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Assistant Private Secretary and Assistant Jobs are always announced by the recruitment agencies of Pakistan Like FPSC and PPSC . Aspirants of PPSC and FPSC Assistant jobs 2022 must have to start the preparation on priority basis. The aspirants must have to cover the whole syllabus for One Paper Mcqs Preparation instead of just reading the FPSC Assistant Bps 16 Past Papers and PPSC Past Papers 2022. I always emphasizes all the aspirants of PPSC that Cover the Whole syllabus for One Paper Test Preparation otherwise by Reading FPSC Assistant Past Papers pdf or PPSC Office Assistant Past Papers pdf you can only attempt 15 percent of the One Paper Test for the Posts of Assistant Jobs BPS 16. Moreover These FPSC / PPSC Assistant Past Papers Pdf are only and just only important to know how the question will ask by the Examiner. This doesn’t matters how much past papers you have read even if you are reading other agencies past papers like BPSC Assistant BS-16 Past Papers pdf Download / Assistant Board Of revenue PPSC Past Papers / FPSC Assistant Past papers for the preparation of One Paper test for the Assistant Jobs Past Papers All these things will only give One thing Which is the Idea of One Paper Test Paper Pattern for the jobs of Assistant. Moreover these Assistant Past Papers pdf will only helps if you people covers the Syllabus of One Paper Test Preparation First and then moves toward the Past Papers. You will also get PPSC Assistant bs-16 Past papers pdf download by clicking on the Office Assistant Test Mcqs With answers pdf button placed below. Moreover You will also find full preparation online course for the various preparations of PPSC and FPSC on theiteducation.com

Past PAPER 07

ASSISTANT (BS -16) 2019


1. For doubles in tennis, how much width is added in a single court?

(A) 2.56 m

(B) 2.17 m

(C) 2.74 m

(D) 2.82 m

2.Dwight D. Eisenhower was an American army general and statesman who served as the?

 (A) 34. President

 (B) 37″President

(C) 40″ President

(D) 43″ President

 3. What was the capital of Japan before Tokyo? Osaka


(B) Hiroshima

 (C) Kyoto

(D) Okinawa

4.Which Asian capital city was known as Betavia until 1949?

 (A) Jakarta

(B) Aukare

(C) Bangkok

(D)Kuala Lumpur

 5. Which of the following protects our body against disease?

(A) White blood cells

 (B) Red blood cells

(C) Platelets

(D) None is correct

 6. Handheld devices are called?

(A) Software

(B) Hardware

 (C) Both A & B

(D) None of these

7.Shortcut to Switch to next worksheet tab in excel is:

(A) Ctrl + PG down


 (C) CTRL + Home

 (D) CTRL + end

8.The default font for Microsoft word is:

 (A) Times New Roman

 (B) Calibri

(C) Verdana


 9. Who was the Mughal emperor before Aurangzaib?

 (A) Shah Jahan

 (B) Jahangir

(C) Aurangzeb

 (D) Akbar

10. As Governor General of Pakistan; the Quaid-iAzam was succeeded by:

(A)Sikander Mirza

(B) Malik Ghulam Muhammad

 (C) Khawaja Niazim-ud-Din

(D) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi

 11. Which dam of Iraq is known as the Dangerous dam of the World?

(A) Fallujah Barrage

 (B) Mosul Dam

(C) Haditha Dam

(D) Dibis Dam

 12. Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline (TAPI), also known as “Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, is a natural gas pipeline which includes countries.

 (A) Kazakhstan

(B) Uzbekistan

(C) Turkmenistan

(D) Azarbaijan

13.When was the first battle fought by Muslims?

(A) Ghazwa-e-Khyber


(C) Ghazwa-e-Badar


14. Robbers often act in with the police.

(A) Connection

 (B) Conformity

(C) Collusion

 (D) Co-operation

 15. Asian games held after how many years?

(A) 2 years

(B) 3 Years

(C) 4 Years

(D) 5 Years

16.”Interfax” is a news agency of:

(A) Russia

(B) Turkey

 (C) France

(D) Ukraine

 17. Smoke is an example of:

(A) Solid in solid

(B) Solid in liquid

(C) Solid in gas

 (D) Gas in gas

18. Identify the seventh month of the Islamic Calendar:

 (A) Rabi-us-Sani

 (B) Jamadi-ul-Awwal

 (C) Rajab

(D) Shaaban

19. Legendary Character Sherlock Holmes was by

 (A) lon flaming

 (B) William Shakespeare

 (C) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

(D) Agatha Christie

20. Which Prophet is titled as ‘Abul Bashar’?

(A) Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)

