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Past Paper 5 ASSISTANT (BS-16)

1. In which Surah of the Holy Quran is there a mention of Zulqarnain?

 (A) Al-Anbiya

(B) Ai-Kahf

(C) Al-Mujadala

(D) None of these

 2. In 1958, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto joined the youngest Cabinet Government as Minister. What portfolio was given to him?

(A) Foreign Minister

(B) Commerce Minister

(C) Minister for Water and Power

(D) Interior Minister

3.Sindh was separated from Bombay Presidency in:

 (A) 1919

(B) 1925

 (C) 1936

(D) 1937

4. Which member state of SAARC is a monarchy?


(B) Maldives

(C) Bhutan

(D) None of these

5. Which Pakistani film was Faiz Ahmad Faiz associated with the writer of its screenplay?

(A) Zarqa

 (B) Beyond the Last Mountain

 (C) Bedaari

(D) Jago Hua Savera

 6. Fill in the blank. “A baby lives milk.”

 (A) By

(B) At

 (C) For

(D) On

7. A reduction of 20 per cent in the price of oranges enables a retailer to buy 25 oranges more for Rs.40. The reduced price of a basket containing 200 oranges is:

 (A) Rs.320

(B) Rs.64

 (C) Rs. 160

(D) None of these

 8. Who gave the advice of digging a defensive trench in the Ghazwa-e-Khandaq?

(A) Hazrat Salman Farsi (R.A)

(B) Hazrat Assad Ullah (R.A)

 (C) Hazrat Ubaidullah (R.A)

 (D) Hazrat Umar (R.A)

9. The recently concluded T-20 Cricket Cup was won by:

(A) India

(B) West Indies

(C) Australia

 (D) New Zealand

10. Find out the wrong number in the series,

2880, 480, 92, 24, 8, 4, 4

 (A) 180

(B) 92

(C) 24

(D) 4

 11. Find the antonym of “Despair”:

(A) Collapse

 (B) Hope

(C) Strength

(D) Terrible

12. Complete the sentence using the appropriate option: “———- of what he said was very sensible.”

 (A) Many

(B) few

(C) Much

(D) A few

 13. The opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will be held Sharjah on: (A) 9 Jan. 2017

(B) 25 Jan. 2017

(C) 1 Feb. 2017

 (D) 9 Feb. 2017

14. Find the antonym of “Candid”:

 (A) Bluff

(B) Devious

 (C) Careless

 (D) Active

 15. Arachnophobia is fear of:

(A) Cockroaches

 (B) Insects

 (C) Snakes


16. One of the problems of trading with India is the NTBs against imports. What does NTB stand for?

 (A) Negative Tariff Barriers

 (B) Non-Tariff Barriers

(C) Negative Tax Base

(D) Non-Tariff Base

17. The first Mujaddid was Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz (R.A.). Who was the second?

 (A) Ibne-e-Tamiya

 (B) Imam Ghazali

 (C) Ahmad Sirhindi

(D) Shah Waliullah

 18. Find the synonym of “Abdicate”:

(A) Join

(B) Search

(C) Abandon

(D) Advance

19. Which of the following personalities coated the Khaksar Movement?

(A) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

(B) Syed Ameer Ali

(C) Maulana Bhashani

(D) Maulana Inayatullah Mashriqi

20. Recently over 19 workers died in an explosion while working on a ship. Where did this accident take place?

(A) Port Qasim

(B) Karachi Port

(C) Gwadar

(D) Gadani

21. Name the apparatus used for determining the purity of milk?

 (A) Mohs Scale

 (B) Hygrometer

(C) Lactography

 (D) Lactometer

22. The newly elected Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, has also remained in Portugal.

(A) Foreign Minister

 (B) President

(C) Prime Minister

 (D) Finance Minister

 23. Pakistan’s first Nobel Prize winner, Professorn Dr. Abdul Salam, got his Master’s in Mathematics from:

(A) Government College, Jhang

(B) University of Heidelberg, Germany

 (C) Oxford University, UK

 (D) Government College, Lahore

24.which among the following is not a Ruminant?

