20 Qualities of a Good Teacher

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Here are 20 Guidelines for Becoming a Successful Teacher. These guideline can help you to develop 20 unique qualities. What makes a good effective teacher? Or, more specifically, what are the qualities of a good teacher? What are those subtle, and sometimes identifiable, characteristics that make up a great teacher? As a teacher, I know that teaching is a satisfying and incredibly rewarding career path for those people that do it well.

The best teacher is the one who specializes in psychology, ethics and spirituality at the same time.
There is a deep connection between skills so we will mention some common principles for these three skills

1: Sincerity
A good teacher is sincere with his profession. The more selfless he is with his profession, the more his interest will increase and the less the obstacles will stand in his way. Sincerity is the essence that gives pleasure in action. Is created

2: Piety
Knowledge and piety are closely related. That is why in the Holy Qur’an, the orbit of fear of God is called “knowledge”. It is no secret that the fear of God in the heart of a teacher is as effective in his language as it is in his language. Is

3: Excellent practical character
The student looks at his teacher very closely, so the teacher’s gait, habits, manners and character begin to unfold in him unconsciously. What is the difficulty of the student? In this regard, I will put an incident in front of you. Day my watch
When it was bad, I wore my family’s watch and went to class. During the lesson, I tried my best to hide the watch in my clothes.
After some time, a student was talking. He was referring to something I said in the classroom, but I do not remember. I asked him more questions and he said: Teacher! The day you came wearing the ladies watch, I was amazed at how deeply the students read the teacher, but after reading, they remember him and mention it to others.

4: Recitation routine
The recitation should be on a daily basis. The recitation should be done at least so loudly that he can hear it himself. InshaAllah, he will feel the effect of this action himself.

5: Remembrance of Allah
It would be better if this process is very effective for the revival of the heart, which is set aside for some time for remembrance of God apart from the recitation.

6: Thankful
A good teacher is one who has the attribute of sugar in his nature. Sugar refers to its three types: cardiovascular, linguistic and practical.
Heartfelt thanksgiving means respect and love for Muneem (Mohsin) in the heart. Heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the organization to which he is associated is very important.
The madrassa that exposes and criticizes the evils of its benefactor in front of its students is the most failed madrassa.
Gratitude is expressed in two ways. One is that which is taught in Surah Al-Dhuha. Explain the blessings of your Lord which is called Hadith without blessings. The other way is that you give thanks to your benefactor with your tongue which Allah Almighty. He said: Translation: Give thanks to Me and to your parents and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I did not give thanks to the people and I did not give thanks to Allaah. He who did not give thanks to the people did not give thanks to Allaah. Thanksgiving means to use the blessings given by Allah in the right way. A teacher who does not use the blessings properly is an ungrateful and failed teacher.

7: Shame
Shame is an indispensable attribute for a teacher. Shame means contraction of the soul against the ugly, that is, he gets bored with the things and things that are declared undesirable by Allah. Going towards such things may be costly for him. If there is shame in a teacher, then this attribute will definitely be contagious, but it is a pity that mobile has reduced the shame of us teachers, if not eliminated it.

8: A sense of responsibility
It has been proved by observation and experience that one of the reasons for irresponsible behavior of students is the irresponsible mood of the teacher. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

9: Good health
A good teacher is one who has a good mood, sits with good people, and has a good society. According to the hadith, it should be like a perfume that the one passing by must be at least fragrant, not like a blacksmith whose companion has to enjoy the heat of the furnace. Say goodbye to bad people and the term, but not friendship.

10: Patience and endurance
In the field of education and purification, the importance of patience is doubled. Allah Almighty has repeatedly instructed the Prophets (sws) to do the same. The better a teacher is, the more successful he will be.

11: Asceticism and apathy
A good teacher is one who has a great degree of asceticism. If the teacher’s resin is dripping on the student’s property, then in the eyes of the student, such a teacher does not last.
Translation: Dislike the world, Allah will love you and turn your eyes away from people’s wealth and possessions, people will become mad at you.

12: Forgiveness and expansion of the heart
One who grasps every little thing can never become a successful teacher, the teacher must create a wide heart within himself. This is also the Sunnah of Allah.

13: The spirit of service to the people
Unfortunately, we have divided this most important act of worship into sections. It is rare for us to apply this principle as an act of worship in daily life. If a teacher presents a practical example of service to the people in front of his students, greatness will grow in their hearts. In this regard, I will narrate one of my incidents that due to weakness and weakness, because of the nature is not ready. Once after eating, I said to the children, “Son, pick up the table, what do I hear as my little granddaughter leaves the door?” That is to say, they themselves have grown up and we have been put to work. On such occasions, if the children are scolded, it will make more and more difference that they will refrain from saying the same thing in front of you, but their minds. You can only deviate from your character.

14: Strength and Trust
A good professional is one who has the attribute of strength and trust well. The comment of the daughters of Hazrat Shoaib (as) in the Holy Qur’an should not remain hidden in the minds. The best hire is the one who is strong and trustworthy. Academic influence and your art or subject is available to everyone
Even the most incompetent student gets a good idea of ​​his teacher’s academic ability. The teacher’s “trust” depends on how careful and generous he is in passing on the knowledge.

15: Optimism
A good teacher never disappoints. His example is like that of a fruit seller who praises a fruit in front of his customer in such a way that he is compelled to take more instead of a little and if, God willing, he starts repeating such phrases that Mr. The season is over, its customers can’t be found nowadays, the bananas are starting to turn black, thankfully someone has come, the fool will buy a deal from him. It is sad to say that the knowledge we are “selling” is not even in our own hearts, which is why frustration is being passed on to the students through the teacher.

16: Moral courage
A good teacher has moral courage. Remember that moral courage is related to the teacher. No matter how many bad things you have inside you, there will be a lack of morality until you get rid of them.

17: Consistency in word and deed
A teacher who has a contradiction in words and deeds is a notorious and failed teacher.

18: Cut off
The teacher should paint the outward color in the color of Allah just like his inner self. According to the Shari’ah, the status quo is not only a follower of the Sunnah of the Prophet, but it will enable you to build a dignified identity.

19: للّھیت
Do not perform religious services just for the sake of salary. It loses its sweetness and flavor. He refrained from giving such an impression in front of the students through his words and deeds.

20: Pray for the rights of the Students
The teacher should always pray for his students. This is the best way to increase reward and sincerity