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151. The Oedipal conflict is successfully resolved when the child:

  1. identifies with the opposite-sex parent
  2. identifies with the same-sex parent
  3. achieves satisfactory toilet training
  4. has been satisfactorily weaned

152. The central difference between Freud’s pleasure principle and his reality principle is that:

  1. the reality principle is more salient early in life
  2. the pleasure principle can only be understood through hypnosis
  3. the reality principle responds to demands from the environment by delaying gratification
  4. the reality principle only emerges in individuals who are self-actualized

153. Karl Marx held that leaders of social movements must help workers overcome feelings of:

  1. class consciousness
  2. false consciousness
  3. socialist consciousness
  4. surplus value

154. Maya is a 12-year-old girl living in Pakistan. She is homeless, and often does not know where she will sleep or when she will eat. We might say that Maya lives in _________ poverty.

  1. . subjective
  2. . absolute
  3. c. relative
  4. d. global

155. Writing in the early twentieth century, Weber thought the dominant force in society would be:

  1. capitalism
  2. socialism
  3. bureaucracy
  4. dictatorship

156.Subculture refers to:

  1. a part of the population lacking culture.
  2. elements of popular culture.
  3. people who embrace high culture.
  4. cultural patterns that set apart a segment of a society’s population.

157.Informed consent allows participants to end their participation in a study at any time, even if they have not finished answering all the questions.

  1. True
  2. False

158.______ is power that is perceived as legitimate, by both the holder of the power and those subject to it.

  1. Force
  2. Coercion
  3. Domination
  4. Authority

159.The term life expectancy refers to:

  1. how long any person will live
  2. an individual’s total life span
  3. the number of years a newborn can expect to live
  4. none of these

160.An important measure of a nation’s health is the:

  1. adult mortality rate
  2. mortality rate
  3. life span
  4. infant mortality rate

161.The aim of all life is death”. This quote from Sigmund Freud’s work refers to:

  1. Tanat’s
  2. Eros
  3. the death instinct
  4. the struggle between Eros and Tanat’s

162.The socially “good” or “proper” within Freudian theory is conceptually defined as the:

  1. id
  2. ego
  3. superego
  4. archetype

163.Which of the following is not a component of the scientific method?

  1. experimentation
  2. personalization
  3. generalization
  4. observation

164.Which early sociologist coined the term sociology in 1838?

  1. Karl Marx
  2. Herbert Spencer
  3. Adam Smith
  4. August Comte

165.What does the sociological perspective tell us about whom any individual chooses to marry?

  1. There is no explaining personal feelings like love
  2. People’s actions reflect human free will
  3. The operation of society guides many of our personal choices
  4. In the case of love, opposites attract

166.Rapid growth of urbanization is due to advancement in;

  1. modernization
  2. westernization
  3. technology
  4. transport

167.When evaluating research, you should ask all of the following questions EXCEPT:

  1. Who conducted this research?
  2. What sample was used?
  3. What theory informed this research?
  4. Do the findings reflect the data?

168.When Hitler acquired his power it was through what means?

  1. Illegitimate, he overthrew the government.
  2. Legitimate, he was appointed chancellor.
  3. Confusing, since there was no government in place.
  4. Illegal, he rigged the local elections by using the German mob

169.Compared to today, war historically:

  1. was more devastating
  2. was less devastating
  3. used more sophisticated technology
  4. used more women warriors

170.One of the major results of war on a culture is:

  1. decreased death rate
  2. enlarged food supplies
  3. increased contacts with other cultures
  4. increased use of the automobile

171.Jung cites human infant response to mother-closeness and the adult concept of a power beyond himself as examples of:

  1. anima
  2. animus
  3. prototype
  4. archetype

172.According to Jung, Anima is:

  1. the developmental phase of mid-life
  2. a male’s unconscious feminine characteristics
  3. the dark side of the personal unconscious
  4. a female’s unconscious male characteristics

173.Which early sociologist studied patterns of suicide?

  1. Peter Berger
  2. Emile Durkheim
  3. Augus Comte
  4. .Karl Marx

174.Although sociology and psychology have similarities, they differ in that psychology usually emphasizes:

  1. human society
  2. individual motivation and behavior
  3. differences among different cultures
  4. the operations of government

175.Who wrote the book “On Death and Dying”, outlining the five stages of grief?

  1. Ignatz Nastier
  2. . Erik Erikson
  3. . Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  4. . Carol Gilligan

176.Customs are powerful in regulating the conduct of people in:

  1. Simple societies
  2. Urban societies
  3. Industrialized societies
  4. All of these

177.Aysha submitted a manuscript to a journal for publication. The editor at the journal asked experts in the topic Aisha studied to read and comment on her work. Aysha received feedback from these experts that she then used to improve her manuscript before it was published. What practice is described here?

