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Top 500+ New Pakistan Study MCQs with Answers | Download PDF

Which province of Pakistan is called “Land of Brave People”?

A. Balochistan

B. Punjab

C. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan

D. Sindh

301 The Saraiki language is more dominantly spoken in ________ ?

A. North Punjab

B. West Punjab

C. South Punjab

D. East Punjab

302 Which test cricket playing nation has announced to visit Pak in the first week of April 2018?



C. Srilanka

D. Bangladesh

303 Which MQM-P’s MPA has been admitted in ICU due to mental stress after allegations of having money from the opposition for vote in senate election?

A. Shazia farooq

B. Heer soho

C. Syed waseem

D. Kamran tessori

304 PN and PAF have successfully tested which model of anti-ship cruise missile?

A. C-802

B. C-803

C. C-804

D. C-805

305 ASSITEJ Pakistan has hosted a performance showcase as part of the first ever next generation programme 2018, which included artists of 11 countries in which city?

A. Lahore

B. Islamabad

C. Rawalpindi

D. Karachi

306 Which Pakistani politician and leader has expired on 5th march 2018?

A. Jam Saqi

B. Noor Muhammad

C. Qazi wajid

D. Tahira naqvi

307 As per the UN report, how many percent of women in Pakistan are part of the labour force?

A. 20%

B. 30%

C. 40%

D. 10%

308 Which flight service of Pak has become first to receive ISO 9001 certification?


B. Shaheen airlines

C. Orient airways

D. Air eagle

309 Notification is held for how many senators over dual nationality by ECP as ordered by SC?

A. Four

B. Five

C. Six

D. Seven

310 ECP has added one more NA seat for which territory of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad capital territory




311 Islamabad police have decided to establish a strong anti-riot force to deal with protests in the capital having what quantity of personnel?

A. 2500

B. 5000

C. 7500

D. 10000

312 TAPI gas Pipeline stands for ?

A. Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India

B. Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India

C. Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India

D. None of the above

313 The Indus Valley Civilization specialized in_______?

A) Town Planning

B) Architecture

C) Craftsmanship

D) All of these

314 Between which of the following was the ancient town of Takshasila located__________?

A. Indus and Jehlum

B. Jhelum and Chenab

C. Chenab and Ravi

D. Ravi and Beas

315 When was Indian spy and RAW’s serving officer caught by ISI in Balochistan?

A. 21 March 2016

B. 22 March 2016

C. 23 March 2016

D. 24 March 2016

316 The Scientific bureau of Economic Cooperation Organization is situated in______________?

A. Tehran

B. Turkey

C. Qatar

D. Pakistan

317 PP-30 sargodha by-election held on 4 march 2018 was won by ——?

A. Yasir zafar sindhu

B. Rao sajjad ali

C. Tahir iqbal

D. Rao anwar

318 PS-07 ghotki by-election held on 5th march 2018 was won by —–?

A. Bari pitafi

B. Abdul malik

C. Sardar ahmad

D. Raja zafar

319 Which provincial goverment has issued driving licences to transgender people?


B. Sindh

C. Balochistan

D. Punjab

320 Which ancherperson’s allegations regarding zainab murderer are termed as baseless by JIT,and SC has refused to accept verbal apology?

A. Dr shahid masood

B. Kashif abassi

C. Kamran khan

D. Gharida farooqi

321 When was the state of swat included in Pakistan?

A. 1969

B. 1970

C. 1971

D. 1972

322 K2 is also known as?

A. Goodwin Austin

B. Chogori

C. Killer mountain

D. A & B

323 On 29th Feb 2016 Mumtaz Qadri was executed at Central Jail of____________?

A. Bahawalpur

B. Rawalpindi

C. Attock

D. Quetta

324 When was Quaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah’s name was read in khutba at the Pakistan colony mosque by the Sindh education minister Pir Illahi Bukhsh?

