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1. Prince Dara Shahjahan, was a disciple of: 

(A) Shah Abdul Latif Bhital 

(B) Shah Wallullah Muhaddith 

(C) Hazrat Mian Mir 

(D) Khawaja Ghuiam 

2. The ALU of a computer answer  to the commands coming from 

(A) Primary memory

(B) Control section 

(C) External memory

(D) Cache memory 

3. In which year did the tragedy of Karbala take Shikoh, son of Emperor Place?

(A) 55 Hijrah

(B) 61 Hijrah 

(C) 63 Hijrah

(D) 65 Hijrah 

4. The synonym of “Incline” is:

(A) Refuse 

(B) Ascend

(C) Feel

(D) Natural 

5. Which  Instruments to use for measuring the humidity in air?

(A) Hydrometer

(B) Hygrometer 

(C) Barometer

(D) None of these 

6. Maqam-e-Ibrahim is the place includes the imprints of the feet of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Where is this place?

(A) Madina 

(B) Makkah 

(c) Palestine

(D) Israel 

7. Fill in the blanks: 

“Last night the thief(robber) broke ____his house and stole(snatch)a TV set” 

(A) Off 

(B) Through 

(C) In 

(D) Into 

8. Mossad is the intelligence agency of?

(A) Iraq 

(B) Iran 

(C) Israel 

(D) India 

9. Aslam’s weight expanded by 25% from year  2005 to 2010. If Aslam  weight was K kilograms in 2010. What was 2005? 

(A) 1.75 K 

(B) 1.25 K 

 (C) 0.80 K 

(D) 0.75 K

10. The world’s largest island (excluding Australia) 

(A) Madagascar

(B) Sumatra 

(C) New Guinea

(D) Greenland 

11. What is the name the second son of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)? 

(A) Hazrat Yahya (A.S) 

(B) Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S) 

(C) Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S)

(D) Hazrat Ishaq (A.S) 

12. “Horse Power” is standard unit of power(worth) equal to——-watts:

(A) 370 watts

(B) 480 watts 

(C) 656 watts

(D) 746 watts 

13. World Wide Web is standardized by: 

(A) Worldwide corporation 

(B) W3C 

(C) World Wide Consortium 

(D) World Wide Web SI 

14. Indicate the word with correct spellings: 

(A) Existence

(B) Existance 

(C) Existtance

(D) Existense 

15. One of the infectious diseases conveyed/transported  from one person to another through air is:

(A) Cholera 

(B) Scarlet fever

(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Maiana 

16. What was  name the Israeli President who paid an official visit to India in mid-November 2016?

(A) Reuvin Rivlin

(B) Shimon Peres

(C) Moshe Katsav

(D) Beniami

17. Which  of the following is the authorized(official) agency to sanction license for Cable Television and FM Radios?

(A) PTA 




 18. The biggest Ordinance Factory (arms and ammunition factory) of Pakistan is situated at:

(A) Jhelum 

(B) Darra Adam Khel

(C) Peshawar

(D) WAH Mossad is the intelligence agency of 

19. The uncharged particle in an, atom names is :

(A) Australia

(B) Neutron

(C) Electron

(D) none of these

 20. Which of the following continents has no in desert?

(A) Australia 

(B) North America

(C) South America

(D) Europe

21. The Nationalization Policy was introduced by: 

(A) Ayub Khan

 (B) Z.A. Bhutto

(c) Zia ul Haq

(D) Pervez Musharaf

22. Choose  the most similar word: “Gorgeous “

(A) Magnificent

(B) Waterfall 

(c) Artificial

(D) Perfect

23. What does IRSA stands for? 

(A) Internal Revenue Service of Australia

(B) International Relief Support Agency

(C) Integrated Rural Supply Agencies 

(D) Indus River System Authority

24. The Indonesian city of Bandung is popular because of the first Afro-Asian Summit. First Afro Asian Summit meeting held in Bandung which year?

(A) 1950 

(B) 1955

(C) 1957 

(D) 1963

25. The Caliphate in Turkey was eradicated in 1924 by:

(A) Kamal Ataturk 

(B) Saltan Abdul Majeed

(c) British Government

(D) The Allied Forces

26. Which fractions is the smallest?

(A) 15/8 

(B) 7/8

(c) 17/12 

(D) 13/16

27. Complete the Idiom/proverb: “Don’t judge a book by 

(A) Reading it

(B) The cover

(C) Its size 

(D) its color

28.In an unprovoked firing across the LOC seven soldier of the Pakistan Army attained Sahadat. In which of the following  district of Azad Kashmir did this violation/interruption of cease-fire by India?

