PPSC 2021 Past Papers Paper 34 DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT JAIL 2013 | PPSC Past Papers 2021 pdf | PPSC MCQs 2021

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1.  Jails are in the Punjab province?

(A) 28 

(B) 30

(c) 32 

(D) 35

2.The only women jail is located(situated) in the city of

(A) Faisalabad

(B) Multan 

(c) Sahiwal

(D) Rawalpindi

3. How many, Borstal and Juvenile Jails(lockup) in the Punjab province are?

(A) One

(B) TWO 

(C) Three 

(D) Four

4. How many Central Jails(lockup) are in the Punjab province?

(A) Six 

(B) Seven

(C) Eight 

(D) Nine

5.  District Jails are in the Punjab province how many?

(A) 12

(B) 15

(c) 19

(D) 22

6. How many Central Jails are considered(judged), higher security prisons in Punjab?

(A) One 

(B) Two

(C) Three 

(D) Four

7. In which  cities a higher security prison is located?

(A) Attock 

(B) Gujranwala

(c) Bhakkar

(D) Multan

8. The only Jail(lockup) in Punjab where public call office (PCO) has been installed(set up) for prisoners to have contact with their families is situated(located) at? 

(A) Lahore 

(B) Gujranwala

(C) Multan 

(D) None of these

9. How many Jails has been constructed in Punjab so far, after Independence on August 14, 1947?

(A) 13 

(B) 15

(c) 16 

(D) 19

10. The only two ‘Borstal and Juvenile” Jails(lockup) of Punjab province are located(situated) in the cities of:

(A) Bahawalpur and Faisalabad

(B) Multan and Rawalpindi

(C) Gujranwala and Sahiwal 

(D) None of these

11. Which district Jails has been declared model Jail In Punjab:

(A) District Jail Vehari

(B) District Jall Sialkot

(C) District Jail Attock 

(D) None of these

12. Ghazi llam Din Shaheed was hanged in the Central Jail of:

(A) Lahore 

(B) Gujranwala

(C) Sargodha

(D) Mianwali

13. The largest(biggest) jail by area in Punjab is the Central Jail in :

(A) Dera Ghazi Khan

(B) Sahlwal

(C) Multan 

(D) Bahawalpur

14. The oldest(first born) Jail in Punjab Is the Central Jail: 

(A) Gujranwala

(B) Faisalabad 

(C) Lahore

(D) Mianwali

15. Where is the  largest Jail in Punjab by inmates the Central Jail:

(A) Rawalpindi

(B) Multan 

(C) Gujranwala

(D) None of these

16. In 2007. The Government of Punjab constructed(build) a new jail in the district of:

(A) Toba Tek Singh

(B) Jhelum 

(C) Chakwal

(D) None of these

17. The Government of Punjab constructed(formed) a new Jail in the district of——-in 2006:

(A) Vehari 

(B) Gujrat

(C) Khushab

(D) Layyah

18. Administration(management) of Prisons is the provincial subject and came under the administrative control of:

(A) Services and General Administration S&GAD

(B) Police Department

(c) Home Department 

(D) Social Welfare Department

19. “Adiala” Jail is located in: 

(A) Lahore 

(B) Karachi

(c) Rawalpindi

(D) Attock

20. Which Jails was constructed(build) in 1854:

(A) Central Jail Lahore

(B) Central Jail Multan

(c) Central Jail Gujranwala 

(D) None of these

21. The sanctioned amount of meal for a prisoner…..rupees. 

(A) Rs. 50 

(B) Rs.70

(C) Rs. 90 

(D) None of these

22. Juvenile prisoner is who has not attained(get) the age of ——years

(A) 14 Years

(B) 16 Years 

(c) 18 Years

(D) 19 Years

23. Who is Inspector General Prisons at present? 

(A) Mian Farooq Nazir

(B) Kokab Nadeem Warraich

(c) Khawaja Khalid Farooq 

(D) None of these

24. Who is provincial Minister Prisons? 

(A) Mr. Ch. Abdul Waheed

(B) Mr. Raja Ashfaq Sarwar

(C) Haroon Sultan 

(D) Khalil Tahir Sindhu

25. Guantanamo Bay prison is located near? 

(A) Mexico 

(B) Cuba

(C) France 

(D) Nigeria

26. Who was 1st  Inspector General Prison Punjab after independence(freedom) on 14″ August 1947?

(A) Lt. Col. G.K. Khan

(B) Lt. Col. H.H Mehmood

(C) Lt. Col B.H. Syed

(D) Sheikh Ikram Ali 

27.In  which year Prisons department in Punjab was established? 

