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51.The first step in any sociological research project is to:

  1. collect data.
  2. define the problem.
  3. review previous research.
  4. formulate a hypothesis.

52.A region that supplies basic resources and labor power to more advanced states is a:

  1. developed nation
  2. core nation
  3. peripheral area
  4. semi peripheral area

53.According to Julian Rotter, someone who credits her success to luck and fate is exhibiting a personality characteristic known as:

  1. belief in a just world
  2. extroversion
  3. internal locus of control
  4. external locus of control

54.Sociologists define a symbol as:

  1. any gesture that insults others.
  2. any element of material culture.
  3. anything that has meaning to people who share a culture.

55.According to Carl Rogers, the structure of the personality is based on:

  1. ego and superego
  2. organism and self
  3. inferiority and superiority
  4. introversion and extraversion
  5. any pattern that causes culture shock.

56.The average number of children a woman would bear during the child bearing years is the:

  1. graduated fertility rate
  2. total birth rate
  3. total fertility rate
  4. infant birth rate

57.According to Max Weber, what was the relation between Protestantism and capitalism?

  1. The ideas of religion created an atmosphere in which capitalism could flourish.
  2. Capitalists promoted Protestantism as a justifying ideology for their economic pursuits.
  3. Protestant ideas served as a restraint on the excesses of capitalism.
  4. Protestant leaders accepted large donations from successful capitalists.

58.The final step in the research process is to analyze your data.

  1. True
  2. False

59.Researchers generalize their findings when they are able to use findings from a sample to explain patterns in a larger population.

  1. True
  2. False

60.According to Immanuel Wallerstein’s world system theory, a state or region in which industry and financial institutions are developed to some extent but remain dependent on capital and technology provided by other states is a:

  1. core state
  2. dependent state
  3. peripheral area
  4. semi peripheral area

61.Although Middle Eastern countries produce large quantities of oil for the world market, both are dependent on developed nations for capital and technology. According to Immanuel Wallenstein’s world system theory, they are:

  1. developing nations
  2. core nations
  3. peripheral areas
  4. semi peripheral areas

62.Sublimation is an example of:

  1. a personality mechanism
  2. a defense mechanism
  3. the primary personality process
  4. the secondary personality process

63.According to Marx, all history is the history of:

  1. class struggle
  2. technological progress
  3. intellectual progress
  4. religious morality

64.Ideas created by members of a society are part of:

  1. high culture.
  2. material culture.
  3. norms.
  4. nonmaterial culture.

65.Thinking of society as a living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival is a reflection of which theoretical perspective?

  1. the functionalist perspective
  2. the conflict perspective
  3. the feminist perspective
  4. the interactions perspective

66.Stage theories of personality include:

  1. All port
  2. Adler
  3. Horney
  4. Erikson

67.What are culture industries?

  1. Cultural products that are not offered for consumption.
  2.  Culture that is merely produced but never consumed.
  3. Cultural products that are offered for consumption.
  4. Culture that is economically unimportant

68.Dependency theorists explain global inequality and global stratification by focusing on the way that:

  1. core nations and peripheral nations exploit semi-peripheral nations
  2. semi-peripheral nations exploit core nations
  3. peripheral nations exploit core nations
  4. core nations exploit peripheral nations

69.The behaviors, customs, and norms associated with a class are known as:

  1. class traits
  2. power
  3. prestige
  4. underclass

70.Intensive interviewing is a type of survey research.

  1. True
  2. False

71.In the Freudian system, defense mechanisms protect against which one of the following?

  1. repression
  2. superego
  3. id
  4. ego

72.What is the best description of media?

  1. Ways we intimidate each other
  2.  Ways we communicate with each other
  3. Ways we nonverbally understand each other
  4. Ways we visually comprehend each other

73.Interpretive sociology is a research orientation that:

  1. focuses on action.
  2. sees an objective reality “out there.”
  3. focuses on the meanings people attach to behavior.
  4. seeks to increase social justice.

74.Post modernist critics believe that the major institutions of modern societies:

  1. add an element of spirituality and diversity to human life
  2. have become instruments of social control by powerful elites
  3. have little or no influence on the nature of human social life
  4. representa long sought ideal of human social development

75.In the late 19th century, before the term feminist view was even coined, the ideas behind this major theoretical approach appeared in the writings of:

  1. Karl Marx
  2. Ida Wells-Barnett
  3. Charles Horton Cooley
  4. Pierre Br i

76.The theory that we all experience a series of psychosocial crises throughout our lives was proposed by?