  1. collecting manuscript feedback
  2. the peer-review process
  3. gaining expert feedback
  4. draft editing for publication

178.What is it called when a person who has no hereditary claim to rule, but does rule?

  1. Oligarchy
  2. Dictatorship
  3. Monarchy
  4. Democracy

179.For losers the ecological effects of war include all of those below EXCEPT:

a. forced move to other geographical locations

b. economic subjugation

c. imposition of a foreign language and culture

d. increased birth rates

180.All of the following are among the effects of war on population EXCEPT:

  1. . improved gene pools
  2. labor shortages
  3. rapid declines in population
  4. unbalanced populations for a generation or more

181.Which of the following statements is not characteristic of the ego, according to Freud?

  1. the ego is in the service of the id
  2. the ego mediates between the id and the superego
  3. the ego is governed by the reality principle
  4. the ego aims to discharge energy

182.According to Carl Jung’s personality theory, the terms “anima” and “animus” refer to:

  1. the collective unconscious
  2. the personal unconsciousness
  3. feminine and masculine archetypes
  4. the animal instincts in man’s unconscious

183.What is the main difference between sociology and social work?

  1. Sociology uses theory and social work does not.
  2. Social work overlaps with psychology while sociology does not.
  3. Social workers help people solve their problems while sociologists try to understand why the problems exist.
  4. There really is no difference between sociology and social work.

184.Thanatology is the study of _____.

  1. life expectancy
  2. biological aging
  3. death and dying
  4. adulthood

185.In Erik Erikson’s developmental stages of life, with which challenge must older people struggle?

  1. Overcoming despair to achieve integrity
  2.  Overcoming role confusion to achieve identity
  3. Overcoming isolation to achieve intimacy
  4. Overcoming shame to achieve autonomy

186.Who developed the “organic theory of society”?

  1. Herbert Spencer
  2. Henry Maine
  3. Thomas Hobbes
  4. Talcott Parsons

187.What is the purpose of the peer-review process?

  1. It allows researchers to share their research with other sociologists
  2. It helps to ensure that only quality research is published
  3. It provides a way for sociologists to share their findings with the public
  4. It helps researchers improve their methods prior to collecting data

188.What is an oligarchy?

  1. Rule of a mother
  2. Rule of masses
  3. Rule of a small group of people
  4. Rule of the father

189.Which of the following statements about social change is CORRECT?

  1. Social change is synonymous with progress
  2. Social change is always controllable
  3.  Social change can never be predicted
  4. Social change is universal

190.Which of the following is an example of change that takes place at the macro level?

  1. changes in self-perception resulting from divorce
  2.  the internet
  3.  the introduction of new sports events
  4.  the Supreme Court decision that ended school segregation

191.People will tend to stay in a relationship if there rewards outweigh their costs. This is predicted by:

  1. social-exchange theory
  2. equity theory
  3. gain-loss principle
  4. social comparison theor

192.Who wrote the book “On Death and Dying”, outlining the five stages of grief?

  1.  Ignatz Nascher
  2. Erik Erikson
  3. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  4. Carol Gilligan

193.Customs are powerful in regulating the conduct of people in:

  1. Simple societies
  2. Urban societies
  3. Industrialized societies
  4. All of these

194.When did the first economies begin to develop?

  1.  When all of the hunter-gatherers died
  2. When money was invented
  3.  When people began to grow crops and domesticate animals
  4. When the first cities were built

195.Macro level changes in society are usually:

  1. slow
  2.  rapid
  3. non-existent
  4. micro

196.The correct order of the stages of Freud’s theory of development is:

  1. oral, phallic, latency, anal, and genital
  2. oral, latency, phallic, anal, and genital
  3. oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital
  4. phallic, oral, latency, anal, and genita

197.The personality theorist who developed the Internal-External Control Scale was:

  1. B. F. Skinner
  2. Alfred Adler
  3. Julian Ratter
  4. John Watson

198.What factor makes caste systems closed?

  1. They are run by secretive governments
  2. People cannot change their social standings
  3.  Most have been outlawed
  4. They exist only in rural areas

199.The use of Facebook to create an online persona by only posting images that match your ideal self exemplifies the_____________ that can occur in forms of new media.

  1.  social construction of reality
  2. cyber feminism
  3.  market segmentation
  4.  referencing

200.Bourgeois type of society was introduced by?

  1. August Comet
  2. Emile Durkheim
  3. Max Weber
  4. Karl Marx