(A) 1854 

(B) 1860

(C) 1864 

(D) 1888

28. Name the first Inspector General Prisons Punjab after the establishment of this department?

(A) Dr. A. M. Dalla

(B) Dr. C. Hathaway 

(c) Brig. R. Grey

(D) Lt. Col. McNamara

29. Since 1947, how many female condemned prisoners hanged to death ?

(A) Six 

(B) Eight

(C) Ten 

(D) Eleven

30. Which of the following  region of Punjab have largest number of prisons?

(A) Lahore 

(B) Multan

(C) Rawalpindi

(D) Faisalabad

31. What fraction(part) of an hour is a second? 

(A) 1/24 

(B) 1/60

(c) 1/120 

(D) 1/3600

32. If one-Third of a tank holds 80 liters of water then the quantity(amount) of water that half of the tank hold is——–liters :

(A) 100 liters

(B) 120 liters 

(C) 130 liters

(D) 140 liters

33. A train moves(pulls) with a speed of 108 km/h. Its speed(rapidity) in meters per second is:

(A) 30 

(B) 33

(C) 35 

(D) 40

34. A speed of 14 meters per second is the same as:

(A) 45.5 km/h

(B) 50.4 km/h 

(c) 52.5 km/h

(D) 55 km/h

35. Ali’s age after 15 years will be 5 times his age 5 years back. What is the present age% of Ali?

(A) 10 years 

(B) 12 years

(C) 15 years 

(D) 20 years

36. If 15 toys cost(amount) Rs 234 what do 35 toys cost(price)? 

(A) Rs 546 

(B) Rs 555

(C) Rs 560 

(D) Rs 572

37. If a quarter kg of potatoes cost 60 paisa, how many paisa will 200 gm cost(charges)?

(A) 48 

(B) 52

(C) 56 

(D) 72

38. In a dairy farm(ranch) 40 cows eat 40 bags of husk in 40 days in how many days one cow will eat one bag of husk?

(A) 30 

(B) 35

(C) 38 

(D) 40

39. In a 100 m race. A covers the distance(remoteness) in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this race A beats(smashes) B by: 

(A) 20 m 

(B) 24 m

(C) 28 m 

(D) 30 m

40. 1/0.04 is equal to: 

(A) 1/40 

(c) 2.5

(B) 2/5

(D) 25 

41. Evaluate 0.002 x 0.5=? 

(A) 0.0101 

(B) 0.001

(C) 0.01 

(D) 0.1

42. In a simultaneous throw(drop) of two coins the probability of getting at least one head is:

(A) 1/2 

(B) 1/3

(C) 2/3 

(D) ¾

43. What is the total number of students present(appear) in a row, when Nyla stands ninth from both ends?

(A) 19 

(B) 18

(C) 17 

(D) 16

 44. How many pieces(parts) of 85 cm length(stretch) can be cut from a rod 42.5 meters long?

(A) 30 

(B) 40

(C) 50 

(D) 60

 45. The sum of two numbers is 25 and their difference(change) is 13. Find their product:

(A) 100 

(B) 114

(C) 119 

(D) 138

46. A housing society has been allotted(assigned) a piece of land measuring 2550.25 Sq m. What is the side of the plot?

(A) 50.25 m 

(B) 50.5 m

(C) 50.65 m 

(D) None of these

47. Income of a company(group) doubles after every one year. If the initial income was Rs. 4 lakhs what would be the income(money) after 5 years? 

(A) Rs 1.28 crores

(B) 2.25 crores 

(C) 3.25 crores

(D) 3.75 crores

48. The most abundant(plentiful) element in earth’s crust is:

(A) Silicon.

