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Top 500+ New Pakistan Study MCQs with Answers | Download PDF

1 Which was the Mother tongue of Quaid-e-Azam?

A. Sindhi

B. Baluchi

C. Punjabi

D. Gujrati

[expand title=”View Answer”]Gujrati[/expand]

2 How many Senate seats each province have?

A. 23

B. 16

C. 18

D. 20

[expand title=”View Answer”]23[/expand]

3 Which City is called “Valley of flowers”?

A. Peshawar

B. Quetta

C. Lahore

D. Karachi

[expand title=”View Answer”]Peshawar[/expand]


4 Quaid-e-Azam first wife died in ________?

A. 1893

B. 1894

C. 1895

D. 1896

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. 1893[/expand]

5 How many High Courts are there in Pakistan?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. 5[/expand]

6 Salwan kot is the old name of?

A. Quetta

B. Multan

C. Lahore

D. Sialkot

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Sialkot[/expand]

7 Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?

A. FM Khan

B. Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan

C. Sharif Ullah

D. Pir Maqbool Ahmad

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. FM Khan[/expand]

8 The 1st battle of Panipat began on _________.

A. April 21, 1524

B. April 21, 1525

C. April 21, 1526

D. April 21, 1527

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. April 21, 1526[/expand]

9  the 2nd battle of Panipat began on _________.

A. November 5, 1554

B. November 5, 1555

C. November 5, 1556

D. November 5, 1557

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. November 5, 1556[/expand]


10. the 3rd battle of Panipat began on _________.

A. January 14, 1761

B. January 14, 1762

C. January 14, 1763

D. January 14, 1764

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. January 14, 1761[/expand]

  1. The highest civil award of Pakistan is?

A. Nishan-e-Imtiaz

B. Nishan-e-Sadarat

C. Nishan-e-Haider.

D. Nishan-e-Pakistan

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Nishan-e-Pakistan[/expand]

  1. What is the abbreviation of NADRA ?

A. National Digital and Registration Authority

B. National Database and Registration Authority

C. National Dues and Regulation Authority

D. None of the above

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. National Database and Registration Authority[/expand]


  1. What is the National juice of Pakistan?

A. Mango juice

B. Orange juice

C. Apple juice

D. Sugarcane juice

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Sugarcane juice[/expand]

  1. When did British conquer Sindh?

A. 1830

B. 1843

C. 1835

D. 1836

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. 1843[/expand]

  1. Kalidas was a famous poet of ________ language.

A.  Hindi

B.  Bengali

C. Sanskrit

D.  Sindhi

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Sanskrit[/expand]

  1. Which province of Pakistan has no desert?

A. Sindh

B. Punjab

C. Balochistan


[expand title=”View Answer”]D. KPK[/expand]

  1. Which poet is known as Romi of Kashmir?

A. Hashim Shah

B. Syed Bulleh Shah

C. Syed Waris Shah

D. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh[/expand]

  1. “Yusuf Zulekan” is a love Story of _________ Language.

A.  Punjabi

B.  Sindhi

C.  Balochi

D.  Urdu

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Punjabi[/expand]


  1. Who was the first wife of Quaid-e-Azam?

A. Sakshi bai

B. Ratan bai

C. Emibai

D. None

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Emibai[/expand]

20 Where the Cunningham Clock Tower is situated?

A. Kohistan

B. Peshawar

C. Hangu

D. Mansehra

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Peshawar[/expand]

21 Ibrahim lodi was defeated by ________in the First Battle of Panipat in 1526?

A. Akbar

B. Babar

C. Jhangir

D. Iltumish

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Babar[/expand]

  • Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims in?

A. 1974

B. 1975

C. 1977

D. 1987

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. 1974[/expand]

  • When the first census was held in the Subcontinent?

A. 1881

B. 1884

C. 1888

D. 1890

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. 1881[/expand]

  • Which is the Largest Canal in Pakistan?

A. Rohri Canal

B. Nara Canal

C. Kirthar Canal

D. Dadu Canal

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Nara Canal[/expand]

  • What is the range of the enhanced version of the Babur cruise missile?

A. 800

B. 450

C. 1500

D. 700

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. 700[/expand]

  • Who built “CharMinar” ?

A. Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah

B. Sultan Muhammad Ibraham Qutb Shah

C. Sultan Muhammad Ali Adil Shah

D. None of these

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah[/expand]

  • Who is the National hero of Pakistan?

