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Assistant Private Secretary and Assistant Jobs are always announced by the recruitment agencies of Pakistan Like FPSC and PPSC . Aspirants of PPSC and FPSC Assistant jobs 2022 must have to start the preparation on priority basis. The aspirants must have to cover the whole syllabus for One Paper Mcqs Preparation instead of just reading the FPSC Assistant Bps 16 Past Papers and PPSC Past Papers 2022. I always emphasizes all the aspirants of PPSC that Cover the Whole syllabus for One Paper Test Preparation otherwise by Reading FPSC Assistant Past Papers pdf or PPSC Office Assistant Past Papers pdf you can only attempt 15 percent of the One Paper Test for the Posts of Assistant Jobs BPS 16. Moreover These FPSC / PPSC Assistant Past Papers Pdf are only and just only important to know how the question will ask by the Examiner. This doesn’t matters how much past papers you have read even if you are reading other agencies past papers like BPSC Assistant BS-16 Past Papers pdf Download / Assistant Board Of revenue PPSC Past Papers / FPSC Assistant Past papers for the preparation of One Paper test for the Assistant Jobs Past Papers All these things will only give One thing Which is the Idea of One Paper Test Paper Pattern for the jobs of Assistant. Moreover these Assistant Past Papers pdf will only helps if you people covers the Syllabus of One Paper Test Preparation First and then moves toward the Past Papers. You will also get PPSC Assistant bs-16 Past papers pdf download by clicking on the Office Assistant Test Mcqs With answers pdf button placed below. Moreover You will also find full preparation online course for the various preparations of PPSC and FPSC on theiteducation.com

Past PAPER 06


1 What is the antonym of “Dwarf”?

 (A) Small

(B) Little


(D) None

2. Fill in the blank with suitable words: They went in the rain.

 (A) Under

(B) Despite

(C) In spite

(D) None of above

3. Tick the correct spelling.

(A) Acomodation

(B) Accommodation

(C) Accomodation

 (D) None of above

4. Proverb “A bone of contention” means:

(A) Cause of quarrel

(B) Delicious Bone

(C) A reason

 (D) None of above

 5. What is the meaning of the phrase, “House of Cards”?

 (A) Strong house

 (B) A project to make paper houses

 (C) A weak structure

(D) None of the above


 6. He asked me “did you see the new car”

(A) He asked if I saw the new car.

(B) He said to me if I seen the new car

 (C) He asked me has I seen the new car

(D) He asked me if I had seen the new car

7. He said, “go down stairs”

(A) He directed me, to go down stairs

 (B) He told me that to go down stairs

(C) He directed me to go to down stairs

(D) None of the above

 8. She asked her friend “where he had been”

(A) She asked her friend to where had he been

 (B) She inquired her friend to where he had

(C) She said her friend that where he had been

 (D) She asked her friend where he had been

 9. She said, “what are they doing”?

(A) she said what they was doing

(B) she asked what they are doing

(C)she asked what they were doing

(D) None of above

10. My friend said me, has Saima talked to Sonia?

 (A) My friend asked me to have some talk with Saima

 (B) My friend inquired me to has Saima talk with Sonia

 (C) My friend said to me that has Saima talk with Sonia

 (D) My friend told me if Saima had talked to Sonia

 11. Rhine river in Germany falls in:

(A) Red sea

(B) North sea

(C) White sea

(D) None of above

12. Capital of “Denmark” is:

(A) Abuja

(B) Oslo

(C) Quoto

(D) Copenhagen

 13. Glaciers are located in which range?

(A) Hindukush

(B) Karakoram

(C) Himalaya

(D) None of the above

 14. Mostly read book in the world is:

(A) The betrothed

 (B) The Bible

(C) Quotation

 (D) None of above

15. In which Indian city is the Taj Mahal located?

 (A) Nashik

(B) Bombay

(C) Agra

(D) Hyderabad

16. Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on:

(A) 8 July 2016

(B) 8 July 2017

 (C) 8 July 2015

(D) None of above

 17. Who was Hegel?

(A) German Philosopher

(B) English Philosopher

(C)Korean Philosopher

(D) None of above

18. Benjamin Franklin an American invented

(A) Electricity Rod

(B) Bulb

(C) Lightning Rod

 (D) None of above

19 Eden Gardens ground of cricket is located in

(A) Delhi


(C) Glasgow

(D) Calcutta

 20. Ice hockey has its origin from

 (A) USA

(B) UK

(C) Canada

(D) None of above

21. Current coach of Hockey Team of Pakistan

(A) Robert Sheeman

(B) Roelant Oltmans

(C) Both a & b

(D) None of above

 22. Roger Federer (belongs to Switzerland) is player of sports:

(A) Tennis

(B) Badminton

(C) Golf

(D) None of above

 23. Bashar-al-Asad belonged to:

(A) Iraq

(B) Egypt

(C) Syria

(D) Lebanon

24. Napoleon Bonaparte fought for his country:

 (A) Belgium

(B) France

(C) Serbia

(D) Germany

25. Morocco and Spain are separated by:

 (A) Palk Strait

(B) Strait of Gibraltar

 (C) Red Sea

(D) River Danube

26. Vitreous Humor, Sclera and Iris are parts of Which human organ?

 (A) Brain

(B) Ear

(C) Liver


  27. When was Lahore High Court established

(A) 1857


(C) 1886

(D) 1919

28. “Addis Ababa” is the capital city of

(A) Eritrea

(B) Ethiopia

 (C) Guinea

(D) Sudan

29. “Asmara” is the capital of:

(A) Sudan


(C) Kenya

(D) Eritrea

30. House of Lords is upper house of:


(B) France

 (C) Germany

 (D) UK

31. Longest military rule in the world

 (A) USA

(B) UK

(C) Japan

(D) None of above

32. Bagram Air base is in

(A) Balochistan Pakistan

 (B) Iran

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Tajikistan

33. Permanent members of Security Council

 (A) 15

(B) 5

 (C) 10

(D) None of above

34. Right of vote was first granted to women by

(A) New Zealand

(B) Switzerland

(C) UK


 35. Who was the first president of the USA?

(A)John Adams

(B)George Washington

(C)Richard Nixon

(D) None of above

36.Antara is news agency of

(A) Iraq

(B) Iran

(C) Indonesia

 (D) None of above

37.Which country Parliament has maximum members

 (A) India

(B) Iraq

 (C) China


38. Chichen Itza archaeological site is located in

 (A) Ecuador

(B) Argentina

(C) Mexico

(D) None of above

39. Who is a special assistant to PM Human Rights?

(A) Farooq Naseem

(B) Dr. Ali Ahmed

(C) Tariq Fatimi

(D) None of above

40. Kremlin is

(A) Russian President Office

(B) US President

(C) Russian Parade Ground

(D) None of above

 41. Pope who lives in Vatican in

 (A) Italy

(B) France

 (C) Korea

(D) None of above

 42. Telenor a brand in Telecommunication belong to

(A) Sweden

(B) Norway

 (C) France

(D) None of above

43.Current European Union consists of 4.

 (A) 30

(B) 28

(C) 27

(D) 26

44.Pakistan nuclear tests were conducted in the province of

(A) Punjab

(B) Sindh

 (C) Balochistan

 (D) KPK

 45. Pakistan largest partner of Exports

 (A) USA

(B) China

(C) European Union

(D) Bangladesh

 46. Quaid-e-Azam, resigned from congress in protest to

 (A) Gandhi started Satyagraha

 (B) Gandhi changed home rule league

(C) both a & b

(D) None of above

 47. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the formation of one unit?

