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1. The first President of Pakistan was 

(A) Ayub Khan

(B) Iskandar Mirza 

(C) Z. A Bhutto

(D) Nur-ul-Amin

2. Tarbela Dam is located on river 

(A) Chenab 

(B) Jhelum

(C) Indus 

(D) Ravi

3. The new Chief Minister of KP is 

(A) Mehtab Abbasi

(B) Aswind Yar Wali

(C) Sabir Shah

(D) Ameer Haider Khan Hoti

 4. Out of the following literary figures who represented Pakistan in UNO?

(A) Patras Bukhari

(B) Faiz Ahamed Faiz

(C) Mustafa Zaid 

(D) Qudrat Ullah Shahab

5. Durand Line is the boundary between 

(A) Pakistan and India

(B) India and China

(C) Iran and Pakistan

(D) Pakistan and Afghanistan

6. How many Round Table Conferences were held in London to decide Sub-Continents future? (A) One 


(C) Three 

(D) Four

7. Friends not Masters is a book written(authored) by 

(A) Z. A Bhutto

(B) Hussain Shaheed Suherwal

(C) Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

(D) Ayub Khan

8. 28th May is celebrated as Yaum-e-Takbeer because of 

(A) Kargil Contict

(B) Ojhri Camp incident

(C) Nuclear tests 

(D) Eruption of Kashmir uprising

9. The first Constitution of Pakistan was promulgated(announced)

(A) 1958 

(B) 1962

(C) 1956 

(D) 1969

10. Diamir Bhasha dam is being constructed(formed) in 

(A) Kashmir

(B) Swat

(C) Chitral 

(D) Gilgit

11. Indus Bhasin water Treaty was signed by the government of 

(A) Z. A Bhutto

(B) Ayub Khan

(C) Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 

(D) Zia ul Haq

12. The least popuated province of Pakistan is: 

(A) Baluchistan

(B) Punjab

(C) KPK 

(D) Sindh

13. The Basic democracy system was introduce 

(A) ZA Bhutto

(B) Zia-ul-Haq 

(C) Parvaiz Musharaf

(D) Ayub khan

14. When the Objective Resolution was passed

(A) 1947 

(B) 1949

(C) 1951 

(D) 1956

15. The revelation of Holy Quran was completed 

(A) 20 years

(B) 23 years 

(C) 25 years

(D) 27 years

16. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died in 

(A) 570 A.D 

(B) 610 A.D

(C) 252 A.D 

(D) 632 A.D

17. Which Abbasid Caliph laid the foundation of Baghdad?

(A) Abbas al Safah

(B) Harun-ur-Rashald 

(C) Mamun-ur-Rashid

(D) None of them

18. Spirit of Islam written by 

(A) Shibli Naumani

(B) Altaf Hussain Hali

(C) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 

(D) Syed Ameer All

19. The capital of Ottomans was 

(A) Damascus

(B) Baghdad 

(c) Constantinople

(D) Cairo

20. The third pious caliph Hazrat Usman belonged to which tribe

(A) Banu Hashim

(B) Banu Ummeya 

(C) Banu Addi

(D) Bano Tyam

21. Egypt was conquered by Muslim under the command

(A) Hazrat saad bin abi Waqas

(B) Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair

(C) Hazrat zaid bin Harris 

(D) Hazrat Umer bin Aas

22. Najashi was the king of 

(A) Yeman 

(B) Tunas

(C) Ethopia 

(D) Sudan 

23. Muhammad bin Qasim was closely related to

(A) Walid bin Abdul Malik 

(B) Musa bin Nausair 

(C) Abdul Mali bin Marvan 

(D) Hajjaj bin Yusaf 

24. There are how many paras in the Holy Quran 

(A) 20 

(B) 30

(C) 40 

(D) 50

25. Jabir-bin-Hayan was a great Muslim 

(A) Historian

(B) Chemist 

(C) Economist

(D) Psychologist

26. The first Muslim ruler in India was 

(A) Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

(B) Mahmud Ghazni

(c) Muhammad Gauri 

(D) Muhammad Bin Qasim

27. River Tigris is associated with? 

(A) Iran 

(B) Iraq 

(C) Jordan 

(D) Lebenon 

28. Usher means

(A) One-half 

(B) One-fifth

(C) One-tenth

(D) One twentieth

29. Kitab-ul-Hind was written by 

(A) Ibn-I-Sina

(B) Al-Farabi 

(C) Al-Razi

(D) Al-Beruni

30. Who was called the Sword of Allah? 

(A) Hazrat Ali Bin Abu Talib

(B) Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab

(C) Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid 

(D) Tariq-Bin-Zyyad

31. The novels of Naseem Hijazi are basically 

(A) Romantic

(B) Social

(c) Political

(D) Historic 

32. Alexander the Great was originally the ruler of

(A) Rome 