 (B) Hazrat Adam (A.S)

 (C) Hazrat Yousaf (A.S)

(D) Hazrat Daood (A.S)

21. Which Dynasty ruled after the Slave Dynasty?

(A) Sadaat

 (B) Tughlea

(C) Lodhi

(D) Khilji

22. Ahmad Khan Kharal the famous character of War of independence belongs to?

(A) Gogera

(B) Satiana

 (C) Jhamra

(D) Cheecha Watni

 23. In “BRICS ” what is “S” include?

(A) South Africa

 (B) Singapore

(C) South Korea

(D) Sweden

 24. Which is the second largest province of Pakistan by area?

(A) Punjab

 (B) Sindh



25. The term Butterfly Stroke is associated with which of the following sports?

 (A) Swimming

(B) Boxing

(C) Rowing

(D) Golf

26. Capital City of Albania is:

(A) Tirana

(B) Belgrade

 (C) Srebrenica

(D) Pristina

27.__decides when and where the UN Peacekeeping Mission will operate?

(A) Un General Assembly

(B)UN Security Council

(C)Economic and Social Council

 (D) None of these

 28. The UN Body that deals with population problem is:





 29. Who was the first Pakistani selected as a President in the UN General Assembly?

 (A) Sir Zafarullah Khan

(B) Pitras Bukhari

(C) MAH Isphani

(D) Begum Feroz Khan Noon

30. Which Muslim Caliph had all his four sons Caliphs too?

(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A).

 (B) Hazrat Umar (R.A)

(C) Abdul Malik Bin Marwan

(D) None of these

31. The World’s second highest peak K-2 is located in:

 (A) Karakoram Range

 (B) Himalayan Range

(C) Kohistan Range

(D) Hindukush Range

 32. Who was the captain of Pakistan Cricket Team in 1992 World cup?

 (A) Zaheer Abbas

(B) Azher mehmood

(C) Imran Khan

(D) Abdul Hafeez Kardar

 33. “To worship the rising sun” means:

(A) Withdraw from a contest

 (B) Assume responsibility

(C) Succeed in fighting

(D) To curry favour

 34. Which of the following is considered the largest archipelago of the World?

 (A) Philippines

(B) Indonesia

(C) Virgin Islands

 (D) None of these

35. Thimphu is the capital city of:

(A) Laos

 (B) Bolivia

 (C) Papua New Guinea

 (D) Bhutan

36. How to change font in MS Word by short key?

(A) Ctrl+F

(B) Ait+Ctrl+F

 (C) Shift+Alt+F

(D) Ctrl+Shift+P

37. 16 November is celebrated as?

(A) Nursing Day

(B) Anti-Nuclear Day

(C) Tolerance day

(D) Bastille Day

 38. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred in which month?

(A) Rajab

(B) Safar

(C) Ramzan

(D) Zi qa’ad

39. Taj Mahal was completed in 1648 by Emperor Shah Jehan in memory of his wife named

 (A) Mumtaz Mahal

(B) Lalb-un-Nisa

(C) Joda Bai

(D) None of these

40. Which of the following blood vessels carry blood from the human body to the heart? (A) Veins

(B) Arteries

(C) Capillaries

 (D) None of these

41. Islam was declared as the State Religion of Pakistan in the Constitution of:

 (A) 1973

(B) 1956

 (C) 1962

(D) None of these

42. Name the parliament of Tajikistan?

(A) Council

(B) People’s Council

(C) Union Council

 (D) Majlisi Oli

 43. The tomb of Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain is in?

(A) Lahore

(B) Kasur

 (C) Sheikhupura

 (D) Nankana

 44. Who presided the Muslim League Session in 1940?

 (A) Quaid-e-Azam

 (B) Sir Agha Khan

 (C) Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang

(D) Nawab Saleem Ullah

45. “Takht Bhai” an ancient place is situ

(A) Charsadda

 (B) Malakand

(C) Mardan

(D) Peshawar

 46. Havaldar Lalak Jan shaheed was awarded Nishan-e-Haider for his acts of brave valour during the:

(A) 1965 War

(B) 1970

(C) Kargil operation

 (D) Operation Zarb-e-Azb

47. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had lost vision in his left eye as a result of