(B) Oxygen 

(C) Aluminum

(D) None of these

49. Who invented the paper? 

(A) Egyptians

(B) Spanish

(C) French 

(D) Chinese

50. India consists(contain) of how many states”? 

(A) 23

(B) 25 

(C) 28

(D) 29

51. The number(quantity) of bones in the human body are approximately(nearly):

(A) 210 

(B) 250

(C) 206 

(D) Not fixed

52. Which regiment of Pakistan Army has received(get) maximum number of “Nishan-e-Haider”: 

(A) Baloch regiment

(B) Punjab regiment 

(C) Sindh regiment

(D) Frontier Force regiment

53. Rickets is disease of: 

(A) Bones 

(B) Tissue

(C) Muscles

(D) Blood

54. Insulin was discovered(invent) by: 

(A) Alexander Fleming

(B) Edmond Fisher

(c) Dr. F.G. Banting 

(D) John Napier

55. Citrus fruits are considered(thought) rich in Vitamin: 

(A) Vitamin A 

(B) Vitamin D

(C) Vitamin E

(D) Vitamin C

56. Poor night vision is because of lack(shortage) of: 

(A) Vitamin A 

(B) Vitamin B

(c) Vitamin D

(D) Vitamin E

57. Which of the following is the lightest(weightless) gas? 

(A) Nitrogen 

(B) Hydrogen

(C) Ammonia

(D) Carbon dioxide

58. The shortest day is: 

(A) 25 December 

(B) 22 December

(C) 15 June 

(D) 22 June

59. In which province of the Pakistan there is no desert?

(A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Sindh 

(D) Punjab

60. The foreign phrase(word) De novo means: 

(A) New 

(B) On one side only

(C) Indefinitely

(D) None of these

61. International(abroad) Organization “Human Rights Watch’ is based(founded) in: 

(A) New York

(B) Geneva

(C) Paris 

(D) Rome

62. Scotland Yard’s headquarter(headoffice) is located(situated) in the city:

(A) London 

(B) New York

(C) Tokyo 

(D) Paris

63. Right to vote in elections is also termed(labelled) as: 

(A) Franchise

(B) Privilege 

(C) Initiative

(D) Consent

64. Which organ of the body purifies(cleans) the blood? 

(A) Liver 

(B) Kidneys

(C) Heart 

(D) Lungs 

65. Who first pioneered the idea(concept) of a blood bank? 

(A) Booker T, Washington

(B) George Washington Carver

(C) Jonas Salk 

(D) Charles Drew

66. Which is the oldest and only survived(lived) wonder?

(A) Pyramids of Egypt

(B) Hanging Garden of Babylon

(c) Pharaohs lighthouse 

(D) None of these 

67. Who was the President(leader) of USA at the time of creation of Pakistan?

(A) Franklin D. Roosevelt

(B) Henry Truman

(C) Abraham Lincoln 

(D) None of these

68. Who is the founder(creator) of Wikipedia? 

(A) Jimmy Wales

(B) Rowen Descartes 

(C) Bill Gates

(D) None of these

69. When first census was conducted(organized) in Pakistan?

(A) 1951 

(B) 1952

(C) 1953 

(D) 1954

70. The Muslim demand for Separate(discrete) Electorate presented(offered) by the Shimla Deputation 1906 was incorporated in the 

(A) Minto Morley Reforms

(B) Montague-Chelmsford Reforms

(c) Simon Commission Report 

(D) None of the above

71. Mopla Revolt took place(location) in the year. 

(A) 1919 

(B) 1921

(c) 1924 

(D) 1937

72. During the Pakistan Movement, Qazi Muhammad Issa rendered great services(facilities) for the Muslims of:

(A) Sindh 

(B) Bengal

(C) N.W.F.P 

(D) Baluchistan

73. The Round Table Conferences (1930 – 32) were convened(assembled)by the British Prime Minister:

(A) Clement R. Attlee

(B) James Ramsay McDonald

(c) Sir Winston Churchill 

(D) Neville Chamberlain

74. During the  time period Congress Rule 1937–39, “Vidya Mandar Educational Scheme was prepared(set) by – (A) M.K. Ghandi

(B) Abu-al-Kalam Azad

(C) Dr. Zakir Husain 

(D) Bankim Chatterjee

75. SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located(situated) at:

(A) New Delhi

(B) Colombo 

(C) Islamabad

(D) Dhaka

76. Antibiotic “Penicillin” was discovered in: 

(A) 1928 

(B) 1938

(C) 1945 

(D) 1950

77. “Fiber Optics’ was invented by: 

