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PPSC recently announced many lecturer computer science posts 2022. From this platform you will get all the PPSC lecturer computer science past papers mcqs which are solved as well. We are providing best preparation of PPSC Lecturer Computer Science for the aspirant of PPSC and Live couching from our experienced staff. To Learn or Read some past papers of PPSC Lecturer Computer Science is not a big deal but to learn and under stand the major concepts of the core subjects is a big deal which will leads you to success. Moreover to learn some mcqs or some PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Past Papers instead of understanding the Topic or subject is disastrous. If you learn or under stand the topic from a good teacher then you will able to attempt any conceptual as well as technical mcq in your exam and on the other side if you learn only some mcq’s of a topic then you will ultimately not be able to solve any new mcq given in the paper.

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PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Past Papers MCQs | PPSC Past Papers Solved MCQ’s

266. A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is

A. Keyboard

 B. Plotter

C. Scanner

 D. OMR E.

 None of these

 Answer: Option C

267. Which protocol provides e-mail facility among different hosts?





 E. None of these

 Answer: Option B

 268. The basic architecture of computer was developed by

 A. John Von Neumann

 B. Charles Babbage

 C. Blaise Pascal

 D. Garden Moore

 E. None of these

  Answer: Option A

 269. In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in cell, we must begin with an operator such as A. $

 B. @

 C. +

 D. =

 E. #

 Answer: Option D

 270. In how many generations a computer can be classified?

A. 3

 B. 4

 C. 5

 D. 6

Answer: Option C

 271. Fifth generation computers are based on

A. Artificial Intelligence

B. Programming Intelligence

C. System Knowledge


 Answer: Option A

272. First generation of computer was based on which technology?

 A. Transistor



  D. Vacuum Tube

  Answer: Option D

273. Microprocessor was introduced in which generation of computer?

 A. Second Generation                  B. Fourth Generation

C. Both (A) and (B)                         D. Third Generation

 Answer: Option B

274. Second generation computers are made of

 A. Vacuum Tubes                           B. Transistors

C. LSI                                                  D. VLSI

 Answer: Option B

 275. Which of the following memory is nonvolatile?

 A. SRAM                                         B. DRAM

 C. ROM                                          D. All of the above

 276. GUI stands for

 A. Graph Use Interface               B. Graphical Universal Interface

C. Graphical User Interface        D. Graphical Unique Interface

277. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as

 A. Storage                                     B. Output

C. Input                                           D. Information

Answer: Option C

 278. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is:

 A. Execution Time                     B. Delay Time

  C. Real Time                              D. Waiting Time

Answer: Option A

 279. Which of the following circuit is used as a ‘Memory device’ in computers?

A. Rectifier                                B. Flip Flop

 C. Comparator                        D. Attenuator

 Answer: Option B

280. The memory sizes in mainframe computers and advanced technology microcomputer are expressed as

 A. Bytes                                   B. Kilobytes

  C. Bits                                     D. Megabytes

 Answer: Option D

281.A typical slide in a slide presentation would not include

  • photo images charts, and graphs
  • graphs and clip art
  • c)  clip art and audio clips
  • full motion video
  • None of these

282.The PC productivity tool that manipulates data organized in rows and column is called a

  • f)   spreadsheet
  • word processing document
  • presentation mechanism
  • database record manager
  • None of these

283.In the absence of parentheses, the order of operation is

  • exponentiation, addition of subtraction, multiplication of division
  • addition or subtraction, multiplication or division, exponentiation
  • multiplication or division, exponentiation, addition or subtraction
  • n)  exponentiation, multiplication or division, addition of subtraction
  • None of these

284.To find the Paste Special option, you use the clipboard group on the         tab of power point

  1. Design

  b)Slide show

  c) Page layout

  d) Home

285.A(n) program is one that is ready to run and does not need to be altered in any way.


b) High level

c) Compiler

d) Executabl

 286.In order to get 256 from the number 2568 we divide this number by 10 and take,

► Its remainder

► The number

► Its quotient

► Its divisor

287 .The correct syntax of do-while loop is,

► (condition ) while; do { statements; };

► { statements; } do-while ();

► while(condition); do { statements; };

► do { statements; } while (condition);

288.   Which of the following function(s) is/are included in stdlib.h header file?

► double atof(const char *nptr)

► int atoi(const char *nptr)

► char *strcpy ( char *s1, const char *s2)

► 1 and 2 only 

289 . If the break statement is missed in switch statement then,

► The compiler will give error

► This may cause a logical error

► No effect on program

► Program stops its execution

290.The data type before a function name represents its,

► Return Type (

► Function data

► Function arguments

► Function name

291. Member function tellg() returns the current location of the                        _ pointer.

► tellptr()

► write()

► seekg()

► get()

292.What does 5 | 6 , evaluate to in decimal where ‘|’ is bitwise OR operator?

