PMC MDCAT TEST 2021 in Pakistan | MDCAT Date, Syllabus, Marking, Eligibility Criteria, MDCAT MCQ’s

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Pakistan Medical Commission has recently announced the test date of Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test mdcat test dates 2021 Pakistan. Previously many sources which are unofficial has announced mdcat 2021 expected date however PMC announced that national mdcat 2021 date or mdcat test will be held From August 30, 2021 to September 21 , 2021 . Moreover mdcat 2021 registration date has been also announced the tentative mdcat registration 2021 last date is 22 August 2021. Similarly in this post we will also discuss the syllabus of mdcat 2021 / mdcat syllabus 2021 by pmc / mdcat passing marks / mdcat past papers and total marks of mdcat 2021.MDCAT online Quizzes also available on

Subjects of National MDCAT





Logical Reasoning

General Information of mdcat 2021-2022 / mdcat 2021 date

mdcat 2021-2022 Total # of MCQs :


mdcat 2021-2022 Duration of MDCAT:

3.5 hours

mdcat 2021-2022 Format:

Computer-based MCQs

mdcat 2021-2022 Minimum pass marks:


mdcat 2021-2022 Negative Marking

No negative marking

mdcat 2021-2022 Test Date From August 30, 2021 to September 21 , 2021
mdcat 2021-2022 Total # of MCQs210
mdcat 2021-2022 Test Duration3.5 hours / 240 Minutes
mdcat 2021-2022 Test FormatComputer-based MCQs
mdcat 2021-2022 Minimum Passing Marks65%
mdcat 2021-2022 Negative Marking No negative Marking
mdcat 2021-2022 Registration Last Date 22nd August
mdcat 2021-2022 Syllabus Difference Same Syllabus All over the Pakistan
mdcat 2021-2022 Syllabus All subjects Syllabus Given Below
mdcat 2021-2022 Eligibility Criteria Minimum 60 % Marks in Fsc pre Medical
mdcat 2021-2022 aggregate weightage 50 % Entry Test and other 50 % from Inter and Matric
mdcat 2021-2022 Is applicable for private college admissions No private colleges admission test is separate
PMC MDCAT TEST 2021 in Pakistan | MDCAT Date , Syllabus , Marking , Eligibility Criteria | MDCAT MCQ’s

mdcat 2021-2022 Subject Weightage Percentage

mdcat 2021-2022 Biology Subject Weightage


mdcat 2021-2022 Biology Subject Number of MCQs


mdcat 2021-2022 Chemistry Subject Weightage


mdcat 2021-2022 Chemistry Subject Number of MCQs


mdcat 2021-2022 Physics Subject Weightage

26.5 %

mdcat 2021-2022 Physics Subject Number of MCQs


mdcat 2021-2022 English Subject Weightage

10 %

mdcat 2021-2022 English Subject Number of MCQs


mdcat 2021-2022 Logical Reasoning Subject Weightage

5 %

mdcat 2021-2022 Logical Reasoning Subject Number of MCQs


mdcat 2021-2022 Total Percentage


mdcat 2021-2022 Total Marks

210 Marks

SR No Subject Percentage Number of MCQ’s
1Biology 3268
2Physics 26.556
3Chemistry 26.556
5Logical Reasoning510
Total 100210
PMC MDCAT TEST 2021 in Pakistan | MDCAT Date , Syllabus , Marking , Eligibility Criteria | MDCAT MCQ’s

Difficulty levels of MCQs in mdcat 2021-2022
Percentage Level =
Easy 20
Moderate 60
Hard 20

Difficulty levels of MCQs in mdcat 2021-2022

Level Percentage
Easy 20
Moderate 60
PMC MDCAT TEST 2021 in Pakistan | MDCAT Date , Syllabus , Marking , Eligibility Criteria | MDCAT MCQ’s

Note: In Biology, Chemistry and Physics section, 70% questions will be recall and 30% will be application level.

mdcat 2021-2022 Biology Syllabus

Syllabus CONTENT LIST FOR BIOLOGY mdcat 2021-2022

1:Bio-diversity [“acellular life or variety of life”]


3:Biological molecules

4:”The topic of Cell structure and function”

5:”Coordination & control and nervous & chemical coordination”.

6:”Diversity among animals”



9:”Life process in animals & plants[nutrition or gaseous exchange/transport]”


11: “Reproduction”

12:”Support and movement”

13:”Variation and genetics/inheritance

Syllabus CONTENT LIST FOR BIOLOGY mdcat 2021-2022


1:Chemistry Topic “Introduction to fundamental concepts of ”

2:ChemistryTopic ” Atomic structure”

3:“Gases” ChemistryTopic

4:”Liquids” ChemistryTopic

5:”Solids” ChemistryTopic

6:“Chemical equilibrium” ChemistryTopic

7:”Reaction kinetics” ChemistryTopic

8:”Thermo-chemistry and energetics of chemical reactions” ChemistryTopic

9:”Electrochemistry” ChemistryTopic

10:”Chemical bonding” ChemistryTopic

11:”S and p block elements” ChemistryTopic

12:”Transition elements” ChemistryTopic

13:”Fundamental principles of organic chemistry” ChemistryTopic

14:”Chemistry of hydrocarbons” ChemistryTopic

15: “Alkyl halides” ChemistryTopic

16:”Alcohols and phenols” ChemistryTopic

17:”Adehydes and ketones” ChemistryTopic

18:”Carboxylic acids” ChemistryTopic

19:”Macromolecules” ChemistryTopic

mdcat 2021-2022 Physics Syllabus


i. Force and motion PhysicsTopic

ii. Work and energy PhysicsTopic

iii. Rotational and circular motion PhysicsTopic

iv. Waves

v. Thermodynamics PhysicsTopic

vi. Electrostatics PhysicsTopic

vii. Current electricity PhysicsTopic

viii. Electromagnetism PhysicsTopic

ix. Electromagnetic induction PhysicsTopic

x. Electronics PhysicsTopic

xi. Dawn of modern physics PhysicsTopic

xii. Atomic spectra PhysicsTopic

xiii. Nuclear physics PhysicsTopic

mdcat 2021-2022 English Syllabus

  1. Comprehend key vocabulary
  2. Demonstrate control of tenses and sentence structure
  1. Demonstrate ability to differentiate between correct and incorrect structure of sentences & Use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization and Punctuation
  1. Demonstrate correct use of subject-verb agreement & of articles and prepositions
  1. Demonstrate ability to identify mistakes in sentences or short written texts. These errors could be of inappropriate word order, vocabulary etc.
  2. Demonstrate ability to comprehend short written text and select the most appropriate responses

mdcat 2021-2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

1.Critical thinking

2. Letter and symbol series

3. Logical deduction

4. Logical problems

5. Course of action

6. Cause & effect