  1. Freud
  2. Erikson
  3. Sheldon
  4. Adler

77.In world system theory, a technologically advanced nation that has a dominant position in the world economy is:

  1. a core state
  2. an independent state
  3. a peripheral area
  4. a semi peripheral area

78.Which of the following represents Marx’s view of the law?

  1. The law is impartial and serves the interests of the entire society.
  2. The law is created by the wealthy, and it protects their interests from the rest of society.
  3. The law is the main tool the poor can use to protect themselves from exploitation by the wealthy.
  4. The law represents the ideas of the most intelligent and most fair-minded people in the society.

79.The critique of modern societies and cultures which has arisen in recent decades is termed:

  1. Amo dernism
  2. Antimo dernism
  3. non modernism
  4. post modernism

80.Sociologists use empirical evidence to understand patterns in everyday life.

  1. True
  2. False

81.Which of the following is not a defining trait of a cause-and-effect relationship?

  1. The independent variable must happen before the dependent variable.
  2. Each variable must be shown to be independent of the other.
  3. The two variables must display correlation.
  4. There must be no evidence that the correlation is spurious.

82.The most mature view of sex would be evident in:

  1. genital stage
  2. phallic stage
  3. anal stage
  4. puberty

83.The Islamic fundamentalist movement illustrates the fact that:

  1. all nations undergoing modernization must eventually follow the same pattern as Western nations
  2. it is possible for a nation to undergo modernization and retain many of its cultural traditions
  3. modernism is incompatible with traditional religious beliefs
  4. modernization cannot be forced on a developing society

84.One reason critics oppose globalization is:

  1. positive impacts on world trade
  2. negative impacts on the environment
  3. the concentration of wealth in the poorest countries
  4. negative impacts on political stability

85.What term is best described by how misery is socially experienced by constantly comparing yourself to others?

  1. Absolute comparison
  2. Relative deprivation
  3. Absolute deprivation
  4. Relative comparison

86. Many people who commit suicide in the world today are depressed and isolated from others. They represent which type of suicide?

  1. anomic
  2. altruistic
  3. egoistic
  4. none

87.When the superego becomes a major force in a developing child’s personality, the child soon develops?

  1. anxieties
  2. a moral sense
  3. neurotic conflicts
  4. hedonism ofthese

88.Which sociologist made a major contribution to society through his in-depth studies of urban life, including both Blacks and Whites?

  1. W. E. B. Du Bois
  2. Robert Merton
  3. August Comte
  4. Charles Horton Cooley

89.Which of the following theories and concepts of sociology given by pierre Bourdieu?

  1. symbolic capital
  2. cultural capital
  3. habitués
  4. All above

90. Which of the following is NOT a result of rationality in modern life?

  1. erosion of religious and ethical values
  2. development of bureaucracy
  3. racial supremacy movements
  4. secularism

91.Which of the following would Lenski highlight as a cause of change in society?

  1. new religious movements
  2. conflict between workers and factory owners
  3. the steam engine
  4. the extent to which people share moral values

92.Laws and administrative regulations that are formulated by government to control, regulate or guide behavior are called:

  1. civic culture
  2. judicial verdicts
  3. public policy
  4. totalitarianism

93.Rule by a single individual is a ________.

  1.  Monarchy
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Oligarchy

94.Which statement best expresses why there have been so few charismatic female leaders throughout history?

  1. Women have different leadership styles than men.
  2. Women are not interested in leading at all.
  3. Few women have had the opportunity to hold leadership roles over the course of history.
  4. Male historians have refused to acknowledge the contributions of female leaders in their records.

95.A major problem with theories of social change is that they cannot:

  1. be tested using data from actual experience
  2. be used for making policy decisions
  3. explain change that occurred in the past
  4. explain the role of technological innovation in social change

96.Most basic among Freudian defense mechanisms is:

  1. rationalization
  2. reaction formation
  3. identification
  4. repression

97.Comte thought sociology would move society toward perfection.

  1. True
  2. False

98.Nineteenth-century theories of social change reflect the pioneering work in biological evolution done by:

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Harriet Martineau
  3. James Audubon
  4. Charles Darwin

99.The doctrine of social Darwinism calls on the government to intervene actively to help the less fortunate in society.

  1. True
  2. False

100.The “Interpretation of Dreams” was written by:

  1. Carl Jung
  2. Sigmund Freud
  3. Ernest Jones
  4. Alferd Adle