► 3

► 4

► 5


5 | 6 =

0 1 0 1

0 1 1 0


0 1 1 1 = 7

293 .   C is widely known as development language of               operating system.

► Linux

► Windows

► Unix

► Mac OS

294. What will be the result of arithmetic expression 6+27/3*3?

► 33

► 45

► 9

► 30

295. How many Bytes are occupied by declaring following array of characters?

char str[] = “programming”;

► 10

► 11

► 12

► 13

296. What will be the correct syntax for initialization of pointer ptr with string “programming”?

► char ptr = ’programming’ ;

► char *ptr = “programming” ;

► char *ptr = ‘programming’ ;

► *ptr = “programming” ;

array element in each array initialized with a single character enclosed in single quote.

While assigning a character value to a char type variable single quotes are used around the character as ‘a’.

297.  What will be the result of expression x%= 2, if x = 7?

 x = 1

► x = 3

► x = 7

► x = 2

298. UNIX has been developed in                 language.


► B



299 .Declaring structures does not mean that memory is allocated.

 True (

► False

300.What will be the value of i and j in the following code segment?

int i, j ;

int x[5] = {2, 3, 4, 8, 9} ;

int *ptr =&x[2];

i = (*ptr)++ ;

j = *ptr++ ;

► i = 5, j = 5

► i = 5, j = 8

 i = 4, j = 8

► i = 5, j = 9

301 .When an array element is passed to a function, it is passed by —————-.

► reference

► data type

► value

► data

302. Base address is the memory address of _______ element of an array.

1st element
►2ad element
►3rd element
►none of above

303. In_________, we try to have a precise problem statement

►None of the given

304.Each array declaration must provide the information about all these things except

►Name of the array
►Type of data stored in the array
►The location of the first element to be stored
Number of elements of the array

305. Pointers work by pointing to a particular___________

data type
►None of the given

306..are conventional names of the command line parameters of the ‘main()’ function.

► ‘argb’ and ‘argv’
‘argc’ and ‘argv’
► ‘argc’ and ‘argu’
►None of above

307.Which header file must be included to use the functions tolower() and toupper()?

ctype.h (not sure)

308.The statement cout yptr will show the __________the yptr points to.

memory address

309. In Analysis, we try to have a______________

►Determined the inputs
►Break of problem
Precise problem statement
►None of the given

310. Pointers are a special type of __________in which a memory address is stored variable

___________ Returns true if c is a digit and false otherwise.

►int isalpha( int c )
►int isalnum( int c )
►int isxdigit( int c )
int isdigit( int c )

311. At the___________, we try to break up the problem into functional units

►analysis phase
design phase
►Implementation phase
►None of the given

312. The increment of a pointer depends on its___________.

data type

313. We must include the header file ________to convert the value of one type into another type using built-in functions.


314.To get the value stored at a memory address, we use the_______________

►referencing operator
dereferencing operator
►simple operator
►None of the given

315. A character is stored in the memory in _________

  • byte
  • ►integer
  • ►string
  • ►none

316. char **argv can be read as_______________

pointer to pointer
►pointer to char
►pointer to pointer to char
►None of the given

317. ______________ Returns true if c is a letter and false otherwise.

int isalpha( int c )
►int isalnum( int c )
►int isxdigit( int c )
►int isdigit( int c )

318. suppose we have int y[10]; To access the 4th element of the array we write________


319. Given a two dimensional array of integers, what would be the correct way of assigning the value 6 to the element at third row and fourth column?

►array[3][4] = 6 ;
►array[2][4] = 6 ;
►array[4][3] = 6 ;
array[2][3] = 6 ;

320.if (a>b && a>c) then the condition will be true only if 
Both a>b and a>c are true
► a>b is false and a>c is true
► a>b is true and a>c is false
► Both a>b and a>c are false 
321.In while loop the loop counter must be initialized, 
 ►With in the loop
Before entering the loop
► At the end of the loop
 ►None of the given options
322.__________ of a variable means the locations within a program from where it can be accessed. 
 ► Data type
323.Switch support_______________ data.
► Integer 
► Character
► Float 
► Both integer and character 
324.A function is a block of statements that can be defined once and used ________ in the program. 
► One time
► Two times
► Three times
► As many times as user wants
325._________statement is used to terminate the processing of a particular case and exit from switch structure. 
► if
► goto
► continue
326.The most suitable data type for number 325.25 is ______. 
► char
► int
► short
327.X is an integer variable; what does X++ means, 
► Add 1 two times in X value 
► Add 1 in X value 
► Add 2 in X value 
 ►None of these  

328.The operators ++ and –- are used to increment or decrement the value of a variable by ________ 
► 2
► 3
► 4

329.Which of the following loops checks the test condition at the end of the loop?
► While
► For
► Nested Loop