A. Major Aziz Bhatti

B. Abdul Salam

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D. Muhammad bin Qasim

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Muhammad bin Qasim[/expand]

  • Duration of the national anthem of Pakistan is?

A. 60 seconds

B. 70 seconds

C. 80 seconds

D. 90 seconds

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. 80 seconds[/expand]

  • How many members in the KPK assembly?

A. 122

B. 123

C. 124

D. 125

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. 124[/expand]


30 Who was the first viceroy of India?

A. Lord ripon

B. Lord canning

C. Lord curzon

D. Lord mayo

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Lord canning[/expand]

31 Who was the first PM of Pakistan hanged to death?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan

B. Choudary Muhammad Ali

C. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

D. None of these

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto[/expand]

32 Working boundary is the border between Pakistan and?

A. India

B. Afghanistan

C. Iran

D. Indian-occupied Kashmir

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. Indian-occupied Kashmir[/expand]

33 The Faiz Mehal is located in?

A. Sahiwal

B. Multan

C. Khairpur

D. Sukker

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Khairpur[/expand]

34 The Sindh Hari Committee was Founded in 1930 by?

A. Hyder Bux Jatoi

B. G.M Syed

C. Allama Iqbal

D. Comrade Nazeer Abbasi

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. G.M Syed[/expand]

35 The Noor Mahal is located in?

A. Bahawalpur

B. Multan

C. Khairpur

D. Sukker

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Bahawalpur[/expand]

36 Which is the rainiest city of Pakistan?

A. Murree

B. Quetta

C. Karachi

D. Ziarat

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Murree[/expand]

37 “Sindhu Muhinje Saah Mein” book of Sindhi literature is written by?

A. G.M Syed

B. Amar Jaleel

C. Sheikh Ayaz

D. Ustaad Bukhari

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Amar Jaleel[/expand]

38 People in how many categories are entitled to security in Pakistan?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 14

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. 12[/expand]

39. The name of a book on life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan?

A.  Spirit of Islam

B.  Aab-e- Hayat

C.  Hayat-e-jawaid

D.  Pir-e-Kamil

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Hayat-e-jawaid[/expand]

 40. The Swadeshi movement was launched to reverse the?

A. Partition of India

B. Partition of Bengal

C. Separation of Sindh from Bombay

D. Annexation of Kashmir

E. Annexation of Goa

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Partition of Bengal[/expand]

41. First newspaper to use the title “Quaid-e-Azam” was ?

A. Dawn weekly

B. Pioneer

C. Al Aman

D. Comrade

E. Dawn daily

[expand title=”View Answer”]E. Dawn daily[/expand]

   42. The book “Indian Musalmans” published in 1871 was written by?

A. Joseph Rudyard Kipling

B. Syed Ameer Ali

C. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

D. William Wilson Hunter

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. William Wilson Hunter[/expand]

43. The first railway line in Pakistan was laid between which cities?

A. Multan-Lahore

B. Karachi-Kotri

C. Sibi-Quetta

D. Rawalpindi-Peshawar

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Karachi-Kotri[/expand]

44.  Which is the most widely used irrigation method in Pakistan?

A. Tube wells

B. Perennial Canals

C. Karez

D. Dams

[expand title=”View Answer”]B. Perennial Canals[/expand]

45. What is the total area of Pakistan in square kilometers?

A. 695095 km²

B. 795095 km²

C. 796096 km²

D. 881,913 km²

[expand title=”View Answer”]D. 881,913 km²[/expand]

46. Who had the shortest tenure as Governor General of Pakistan?

A. Iskendar Mirza

B. Ghulam Muhammad

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

d. Kh. Nazimmuddin

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Iskendar Mirza[/expand]

47. What was the main difficulty in making the constitution in Pakistan?

A. Exact nature of the State

B. Lack of interest among members of the Constituent Assembly

C. The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial Governments

D. Corrupt administration

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial Governments[/expand]

48. Under which Article Governor Rule is imposed in case of failure of constitutional machinery in the province?

A. 234

B. 236

C. 238

D. 240

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. 234[/expand]

49. Which District of Malakand division is known as Switzerland?

A. Swat

B. Buner

C. Dir

D. Shangla

[expand title=”View Answer”]A. Swat[/expand]

50. ISPR stands for________?

A. Inter Superior Personal Relations

B. Internal Services Public Relations

C. Inter Services Public Relations

D. Internal Superior Public Relations

E. None of them

[expand title=”View Answer”]C. Inter Services Public Relations[/expand]