by and large acquired
  4. Culture is earth controlled.

Ans. (b)

679. Mass culture for the most part alludes to –

  1. The representative results of a gathering
  2. Artistic and abstract manifestations
  3. The social qualities of a general public
  4. Commercial results of almost no stylish worth

Ans. (d)

680. Which one of coming up next is implied by social relativism?

  1. There are widespread social standards that we should follow
  2. One’s perspective on friendly foundations is hued by his social viewpoint.
  3. The capacity and importance of a characteristic are comparative with its social settings.
  4. One accepts that one’s own way of life is generally better than that of others.

Ans. (c)

681. Which one of the accompanying assertions effectively characterizes ‘Ethnocentrism’?

  1. Judging different societies with the assistance of social ideal Type’
  2. Judging different species by contrasting them and human species
  3. Looking at different societies with a feeling of mediocrity
  4. Judging different societies by correlation with one’s own.

Ans. (c)

682. Who, among the accompanying sociologists, promoted the term ‘essential gathering’?

  1. Erving Goffman
  2. C.H.Cooley
  3. David Harvey
  4. G.H. Mead

Ans. (b)

683. Think about the accompanying explanations:

Reference bunch hypothesis has commonly been utilized by researchers to comprehend the cycle of-

  1. Social portability among people and gatherings.
  2. Rivalry and struggle among people and gatherings.
  3. Social cooperation and representative solidarity.
  4. Arrangement of human office.

684.Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1 in particular
  2. 1 and 4 in particular
  3. 2 and 3 in particular
  4. 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Ans. (d)

686. As indicated by Emile Durkheim, ‘human organization’ is obliged by-

  1. Political interaction
  2. Social construction
  3. Economic assets
  4. Agency of different entertainers

Ans. (b)

687. Who, among the accompanying, contended that social development is an augmentation of organic advancement; and genuine components of social advancement and natural advancement are distinctive yet both can be perceived as far as “transformative universals”?

  1. Charles Darwin
  2. David Lands
  3. Herbert Spencer
  4. Alcott Parsons

Ans. (c)

688. Association among standings is named as by Srinivas

  1. Ajman framework
  2. Vertical solidarity
  3. Horizontal solidarity
  4. Mutuality

Ans. (b)

689. Bogus cognizance as per Marx is the –

  1. Process by which the working class comprehends its situation in history
  2. Difference between the working class’ originations of itself and its genuine advantages
  3. Difference between the common “and the lowly originations of society
  4. Idea that a conviction held in like manner by a class is fundamentally obvious.

Ans. (b)

690. Who has applied ‘design factors’ to separate among created and creating social orders?

  1. Davis
  2. Houselights
  3. W.E. Moore
  4. Parsons

Ans. (d)

691. Actual hypothesis about friendly degenerate conduct accepts that freak conduct is expected to:

  1. Certain sorts of imperfections in the body
  2. Social pressing factors on the gathering chiefs
  3. Social inflexibility and station mentality
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (c)

692. Think about the accompanying explanations:

Marx’s idea of class ‘for itself suggests –

1. Class cognizance and acknowledgment of aggregate class activity in quest for ousting the rival by the common laborers.

2. The monetary conditions and guidelines of life describing the common laborers.

Which of the assertions given above is/are right?

  1. 1 in particular
  2. 2 in particular
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Ans. (a)

693. Relative hardship is a condition where an individual/a gathering –

  1. Has gotten more unfortunate than before in any event, when he/it is over the destitution line
  2. Has fallen beneath the destitution line because of his/its descending portability
  3. Feels denied corresponding to a gathering with which he/it analyzes himself/itself
  4. Feels denied comparable to his/its own desires of material life.

Ans. (c)

694. As indicated by E. Durkheim, the idea of present day law is –

  1. Repressive
  2. Recitative
  3. Normative
  4. Formal

Ans. (b)

695. The pith of optional gathering is its –

  1. Consciousness of kind
  2. Degree of execution
  3. Face-to-confront relationship
  4. Impersonality of relationship

Ans. (d)

696. In the hypothesis of Leisure Class, Veblen thought about –

  1. Consumerism with social portability
  2. Conspicuous utilization with obvious relaxation of the monetarily fruitful gatherings in the public arena
  3. Life styles of nouveau riche
  4. Different thoughts identified with hardship of ladies

Ans. (b)

697. Which one of the accompanying hypotheses receives the model of the organic entity to comprehend the social framework?

  1. Conflict hypothesis
  2. Functionalist hypothesis
  3. Behavioral hypothesis
  4. Mode of creation hypothesis

Ans. (b)

698. Gandhian Satyagraha can be considered to act as an illustration of which one of coming up next Weber’s sort of friendly activity –

  1. Instrumental-judicious activity
  2. Affective activity
  3. Value-levelheaded activity
  4. Value-unbiased activity

Ans. (c)

699. Social separation is the component which joins inconsistent rewards and advantages to the various situations in the public eye. Whom is this assertion ascribed to?

  1. Parsons
  2. Tumin
  3. Weber
  4. Davis and Moore

Ans. (d)

700. A normal practice is –

  1. What everybody holds fast to
  2. An assessment of the situation as positive or negative
  3. A confidence in something as great or attractive
  4. Is not clung to by everybody except guides the activities of people in friendly connections.

Ans. (d)