 (A) Congenital defect

 (B) Stab wound

(C) Arrow wound

 (D) Smallpox

 48. “Pro bono publico” means:

(A) Against the public interest

 (B) Public involvement

(C) For the public good

(D) Public demands

 49. Optical Fibre System is utilized in:

(A) Telecommunication system

(B) Eye operation

(C) Air raid system

(D) Defence system

50. Red underlines in MS-Word illustrate?

(A) Grammer

(B) Spacing

(C) Spelling mistake

(D) None of these

51. The last King of Afghanistan was:

(A) Habibullah Khan

 (B) Muhammad Zahir Shah

 (C) Sardar Daud Khan

 (D) Amanullah Khan

52.One megawatt IS equal to how many kilowatts?

 (A) 100 Kilowatt

(B) 1000 Kilowatt

(C) 10000 Kilowatt

 (D) 100000 Kilowatt

53. Who is the present Head Coach of Pakistan’s Cricket Team?

(A) Intikhab Alam

 (B) Javed Miandad

(C) Mickey Aurther

(D) Dav Whatmore

54. The Periodic Table, which arranges chemical elements according to their Atomic number and chemical properties, was formulated by:

 (A) Antoine Lavoisier

 (B) Dmitri Mendeleev

(C) John Dalton

 (D) Otto Hahn

 55. Shakarparian Park situated in?

(A) Islamabad

(B) Murree

(C) Bahawalpur

(D) Rawalpindi

56. Tobacco was introduced for cultivation during the reign of:

(A) Akbar

(B) Babar

(C) Jahangir

(D) Aurangzeb

 57. The Current Chief Justice of Pakistan is:

(A) Justice Jawad S. Khawaja

 (B) Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramdey

 (C) Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani

(D) Justice Asif Saeed Khosa .

57.which command is used for saving the document?

 (A) Ctrl + A

(B) Ctrl + Shift + P

(C) Ctrl + P

(D) Ctrl + S

 59. Mother language of Quaid e Azam was

 (A) Gujarati

(B) Sindhi

(C) Marathi

(D) Hindi

60. What is contraband?

(A) All Narcotics

(B) Articles banned by a government

(C) All smuggled material

(D) Goods which may assist an enemy in the conduct of war

 61. How many seats won by All India Muslim League in 1945 Legislative Elections?

(A) 28

(B) 30

(C) 32

(D) 35

62. Study of Handwriting is called?

(A) Graphology

(B) Cartographer

(C) Choreographer

(D) None of these

63. Mac Operating System (OS) is developed by an American Company?

 (A) Microsoft

 (B) Samsung

 (C) Lenovo

(D) Apple

 64. Fill in the blank: She learnt the poem – heart?

 (A) With

(B) By

 (C) From

(D) To

65. pakistan’s second constitution was promulgated in:

 (A) 1956

(B) 1958

 (C) 1962

(D) 1973

66. Urdu defense association was an organization developed by?

 (A) Waqar-ul-Mulk

 (B) Sir Syed

 (C) Molana Shibli Nomani

(D) Mohsin-ul-Mulk

67. Fill in the blank: They laughed ——–him?


(B) On

 (C) Off

(D) From

68. What is the meaning of “ZENITH”?

(A) Center point of the Earth

(B) Top point of the Earth

(C) Bottom point of the Earth

(D) None of these

69. “Forex” stands for:

(A) For examine

 (B) For exports

(C) For exchange

 (D) Foreign expert

70. Highest mountain in Alp Range?

(A) Mount Kanchenjunga

 (B) Mont Blanc

(C) Mount Kilimanjaro

(D) Mount Logan

 71. “Buckingham Palace” is the residence of the:

(A) Pope

 (B) King of Jordan

 (C) Secretary General of UNO

(D) Queen of England

72. The Headquarters of the CommonWealth is:

(A) New York

 (B) Paris

 (C) Rome

(D) London

73. Scotograph is an instrument for:

(A) Aiding the blind to write

 (B) Testing the heartbeat

(C) Magnifying small objects

(D) none of these

74. (5/6) (2/5) = ?

(A) 7/11

(B) 1/3

(C) 1

(D) 3

75. A train moves past a telegraph post and a bridge 264 m long in 8 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. What is the speed of the train?