 (A) Camel


(C) Cat


25. Which year did Quaid-e-Azam join the Indian National Congress?

(A) 1906

(B) 1905

(C) 1905


6. Fill in the blank: “Do not meddle —— my affairs.”

 (A) With

(B) In

(C) For

(D) About

27. Find the synonym of “Decipher”:

 (A) Clear

(B) Disregard

(C) Interpret

(D) Distort

28. Is the Bolshevik Revolution associated with the following countries?

 (A) Yugoslavia

 (B) Russia

(C) Greece

(D) Austria

29. Complete the sentence: “The students in the small room were packed


(A) Apples

(B) Wild animals

(C) Sardines

(D) Straw

30. Which of the following Search Engines is developed by Microsoft?

 (A) Google

(B) Alta Vista

 (C) Yahoo

(D) Bing

31.Which city was built by Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar to serve as the capital?

 (A) Fatehpur

(B) Fatehpur Sikri

(C) Fatehganj Sikri

(D) None of these

 32. Which Surah in the Holy Quran has Bismillah twice?

(A) Al-Nehal

 (B) Al-Namal

(C) Al-Ahzaab

(D) Al-Noor

 33. One of the Surahs in the Quran is An-Nahl. What is the meaning of An-Nahl?

(A) Ant

(B) Spider

 (C) Honey Bee

 (D) Date Palm

34. Pakistan lost to India in the final of the 4th Hockey Champions Trophy. Where was the final match played?

(A) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(B) Ipoh, Malaysia

(C) Kuantan, Malaysia

(D) Johor, Malaysia

35. Fill in the blank: “I saw no reason we should get up early.”

 (A) Why

(B) How

 (C) That

(D) For –

36. Google + is another alternative to which of the following sites?

(A) Facebook

 (B) Amazon

 (C) Flickr

(D) Bing

 37. A trader mixes 26 kg of rice at Rs. 20 per kg with 30 kg of rice of other varieties at Rs. 36 per kg and sells the mixed variety of rice at Rs. 30 per Kg. What will be his profit percentage?

(A) No profit / No loss

 (B) 5%

(C) 8%

(D) 10%

 37. A trader mixes 26 kg of rice at Rs. 20 per kg with 30 kg of rice of other varieties at Rs. 36 per kg and sells the mixed variety of rice at Rs. 30 per Kg. What will be his profit percentage?

(A) No profit / No loss

(B) 5%

 (C) 8%

(D) 10%

38. From which city did the 1857 War of Independence begin?

 (A) Delhi

(B) Lahore

 (C) Calcutta

(D) Meerut

 39. Find the antonym of “Apathy”:

 (A) Care

(B) Sympathy

 (C) Refuse

(D) Affection

 40. Fill in the blank: “She inquired health.”

(A) For

(B) About

(C) After

(D) Into

41. Who was, at one time, called “Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity”?

(A) Quaid-e-Azam                                                              

 (B) Motilal Nehru

 (C) Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi

 (D) Abdul Kalam Azad

 42. Bronchitis is a disease in the human body.

(A) Blood

(B) Kidneys

 (C) Respiratory tract

 (D) Bladder

43. Famous poet, Mustafa Zaidi, was by profession a:

 (A) Medical Doctor

(B) University Professor

 (C) Publisher

(D) Civil Servant

44. Qurbani during Hajj is performed at

 (A) Arafat

(B) Mina

 (C) Muzdalifah

 (D) Safa

 45. Name the Pakistani submarine which was in action in 1965 and in 1971 wars. It sank in the 1971 war while on a mission.

(A) PNS Ghazi

(B) PNS Dwarka

(C) PNS Rangamati

 (D) PNS Shamsher

 46. Fill in the blank: “Ten years ago, I. Lahore.”

 (A) Have worked

(B) Worked

(C) Had worked

(D) Will work

47. Find the synonym of “Antipathy”:

(A) Enmity

(B) Affection

 (C) Love

(D) Goodwill

48. “Kitab-ul-Asar” was compiled by:

(A) Imam Abu Hanifa

(B) Imam Shafi

(C) Imam Malik

(D) Imam Hanbal

49. How many chambers are there in a human heart?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 6

50. Simplify: 12 x (13 – 2 x 5) = ?

 (A) 36

(B) 660

 (C) -144

(D) None of these

51. Name the mammal, which can actually fly.

(A) Orangutan

 (B) Platypus

(C) Rhesus Monkey

 (D) Bat

52. Which of the following is correctly punctuated?

 (A) Abdul is a good driver, moreover, he is a very friendly one.