(A) Chakothi 

(B) Bhimber

(C) Poonch 

(D) Rawalakot

29. Stainless steel is an alloy of: 

(A) Copper with Zinc

(B) Red Brass and yellow Brass

(C) Zinc and Tin 

(D) Chromium and Nickle

30. Taklamakan desert is situated in 

(A) China 

(B) Russia

(C) India 

(D) Congo

31. The longest’river of Balochistan is: 

(A) Desht 

(B) Zhob

(C) Rakhshan

(D) Hingol

32. Which is a cash crop? 

(A) Wheat 

(B) Tobacco

(C) Rice 

(D) Cotton

33. Which one is the noun form of the verb “excite” : 

(A) Exciting 

(B) Excited

(C) Excitatement

(D) Excitement

34. The two major types of computer chips  named are: 

(A) External memory chip

(B) Primary memory chip

(C) Microprocessor chip 

(D) Both B and C

35. In Quran Ten Commandments are called : 

(A) Awamir-i-Ashara

(B) Ashra al Muoashara

(C) Ashra al Muajaz 

(D) None of these

36. Antonym of “Profane” is: 

(A) Arrogant

(B) Benign

(C) Respectful 

(D) Pious 

37. Appreciation is to Reward/gift as Crime is to: 

(A) Guilt 

(B) Punishment

(C) Allegation

(D) Need

38. when was the  major(biggest) earthquake hit the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir in 2005?

 (A) 8th, October 

(B) 8th September 

(C) 8th, August

(D) 18. October

39. In MS Excel. The cell name box: 

(A) Shows the location of the previously  cell

(B) Appears(showed) to the left of the formula bar

(C) Appears below the status bar 

(D) Appears below the menu bar

40. What comes next in the following series: 64, 48, 40, 36, 34?

(A) 30 

(B) 31 

(C) 32

(D) 33

41. When a number is sum to another number three times as large, the results is 16. Find the answer?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 8 

(D) 12

42. In Microsoft Excel, the file you create and edit is known as :

(A) A form 

(B) A ledger

(C) A table 

(D) A workbook

43. Which  is the title of Hazrat Musa (A.S)?

(A) Roohullah

(B) Safiullah 

(C) Khalilullah

(D) Kaleemullah

44. When you create a warning box to prevent(avoid) an Invalid data entry, What message appear(show):

(A) A yellow triangle

(B) A red X 

(C) A wavy blue underline

(D) An orange

45.First foster mother name  of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

(A) Hazrat Haleema

(B) Hazrat Sobia 

(C) Hazrat Khola

(D) None of these

46. Name the pamphlet issued by Chaudhry Rehmat All in which the name Pakistan was used for the first time:

(A) Do or Die

(B) Independent Homeland

(C) Freedom or Death 

(D) Now or Never

47. Sunlight is composed of: 

(A) Three colors

(B) Five colors

(C) Seven Colors

(D) Ten Colors 

48. Who ran desperately in search of water among  two hills called Safa and Marwa?

(A) Hazrat Haajirah (R.A), mother of Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S)

 (B) Hazrat Saarah (R.A), mother of Hazrat lamaeelA.S)

 (C) Hazrat Quturah (R.A), mother of Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)

(D) Hazrat Aasiya (R.A). Mother of Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S)

49. In MS Excel, to create a formula, you should first 

(A) Type the equals sign (=) to tell Excel that you’re about to enter a formula

 (B) select  the new command from the file menu

(C) Enter the formula using any input values and the appropriate mathematical operators that make up your form

(D) Select the cell you want to place the formula into

 50. “Rehearsal Performance” Identify similar relationship .

