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901.Social Structure of a society is the network of?

  1. Institutional relations
  2. Value System
  3. Traditions
  4. Compliance to Norms
  5. None of these

902.WID approach believes in?

  1. Gender mainstreaming
  2. Gender Segregation
  3. Incorporating women in development activities
  4. None of these

903. Geronotology is the study of?

  1. Human Beings
  2. Special Groups  
  3. Aged and Aging
  4. All of these

904.The most pervasive of the social processes are?

  1. Cooperation
  2. Over Conflict
  3. Competition
  4. None of these

905. Abstract Sentiments are?

  1. Closer to the center of the self than moral rules
  2. Provide a focus for allegiance
  3. Are compellers of action
  4. None of these

906.The creative potential of personality is accounted for by?

  1. Stimulus-response psychology
  2. Drive psychology
  3. Trait psychology
  4. None of these

907.When the researcher asks the respondent face to face question, this method is called?

  1. Interview Schedule
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Observation
  4. Interview guide
  5. None of these

908. Power that people consider legitimate is known as?

  1. Right
  2. Authority
  3. Privileged
  4. None of these

909. Social Structure of a society is the network of: Institutional relations

  1. Value System
  2. Traditions
  3. Compliance to Norms
  4. None of these

910. WID approach believes in: Gender mainstreaming

  1. Gender
  2. Segregation
  3. Incorporating women in development activities
  4. None of these

911. Gerontology is the study of: Human Beings

  1. Special Groups
  2. Aged and Aging
  3. All of these

912. The most pervasive of the social processes are: Cooperation?

  1. Competition
  2. None of these

913. Abstract Sentiments are:

  1. Closer to the center of the self than moral rules
  2. Provide a focus for allegiance
  3. Are compellers of action
  4. None of these

914.The creative potential of personality is accounted for by: Stimulus-response psychology

  1. Drive psychology
  2. Trait psychology
  3. None of these

915. The country with better record for gathering population statistics then any other is:

  1. Japan
  2. Sweden
  3. USA
  4. None of these

916. The exception to the typical application of endogamy is: Tribe

  1. Kinship
  2. Race
  3. None of these

917. Stratified samples fall under:

  1. Probability sampling design
  2. Non-Probability sampling design
  3. Multi-stage sampling design
  4. None of these

918. Egoistic, the special type of suicide presented by Emile Durkheim spring from: Excessive regulation

  1. Excessive individualism
  2. Over migration with group
  3. None of these

919. A close connection between religion and economic forces was presented by:

  1. Max Weber
  2. Karl Max
  3. Emile Durkheim 
  4. Wright Mill
  5. None of these

920. A  large  kinship  group  whose  members  inhabit  one  geographic  area  and  believe  they are  descendent  from  a common area is known as:

  1. Clan
  2. Tribe
  3. Kin group
  4. Class
  5. None of these

921. A social condition in which values are conflicting, weak or absent is:


  1. Haw throne effect
  2. Invasion
  3. Anomie

922.  In theoretical field social research aims at: finding problems of human being

  1. identifying delinquent behavior
  2. reducing social conflict
  3. None of these

923. Survey Means:

  1. Overlooking
  2. Organizing social data
  3. Observation

924.Independent variables are:

  1. Experimental Groups
  2. Study of social investigation
  3. Study of social life
  4. None of these

925.Qualitative Data Means:

  1. Expressed in number
  2. Expressed in words
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

926. A Liker scale emphasizes: Reproducibility

  1. Uni dimensionality
  2. None of these

927. Who said “Man is a social animal”?       Aristotle

  1. True
  2. false

928.Who called sociology “Social Physics”?

  1. August
  2. Comte
  3. Wilfred
  4. Herbert
  5. Spencer

929.Bourgeois type of society was introduced by?

  1. Karl Marx
  2. Yes
  3. no

930.When cultural traits spread from one society to another the process is calledDiffusion“?

  1. Yes
  2. no

931. An ascribed status is one that is endowed at birth?

  1. yes
  2. no

932.Ethnocentrism means

  1. superiority of ones own culture
  2. yes
  3. false

933.A system in which one husband is married to many women is called;

  1. Polygamy
  2. T
  3. F

934.Levirate means;

  1. Marriage of a man with the widow of his deceased brother
  2. Marriage of a man with the sister of his deceased wife
  3. None of these.

935. Joint family may be preferred because it has;

  1. greater financial security
  2. Division of labor
  3. workable as a cooperative
  4. all of these

936.Which of the following is not a major feature of capitalism? = Equitable distribution of income

  1. Y
  2. N

937.Movement from rural to urban area is called = Urbanization

  1. Y
  2. N

938.Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things.

This definition has been given by;

  1. Durkheim
  2. T
  3. F

940.Rapid growth of urbanization is due to advancement in;

  1. modernization
  2. westernization
  3. technology
  4. transport

941.Whose statement is this” where there is life there is society”

  1. August Comte
  2. Herbert Spencer
  3. Durkheim
  4. MacIver & Page

942.Who developed the “organic theory of society”

  1. Herbert Spencer
  2. Henry Maine
  3. Thomas Hobbes
  4. MacIver

943. What does culture usually reflect in Modern society?

  1. Group culture
  2. National culture
  3. Geographical culture
  4. religious culture

944.Customs are powerful in regulating the conduct of people in:

  1. Simple societies
  2. Urban societies
  3. Industrialized societies
  4. All of these

945.Which one of these is not an essential element of community

  1. Individual interest
  2. Yes
  3. no

946. Norms in society indicate;

  1. Standardized generalization about normal expected mode of behavior
  2. Yes
  3. no

947. Which one of the following is not a healthy social process?

  1. Competition
  2. Co-operation
  3. Integration
  4. None of these.

948. A double-barrel question has the potential of having:

  1. Two acceptable responses/answers
  2. Two answers but incompatible with each other
  3. Both and
  4. None of these .

949.Those who cannot compete have no right for higher learning and must be refused accordingly who believed in the above thesis?

  1. August comets
  2. Spencer
  3. Karl max
  4. None of these

950.Whose theorizing social change is depicted/comes closer to Iqbal’s verse

  1. “AA tug ko baton main tardier imams kea hay shams her w sane away taboos w rabbi achier”
  2. Karl- Marx
  3. Ibn-i-Kaduna
  4. George Hegel
  5. None of these.