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1. What was the topic of (A) Group of people in a procession his Ph.D. thesis? 

(A) The Development of Metaphysics in Persia 

(B) Evolution of Rumi’s Metaphysics

(C) Reconstruction of Religious

(D) None of these 

2.  which country did it originate fast food chain?  

(A) england

(B) UK

(C) India

(D) South Africa 

3. Which one is the  “Ikebana”? 

(A) A form of martial arts 

(B) Japanese flower arrangement 

(C) Japanese dance form 

(C) Japanese dance form 

4. Whose war dance is still used by the New Zealand rugby(sport) team, were: 

(A) Aborigenes

(B) Zuluz 

(C) Māoris 

(D) Fijians 

5. Which of the following  political parties(group) did not boycott the Simon Commission? 

(A) All India Muslim League 

(B) Unionist Party 

(C) Indian National Congress 

(D) Hindu Mahasabha 

6. Who was the author(writer) of the famous book “1984”?

(A) George Orwell 

(B)  Joseph Conrad

(C) Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

(D) Franz Fanon 

7. What do you mean by Caucus’? 

(A) Group of people in a procession

(B) Group of people making noise

(C) A closed political meeting

(D) A group of people dancing

8. Which was the capital(center) of the Ummayad dynasty* : 

(A) Cairo

(B)  Baghdad

(C) Madina

(D) None of these

9. Human bones do not contain ?

(A) Phosphorous

(B) Oxygen

(C) Carbon 

D) Calcium

10.  Commission appointed to probe into the 1970 crisis in the

East Pakistan his name was ?

 (A) Justice Shahbuddin Commission

 (B)  Agartala Probe Commission

 (C)  B.AR Courelius Commission

 (D) Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission

11. Convert to Indirect form: He said “Hurrah! We have won the match”.

(A)He asked if they had won the match

(B)  He told them that they had won the match 

(C) He yelled that they have won the match

(D) He exclaimed with joy that they had won the match

12. When was  historic city of Kairouan in Tunisia founded(started) in 670 AD by:

(A) Musa bin Nusayr 

(B) Sultan Suleman

(C) Uqba bin Nafey

(D) Khalid bin Waleed

13. Which  compound used in anti-Malaria drugs is: 

(A) Chloroquine

(B) Aspirin 

(C) Neoprene

(D) Isoprene

14. Excel program is associated with ?

(A) Graphic program

(B) Word processor 

(C) Presentation

(D) Spreadsheet

15. What does EBDO stand for?

(A) Elected Bodies Dissolution Order

(B) Electoral Bodies Dissolution Order

(C) Electoral Boundaries Delimitation Order 

(D) Elected Basic Democrats Order

16. A computer cannot function without: 

(A) Microsoft Office

(B) Operating System

(C) Internet Connection 

(D) Antivirus Protection

17. Which file format(layout) can be added to a Power Point show?

(A) gif 

(B) .jpg

(C) wav 

(D) All of these

18. What is the arithmetic mean (average) of 2.4 6, 8, 10 and 12?

 (A) 8

(B) 6

(C) 7 

(D) 9

19. Airbus  headquarter is in

(A) USA 

(B) Germany

(C) France 

(D) UK

20.  What was the  Mr. Masood Khan last assignment before becoming the president(leader)?

(A) Permanent representative of Pakistan to UN 

(B) Ambassador of Pakistan to China 

(C) Director General, Institution of Strategic Studies, Islamabad

(D) Foreign Secretary

21. Rocket propulsion is based on: 

(A) Newton’s second law of motion

(B) Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

(C) Newton’s third law of motion

(D) None of these

22. Che Guevara, Marxist revolutionary closely links  with Fidel Castro, was from:

(A) Ecuador

(B) Bolivia

(C)  Cuba

 (D) Argentina

 23. Photosynthesis takes place faster in plants : 

(A) Yellow light

(B) Darkness

(C) Red light 

(D) White light

 24.   Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in ?

