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201      The initial velocity of a body moving along a straight line in 7 m/s. It has a uniform acceleration of 4 m/s2. The distance covered by the body in the 5th second of its motion is

A.        20 m   

B.         25 m

C.         30 m   

D.        35 m                           

202      A person purchased a book for Rs 500 and sold it for Rs 700.Calculate profit %?

A.        26%    

B.         33%

C.        40%   

D.        52%                

203      A rectangular field which is 10 times as long as its breadth has an area of 75690 sq. m. What is its perimeter?

(A)       1912 m                       

(B)       1913 m

(C)       1914 m                       

(D)       1915 m                                   

204      A chemical solution contains 8% of aci

D. If there is 15ml of acid, what is the volume of the Solution?

(A)       125.5 mL        

(B)       187.5 mL

(C)       225.5 mL        

(D)       171.5 mL                                

205      A village has 5860 voters, of whom 7% usually forget         to vote. In order to win an election, a candidate must gain at least 50% of the remaining votes. How many votes does he need in order to win?                   

(A)       2725   

(B)       410

(C)       5450   

(D)       None of these                         

206      Change  to a decimal.

A.        0.0073

B.         0.0074

C.        0.0075

D.        0.0076                        

207      How much pure water should be added to 1 Litre of 80% cleaning solution to dilute it to 25% cleaning solution?

A.        1.1 Litre          

B.         2.2 Litre

C.         3.3 Litre          

D.        4.4 Litre

208      Given that: 5,100 = 300(2v + 7), then find value of v?

A.        5         

B.         50

C.         500     

D.        5000   

209      21 goats eat as much as 15 cows. How many goats eat as much as 35 cows?

A.        41       

B.         49

C.         36       

D.        32       

210      An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmph in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1 hours, it must travel at a speed of:

A.        300 kmph       

B.         360 kmph

C.         600 kmph       

D.        720 kmph       

211      Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 kmph and including stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

A.        10 minutes      

B.         20 minutes

C.         30 minutes      

D.        40 minutes

212      Sum of Three consecutive even numbers is 42.  What is the middle number?

A.        12       

B.         14

C.         16       

D.        18

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213      A photoelectric cell converts

A.        Light energy to elastic energy 

B.         Light energy to electrical energy

C.         Light energy to light energy    

D.        Electrical energy to light energy

214      Steel is preferred for making springs over copper. Why?

A.        Young’s modulus of Steel is more than that of Copper        

B.         Steel is cheaper

C.         Young’s modulus of Copper is more than that of Steel                      

D.        Steel is less likely to be oxidized

215      Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5: 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11: 9 respectively. What is Anand’s present age in years?

A.        20 years          

B.         22 years

C.        24 years         

D.        26 years

216      Amjad and Ahmad kept 24 balls.Amjad kept 3 times more than Ahma

D.How much Ahmad kept?

A.        3         

B.         6

C.         8         

D.        9

217      A 700 metre train passes an electric pole in 40 seconds. Calculate speed of the train?

A.        16 KPH                       

B.         26 KPH

C.        36 KPH                      

D.        46 KPH

218      A thief steals a car at 1 PM and drives it at 45 KPH. The theft is discovered at 2 PM and the owner sets off in another car at 54 KPH, when will he overtake the thief?

A.        4 PM   

B.         5 PM

C.         6 PM   

D.        7 PM

219        If a car moves at rate of 54 Km per hour, what is its speed in metres per second?

A.        15 mps            

B.         18 mps

C.         21 mps            

D.        24 mps                        

220      A flagstaff 17.5 m high casts a shadow of length 40.25 m. What will be the height of a building, which casts a shadow of length 28.75 m under similar conditions?

A.        14                   

B.         12

C.         10.5 m            

D.        12.5 m

221      Running at the same constant rate, 6 identical machines can produce a total of 270 bottles per minute. At this rate, how many bottles could 10 such machines produce in 4 minutes?

A.        2700               

B.         2500

C.         1800               

D.        900

222      A person works on a project and completes 5/8 of the job in 10 days. At this rate, how many more days will he it take to finish the job?

A.        7         

B.         4

C.        6         

D.        5                    

223      If the price of 357 apples is Rs.1517.25, what will be the approximate price of 49 dozens of such apples?

A.        Rs. 2200         

B.         Rs. 2500

C.         Rs. 1400         

D.        Rs. 2300

224      On a scale of a map 0.6 cm represents 6.6km. If the distance between two points on the map is 80.5 cm, what is the actual distance between these points?

A.        885.5 km        

B.         892.5 km

C.         860 km                       

D.        825 km

225      A fort had provision of food for 150 men for 45 days. After 10 days, 25 men left the fort. Find out the number of days for which the remaining food will last.

A.        44       

B.         38

C.        42       

D.        40

226      A rope can make 70 rounds of the circumference of a cylinder whose radius of the base is 14cm. how many times can it go round a cylinder having radius 20 cm?

