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351. Whose name is related with idea of huge others?

  1. C.H. Cooley
  2. G.H. Mead
  3. S. Freud
  4. Maclver

Ans. (b)

352. Whose name related with the idea of summed up other?

  1. G.H. Mead
  2. C.H. Cooley
  3. Maclver
  4. S. Freud

Ans. (b)

353. Which among the accompanying includes auxiliary participation?

  1. Trade Union
  2. Countries which joined to crush Hitler in the Second World War
  3. The arbitrator, players and onlookers on the play ground
  4. All the abovementioned

Ans. (d)

354. Which among the accompanying doesn’t include optional collaboration?

  1. Religious association
  2. Industry
  3. Trade Union
  4. Teacher-understudy relations

Ans. (d)

355. Which among the accompanying includes auxiliary collaboration?

  1. Family
  2. Cabinet
  3. The Party Executive
  4. Trade Union

Ans. (d)

356. Which among coming up next depends on direct participation?

  1. Family
  2. Government
  3. Parliament
  4. General Assembly

Ans. (a)

357. In which of the accompanying the guideline of collaboration isn’t included?

  1. Cooperative society
  2. United Nations
  3. Family Planning
  4. A meaning to coordinate resistance against the cricket club

Ans. (d)

358. Which one of coming up next isn’t the upside of Polygamy?

  1. in it, it is feasible to have solid youngsters
  2. in it the odds of sex defilement are diminished
  3. in it the discontinuity of property is saved
  4. in it there is concordance in the family

Ans. (d)

359. In adelphic polyandry type of marriage the kids are treated as the posterity of the-

  1. most youthful sibling
  2. oldest sibling
  3. maternal uncle
  4. nothing from what was just mentioned

Ans. (b)

360. As per Morgan, which of coming up next is the right request of development of family?

  1. Monogamian family, associated family, punaluan family, syndasmian family and male centric family
  2. Punaluan family, syndyasmian family, consanguineal family, male centric family and monogamian family
  3. Consanguine family, punaluan family, syndayasmian family, male centric family and monogamian family
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (c)

361. The marriage relations in the matriarchal kind of family are-

  1. transient in nature
  2. lasting in nature
  3. of twofold happenstance in nature
  4. like that of the male centric culture

Ans. (b)

362. Crude social orders are described more by___________ terms in connection.

  1. classificatory
  2. vague
  3. clear
  4. tricky

Ans. (a)

363. The relatives of regular male precursor are called__________.

  1. agnates
  2. cognates
  3. lineal families
  4. guarantee families

Ans. (a)

364. “One isn’t conceived but instead turns into a lady”. Who said this?

  1. John Stuart Mill
  2. Betty Friedan
  3. Simone de Beauvoir
  4. Shulamith Firestone

Ans. (c)

365. One of the significant reasons for high maternal death rate in India is:

  1. Anemia among Women
  2. Carelessness of specialists
  3. Illiteracy
  4. Adolescent pregnancies

Ans. (a)

366. Marx accepted that western culture had created through the accompanying fundamental ages. They are ?

  1. crude socialism, old society, primitive society and entrepreneur society
  2. hostility, feudalism and private enterprise
  3. subjugation, boorishness and feudalism
  4. feudalism, private enterprise and’ communism

Ans. (a)

367. Who initial brought the idea of estrangement into sociological hypothesis?

  1. Hegel
  2. August Comte
  3. Marx
  4. Herbert Spencer

Ans. (c)

368. In which of coming up next is there an equal relationship and communication among men and gatherings inside a social structure?

  1. Society
  2. Community
  3. Social gathering
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. (a)

369. Weber has recognized different kinds of activity which are recognized by the implications on which they are based. They are-

  1. full of feeling, enthusiastic, and normal activity
  2. enthusiastic, customary and judicious activity
  3. customary, legitimate and charming activity
  4. nothing unless there are other options

Ans. (b)

370. Division of work into occupations is called ____________.

  1. social division of work
  2. word related division of work
  3. specialized division of work
  4. regional division of work

Ans. (a)

371. Division of work inside a specific undertaking is called-

  1. social division of work
  2. specialized division of work
  3. occupation division of work
  4. regional division of work

Ans. (b)

372. In huge urban communities, the area is generally a gathering ______ of portrayed mostly by the way that the individuals live inside a geological region.

  1. free families
  2. neigh-inhabitants
  3. direct relations
  4. ghetto inhabitants

Ans. (a)

373. A logical qualification between the metropolitan and the country local area can be made based on

  1. thickness of populace
  2. region covered
  3. occupation followed by individuals
  4. nothing unless there are other options

Ans. (d)

374. Reliance bunches are____________

  1. 14 years and more youthful and 65 years or more
  2. 16 years and beneath and 60 years or more
  3. 18 years and more youthful and 60 years
  4. None of the abovementioned

Ans. a

375. Normal increment of populace means___________

  1. the net distinction among births and passing
  2. populace blast
  3. the distinction among relocation and movement
  4. the distinction between rate of birth and death rate

