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Top 500+ New Pakistan Study MCQs with Answers | Download PDF

351 The first currency note issued by the State Bank of Pakistan was in the denomination of:

A. Rs.1

B. Rs.2

C. Rs.5

D. Rs.10

352 The first currency note of SBP was issued on___________?

A. January 1, 1949

B. March 1, 1949

C. June 10, 1949

D. July 1, 1949

353 During the period of One unit who was the first governor of West Pakistan?

A. Ameer Muhammad khan

B. Muhammad sharif khan

C. Akhtar Hussain

D. Mushtaq Ahmad Gormani

354 Which one of these architects designed the Quaid-e-Azam tomb?

A. Yahya Merchant

B. Ahmed Saeed

C. Abdur Rab Nishtar

D. Ahmad Hasan Dani

355 Benazir Bhutto was the __________ ever female Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. First

B. Fourth

C. Third

D. Second

356 Benazir Bhutto was born on_______________?

A. 21 June 1953

B. 27 December 1960

C. 22 June 1958

D. 21 July 1952

357 Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on_______________?

A. 15 June 2008

B. 21 October 2007

C. 19 January 2008

D. 27 December 2007

358 Where did Benazir Bhutto die?

A. Karachi

B. Lahore

C. Rawalpindi

D. London

359 Benazir Bhutto first sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on______________?

A. 19 November 1989

B. 27 December 1988

C. 2 December 1988

D. 2 December 1989

360 Benazir Bhutto was married to______?

A. Imran Khan

B. Nawaz Sharif

C. Asif Ali Zardri

D. Shah Mehmood Qureshi

361 National Animal of Pakistan is____________?

A. Rabbit

B. Deer

C. Tiger

D. Markhor

362 Where is Minar-e-Pakistan situated?

A. Peshawar

B. Karachi

C. Islamabad

D. Lahore

363 Which Cricket World Cup Pakistan have won?

A. 1990

B. 1992

C. 1993

D. 1994

364 Islamia College Peshawar was founded in_____________?

A. 1901

B. 1905

C. 1909

D. 1913

365 Where all rivers of Punjab enter into Indus?

A. Rasol Pur

B. Panjnad

C. Kot mitthan

D. Khanki Headworks

366 How many rivers flow in Balochistan Province?

A. Six

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Nine

367 How many rivers flow in Sindh Province?

A. Four

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Nine

368 Indus River is also known as?

A. Abaseen River

B. Attock River

C. Skardu River

D. All of above

369 Where Jhelum and Chenab rivers meet?

A. Rasol Pur

B. Panjnad

C. Trimmu

D. Khanki Headworks

370 How many rivers are present in Pakistan?

A. 20

B. 22

C. 23

D. 24

371 How many rivers flow in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province?

A. Six

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Nine

372 How many rivers flow in Punjab Province?

A. Six

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Five

373 Which is the smallest river of Pakistan?

A. Indus

B. Ravi

C. Chenab

D. Sutlej

374 Name the longest river of Pakistan?

A. Indus

B. Kabul

C. Chenab

D. Sutlej

375 In which year Pakistan won the cricket world cup?

A. 1887

B. 1992

C. 1999

D. 2004

376 The kabul river merges into?

A. Indus River

B. Jhelum River

C. Kaghan River

D. Kuram River

377 What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?

A. Representative Act

B. Pakistan Act

C. Independence Act

D. Objective Resolution

378 Question. Name the Pakistani Woman honoured with IBM’s highest prestigious award ” Beat of IBM 2019 ?

  1. Noreen Akbar
  2. Fatima Kanwal
  3. Eisha Khan
  4. Asma Zaheer

379 Obama was awarded with Noble Prize for peace in ________ ?

A. 2009

B. 2010

C. 2011

D. 2012

380 “Plague” is a disease which spreads by ______ ?

A. Rat

B. Cat

C. Bat

 D. parasitic insect

381 8th amendment in the constitution has titled the balance of power in favour of ________?

A. Prime Minister

B. President

C. Senator

D. None of These

382 Name the highest Battlefield in the world?

A. Jafana

B. Tibet

C. The Siachen Glacier

D. None of these

383 How many planets in Solar System?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 8

384 Which planet is called “Lopsided planet” ?

A. Mercury

B. Venus

C. Uranus

D. Saturn

385 In which state of Myanmar Rohingya Muslims were killed by Buddhists ?

A. Kayin state

B. Rakhine state

C. Chin state

D. None of These

386 Cyril Radcliff was a ________ by profession?

A. Doctor

B. Engineer

C. Writer

D. Lawyer

387 What is the major object of Pakistan’s foreign policy?

A. Peace in country

B. Trade with Muslim countries

C. Integrity of country

D. Friendly relations with other countries

388 What is the largest-import item of Pakistan?

A. Palm oil

B. Gas

C. Ferrous waste

D. Petroleum

389 Which civilization is considered to be the oldest civilization of the world?

A. Phrygia civilization

B. Sumerian civilization

C. Elam civilization

D. Urartu civilization

390 Submitted by: Babar Ali Kunbhar

Largest producer of onions is _____________?

A. Russia


C. China

D. India

391 Recently 11th IEA-IEF-OPEC symposium on energy outlooks held virtually from which country?

A. Egypt

B. Singapore

C. United Arab Emirates

D. Saudi Arabia

392 Which country has decided to register Himalayan Pink Salt as Geographical Indications (GI)?

A. Pakistan

B. India

C. China

D. Nepal

393 Who becomes first Asian and Pakistani to climb Africa’s highest peak (Kilimanjaro) in less than 24 hours?

A. Nazir Sabir

B. Ashraf Aman

C. Asad Ali Memon

D. None of these

394 30th Adriatic Pearl Tournament is held in which country?

A. Italy

B. Montenegro

C. Bulgaria

D. Albania

395 Qatar & _______ officials hold first meeting since Gulf detente in Kuwait to follow up on AlUla Declaration on 22nd Feb 2021:

A. Egypt

B. Bahrain


D. Saudi Arabia

396 Ms. Kim Campbell was the first woman prime minister of___________?

A. France

B. Germany

C. Canada

D. None of these

397 National Security Council established the National Command Authority on_____________?

A. February, 2000

B. March, 2000

C. Sept, 2000

D. None of these

398 Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan

B. Quaid-e-Azam

C. Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din

D. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

399 After how many years Pakistan got its first constitution?

A. 5 years

B. 7 years

C. 9 years

D. 11 years

400 What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?

A. Representative Act

B. Pakistan Act

C. Independence Act

D. Objective Resolution