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1. Which country has no railway? 

(A) UAE 

(B) Maldives

(c) Afghanistan

(D) Lebanon

2. 20 is 80% of which value? 

(A) 20 

(B) 22

(C) 24 

(D) 25

3. Which of the following was the first newspaper of the world?

(A) The Peking News

(B) Al Ahram

(C) Izvestia 

(D) Le Monde

4. Who is regarded as the father of medicines? 

(A) Socrates

(B) Pluto

(C) Aristotle

(D) Hippocratic

5. The year 1789 is important on account of

(A) Industrial revolution

(B) French revolution

(C) Declaration of rights of man

(D) Rena issuance America

6. The statue of liberty was a gift to USA from which of the following countries

(A) Greece 

(B) Great Britain

(C) France 

(D) Switzerland

7.  Who was the first president of Pakistan?

(A) Sikandar Mirza

(B) Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan

(C) Ch. Muhammad Ali 

(D) Quaid-e-Azam

8. The seven sided flat shape is called 

(A) Octagon 

(B) Hasiagon

(C) Heptagon

(D) Tetragon

 9. CIA is a secret agency of 

(A) USA 

(B) Germany

(C) Russia 

(D) Spain

10. Al-Ghazali was greatest promoter of Sufis. Which is/are its greatest literary promoters?

(A) Hafiz 

(B) Omar Khyayyam

(C) Both of them

(D) None of them

11. Baikonur is a first space station of world situated in

(A) Russia 

(B) Kazakhstan

(C) China 


12. Deutsche Mark is the currency of 

(A) Germany

(B) Israel

(C) Denmark 

(D) UK 

13. Who built(formed) the “Rohtas Fort” near the Jhelum? 

(A) Akbar 

(B) Sher Shah Suri

(C) Humayun

(D) Shah Jehan

14. Which country’s president’s official residence is “Queen’s House”?

(A) President of Sri Lanka

(B) Indian President

(C) President of Belgium 

(D) British Prime Minister

15. Paris is the capital of 

(A) France 

(B) Germany

(C) Italy 

(D) Spain

16. In an Island near Alexandria an ancient wonder “The pharaohs of Alexandria situates. What is it?

(A) A Light House

(B) Hanging Garden 

(C) Great Wail

(D) A Wall

17. In Italy which famous wonder is located? 

(A) Hanging Garden

(B) Leaning Tower

(C) Budha Statue 

(D) Great Wall

18. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was a famous sufi poet of

(A) Pushto 

(B) Urdu

(C) Punjabi 

(D) Sindhi

19. Where the great religious reformer(campaigner) Mian Mir is buried?

(A) Kasur 

(B) Pakpattan

(C) Lahore 

(D) Sukkur

20. Where Baha-ud-Din Zakirya is buried? 

(A) Multan 

(B) Pakpattan

(C) Mithankot

(D) Sukkur

21. Which ancient city is known as “Pearl of Gadara Civilization?

(A) Peshawar

(B) Taxila

(C) Harappa 

(D) Mohenjo-Daro

22. In which of the following battle English won and later captured Lahore?

(A) Battle of Sabroan

(B) War of Independence

(C) Battle of Punjab 

(D) Battle of Lahore

23. How many days are there in February of leap year?

(A) 30 

(B) 28

(C) 27 

(D) 29

24. Which is Britain’s oldest university? 

 (A) St. Andrews

(B) Oxford 

(C) Cambridge

(D) St. Helina

25. Which is the largest state of USA? 

(A) Alaska 

(B) Florida

(C) Michigan 

(D) Hawaii

26. Which of these countries has the largest(biggest) area of forest land?

(A) Brazil 

(B) Australia

(C) US 

(D) South Africa

27. The first Muslim personality who got Nobel Prize 

(A) Abdul Salam

(B) Anwar Sadaat 

(C) Yousaf Ali

(D) Yasir Arfat

28. add(put)  the missing number 212 179 146 113 

(A) 70 

(B) 80

(C) 83 

(D) 84

29. The founder of Mughal Empire was 

(A) Akbar 

(B) Babur

(C) Tamur 

(D) Humayun

30. Who is President of Afghanistan? 

(A) Hosni Mubarak

(B) Hamid Karzai 

(C) Aslam ul Din

(D) Mosa Khan

31. Name the capital of Austria 

(A) Cap Town

(B) Vienna

(C) Baku 

(D) Canberra

44. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a: 

(A) Book 

(B) Film

(C) Report 

(D) Document

45. ‘Latakia’ is the seaport of 

(A) Syria 

(B) Libya

(C) Jordan 

(D) None of the above

46. ‘Sky News’ is a News channel of 

(A) England 

(B) Russia

(C) America 

(D) India

47. International organization “United Nations” is based(founded) in:

(A) New York

(B) Geneva

(C) Paris 

(D) Rome

48. ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) agreement was signed in 1992 in 