A.        54 rounds       

B.         42 rounds

C.        49 rounds       

D.        52 rounds

227      8 persons can build a wall 140m long in 42 days. In how many days can 30 persons complete a similar wall 100 m long?

A.        10       

B.         8

C.         6         

D.        12

228      Solve 1250÷25×0.5 = ?

A.        18       

B.         25

C.         31       

D.        47

229      The area of the circle is 16? The length of the diameter of the circle is

A.        8         

B.         5

C.         1         

D.        7

230      The average (arithmetic mean) of 8a + 5, -3a, 9, 0 and 7a – 2?

A.        3a + 1 

B.         3a + 3

C.         4a + 1 

D.        12a + 12

231      Complete the following series.           115 55 170 65 235?

(A)       65       

(B)       75

(C)       85       

(D)       95

232      Complete the following series.           66 63 57 45?

(A)       21       

(B)       31

(C)       41       

(D)       51

233      Complete the following series.           2, 6,14,30,62?

(A)       122     

(B)       124

(C)       126     

(D)       128

234      A certain number of persons can finish a piece of work in 100 days. If there were 10 persons less, it would take 10 more days finish the work. How many persons were there originally?

A.        120     

B.         100

C.        110     

D.        90                               

235      9 examiners can examine a certain number of answer books in 12 days by working 5 hours a day. How many hours in a day should 4 examiners work to examine twice the number of answer books in 30 days?

A.        9                     

B.         11

C.         12                   

D.        10

236      9 engines consume 24 metric tonnes of coal, when each is working 8 hours day. How much coal is required for 8 engines, each running 13 hours a day, if 3 engines of former type consume as much as 4 engines of latter type?

A.        24 ton             

B.         20 ton

C.         22 ton             

D.        26 ton

237      A garrison had provisions for a certain number of days. After 10 days, 1/5 of the men desert and it is found that the provisions will now last just as long as before. How long was that?

A.        30 days                       

B. 50 days

C.         60 days                       

D. 40 days

238      Find the smallest number of five digits exactly divisible by 16, 24,36 and 54.

A.        10268 

B.         10368

C.         10468 

D.        10568

239      If a cash deposit account is opened with $7500 for a three year period at 3.5% interest compounded once annually, which of the following is closest to the positive difference between the interest accrued in the third year and the interest accrued in the second year?

A.        $9.51  

B.         $11.41

C.         $81.41

D.        $281.2

240      Quantitative Comparison:

Quantity A: x3            Quantity B: x2

A.        Quantity A is greater.              

B.         Quantity B is greater.

C.         The two quantities are equal   

D.        Cannot be determined from the information given

241      If x7y8z10<0, then which of the following must also be true?

A.        x<0                 

B.         y<0

C.         zx>0               

D.        yz<0

242      A garrison of 500 persons had provisions for 27 days. After 3 days a reinforcement of 300 persons arrive

D. For how many more days will the remaining food last now?

A.        14 days                       

B. 15 days

C.         16 days                       

D. 12 days

243      A watch which gains uniformly is 2 minutes low at noon on Monday and is 4 min. 48 sec fast at 2 p.m. on the following Monday. When was it correct?

A.        2 p.m. on Tuesday      

B.         2 p.m. on Wednesday

C.         3 p.m. on Thursday    

D.        1 p.m. on Friday

244      A hostel had provisions for 250 men for 40 days. If 50 men left the hostel, how long will the food last at the same rate?

A.        45 days                       

B.         48 days

C.        50 days                       

D.        60 days

245      Sister of my brother’s son is my:

A.        Niece  

B.         Daughter

C.         Sister   

D.        Mother

246      Electricity poles are at a distance 50 metres apart. A railway passenger counts the pole on the rail road as he passes them. How many will he have passed by a train in 4 hours if the speed of the train is 45 KPH ?

A.        1600   

B.         2600

C.        3600   

D.        4600

247      Two consecutive positive multiples of three have a product of 504.  What is the sum of the two numbers?

A.        40       

B.         45

C.         50       

D.        55                               

248      A cyclist travels for 10 hour, the first half at 21 KPH and the rest at 24 KPH. Find the distance travelled?

A.        124 Km                      

B.         224 Km

C.         324 Km                      

D.        424 Km                      

249      A garden has only equal number of roses and tulips. Two flowers are selected randomly.

Quantity AQuantity B
Twice the probability that both the flowers selected are rosesProbability that one of the flowers selected is rose and the other is tulip

A.        Quantity A is greater   

B.         Quantity B is greater

C.         Both A & B are equal 

D.        Relationship cannot be determined from the information       

250      What is 10% of 30% of 40%?                      

(A)       0.12%

(B)       0.012%

(C)       12%    

(D)       1.2%

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