A. 11 August 1947

B. 15 August 1947

C. 12 July 1947

D. 22 August 1947

325 Who has become Pakistan’s first female two-star general?

A. Major Gen (Retd) Shahida Malik

B. Ayesha Zafar

C. Maimoona iqbal

D. Sumama Iqbal

326 As per report of establishment division, how many government officers hold dual nationality?

A. 213

B. 223

C. 233

D. 234

327 Pak and India have agreed to humanitarian proposals on prisoner exchange of which category?

A. Female prisoners

B. Prisoners over 70 years of age

C. Mentally challenged or person with special needs

D. All of the above

328 Court has ordered to arrest,seize properties of which leader in the hearing of treason case?

A. Pervaiz Musharraf

B. Nawaz sharif

C. Shahbaz sharif

D. Jahangir Tareen

329 The name of the first ever container vessel that has arrived at Gwadar port under the CPEC is ______?

A. MS tiger

B. JS tiger

C. LM sultan

D. MS sultan

330 Which Pakistani leader has hosted a very simple walima ceremony for son at the PM house?

A. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

B. Murtaza javed abbasi

C. Asmat anwar

D. Babar nawaz khan

331 Pakistan has signed MOU with which country, seeking to promote the employment of its citizens in the east Asian country?

A. South Korea

B. Saudi Arabia

C. China

D. North Korea

332 As per Pakistan army spokesperson, Pakistan will host a dinner on it’s 78th Pakistan day, in which guests invited are ____?

A. International celebrities

B. National celebrities

C. Upper house members

D. Lower house members

333 The prime accused Arif in Mashal’s murder case has been arrested, he(accused) was serving as the tehsil Councillor of which political party?





334 British high commission has announced a scholarship to pay tribute to which famous personality?

A. Asma Jahangir

B. Abdul Sattar Edhi

C. Sridevi

D. Mohan Kumar

335 Who has approved banning the sale of loose cigarettes across the country?

A. Federal cabinet



D. President

336 Who has made declaration of faith as compulsory before seeking public office in Pakistan?

A. Supreme court


C. President


337 Which of the following women participated in all three Round table Conferences?

A. Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz

B. Begum Salma Tasaduq Hussain

C. Begum Shaista Ikramullah

D. Begum qazi Esa

338 Famed chef, cooking expert, and television personality Zubaida Aapa passed away on___________?

A. 2 Jan 2018

B. 3 Jan 2018

C. 4 Jan 2018

D. 5 Jan 2018

339 Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zahi resigned from CM office on__________________?

A. 8-Jan-2018

B. 9-Jan-2018

C. 10-Jan-2018

D. 11-Jan-2018

340 Under which Article of Constitution Nawab Sanaullah Zahri resigned from CM office?

A. Article 127(3)

B. Article 128(5)

C. Article 129(2)

D. Article 130(8)

341 Nawab Sanaullah Zehri was the____________chief minister of Balochistan?

A. 12th

B. 13th

C. 14th

D. 15th

342 Former President Iskander Mirza was buried in_________?

A. Pakistan

B. Iran

C. Saudi Arabia

D. Afghanistan

343 PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is MNA from___________?

A. Islamabad

B. Multan

C. Murree

D. Lahore

344 What was the Real name of Viqar-ul-Mulk?

A. Mushtaq Hussain Zuberi

B. Munir Nawaz Jang

C. Nisar Ali

D. None of these

345 Which one of the following is the Largest Division of Pakistan?

A. Bahawalpur Division

B. Malakand Division

C. Lahore Division

D. Kalat Division

346 Who has been appointed a new Finance Adviser to the PM on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs?

A. Ishaq Dar

B. Miftah Ismail

C. Sajid Naqve

D. Bilal haider

347 How Mughal Emperor Hamayun died?

A. Excessive alcohol drinking

B. Cholera

C. Battlefield

D. Fall from library stairs

348 Who is the Current Secretary Commerce, Government of Pakistan ?

A. Sharukh Saleem

B. Younus Dagha

C. Rizwan Ahmed

D. Naseem Zaidi

350 In the 3rd edition 2018 of Pakistan super league (PSL), How many maximum number of players a team can select?

A. 16

B. 22

C. 20

D. 21