(B) Abdul is a good driver. Moreover he is a very friendly one.

(C) Abdul is a good driver, moreover, he is a very friendly one.

 (D) Abdul is a good driver: moreover, he is a very friendly one

 53. Who was the first female Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan?

(A) Begum Raana Liaqat Ali Khan

(B) Ms. Atiya Innayatullah

(C) Ms. Fehmida Mirza

(D) Ms. Shaista Ikramullah

54. Which Pakistani cricket player is the “Little Master”?

(A) Javed Miandad

(B) Hanif Muhammad

 (C) Nazar Muhammad

(D) Majid Khan

55. Complete the number series: 11, 13, 17, 19 ,23, 29, 31, 37, 41,

(A) 43

(B) 47

(C) 53

(D) 51

56. ‘Amazon’ is a best example of

(A) E-Commerce

(B) Social Networking

(C) Blogging

(D) Entertainment

 57. Average monthly income of P and Q is Rs. 5050. The average monthly income of Q and R is Rs. 6250. The average monthly income of P and R is Rs. 5200. What will be the monthly income of P?

 (A) 3500

(B) 4000

(C) 4050

(D) 5000

58. The husband of Begum Khalida Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, had remained the President of Bangladesh. What was his name?

 (A) Gen. Zia-ur-Rahman

 (B) Gen. Jamal Zia

 (C) Abdul Sattar Zia

(D) Gen. Ershad Hussain Zia

59. India is making efforts to join the NSG. What does NSG stand for?

(A) Nuclear Suppliers Group

(B)Nuclear States Group

(C)Nuclear Sanctioned Group

(D) None of these

 60. Complete the idiom: “A penny for your——”

 (A) Effort

(B) Hard work

(C) Apples

 (D) Thought

61. In which year was General Ayub Khan appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army?

 (A) 1951

(B) 1952

(C) 1955

(D) 1949

 62. Fill in the blank. “Are there apples in the kitchen?

 (A) Some

(B) Any

(C) Much

(D) None of these

 63. Which number is wrong in the series: 1, 2, 6,15, 31, 56, 91.

(A) 31

(B) 91

 (C) 56

(D) 15

64.Fill in the blank: “It is—— what I have ever seen.”

(A) Worst


(C) The worst

(D) The worse

65. Under which amendment of the 1973 Constitution were the Ahdmadis declared as


(A) 5th Amendment

 (B) 4th Amendment

(C) 3rd Amendment

 (D) 2nd Amendment

 66. Which of the following is an example of micro blogging?

 (A) Google +

(B) Facebook

(C) Orkut

(D) Twitter

67. When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto replaced Yahya Khan in 1971 he took over as:

(A) Prime Minister

 (B) President

(C)Caretaker Prime Minister

(D)Caretaker President

68. Who is the current President of China?

(A) XI Jinping

(B) Hu Jintao

(C) Jiang Zemin

(D) Li Xianian

 69. In MS Word, which of the following is not the type of a page margin?

(A) Left

(B) Right

 (C) Centre

(D) Top

70. ‘Siam’ is the old name of:

(A) Cambodia

 (B) Indonesia

(C) Singapore

(D) Thailand

 71. Name the only Pakistani who has served as the Secretary General of the OIC?

 (A) Agha Shahi

(B) Sharifuddin Pirzada

(C) Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

(D) Abdul Hafiz Pirzada

 72. Complete the sentence: “Abdul knew the conditions in England like the – of his hand.”

 (A) Lines

(B) Back

 (C) Skin

(D) Hair

 73. Fill in the blank: “He succeeded the throne after his father’s death.”

 (A) To

(B) In

 (C) On

(D) At

74. Choose the appropriate option to complete the sentence: “The Amazon in Brazil is

longest river in South America.”