(A) George Claude

(B) Alfred Binet

(c) Narinder Singh Kapany 

(D) Benjamin Franklin

78. “Birr” is the currency of: 

(A) Ethiopia 

(B) Bosnia

(c) Zambia 

(D) Nigeria

79. The National Accountability Bureau Ordinance was promulgated(broadcast) in

(A) 1998 

(B) 1999

(c) 2000 

(D) 2002

80. The Science that deals with the Origin, Physical(bodily) and Cultural development of human being is called(known):

(A) Ethnography

(B) Ecology 

(c) Archaeology

(D) Anthropology

81. Which of the following items is a source(way) of Protein?

(A) Sugar 

(B) Butter

(C) Meat 

(D) All of the above

82. The headquarters of UN World Food Program is situated(located) at:

(A) Rome 

(B) Paris

(C) Nairobi 

(D) New York

83. At 12 O’Clock noon(middy) Pakistan standard(usual) time, the time in London (U.K) shall be:

(A) 4.00 pm 

(B) 7.00 am

(C) 5.00 pm 

(D) 4.00 am

84. A computer’s memory is measured in bytes, the largest unit of memory(recall) is –

(A) Megabyte

(B) Kilobyte 

(C) Gigabyte

(D) Bit

85. The largest(biggest) gland in human body is: 

(A) Liver 

(B) Thyroid

(C) Pancreas

(D) Lachrymal

86. Choose(select) the correct(true)sentence – 

(A) The rainy season begins on July

(B) The rainy season begins at July

(C) The raining season begins in July. 

(D) The rainy season begins in July

87. Choose the synonym word of ‘BRAZEN: 

(A) Shameless

(B) Quick

(C) Modest 

(D) Rough

88. “Reuter” is the news agency of – 

(A) England

(B) United States

(C) Russia 

(D) France

89. “Yellow Sea’ is between: 

(A) China and South Korea

(B) Indonesia and Malaysia

(C) New Zealand and Australia 

(D) Japan and North Korea

90.  The highest aware(alert) of gallantry in the Police Service of Pakistan identify: –

(A) President’s Police Medal

(B) Pakistan Police Medal

(C) Quaid-i-Azam Police Medal 

(D) Medal of Gallantry

91. F.I.R. is an abbreviation of 

(A) First Inquiry Report 

(B) First Investigation Report

(C) First Information Report 

(D) First Incident Report

92. The art of writing in code words or cipher is called(named):

(A) Cryptography

(B) Epigraphy 

(c) Criminology

(D) Chronometry

93. “Horse Power’ is a standard unit of power(valu) equal to:

(A) 370 Watts

(B) 480 Watts 

(C) 656 Watts

(D) 746 Watts

94. The recipient of ‘Nishan-l-Haider Captain Karnal Sher Khan belonged to:

(A) Punjab regiment

(B) Frontier Force Regiment

(C) Sindh regiment 

(D) Northern Light Infantry

95. Who was the first Muslim Ruler(leader) of Indian sub continent: –

(A) Muhammad Bin Qasim

(B) MahmoodGhaznavi

(C) Muhammad Ghouri 

(D) Qutab-ud-Din Aibak

96. A man faces(looks) North and covers 7 kilometers, turns West and covers 2 kilometers then turns South and covers 4 kilometers and turns West again and covers 2 kilometers. How far is he from the starting(initiated) point: – –

(A) 3 kilometers

(B) 4 kilometers 

(C) 5 kilometers

(D) 7 kilometers

97. Identity the musician who composed(collect) the National Anthem of Pakistan: –

(A) Nisar Bazmi

(B) Khalil Ahmad 

(C) Suhail Rana

(D) Abdul Karim Chagla

98. A man pointing to a photograph said: “I have no brother or sister but that man’s father is my father’s son”. What relationship he has with the photograph?

(A) Father 

(B) Son

(c) Brother 

(D) None of the above

99.  “AKIN” word  is closest in meaning to 

(A) Helpful 

(B) Friendly

(C) Similar

(D) Pointed

100. “Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah – The Story of a Nation” is a biography of Quaid-i-Azam written by: (A) MAH. Isphahani

(B) G. Allana

(C) Khalid Bin Saeed

(D) Akbar S. Ahmad