What is the Role of Information Communication Technology in the Concept Building of Students?

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Elimination of Barriers in the Concept Building Approach

Elimination of Barriers in the Concept Building Approach of Learners
There is a very little work done in the elimination of barriers regarding to the concept building of learners through ICT so the central aim of this paper is to determine or discover a new proposed framework with the help of ICT to meet the needs of learners in their concept building.
For outlining the framework of our ICT integrated system we undertook the reviewed literature on ICT we consider 3 main areas, which integration of the curriculum, framework for concept building and evaluation or assessment. ICT is basically a tool through which we understand the content and educational activities in an efficient way based on our educational curriculum and policies. This is the enhance version of ICT which is based on concept building approach in which our main focus is developing such elements, activities, feedback that help us in understanding of deep learning of the students. We define all the helping elements which are used in the purposed system. To measure the success of the purposed system we implement it on two model classes.

Difference Between ICT Enabled and Unbaled Classes

One class is ICT enabled and second is not. The high quality lectures will be delivered to student of ICT enabled class. Now we can record the conceptual learning of both classes and examine the difference between their understandings through the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning of student’s concept building. The purposed system makes obvious association between each learning activities and their expected outcomes as a concept. It may allow to find the elements that effect the conceptual learning of the students. And it identify the elements that caused the shortcomings in conceptual learning of the students. In the proposed framework we will also take the opinions of some experts that how logically the role of ICT and online learning is helpful in the concept building of learners so that they make their selves able to do critical thinking and make their selves creative.The proposed system will calculate how much students and learners understand the things in online learning and how much they become successful in the building of their concepts.