 (A) Thel

(B) -/the

(C) A/the

(D) The/the

 75. What does AIDS stand for in medical terminology?

 (A) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

 (B) Auto Immune Deficiency Symptoms

(C) Acquired Immune Destruction Syndrome

(D) Auto Immune Deficiency System

76. What was the old name of Zhob?

(A) Campbellpur

 (B) Montgomery

(C) Fort Sandeman

(D) Fort Munro

77. Animals that eat both plants and meat are known as:

 (A) Herbivores

 (B) Carnivores

(C) Omnivores

 (D) Ruminants

78. Which one of the following sentences is correctly punctuated?

 (A) The weather this winter has been: windy,

(B) Vitamin C

 (C) Vitamin E

 (D) Vitamin D

 82. Which part of the human body is affected by Hepatitis C?

(A) Kidneys

(B) Spleen

(C) Pancreas

(D) Liver

83. Complete the sentence using the appropriate option: “The old woman lived alone, with to look after——-

 (A) Someone/her

(B) Anyone/herself

(C) No one/her

(D) Everyone/she

 84. Simplify 4 + 2 x 3 – 6 + 2 = ?

(A) 2

(B) -2

 (C) 4

(D) None of these

 85. In MS Word, Portrait and Landscape are:

(A) Page

(B) Paper size

(C) Page layout

(D) All of these

86. Which catalyst is used for separation of Oxygen and Hydrogen in water (H2O)?

 (A) Sodium Chloride

(B) Heat

(C) Electricity

(D) Nitric Acid

87. The mausoleum of Anarkali is located in which part of Lahore?

 (A) Inside the premises of the Secretariat Building

 (B) Inside the premises of the Governor’s House

 (C) Inside the walled city near Bhatti Gate

 (D) Near the mausoleum of the Saint Hazrat Mian Mir

 88. On 4 August 2010, Additional Inspector General Police, Safwat Ghayur, was martyred in a terrorist attack in Peshawar. He was the nephew of:

(A) Liaqat Ali Khan

 (B) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

 (C) Sardar Shaukat Hayat

(D) Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman

 89. Which of the following countries is not in Africa?

(A) Coated Ivories

 (B) Burkina Faso

(C) Namibia

(D) Ecuador

90. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had lost vision in his left eye as a result of:

(A) Congenital defect

(B) Stab wound

 (C) Arrow wound

 (D) Smallpox

91. ’’ٹوٹ پھوٹ‘‘ کا کردار کس ادیب نے تخلیق کیا؟

A پطرس بخاری

B جمیل الدین عالمی

92.و ٹی ویTVکا مشہور ڈرامہ ’’وارث، کس نے لکھا؟

A ڈاکٹر انور سجاد

 B عطالحق قاسمی

 C غالب

D امجد اسلام امجد

 93. جس کو فلک نے ٹوٹ کے ویران کردیا ہم رہنے والے ہیں اسی اجڑے دیار کے یہ مشہور شعر کس کا ہے؟

 A غالب

B میر تقی میر

 C خواجہ میر درد

D مومن خان مومن

 94. ’’بقدر اشک بلبل‘‘ سے کیا مراد ہے؟

A ندامت کے آنسو

 B خوشی کے آنسو

 C عاشق کی گریہ و زاری

D کی چیز کی خفیف مقدار

 95. ہارٹ اٹیک Heart Attack کس مشہور شاعر کی نظم ہے؟

 A فیض احمد فیض

B مصطفی زیدی

 C احمد فراز

D ن۔ م۔ راشد

96. ”ابو تام، قواعد کی رو سے ہے؟

A لقب .

B کنیت

 C خطاب

D خلاص

 97 ملٹی ہو گئیں سب تدبیریں کچھ نہ دوا نے کام کیا دیکھ اس بہاری دل نے آخر کام تمام کیا یہ شعر کس مشہور شاعر کا ہے؟ A خواجہ میر درد

B غالب

 C مومن خان مومن

D میر تقی میر

 98. کسی زمانے میں اردو اخبار ’’ ہمدرد“ کا بڑا چرچا تھا۔ اخبار کون نکالتے —

A مولانا محمد علی جوہر

B شاہد احمد دہلوی

C منشی سجاد حسین

 D مولانا عبدالحلیم شرر

 99. کچا چھٹا کہنا‘‘ محاورہ ہے۔ اس کے کیا معنی ہیں؟

A پین کا حال سنانا

B جیح حال بیان کرنا

C چھٹی پڑھ کر سنانا

D ماحاصل بیان کرنا