(B) Athens 

(C) Macedonia

(D) None of them 

33. Famous book ‘Leaders’ was written by 

(A) William Rogers 

(B) Ibrahim Lincoln 

(c) Jimmy Carter 

(D) Richard Nixon 

34. Theory of Evolution was presented by 

(A) Karl Marx 

(B) Sigmand Fried 

(C) Isac Newton

(D) Charles Darwin 

35. Legendary Character Sherlock Holmes was by

(A) lon flaming 

(B) William Shakespeare

(c) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 

(D) Agatha Christie 

36. Taliban’s office has been formally inaugurate at

(A) Dubai 

(B) Jeddah

(C) Kuwait 

(D) Doha 

37. President Barack Hussain Obama of the U.S. belongs to

(A) Democratic Party

(B) Freedom Party

(C) Republican

(D) Reformist Party

38. The rate of GST in Pakistan now stands at

(A) 15% 

(B) 16%

(C) 17% 

(D) 18%

39. In the Federal Cabinet who holds the portfolio of defense

(A) Sarta. Aziz

(B) Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

(C) Lt. Gen (Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch

(D) Pervaiz Khattak

40. Who is the newly-elected President of Iran?

(A) Mehdi Bazargan

(B) Syed Ali Khaminai

(C) Hasan Rohani

(D) Ali Rafsanjani

41. Al-Takseem square is situated in

(A) Cairo 

(B) Istanbul

(c) Damascus

(D) Rabbat

42. ICC-Champions trophy-2017 has been played in:

(A) South Africa

(B) England

(C) India 

(D) Australia 

43. Titanic was the name of a.

(A) Ship 

(B) Spaces shuttle 

(C) Aero-plane

(D) Chopper

 44. Who was the president(head) during American Civil War?

(A) – Washington

(B) Ibrahim Lincoln 

(C) John Adams

(D) None of them

45. Zia imposed martial law on 

(A) 5 July 1977

(B) 4 July 1977 

(C) 3 July 1977

(D) 6 July 1977

46. Who was the greatest exponent of Pan Islamism in the 19th Century?

(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(B) Jamal-ud-din Afghani

(C) Syed Ameer Ali 

(D) Aruj-ul-Asad

47. The President of Syria is 

(A) Hafiz-il-Asad

(B) Bashir-ul-Asad 

(C) Amin-ul-Asad

(D) Auj-ul-Asad

48. Which American President out of following was assassinated? 

(A) Richard Nixon

(B) Renald peagon 

(C) J.F Kennedy

(D) L.B. Thonson

49. Aswan Dam is situated in: 

(A) Sudan 

(B) Yemen

(C) Egypt 

(D) Morocco

50. Statue of Liberty was gifted to U.S by 

(A) France 

(B) England

(C) Germany

(D) Italy

51. Prague is the capital of 

(A) Poland 

(B) Hungry

(c) Czech Republic

(D) None of these

52. The first general elections in Pakistan were held in:

(A) 1985 

(B) 1970

(C) 1977 

(D) 1962

53. Which Islamic Country is comprised of 2500 Islands?

(A) Malaysia

(B) Egypt

(c) Jordan 

(D) Indonesia

54. Napoleon Bona Parte was defeated in the Battle of.

(A) Waterloo

(B) Buxur 

(C) Pyamids

(D) Palassy

55. The Prime Minister of England is: 

(A) Theresa May

(B) John major 

(C) Tony Blair de

(D) Adwards Health

56. Who complied Granth Sahib the sacred book of Sikh’s?

(A) Guru Gobind Singh

(B) Guru Nanak Dev

(C) Guru Arjun Dev 

(D) None of them

57. Mother Teresa was renowned 

(A) Movie Character

(B) Social Worker

(C) Novel Writer

(D) Political Leader 

58. Which out of the following renowned Kings was assassinated?

(A) Julius Caesar

(B) Alexandra the Great

(C) Louis-14th 

(D) Napoleon Bonaparte

59. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is basically of

(A) A scientist

(B) A historian 

(C) A psychologist


60. Before Delhi which city was the capital of British India?

(A) Bombay 

(B) Madras

(c) Luchnow

(D) Calcutta

61. Taurat (The Old Testament) was revealed upon

(A) Hazrat Musa

(B) Hazrat Dawood 

(c) Hazrat Isa

(D) Hazrat Ismael

62. The founder of Indian National Congress was 

(A) AO Hume

(B) S.N Baner Jea

(c) Dadbhai Naoroji 

(D) Badruddin Tayabji

63. Naqash-i-Faryadi is the first poetic collection 

(A) Nasir Kazhmi

(B) Faiz Ahmed Faiz

(C) Ahmed Faraz 

(D) Habib Jalib

64. “Yen’ is the currency of 

(A) Japan 

(B) China

(C) Nepal 

(D) Thailand

65. Pelle was one of the greatest players of 

(A) Cricket 

(B) Hockey