Ans. A

376. Rights which are given to the residents by the constitution yet which can’t be moved by the state are known as

  1. legitimate rights
  2. moral rights
  3. political rights
  4. central rights

Ans. d

377. While for Marx history at last prompts, and finishes with the socialist Utopia for Pareto history is a ceaseless

  1. interaction
  2. dissemination of elites
  3. interaction of creating lion elites
  4. interaction of delivering fox elites

Ans. b

378. Which Article of the constitution manages indicating a specific clan as a planned clan?

  1. Art. 342
  2. Art. 343
  3. Art. 344
  4. Art. 345

Ans. a

379. Article________ accommodates a magistrate for booked stations and planned clans

  1. 338
  2. 339
  3. 340
  4. 342

Ans. a

380. A social development relies upon:

A. An objective

B. An association

C. A  programmer

D. A bunch of qualities


  1. An and B
  2. An and C
  3. An and D
  4. A, B, C and D

Ans. (d)

381. Marriage by catch is predominant among the ________ clans of India.

  1. Gonad
  2. Santali
  3. Kais
  4. Johan

Ans. (a)

382. As per customary Hindu law, marriage is a _____________.

  1. holy observance
  2. contract
  3. guideline of prostitution
  4. nothing from what was just mentioned

Ans. (a)

383. ___________ is the marriage of a man with the childless widow of his perished sibling.

  1. Levirate
  2. Surrogate
  3. Ads:
  4. Scrotal polygon
  5. Polygene

Ans. (a)

384. ______ may by portrayed as a blend of polygamy and polyandry.

  1. monogamy
  2. Levirate
  3. Sororate
  4. bunch marriage

Ans. (d)

385. Marriage inside the class is known as —

  1. endogamy
  2. exogamy
  3. interbreeding no-no
  4. Sororities

Ans. (d)

386. When after marriage spouse lives in the home of his better half the framework is known as:

  1. patronymic family
  2. male centric family
  3. direction family
  4. patrilocal home family

Ans. (d)

387. Which one of coming up next isn’t accurate about the breaking down of joint family framework?

  1. There is expanded urbanization
  2. People want to live in marvelous urban communities
  3. Cities give a greater number of offices than the towns
  4. It has neglected to foster social ideals

Ans. (d)

388. The framework under which lady can wed more than one spouse and keep every one of them with herself is known as:

  1. polyandrous
  2. polygamous
  3. patronymic
  4. reproduction

Ans. (a)

389. Which of coming up next isn’t an element of the joint family framework?

  1. In it family size is enormous
  2. In it every unit of the family has its own head
  3. In it the top of the family deserves high admiration
  4. In it every one of the individuals have basic kitchen

Ans. (b)

390. J. L. Lubbock’s name is related with one of the accompanying speculations. Recognize it.

  1. Theory of crude promiscuous
  2. Patriarchal hypothesis
  3. Multi-factor hypothesis
  4. Matriarchal hypothesis

Ans. (a)

391. Who out of coming up next is the essayist of these lines?

“It doesn’t make any difference whether conjugal relations are lasting or brief whether there is polygamy or polyandry or sexual permit, regardless of whether conditions are muddled by the increments of individuals excluded from our family circle; the one actuality stands apart past any remaining that wherever the spouse, wife and youthful youngsters establish a unit separated from the token of the local area.” These words clarify the all inclusiveness of a family.

  1. Mack and Young
  2. MacIver and Page
  3. Robin Fox
  4. Lowie

Ans. (d)

392. The family wherein life partners, their posterity and different family members through marriage, live respectively, is called as-

  1. intimate family
  2. consanguineous family
  3. monogamous family
  4. polyandrous family

Ans. (a)

393. Who of the accompanying ordered the elements of family into fundamental and trivial?

  1. Malvern
  2. Ginsberg
  3. Lundberg
  4. Durkheim

Ans. (a)

394. Family framework in which sex relationship was not unmistakable was known as:

  1. Matrilineal
  2. Patronymic
  3. Pantaloon
  4. Patrilineal

Ans. (c)

395. The framework wherein one spouse could wed one wife yet wedded relations were not positive was known as-

  1. Syndic
  2. Orientation
  3. Procreation
  4. None of these

Ans. (a)

396. As per the standard of_________, two or three lives for a period with the lady of the hour’s folks, at that point go to live forever with the lucky man’s folks.

  1. patrilocal home
  2. matri-patrilocal home
  3. respective home
  4. twofold home

Ans. (b)

397. At the point when patrilineal and matrilineal plunge is applied together, and not then again in blends, the joint application is known as ___________.

  1. two-sided plummet
  2. one-sided drop
  3. twofold drop
  4. nothing from what was just mentioned

Ans. (c)

398. ______ term portrays speaker’s careful relationship.

  1. Descriptive
  2. Classificatory
  3. Exploratory
  4. Expressive

Ans. (a)

399. Industrialization has influenced connection relationship on the grounds that:

  1. family members have begun living away from one another
  2. there have been pay aberrations
  3. there is deficiency of abiding units
  4. metropolitan individuals have gotten more refined

Ans. (a)

400. Which one of coming up next is certainly not a quality of connection?

  1. sometimes it is explicit while in others it isn’t
  2. It is identified with sex
  3. It normally demonstrates age hole
  4. It has no fondness between two related people

Ans. (d)