What is the Role of Information Communication Technology in the Concept Building of Students?

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Information and communication technology is one of the latest and emerging technology used for learning and concept building of the society. It becomes an integral part of our lives. ICT becomes a crucial key to solve the social problems and develop the economy. In education sectors researcher has tried to make efficient use of ICT through which student and teachers get effective opportunities. Today students will indulge with technology at very early age and they spend a lot of time on the internet. They prefer using media and technology in everything they have to do. So we can indulge the students in learning through technology. The role of ICT in education is not surprising in teaching and learning activities of the students. (ICT) has countless impacts on the education system that effect learning and concept building. Education is now the basic pillar of developing the economy. The concept building involves the development of self-learning, critical thinking and activity based learning. With the help of ICT everyone can get access to education and become able to learn from distance and at low cost. ICT has eliminated time and distances s now the learners are able to learn from remote places and from the remote institutions. ICT based learning provide a flexible environment for learning. Internet has enhanced the education platform. Technology supports all types of communications mediums like websites, e-mails, digital pictures and other learning material. If the teachers or instructors are digitally literate and have knowledge of using ICT he/she can develop an efficient learning environment for the students. Previous research on ICT was greatly dealing with the learning and teaching methodologies. Up till now all the researches are made for creating efficient ICT enabled framework for teacher, classrooms and student learning. In this research our main focus was depending on student’s conceptual building.

Conceptual Building Approach

Conceptual building can be built by Creation of new ideas, communication with the teachers, critical thinking about the topic and collaboration with other students are the basic approaches which any learner must learn. The instructor should make strategies for concept building of the student before starting the course work. . The students become able to provide any creativity as well as any innovation if there concepts on learning should be clear. Latest technologies offer many methods of enhancing classroom teaching and learning [3]. Dawes (2001) stated that new technologies have the potential to keep up education across the curriculum and deliver opportunities for efficient student-teacher communication in ways not possible before [2]. When a student start working on any topic or start doing critical thinking on any topic then the concept of the learner on that particular topic should be clear. The method of pedagogy has been changed by the ICT and these ways eliminated the old versions of pedagogy as well as online learning. The main disadvantage of ICT is that it is favorable for digitally literate person and the digitally illiterate person is not able to get full benefits and learnings through online learning with ICT. There are many latest approaches of improving online teaching introduced in the market but there is a very limited work done on improving the concept building approaches of learners through online learning or through ICT.The tools and devices which are most commonly used for Online Learning with ICT are Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Digital Diary, E readers, interactive classrooms and Flipped classrooms.


In recent year ICT has a great influence on the teaching and learning processes yet another major issue which has greatly effecting the way of learning is concept building. We wish to make student learning persistent so that we enable them to make sense to meet the challenges and complexity now and in upcoming trends. The process of developing concepts of the students through a different teaching and