(A) Entrapment: Game

(B) Engagement: Marriage

(C) Applause; Audience 

(D) Antidote; Comeback

51. What is d in terms of a, b and c If (7a) (7b) = (7c) (7d)?

(A) c/ab 

(B) c = a – b

(c) a + b- c 

(D) c – ab

52. Synonym of  word “Eminent” is: 

(A) Clever 

(B) Ambitious

(C) Cunning

(D) Famous

53. Ahmad Mujtaba, an up and coming sports star from Quetta,  In which game(sport) did he win? 

(A) Boxing

(B) Wrestling

(C) Taekwondo 

(D) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

 54. If 4 out of 25 students not passed a driving test, the percentage% of pass students is:

(A) 4% 

(B) 21%

(C) 42% 

(D) 84%

55. Name the Prime Minister when Pakistan’s first Constitution was framed?

(A) M. Ali Bogra

(B) Ch. Muhammad Ali

(C) Khawaja Nazimuddin 

(D) Feroz Khan Noon

56. Who was Nicolas Sarkozy? 

(A) Former German Chancellor

(B) Former Canadian President

(C) Former French President 

(D) Former Prime Minister of Italy

57. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is a famous line from a poem written by:

(A) Wordsworth

(B) Keats

(C) Shelly 

(D) Byron

58. Choose the correct sentence: 

(A) She resembles to her mother

(B) She resembles with her sister

(C) She resembles her cousin 

(D) The two brothers resemble on  other

59. Indian Khilafat Deputation visited England to put their views ago Lloyd George in which year:

(A) 1940 

(B) 1930

(C) 1920 

(D) None of these

60. Which  countries is not a member of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum 

Exporting Countries)?

(A) Algeria 

(B) Nigeria

(C) Venezuela

(D) UK

 61. Which of the following  Mughal King who was thoroughly defeated and had to live in exile before recapturing India?

(A) Jahangir 

(B) Auranzeb

(C) Humayun

(D) None of these

 62. If 50 meters of road build 10% of the whole length of the road, the length of the road is: (A) 500 meters

(B) 1500 meters 

(C) 250 meters

(D) 5000 meters

63. The Battle of Badr was fought in which of the following  Hijri years?

(A) 2 Hijri 

(B) 3 Hijri

(C) 4 Hijri 

(D) None of these

64. Fill in the correct preposition: 

“I will be ready(prepared ) ………..he time you go there”.

(A) at 

(B) by

(C) of 

(D) on

65. Faiz Ahmad Faiz was imprisoned for his alleged involvement(connection) in ——– conspiracy.

(A) Agartala 

(B) Lahore

(C) Attock 

(D) Rawalpindi

66. Which dam was built first in Pakistan? 

(A) Warsak 

(B) Mangla

(C) Tarbela 

(D) Khushdil Khan

67. Spanish archeologists in Luxor, Egypt  discovered(invent) an approximately 3000 years old in near perfect/best  condition.

(A) Human Mummy

(B) Jewels

(C) Fossils 

(D) Animal body

68. Almost 40% of the world’s oil supply passes through the strait of:

(A) Hormuz

(B) Malacca 

(C) Bosporus

(D) Gibraltar

69. Which of the following crop is most(usually) water consuming?

(A) Sugarcane

(B) Cotton

(c) Wheat 

(D) Maize

70. The function sprintf () works like printf (), but operates/work on:

(A) String 

(B) stdin

(C) Data in a file

(D) Stderr

71. Which symptom is caused by a deficiency(shortage) of vitamin D?

(A) Anemia

(B) Weak Bones 

(C) Constipation

(D) Vomiting

72. When was the Albert Bill introduced in British India?

(A) 1881 

(B) 1882

(C) 1883 

(D) 1886

73. What was the magnitude in Richter scale, of the Earthquake that recently/lastly rocked New Zealand region north of Christ Church?

(A) 4.9 

(B) 5.4

(C) 7 

(D) 7.8

74. Which districts of Baluchistan contains huge deposits of Copper?

(A) Loralai L F

(B) Sibi 

(C) Khuzdar

(D) Chagai

75. Which is the longest river of America? 

(A) Misouri 

(B) Mississippi

(C) Red 

(D) Colorado

76. Five years before, the average of X and Y was 15 years. Average of X, Y and Z is 20 years. How old will Z be after 10 years?

(A) 35 years 

(B) 40 years

(C) 30 years

(D) 50 years

77. In MS Excel, comments put in cells are named: 

(A) Smart tip

(B) Cell tip 

(C) Web tip

(D) Soft tip

78. The term Working Boundary is frequently used in the media while referring to Cease-fire destructions by India is the Working Boundary?