(A) UK 


(C) China 

(D) Singapore

49. Right to vote in elections is also termed as 

(A) Franchise

(B) Privilege 

(C) Initiative

(D) Consent

50. Chenab Formula’ to resolve the Kashmir dispute was presented by:

(A) Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan

(B) Ali Shah Gillani

(C) Barrister Sultan Mahmood 

(D) None of the above

51. The historic garden shalimar was built by Shahjahan in:

(A) 1634 

(B) 1639

(C) 1642 

(D) 1652 

52. The Headquarter of International Court of Justice is located at

(A) New York

(B) Hague

(C) Paris 

(D) Geneva

 53. Which of the following South Asian countries is landlocked(full of land)

(A) Sri Lanka

(B) Bangladesh

(C) Nepal 

D) Maldives

54. ‘Abu Ghraib’ is a 

(A) Leader of PLO

(B) President of Lebanon

(C) Secretary General of Arab League 

(D) A prison in Iraq

55. Which continent has no desert? 

(A) Europe 

(B) Asia

(C) Australia 

(D) North America

67. Archipelago is a 

(A) Cluster of Islands

(B) Group of seas

(C) Group of students 

(D) Group of Army

68. Who discovered the Law of Gravitation? 

(A) Sir Isaac Newton

(B) Louis Pasture

(C) Galileo 

(D) William Henry

69. Which is the smallest planet? 

(A) Mercury 

(B) Mars

(C) Neptune

(D) Jupiter

70. The President of USA who was killed during his office

(A) Truman 

(B) Richard Nixon

(C) Abraham Lincoln

(D) D Roosevelt

71. According to new research whichone  is the oldest disease

(A) Influenza 

(B) Malaria

(C) Plague 

(D) Leprosy

72. In which continent there is no glacier 

(A) Africa 

(B) Australia

(C) Asia 

(D) North America

73. Which is the longest river of Pakistan? 

(A) Indus 

(B) Jhelum

(C) Chenab 

(D) Ravi

74. Centre of Tamil Nados’ of Sri Lanka is 

(A) Canady 

(B) Colombo

(C) Jaffna 

(D) None of these

75. Etymology is science (study) of 

(A) Insects 

(B) Words

(C) Medicines

(D) Space

76. First Muslim woman who won the Nobel Prize?

(A) Anwar Saddat

(B) Yasir Arfat 

(C) Sherin Abadi

(D) Yousaf Ali

77. Which day is observed on 5th June every year?

(A) Water day

(B) Environment day

(C) Postal day

(D) Families day 

78 Kigali is the capital of 

(A) Uganda 

(B) Togo

(C) Mamibia

(D) Rawanda

79. Which is the largest contributor of UNO’s budget 

(A) USA 

(B) Japan

(c) Russian

(D) China

80. Subak Zai Dam is being constructed(built) under WAPDA Vision 2025 in: 

(A) Punjab 

(B) Sindh

(C) Baluchistan 


81۔اردو کے پہلے ناول نگار کون ہیں؟

  • اشفاق احمد
  • سر سید احمد
  • ڈپٹی نذیر احمد ا
  • منشی پریم چند

82۔علامہ اقبال کی پہلی نظم کون سی ہے؟

  • ہما لہ
  • دعا
  • طلوع
  • خضر راہ

83۔لفظ “نجم” کا مترادف کیا ہوگا؟

  • ستارہ
  • اجالا
  • بلند
  • قریب

84۔ان میں سے کون سا لفظ غلط ہے؟

  • فضول
  • خظر
  • خضر
  • اردو معلیٰ

85۔نظم کا متضاد کیا ہے

  • نثر
  • غزل
  • سفر
  • اسلوب

86۔ان میں سے کون سا لفظ درست ہے؟

  • کا ز ب
  • کاذب
  • قاذب
  • کا ز ب

87۔اردو کے لفظی معنی کیا ہیں؟

  • زبان
  • لشکر
  • جماعت
  • تنظیم

88۔اردو کے پہلے شاعر کون ہیں؟

  • ولی دکن
  • قلی قطب شاہ
  • امیر خسرو
  • نظری

89۔اردو معلیٰ کس کے خطوط کا مجموعہ ہے؟

  • مرزا غالب
  • حسرت موہانی
  • اختر شیرانی
  • محسن نقوی

90۔رباعی میں کتنے مصرعے ہوتے ہیں؟

  • 2
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

91۔رقبے کے لحاظ سے کونسا اسلامی ملک سب سے چھوٹا ہے؟

  • مال دیپ
  • افغانستان
  • یمن
  • کو یت

92۔قرآن مجید میں کل کتنے رکوع ہیں؟

  • 538
  • 540
  • 550
  • 568

93۔قرآن مجید کی سب سے چھوٹی سورت کونسی ہے؟

  • سورۃ النساء
  • سورۃ البقرہ
  • سورۃ آل عمران
  • سورۃ الکوثر

94۔محکمہ جیل خانہ جات کا قیام کس کے عہد میں عمل میں لایا گیا؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر
  • حضرت امیر معاویہ
  • حضرت علی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق

95۔کس خلیفہ راشد نے دو ہجرتیں کیں؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر
  • حضرت علی
  • حضرت عمر
  • حضرت عثمان

96۔ سب سے زیادہ عرصہ کس نے خلافت کی؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر
  • حضرت عثمان غنی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق
  • حضرت علی

97۔مکہ کس ہجری میں فتح ہوا؟

  • 5 ہجری
  • 6 ہجری
  • 7 ہجری
  • 8 ہجری

98۔قرآن مجید میں کس صحابی کا ذکر آیا ہے؟

  • زید بن حارثہ
  • اسامہ بن زید
  • حضرت عثمان غنی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق

99۔”رباط” کس اسلامی ملک کا کا دارالحکومت ہے؟

  • مراکش
  • سوڈان
  • نائجیریا
  • سینی گال

100۔قرآن مجید میں کل کتنے پیغمبروں کا ذکر آیا ہے؟

  • 20
  • 26
  • 29
  • 8