(A) 2013 

(B) 2015

(C) 2017 

(D) 2010

25. Pearl Harbor, a US Naval base  formal entry of the US in the Second World War

(A)  Italy

(B)  Germany

(C) China 

(D) Japan

26. Who is the write of  autobiography “in the Line of the Fire” : 

(A) Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw

(B) Lt. Gen Sher Ali Khan Pataudi

(C) Lt. Gen. Shahid Hamid 

(D) Gen. Pervez Musharraf

 27. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) was years old when Hazrat Ismail (AS) was born:

(A) 80

(B) 84

(C) 86 

(D) 87

28. Where is “Ahmad Shah Masud’ of Afghanistan : 

(A) Tajik 

(B) Pakhtun

(C) Uzbek

(D) Hazzara

29. which country did he belong Rasputin in a notorious character of History?

(A) Germany

(B) Israel

 (C) Italy 

(D) Russia

30.What is the name  OF the first President USA who visited Pakistan

(A) Dwight D. Eisenhower

(B) Lyndon Johnson

(C) John F. Kennedy 

(D) Richard Nixon

31. Hazrat Umar (RA) stayed the Caliph for almost:

(A) 2 years 

(B) 4 years

(C) 8 years 

(D) 10 years 

32. ‘X’ has a brother ‘Y’ ‘X’ is son of ‘C ‘D’ is father of ‘C’. What relation is ‘Y’ of ‘D’?

(A) Son 

(B) Brother

(C) Grandson

(D) Cousin

33. Name the Angel who was deliver messages to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from Allah:

(A) Hazrat Jibraeel (AS)

(B) Hazrat Mekaeel (AS)

(C) Hazrat Israfeel (AS) 

(D) Hazrat Izraeel (AS)

34. If the cost price of an article is 25% of its selling price, then what is the profit in %?

 (A) 150% 

(B) 200%

(C) 300% 

(D) 350%

35. Alongside a wall of 225 meters long, 26 trees are planted at equal distance, one tree being at each end of the wall. What is the distance between two uninterrupted trees?

(A) 8 m 

(B) 9 m

(C) 10 m 

(D) 11 m

36. Which of the following leader of the Indian National Congress termed the Lahore Resolution of 1940 as “Jinnah’s fantastic proposals”?

(A) M.K. Gandhi

(B) Jawaharlal Nehru

(C) Raj Gopalachoriya 

(D) Motilal Nehru

37. Which of the following files have a “mpg’ extension?

(A) Audio 

(B) Image

(C) Video 

(D) Flash

38. Statistical study of human population is known: 

(A) Ecology

(B) Anthropology 

(C) Entomology

(D) Demography

 39. change into passive voice: Our task had been completed before sunset.

 (A) We complet our task before sunset

 (B) We have completed our task before  the sunset

(C) We fullfill our task before sunset

(D) We had completed our task before sunset 

40. Which of the following has the maximum density?

(A) Water 

(B) Ice

(C) Benzene

(D) Chloroform

 41. General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff links  to the Regiment.

(A) Punjab 

(B) Baloch

(C) Azad Kashmir

(D) Frontier Force

42. How many Goals have been discovered in the Sustainable Development Goals?

(A) 12 

(B) 14

(C) 15 

(D) 17

43. A large procession was taken against rising prices.

(A) About 

(B) Out

(C) In 

(D) For

44. Fnd  the number series”: 3, 2, 7, 6, 11, ___

(A) 13 

(B) 4

(C) 8  

(D) 10 

45. Water drops are spherical because of 

(A) Air pressure

(B) Density 

(C) Viscosity

(D) Surface tension

46. Complete it: “Best things come in small

(A) Installments

(B) Joys 

(C) Packages

(D) Gifts

48. Whichof the following  instrument is used to measure altitude? 

(A) Audiometer

(B) Barometer 

(C) Altimeter

(D) Anemometer

49. Who at present holds the office of the Chief Executive in the Afghan Government?

(A) Ashraf Ghani

(B) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

 (C) Abdullah Abdullah 

(D) None of these

50. Quaid-e-Azam’s first wife name was ?

(A) Ruttle Jinnah 

(B) EmibalJinnah

(C) Maryam Jinnah 

(D) Gulzar Jinnahpoonja

 51. Dushanbe is the capital of: 

(A) Turkmenistan

(B) Kazakhstan 

(C) Tajikistan

(D) Uzbekistan

52. Synonym of Rookie is: 

(A) Expert

(B) Professional 

(C) A new recruit

(D) An old man

53. Which  of the following file is responsible to start MS Word? 

(A) Winword.exe

 (B) Win.exe

(C) Word.exe 

(D) Word win.exe

54. Choose the correct sentence among following: 

(A) He was promoted as DSP

(B) He was promoted DSP

(C) He was promote DSP 

(D) He promoted as DSP

55. “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, as a slogan, was the hallmark of the:

(A) Bolshevik Revolution

(B) French Revolution

(C) American war of independence 

(D) Cuban revolution

56. The first OIC Summit conference was held in: 

(A) Lahore 

(B) Cairo

(C) Jeddah 

(D) Rabat

 57. States of Dir, Chitral and Swat were merged in NWFP in:

(A) 1968 

(B) C1969

(C) 1970 

(D) C1971

58. What is a mixture(combination) of Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal and Sulpher called(known)?

(A) Paint 

(B) Aluminum

(C) Brass 

(D) Gunpowder

59. What do you understand by Shoal? 

(A) Large number of insects together

(B) A large group of horses

(C) Group of unidentified flying objects 

(D) Large number of fish swimming together

60. What is meant by Cortage? 

(A) A funeral procession

(B) A victory procession

(C) Unruly crowd 

(D) Highly disciplined crowd

 61. “Cross your when you come to them”.complete the idiom.

(A) Bridges 

(B) Roads

 (C) Obstacles

 (D) Rivers

 62. Simplify: 18800/470/20 =? 

(A) 1 

(B) 2

(C) 3 

(D) 4

63. Choose the correct sentence. 

(A) Faisalabad is famous city as Lahore

(B) Faisalabad is the famous city as Lahore 

(C) Faisalabad is as famous a city as Lahore

(D) Faisalabad is as famous city as Lahore

64. In 2006 the UN General Assembly decided to replace(change) the UN Commission on Human Rights with the:

(A) UN Human Rights Committee

(B) UN Human Rights Department

(C) UN Human Rights Council 

(D) UN Human Rights Agency

65. EBDO introduced by Ayub Khan in 1959 mainly affected(changed) politicians from:


(B) Baluchistan 

(c) East Pakistan

(D) Sindh

66. Which of the following shortcuts key  is used to make text italic?

(A) Ctrl + U 

(B) Ctrl + I

(c) Ctrl + B 

(D) Ctrl + P

 67. Who is currently(presently) the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Pakistan?

(A) Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef

(B) President Mamnoun Hussain

(C) Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa 

(D) Gen. Zubair Mahmood

68. Synonym of incessant is: 

(A) Extreme 

B) Intermittent

(C) Continuous

(D) Occasional

69. Who  is the founder of Apple Computers?

(A) Steve Jobs

(B) Bill Gates 

(C) Mark Zuckerburg

(D) None of these

70. Which disease affects the skin?

(A) Rickets 

(B) Osteoporosis

(C) Anemia 

(D) Pellagra

71. The theorem(statement) “In a right angle triangle the area of the square of hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares of the other two sides”, was invent(discover) by which person:

(A) Archimedes

(B) Pythagoras 

(C) Isaac Newton

 (D) Socrates

72. Synonym of Fictitious is: 

(A) Flattering

(B) Truthful

(C) False 

(D) Genuine 

73. Who was the last Governor General of Hong Kong before it was handed over to the Chinese by the British?

(A) Sir Leon Britton

(B) Chris Patten

(C) Sir James Barrington 

(D) None of these

 74. What is the first name of President(leader) Putin of Russia?

(A) Nikita 

(B) Alexander

(C) Uri 

(D) Vladimir

75. Which is the full form of Wi-Fi”? 

(A) Wireless Fidelity

(B) Wired Fidelity 

(C) Wireless Focus

(D) Wireless Field

76. Who is currently(presently) the spokesperson of the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

(A) Ms. Tasnim Aslam

(B) Nafees Zakriya

(C) Kazi Khaleelullah 

(D) Iftikhar Warraich

77. Who among the following concluded(result) the Treaty of Seringapatam with Tipu Sultan?

(A) Warren Hastings

(B) Lord Comwallis 

(C) Robert Clive

 (D) John Dalhousle

78. The territorial claim over the island of Abu Musa is disputed between(among). 

(A) Iraq and Iran

(B) Iran and UAE 

(C) Iran and Oman

(D) Kuwait and Iraq

79. Choose the correct sentence from following: 

(A) I requesting her to kindly help me

(B) I requested her to help me kindly/please

(C) I  requested her to help me 

(D) I requested her  to help me

80. Shahjahan, the Mughal Emperor, was unconcerned from throne by:

(A) Prince Khurram

 (B) Hemu 

(C) Dara Singh

(D) Auranzeb

81. Which archipelago in the Indian Ocean(sea) is also a member of SAARC?

(A) Seychelies

(B) Sri Lanka 

(C) Maldives

 (D) Guam

 82. Where is Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani buried : 

(A) Bait-ul-Muqadus

(B) Tehran

(C) Qon 

(D) Baghdad 

83. “Too many cooks spoil the ——.complete it.

(A) Food 

(B) Broth

(C) Meat 

(D) None of these

84. In a computer what does DPI means? 

(A) Dots Processing Inch

(B) Dots per Inch

(C) Diagram per Inch 

(D) Diagram Processing Inch

 85. find the number series: 4, 6, 9, 13, 

(A) 15 

(B) 12

(c) 18

(D) 17 

86. Collage library gets an average of 510 visitors(invitees) every Sunday and on other day 240.Average number of visitors in a month of 30 days starting with Sunday?

(A) 280 

(B) 285

(c) 290 

(D) 295

87. Who is the current(present) Chairman of the Senate? 

(A) Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan

(B) Syed Nayyar Bokhari

(C) Sabir Ali Baloch 

(D) Raza Rabbani

88. The headquarters of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is located In:

(A) Austria

(B) Netherlands

(C) Geneva, Switzerland 

(D) New York, USA

89. Who was the first amongst men to accept Islam?

(A) Hazrat Usman (RA)

(B) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)

(C) Hazrat Umar (RA)

(D) Hazrat Ali (RA) 

90.The unit of work and energy? 

(B) Kilogram

(A) Joule 

(D) Kilowatt

(C) Ampere 

91 ۔ حرف آنا کا مفہوم ہے؟

  • فکر ہونا
  • الزام آتا
  • سیکھنا

(D) پڑھنا شروع کرنا

 92۔ شکوہ اور جواب شکور نامی نظمیں علامہ اقبال کے کسی مجموعہ کلام میں ہیں؟

(A) ارمغان حجاز

 (B) پیام مشرق

(C) ضرب کلیم

(D) بانگ درا 

 93۔پاوں تلے زمین نکلنا کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟

 (A) گر فتار ہو جاتا

(B) غلط فہمیکا شکار ہونا |

 (C) گرجانا

((D) گھبرا جانا

94 ۔ لفظاردوکا لغوی معنی کیا ہے؟ 

لشکر (A)

بولی (B)

ادب (C)

زبان (D)

95 ۔فارسی میں لکھی گئی مشہور کتاب “تذک بابری “کا تعلق  کس صنف سے ہے؟

 (A) آپ بیتی 

(B) ڈرامہ

(C) انشا پردازی

 (D) ناول 

96۔ مندرجہ ذیل شعر کس کا ہے؟ 

باطل سے دبنے والے اے آسان نہیں ہم     سو بار کر چکا ہے تو امتحان ہمارا 

(A) حبیب جالب

 (B) علامہ اقبال 

(C) غالب

 (D) احمد فراز 

97 ۔ آنکھیں پھیر لینا کیا مطلب ہے؟ 

(A) راہ سے بھٹکاتا

 (B) دھوکا دینا

(C) بے مروت ہو جانا

 (D) ناراض ہو جانا 

98 ۔ ہمدرد نامی اخبارکسی نے جاری کیا؟ 

(A) مولانا آنراو

 (B) مولانا ظفر علی خاں 

(C) شوکت علی

(D) مولانا جوہر 

 99 ۔کون سا مغل بادشاہ ارد و کا نامور شاعر تھا؟

 (A) بابر

 (B) ہمایوں 

(C) اکبر

(D) بہادر شاه نظر

 100 مغل دور میں کسی زبان کو درباری زبان کا درجہ حاصل تھا؟ 

(A) أروو

 (B) ہندی

 (C) فارسی

(D) عربی