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Assistant Private Secretary and Assistant Jobs are always announced by the recruitment agencies of Pakistan Like FPSC and PPSC . Aspirants of PPSC and FPSC Assistant jobs 2022 must have to start the preparation on priority basis. The aspirants must have to cover the whole syllabus for One Paper Mcqs Preparation instead of just reading the FPSC Assistant Bps 16 Past Papers and PPSC Past Papers 2022. I always emphasizes all the aspirants of PPSC that Cover the Whole syllabus for One Paper Test Preparation otherwise by Reading FPSC Assistant Past Papers pdf or PPSC Office Assistant Past Papers pdf you can only attempt 15 percent of the One Paper Test for the Posts of Assistant Jobs BPS 16. Moreover These FPSC / PPSC Assistant Past Papers Pdf are only and just only important to know how the question will ask by the Examiner. This doesn’t matters how much past papers you have read even if you are reading other agencies past papers like BPSC Assistant BS-16 Past Papers pdf Download / Assistant Board Of revenue PPSC Past Papers / FPSC Assistant Past papers for the preparation of One Paper test for the Assistant Jobs Past Papers All these things will only give One thing Which is the Idea of One Paper Test Paper Pattern for the jobs of Assistant. Moreover these Assistant Past Papers pdf will only helps if you people covers the Syllabus of One Paper Test Preparation First and then moves toward the Past Papers. You will also get PPSC Assistant bs-16 Past papers pdf download by clicking on the Office Assistant Test Mcqs With answers pdf button placed below. Moreover You will also find full preparation online course for the various preparations of PPSC and FPSC on theiteducation.com



1 How many countries participated in “Aman Naval Exercise” in 2021 with their warships, aircrafts and special operation forces in Pakistan? 

(45 Countries) 

2. Which country developed the world’s first coronavirus vaccine for animals?


3. What is the Antonym of “Docile”? 


4. What is the meaning of the phrasal idiom “To scratch somebody’s back”?

 (To give someone a favor expecting the same in return) 

5. What is the meaning of the Proverb “To cry wolf’? 

(To give false alarms)

6. Which acid is used in the fermentation process of food?

 (Lactic Acid)

7. LCD stands for—–

-(Liquid Crystal Display)

 8. PFA (Punjab Food Authority) was founded in _? 


 9. The material used in blood clotting is made up of _?


10. Which country introduced equal payments for male and female workers in the private sector?


11. 2021 Asian Volleyball Tournament will be held in _?


12. Wall Street is located in _? 

(New York)

 13. Geneva is a famous city of _? 


14. Chasma Canal links Indus River with_?

 (River Jhelum) 

15. Kerry Lugar Bill authorised non-military aid to Pakistan for a period of_ _? 

(2010 to 2014) 

16. CoronaVac is an inactivated virus COVID-19 Vaccine developed by – _ _? 


18. Which of the following rays are more penetrating? 

(Gamma rays) 

19. The annulment of partition of Bengal took place in – ? 


 20. “Pakistan: A Personal History” a famous book written by _ ?

 (Imran Khan)

 21. “Pakistan was Inevitable” a book was written by _? 

(Syed Hassan Riaz)

 23. Rakaposhi is located in which mountain range field is located?


24. The Kandhkot gas In _? 

(Kashmore District) 

25. Justice Noor Muhammad Meskanzai is the Chief Justice of

(Federal Shariat Court)

 26. Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement started in__ _? 


27. Who was the last Prime Minister of United Punjab? 

(Sir Malik Khizar Tiwana) 

29. In which city COP 26 is scheduled to __ _?

(Glasgow, UK)

 30. Last Leap year was _? 


 31. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60° and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:

( 9.2 m)

32. Moribund means _? 

(Being in the state of dying: approaching death) 

33. The All Parties Conference was a group of Indian political parties in 1928 headed by

(Pandit Motilal Nehru)

 34. The work of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been honoured by a Nobel Peace Prize : 

(Three times) 

36. A referendum on allowing Pervez Musharraf to continue as President for five years was held in Pakistan on______? 

(30 April 2002)

37. Rohri is a city located in—-

(Sukkur District)

 38. Isotopes of an element have the same number of _ _? 


39. Paris is situated on bank of river—-


40. The first process in a petroleum refinery is known as _:


41. When did Pakistan withdraw from the SEATO? 


 42. Choose the Correct spelling? 


43. The current Chief Minister ofGilgit-Baltistan is—–?

 (Khalid Khurshid)

 44. 11th Secretary General of OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) was_ _?

 (Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen) 

45. The currency of Indonesia is—–


46. Homeostasis is a process to prevent and stop bleeding is made up of—-


47. Which city is the most densely populated city in the world? None of these—


48. “Working with Zia” a famous book written by _? 

(K.M Arif) 

49. If A:B=2:3, B:C=3:4, A:D=4:5. Find C:D?


50. Most common element to all perfumes is__? 

(Ethyl Alcohol) 

51. Pakistan is located in which Continent? 



52. آپ  کی ولادت کس کے گھر میں ہوئی؟ 

(شعب ابی طالب)

53. آزاد نظم کا بانی کسے کہا جاتا ہے ؟ 

( اسمعیل میرٹھی)

 54. ہر قل روم کو آپ کاخ کون دینے کیا؟ 

(حضرت دحیہ کَلبی)

 55. رسالہ فنون کس کی ادارت میں شائع ہوا؟ 

(احمد ندیم قاکی)

 56. بانگ درا کتے ادوار پر مشتمل ہے؟

( تین)

57. آخری شب کا ہم سفر ہے؟ قرۃ العین حیدر اولکس کا ناول ہے؟ 

(قرة العین حیدر)

 58. آیت کر یہ ہے کہ “مدل کا دامن نہ چھوڑو خواہ تمہارا:

( ترای رشتے دار ہی کیوں نہ ہو)

59. مرزا غالب کے اردو ایوان کی کتنی جلدیں ہیں ؟ 

(چار حصے ہیں)

60. اسلام کے پہلے علم بردار صحابی کا نام بتائیں؟

 (مصعب بن)

61. ولید بن عتبہ کو غزوہ بدر میں کس نے قتل کیا۔

( حضرت علی )

62. حضرت علی کی والدہ کا نام —

(فاطمہ بنت اسد)

 63. کسی صحابی کے دور میں قرآن کو کتاب کی شکل دی گئی۔

( حضرت ابو بکر غزوہ حمراء الاسد)

 65. جملہ مکمل کیے: تیل دیکھو تیل کی دیکھو ؟

( ومار حسین)

 66. کس غزوہ کے بعد آپ ایم نے الاسد نام کے گھر میں تین قیام کیا؟

 67. “اداس نسلیں’ کسی کا ناول ہے؟ 

(عبد الله)