 (A) Ch. Rehmat Ali

 (B) Feroz Khan Noon

 (C) Liaquat Ali

(D) Muhammad Ali Bogra

 48. Before becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, Feroz Khan Noon was the Governor of: (A) Pakistan

(B) Sindh

 (C) KPK

(D) East Pakistan

49. Longest Gulf of the world

(A) Mexico

(B) Eden

(C) both a & b

 (D) None of above

50. Blind World Cricket 2018 Cup was hosted by

 (A) Pakistan


(C) both a & b

 (D) None of above

51. Who gave the 1956 Constitution to Pakistan?

 (A) Bogra

(B) Ch. Muhammad Ali

 (C) Suhrawardi

 (D) None of above

52. Fatima Jinnah contested Presidential Elections

 (A) 1965

(B) 1970

 (C) 1962

(D) 1960

 53. Fastest bowler till 2017 was

(A) Shoaib Akhtar

(B) Sachin Tendulkar

(C) Naitan Sharma

 (D) None of above

54. Which country is not the member of ECO

 (A) Pakistan

(B) Tajikistan

 (C) Iran

(D) None of above

55. Term of Butterfly is used in which game

(A) Polo

(B) Swimming

(C) Tennis

(D) Cricket

56. Books of Muslim Scholar studied in European Universities

(A) Jabir bin Hayyan

(B) Bu Ali Sina

 (C) Farabi

(D) None of above

57. Charles Darwin wrote origin of species he was actually

(A) English Biologist

(B) French Nutritionist

(C) German Scientist

(D) None of above

 58. Kosovo year of independence is


(B) 2009

 (C) 2010

(D) None of above

59. Recently Russian President Putin has been elected for the period of

(A) 4 years

(B) 6 years

 (C) 5 years

(D) None of above

60. Governor of State Bank of Pakistan

(A) Yasin Anwar

 (B) Tariq Bajwa

 (C) Ashraf

(D) None of above

61. Tomb of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed is located in:

 (A) Pak Pattan

 (B) Mithan Kot

(C) Sahiwal

(D) None of above

62. Hujja tul Baligha is written by:

(A) Sir Syed

 (B) Shah Wali Allah

 (C) Syed Ahmed Shaheed

(D) None of above

 63. Atta Ullah Shah Bokhari was leader of:

(A) Nizam-e-Islam Party

 (B) Tehreek-e-Istaqlal

 (C) Tehreek-e-Ihrar

(D) Jihad Movement

64. East India Company occupied Punjab in:

(A) 1846

(B) 1849

 (C) 1843

(D) 1850

 65. What is population share of Punjab in Pakistan

(A) 52.95%

(B) 58.25%


(D) 63%

66. Which range, is located in the West of Pakistan

 (A) Karakoram

 (B) Himalayas

(C) Hindukush

 (D) None of above

 67. How many Emirates in UAE Federation?

(A) 4

(B) 16

(C) 6

(D) 7

 68. Juvenile prisoners are under the age of


(B) 16

(C) 18

(D) 20

69. Neelam Valley is in

(A) Swat

(B) Gilgit

(C) Azad Kashmir

(D) None of above

70. Microphone converts phone to sound into

(A) Electrical energy

 (B) Chemical energy

(C) None of above

 71. Velocity is measured by

(A) Speedometer

(B) Spherometer

(C) Spirometer

 (D) None of above

72. Sound cannot travel through

 (A) Water

(B) Sand

 (C) Vacuum

(D) None of above

 73. Pasteurized milk is processed to kill?

(A) Kill Bacteria

 (B) Kill Virus

(C) Both a & b

(D) None of above

74. Dialysis used for

(A) Kidney

(B) Heart

 (C) Lungs

(D) None of above

 75. Fear of bathing is known as:

(A) Claustrophobia

(B) Ablutophobia

(C) Acrophobia

 (D) None of above

76. Oxygen was discovered by:

(A) Charles


 (C) Wilhelm

(D) None of the above

 77. Nearest planet to the sun

(A) Mercury

(B) Venus

 (C) Mars

(D) Jupiter

78. Arab worship before Islam:

(A) Idols

(B) Fire

(C) Both a & b

 (D) None of above

79. Tarikh-al-rusul wal-al-Muluk is written by

(A) Ibne Sina

(B) At Tabari

(C) Jabar

(D) None of above

80. Who was the mother of Hazrat Usman (RA)?

(A) Arvi

(B) Salma bint-e-Sukhar

(C). Fatima bint-e-Asad

81. In Battle of _, the teeth of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad were martyred:

(A) Uhud

(B) Badar

(C) Khandak

 (D) Tabook

 82. Square root of V169

 (A) 17

(B) 13

 (C) 19

(D) None of above

83. Complete the series: 1, 5, 20, 60, 120

(A) 120

(B) 240

(C) 480

 (D) 560

 84. MS Office use for cut?

 (A) Ctrl +

(B) Ctrl + L

(C) Ctrl + Y

(D) Ctrl + Z

85. 0.25 + 100 is equal to:

 (A) 0.0025

(B) 0.026


(D) .25

86. In a class 20 boys, 28 girls. Find the percentage of girls?

(A) 58.3%

(B) 36.9%

 (C) 35%

(D) None of above

87. A train covers 240 miles in 24 minute time required for 650 miles?

(A) 65

(B) 89

(C) 109

(D) None of above

88. Triangle two sides equal?

(A) Isosceles


 (C) Trapezium

(D) None of above

89. When Hajj was made obligatory?

(A) 6 AH

(B) 9 AH

 (C) 10 AH

(D) None of above

90″ کھسیانی بلی کھمبا نوچے ” اس ضرب الشل سے کیا مراد ہے؟

A غصہ کی کا نکالنا کیا پر

 B پریشان آدمی کچھ بھی کر سکتاہے

 C شرمنده آدمی دوسروں پر غصہ نکالتا ہے

D شرمندگی میں کچھ سمجھ نہ آنا

 91. بابائے اردو کس کو کہا جاتا ہے؟

A مولانا الطاف حسین حالی

 B محمد حسین آزاد

 C ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 92. ڈوبتے کو تنکے کا سہارا گرائمر کی روسے کیا ہے؟

 A محاوره

B روزمره

 C ضرب المثل

D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 93. خدائے سخن کسی شاعر کالقب ہے؟

 A میر تقی میر

B مرزاغالب

 C مرزاریع سودا

D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 94. آتے، جاتے، لکھے پڑھے گرائمر کی روسے کیاہیں

 A غلامر

B فعل ہی

 C فعل مضارع

D فعل متعدی

95. پاک کا متضاد کیا ہے؟

A ناپاک نہ ہونا

 C ناپاک

B شرک

 D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

96. حسن کوزہ گر کسی شاعر کی نظم ہے۔

 A ن۔م راشد

B محمد حسین آزاد

 C منوبھائی

D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 97. آب حیات کس کی تصنیف ہے۔

 A محمد حسین آزاد

B غلام عباس

 C میر تقی میر

D تمام

 98. آنیل مجھے مار گرائمر کی روسے کیاہے؟

 A ضرب امثل

B محاوره

 C دونوں

D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 99. جانگلوس کس کی تحریر ہے۔

 A شوکت صدیقی

B رضیہ

 C بانو قدسیہ

D ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

 100. شوکت علی تھانوی کا اصل نام کیا ہے۔

 A محمد عمر

B محمدعلی

 C زاہد

D سعید