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Q No: 1 What is the Polish and Russian frontier setup in 1945?

  1.  Hindenburg Line
  2. Curzon Line
  3. Green Line
  4. PlinSoll Line

Q No: 2 1400 miles (2250 KM) long frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan demarcated in 1893 is called____________.

  1. Curzon Line
  2. Control Line
  3. Durand Line
  4. None of them

Q No: 3 A Painted line in Nicosia (Cyprus) that serves as a demarcation line between the Greek and Turkish Communities is called_____________.

  1. McMahon Line
  2. Maginot Line
  3. Oder-neisse Line
  4. Green Line

Q No: 4 German line of fortification, demarcated in 1977 separating Germany from Poland is called_______.

  1. Durand Line
  2. Hindenburg Line
  3. Curzon Line
  4. Mannheim Line

Q No: 5 Direct space satellites telephonic line called Hot Line between two countries was initially established on 1963 A.D. and upgraded in 1978 A.D. was between

  1. Germany and USA
  2. USA and Russia
  3. USA and France
  4. USA and UK

Q No: 6 Imaginary line extending north and south through Pacific Ocean and is the point at which the traveller must add or subtract a day from the Calendar is called_________.

  1. International Date Line
  2. International Hot Line
  3. International Green Line
  4. International Equator Line

Q No: 7 French line of fortification built in 1934 A.D. along the German border from Switzerland to Belgium was called_________.

  1. Hot Line
  2. Hindenburg Line
  3. Maginot Line
  4.  None of them

Q No: 8 Boundary line between India and China, demarcated under  boundary pact concluded in 1914 A.D. is called:

  1. Redcliff Line
  2. Green Line
  3. Control Line
  4. McMahon Line

Q No: 9 The boundary between Germany and Poland established after the World War II was called________.

  1. Mannerheim Line
  2. Plimsoll Line
  3. Oder-neisse Line
  4. None of them

Q No: 10 Boundary line between India and Pakistan demarcated at the time of partition is called__________.

  1. Control Line
  2. Redcliff Line
  3. Durand Line
  4. None of them

Q No: 11 In Rann of Kutch dispute in 1965 A.D. Pakistan declared frontier between Pakistan and India decided in 1968 A.D. is called___________.

  1. 24th Parallel Line
  2. 17th Parallel Line
  3. 38th Parallel Line
  4. None of them

Q No: 12 Boundary line between North and South Korea is called____________.

  1. 24 Parallel Line
  2. 38 Parallel Line
  3. 17 Parallel Line
  4. Mannerheim

Q No: 13 Boundary line between Canada and United States is called______________.

  1. 17th Parallel Line
  2. 24th Parallel Line
  3. 49th Parallel Line
  4. 51st Parallel Line

Q No: 14 Plimsoll Line is a line forming

  1. Boundary between countries
  2. A limit a ship can be loaded
  3. Equatorial Line
  4. None of them

Q No: 15 Armistice line was created in 1949 between

  1. Israel and Egypt
  2. Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria)
  3. Poland and Germany
  4. France and Germany

Q No: 16 Jack Merison boundary line is situated between____________.

  1. Argentina and Brazil
  2. Peru and Brazil
  3. Canada and USA
  4. None of the above 

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