(A) 69.5 km/hr

 (B) 70 km/hr

(C) 79 km/hr

(D) 79.2 km/hr

76. The author of the book “Time Machine” is:

(A) Lewis Carroll

(B) Robert Louis Stevenson

(C) Charles Lamb

(D) H.G. Wells

77. Turn to passive voice: “The child chose the hat”

(A) The hat is chosen by the child

 (B) The hat was chosen by the child

(C) The hat was being chosen by the child

(D) The hat should be chosen by the child

78. How many tiles of dimension 10 square inch are required to cover a floor of dimension 5 feet by 4 feet?

(A) 28

B) 280

 (C) 2880

(D) 288

79. Google + is another alternative to which of the following websites?

(A) Facebook


(C) Flickr

(D) Bing

80. Which street still reminds the people of of the great daily of Munshi Mehboob Alar

(A) Circular Street

 (B) Anarkali

 (C) Munshi Street

(D) Paisa Akhbar Street

81. The United Nations Security Council has recently lifted sanctions against which African country after 9 years?

(A) Egypt

(B) Ethiopia

(C) Eritrea

(D) Somalia

 82. About 25 million child marriages has been prevented in the past decade, reported in March, 2018 by:





 83. Which bird eats pebbles for helping digestion by grinding up the ingested food?

 (A) Owl

(B) Ostrich

 (B) Hen

(D) Pigeon

 84. The shuttle weight in Badminton should be from 4.74 to

(A)5 mg

(B) 4.90 gm

 (C) 5.50 gm

(D) 4.80 gm

 85. The Lucknow Pact granted the right of Separate electorates to the:

(A) Hindus



(C) Sikhs

86. The most serious environmental effect by hazardous wastes is:

(A) Air pollution

 (B) Contamination of Groundwater

(C)Increased use of land for landfills

(D) Destruction of Habitat

 87. During the tenure of which Russian President Geneva Accord was signed?

 (A) Mikhail Gorbachev

(B) Boris Yaltrin

 (C) Vladimir Putin

(D) Dmitry Medvedev

.88 مرزاغالب کس شہر میں پیدا ہوئے؟

 A دبلی

 B آگرہ

 C بنارس

 D لکھنؤ

.89 “شکست” کس کی تحریر ہے؟

A علی عباس حسینی

 B رشد الخیری

  C ڈپٹی نذیراحمد

 D کرشن چندر

.90 مرزاغالب کی وفات کس سن میں ہوئی؟


.91 فصیل شب کسی شاعر کی تحریر ہے؟

 A حفیظ جالندھری

 B محمد حسین آزاد

 C علامہ اقبال

 D مرز ادیب

 .92 ٹوٹ پھوٹ کا کردار کس ادیب نے تخلیق کیا؟

  A صوفی تبسم

 B مختار مسعور

  C پطرس بخاری

 D جمیل الدین عالی

 .93 آواز دوست کس کی تصنیف ہے؟

  A بانو قدسیہ

 B قدرت اللہ الشہاب

 C اشفاق احمد

 D مختار مسعود

 .94 مشہور ناول راجہ گدھ“ کی مصنفہ کون ہے؟

  A خدیجہ مستور

B بانو قدسیہ

  C الطاف فاطمہ

 D شرک رحمان

.95 اردو کا پہلا ناول کون ساہے؟ 

 A مراۃ العروس

 B ابن الوقت

  C خاک و خون

 D گلستان

.96 مرثیہ کس زبان کا لفظ ہے؟

 A اردو

 B مدل

 C قاری

 D ہندی

< “When in Rome do as the Romans do” 97.

درست مطلب کا انتخاب کیجیے۔

 A روم میں وہی کرو جور و من کرتے ہیں

 B جار میں ویسا بھیس

  C جیسا مالک ویانو کر

 D جیا اقاویساغلام

.98 چار مصروں کی نظم کو کیا کہتے ہیں؟

 A ربای

 B قطعہ

 .99 ، نقش فریادی کس کا شعری مجموعہ ہے؟

  A منیر نیازی

 B احمد ندیم قاسمی

  C ناصر کاظمی

 D فیض احمد فیض

.100 مطلع کے لغوی معنی ہیں؟

  A ابتدا

 B طلوع ہونے کی جگہ

  C غروب ہونے کی جگہ

 D انتها