(C) Football

(D) Squash

66. Netherlands is the new name of 

(A) England

(B) Holland 

(C) New Zealand

(D) Falkland

67. The Roman numeral “XV means 

(A) 11 

(B) 15

(C) 12 

(D) 25

68. ‘Confucius’ was the ancient philosophy of 

(A) Egypt 

(B) Persia

(C) Greece 

(D) China

69. The Head Quarters of UNO is located in 

(A) London 

(B) Paris

(C) Brussuls

(D) New York

70. Mohenjo-Daro is located in: 

(A) Azad Kashmir

(B) Balochistan

(C) Sindh 

(D) KP

71. The ‘Laws of Motion’ were discovered by 

(A) Edison 

(B) Newton

(C) Galileo 

(D) Graham Bell

72. How many planets are in the Solar System?

(A) 6 

(B) 8 

(C) 10 

(D) 12 

73. “Dermatology” is the science dealing with: 

(A) Skin 

(B) Liver 

(C) Kidney

(D) Lungs 

74. “Law of Gravity” was propounded by 

(A) Isaac Newton 

(B) Thomas Edison 

(C) Alexander Fleming 

(D) Gulielmo Marconi 

75. The first man who landed on the moon was

(A) L.B. Johnson

(B) William Rogers 

(C) Neil Armstrong

(D) Martin Luther King

76. Who developed computer operating system “Windows”? 

(A) Steve Jobs

(B) Bill Gates 

(c) Warren Buffet

(D) Carlos Slim

77. ‘Solar Eclipse’ occurs when the 

(A) Moon lies between earth and sun 

(B) Earth lies between sun and moon

(C) Sun lies between earth and moon 

(D) None of these 

78. The rain fall is measured by 

(A) Rain Checker

(B) Rain measures 

(C) Rain gauge

(D) Rain rod

79. “Bronchitis” is a disease related to 

(A) Stomach

(B) Respiratory tract

(C) Nervous system

(D) Brain 

80. “Deficit Financing” means 

(A) Increasing volume of exports

(B) Printing more currency

(C) Enhancing forex reserves

(D) Advancing more loans 

81. A short-sighted person is 

(A) Myopia 

(B) Maladroit

(C) Dogmatic

(D) None of them

82. A person who is made to bear the misdeeds of another is called a

(A) Scapegoat

(B) Culprit

(C) Victim 

(D) Criminal 

83. To turn on one’s heel is to turn around:

(A) Carefully

(B) Sharply

(C) Hesitantly

(D) Quickly 

84. To be at arm’s length means at a: 

(A) Disadvantage

(B) Corner

(C) Time 

(D) Distance 

85. After doing it daily, the task soon became a leisurely:

(A) Routine 

(B) Task

(C) Program

(D) Work 

In each of the following choose the word which best completes the given sentences 

86. When she saw the thief, she rushed to her room and ___the door 

(A) Covered

(B) Closed

(C) Hit 

(D) Bolted

87. Water is ____for life

(A) Inevitable

(B) Indispensable

(C) Required

(D) Needed

88. Many factors are ___for the occurrence

(A) Answerable

(B) Responsible

(C) Appropriate

(D) Accountable

89. He refused to join the army because it was against his___

(A) Beliefs 

(B) Convictions

(C) Convention

(D) Creed

90. Some of the villagers believe in the ___of ghosts

(A) Emergence

(B) Reality

(C) Existence

(D) Being

91. Which of the following ratios is the largest(biggest)?

(A) 21:29 

(B) 17:25

(C) 14: 23 

(D) 7: 15

92. 0.8 expressed as a fraction is 

(A) 8/10

(B) 88/100

(C) 8/100

(D) 88/99

93. 0.7683 +0.369 +0.05+ 0 8 =? 

(A) 0.8065 

(B) 1.9873

(c) 0.8110 

(D) None of these

94. 3.1469 + 6.837 +? = 15 

(A) 24.9839 

(B) 5.7634

(C) 5.0161 

(D) None of them

95. A boy earns Rs. 20.56 on Monday. Rs. 32.90 on Tuesday. Rs. 20.78 on Wednesday He spends half of all that the earned during the three days. How much has he left?

(A) Rs 35.00

(B) Rs 36.15 

(C) Rs 37.12

(D) Rs 37. 50

96. 9999 + 8888 + 777 +? = 19700 

(A) 36 

(B) 16

(C) 64 

(D) 26

97. How many number up to 100 are divisible by 7?

(A) 14 

(B) 107

(C) 93 

(D) 100

98. 10 x 250 =? 

(A) 46.95 

(B) 43.75

(C) 60.00

(D) 50.25 

99. A boy saves Rs. 4.56 the first month. Rs. 3.82 the second month and Rs 5.06 the third(3rd ) month. How much did he save altogether? 

(A) Rs 13.44 

(B) Rs 13.00

(c) Rs 12.50

(D) Rs 12.00

100. If 314 employees filed 6594 papers in 10 minutes what is the number filed per minute by on average employee? 

(A) 2.5 

(B) 2.1

(c) 2.4

(D) 2