(A) It is another name for Pakistan-India border

(B) The line diving Azad Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir

(C) The border between Pakistan and Indian Occupied Kashmir

(D) Actual Ground Positions of Indian and Pakistani forces in Siachin area

79. The nature of infectious diseases and of their control by vaccination was 1st demonstrated by:

(Á) Thomas Huxley

(B) Louis Pasteur

(C) James Clerk Maxwell 

(D) None of these

80. Nelson Mandela spent a major(main) part of his 28 year imprisonment in which country?

(A) Durban 

(B) Johannesburg

(C) Robben Island

(D) Bloomforitain

81. Antalya Airport is situated in: 

(A) Syria 

B) Turkey

(c) Italy 

(D) Egypt

82. 1280 kilometers are nearly equal to: 

(A) 1000 miles

(B) 800 miles 

(C) 940 miles

(D) None of these

83. Administrative center of OIC is situated in 

(A) Tehran 

(B) Rabat

(C) Cairo 

(D) Jeddah

84. Rann of Kutch is situated: 

(A) North of Gilgit

(B) South of Tharparkar

(C) East of Turbat 

(D) South of Wana

85. The city of Detroit in the USA is links  with which industry?

(A) Software

(B) Steel

(C) Automobile

(D) Toys

86. Fill in the blank: 

“He was meditating,____ he problem”.

(A) Of

(B) At

(c) On

(D) With

87. The Synonym of “Detestable” is: 

(A) Admirable 

(B) Separable

(C) Conscionable

(D) Abhorrent

88. Chaudhri Rehmat All first used the word “Pakistan” in his pamphlet “Now or Never” in: 

(A) 1232 

(B) 1935

(C) 1937

(D) 1938

89. Scot can read 50 pagers hour. At this rate, how many pages(Sheets) can he read in 50 minutes? 

(A) 25

(B) 41 2/3

(C) 48

 (D) 60

90. Linux is a (n) operating system —–

(A) Open source

(B) Microsoft

(C) Windows 

(D) Mac 

91۔صنف نظم “رباعی” کتنے شعروں کی ہوتی ہے؟

  • دو شعروں پر
  • 4 شعروں پر
  • 6 شعروں پر
  • تعداد پر پابندی نہیں

 92۔غزل در غزل سے مراد ہے؟

  • بغیر مقطع کے غزل
  • طویل بحر کی غزل
  • سنگلاخ زمین کی غزل
  • اسی ردیف قافیہ میں مزید غزل

93۔”مادر ملت” قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہے؟

  • عرف
  • تخلص
  • لقب
  • خطاب

94۔ مندرجہ ذیل جملوں میں سے کون سا درست ہے

  • خدا کے غیظ اور غضب سے ڈرو
  • خدا کے غیض و غضب سے ڈرو
  • خدا کے غیظ وغضب سے ڈرو

(D)خدا کے غیض اور مذہب سے ڈرو

95۔”شش و پنج میں پڑنا” قواعد کی رو سے ہے ؟

  • محاورہ
  • روزمرہ
  • محاورہ بھی اور روزمرہ بھی
  • نہ محاورہ ہے اور نہ روزمرہ

96۔” کندی کرنا “قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہے؟

  • محاورہ
  • روزمرہ
  • محاورہ بھی اور روزمرہ بھی
  • نہ محاورہ ہے اور نہ روزمرہ

97۔شاعر کی حیثیت سے اردو شاعری کو سب سے زیادہ الفاظ کس نے دیے؟

  • امام بخش ناسخ
  • غلام ہمدانی مصحفی
  • نظیر اکبر آبادی
  • میر انیس

98۔ “سید الشہداء” قواعد کی رو سے ہے؟

  • خطاب
  • تخلص
  • لقب
  • عرف

 99۔“فاختہ اڑانا “محاورہ ہے اس کے معنی کیا ہیں ؟

  • ہانک لگانا
  • شور مچانا
  • مزے اڑانا
  • تہس نہس کرنا

100۔” بیڑا اٹھانا” محاورہ کے معنی کیا ہیں ؟

  • شور مچانا
  • s
  • چوری کرنا
  • ناک بھوں چڑھانا