PPSC 2021 Past Papers Paper 38 ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT JAIL (BS-16) | PPSC Past Papers 2021 pdf | PPSC MCQs 2021

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1. Who launched the Jihad Movement in 1826? 

(A) Syed Ahmed Shaheed Barelvi

(B) Maulana Abdul Haq

(C) Shah Wali Ulah

(D) Mualana Zafar Ali Khan

2. The famous book Asar-ul Sanadid was written by:

(A) Mualana Zafar Ali Khan

(B) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(C) Altaf Hussain Hali 

(D) Allama Iqbal

3. The Battle of Plassey was fought in: 

(A) 1755 

(B) 1757

(C) 1758 

(D) 1760

4. Who was the famous female freedom fighter during the revolt of 1857?

(A) Razia Sultana

(B) Fatima Jinnah

(C) Rani of Jhansi 

(D) Mother of Jauhar Brothers

 5. The British Official responsible for the partition of Bengal into two provinces was:

(A) Lord Curzon

(B) Lord Wavell

(C) Lord Mountbatten 

(D) Lord Irwin

6. In which of the following two provinces the Muslim League formed government during years 1935-1945?

(A) Bengal & Sindh

(B) Sindh & Punjab

 (C) Bengal & Punjab

(D) None of these 

7. Which Muslims majority area of Punjab was awarded to India by the 1947 Boundary Commission?

(A) Amritsar 

(B) Ferozpur

(C) Jalandhar

(D) None of these

8. The Muslims Rule in Mysor was established by:

(A) Hyder Ali

(B) Tipu Sultan 

(C) Sirajud-duala

(D) Sher Shah Suri

9. In 1739 which Muslim ruler sacked Delhi 

(A) Aurangzeb

(B) Akbar 

(C) Nadir Shah

(D) Dara Shikoh

10. In Sub-Continent Lord Maccaulay is known for his contribution in the field of:

(A) Science

(B) English Language

(C) History 

(D) Education

11. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented his fourteen points in

(A) 1925 

(B) 1929

(C) 1930 

(D) 1932

12. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League in:

(A) 1906 

(B) 1908

(C) 1910 

(D) 1913

13. Who founded the Faraizi Movement in Bengal?

(A) Haji Shariat Ullah

(B) Shah Abdul Aziz

(C) Shah Wall Ullah

(D) None of these 

14. The Second Governor General of Pakistan was: 

(A) Liaqat Ali Khan

(B) Khawaja Nazimuddin

(C) Ghulam Muhammad 

(D) Isskandar Mirza

15. The number of seats for women in the National Assembly is

(A) 50

(B) 55 

(C) 60 

(D) 65

16. The total No. of Jails in Punjab is 

(A) 30 

(B) 32

(C) 34

(D) 35 

17. Wana is tha main town of which Tribal Agency?

(A) South Waziristan

(B) North Waziristan

(C) Khyber Agency 

(D) Bajaur Agency

18. The Coldest place in Pakistan is: 

(A) Murree 

(B) Ziarat

(C) Swat 

(D) Quetta

19. The Proposed Kala bag Dam is a: 

(A) Hydal Power Project

(B) Thermal Power Project

(C) Nuclear Power Project 

(D) All of these

20. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki- moon belongs to:

(A) South Korea

(B) China

(C) Japan 

(D) Hong Kong

21. The term Fourth Estate refers to: 

(A) Army 

(B) Judiciary

(C) Parliament

(D) Press

22. Carnivores are animals that feed on: 

(A) Plants

(B) Other animals

(C) Both Plants and Animals 

(D) None of these

23. When a prisoner is released conditionally before the expiry of his sentence it is called:

(A) Parole 

(B) Bail

(C) Probation

(D) None of these

24. Gen. Ayub Khan seized power and abrogated the constitution of 1956 in:

(A) 1967 

(B) 1958

(C) 1959 

(D) 1960

25. Pakistan % second constitution was promulgated in:

(A) 1947 

(B) 1956

(C) 1962 

(D) 1973

26. Pakistan joined the Non-Allianed Movement (NAM) in: 

(A) 1978 

(B) 1979

(C) 1980 

(D) 1982

27. Sachal Sarmast is the famous Sufi poet of: 

(A) Punjab 

(B) K.KP

(C) Baluchistan

(D) Sindh 

28. Mr. Z.A. Bhutto became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in:

(A) 1970 

(B) 1971

(C) 1972 

(D) 1973

29. The Council of Islamic Ideology has been established:

(A) To promote Islamic Ideology

(B) To see that all laws are made according to the Injunctions of Islam

(C) To established Islamic Culture 

(D) None of these

30. Qadirpur Gas Field is in: 

(A) Sindh 

(B) Punjab

(C) KPK 

(D) Baluchistan

31. Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch is the Chief Minister of: 

(А) КРК 

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Gilgit Baltistan

 (D) None of these

32. Addis Adaba is the capital of 

(A) Barbados

(B) Ethiopia

(C) Kenya 

(D) Yemen

33. The capital of United Arab Emirates is: 

(A) Dubai 

(B) Abu Dhabi

(C) Sharja 

(D) Qatar

34. The Silicon Valley in USA is famous for: 

(A) Mining Projects

(B) Film Industry

(C) Computer Business 

(D) Mobile Industry

35. Taksim Square is in 

(A) Istanbul 

(B) Cairo

(C) Baghdad

(D) Kabul

36. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the Prime Minister of: 

(A) Iraq 

(B) Egypt

(C) Syria 

(D) Turkey

37. Madagascar is in:

(A) America 

(B) Australia

(C) Spain 

(D) Africa

38. Lionel Messi is the famous player or. 

(A) Cricket 

(B) Football

(C) Golf 

(D) Hockey

39. Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman was the founder of: 

(A) Ferozsons Publishers

(B) Jhang Group

(C) Pakistan Times 

(D) Nawa-i-Waqt

40. Which of the following employs the major work force in Pakistan?

(A) Agriculture Sector

(B) Armed Forces

(C) Govt. Sector 

(D) Industrial Sector

41. The first great Arab Alchemist was: 

(A) Ibne-Sina

(B) Al-Razi

(C) Jbair Bin Hayyan

(D) Al-Beruni 

42. The present National Assembly is the Assembly of Pakistan.

(A) 13th 

(B) 14th

(C) 15th 

(D) 16th

43. The term Grand Slam is associated with: 

(A) Badminton

(B) Tennis

(C) Football 

(D) Table tennis

44. Ricky Ponting the famous cricket player belong to:

(A) Australia 

(B) England

(C) South Africa

(D) New Zealand

45. Gobi Desert is located in: 

(A) Asia 

(B) Africa

(C) America 

(D) Australia

46. Which of the following acids is used in batteries:

(A) Sulphuric Acids

(B) Hydrochloric Acid

(C) Nitric Acid 

(D) Ethanoic Acid

47. The Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called

(A) Arteries

(B) Veins 

(C) Capillaries

(D) None of these

48. Guanta Namo Bay Jail is in: 

(A) Iraq 

(B) Afghanistan

(C) Cuba 

(D) America

 49. The total number of seats in the National Assembly in:

(A) 340 

(B) 342

(C) 345 

(D) 350

50.  Nisar Ali Khan was the 

(A) Foreign Minister

(B) Interior Minister

(C) Health Minister 

(D) Education Minister

51. Syed Nayyer. Hussain Bukhari was the ___

(A) Chairman Senate

(B) Speaker National Assembly

(c) Speaker Punjab Assembly 

(D) Leader of Opposition in the Senate

52. Remission System means: 

(A) Conversion of the death penalty to life imprisonment

(B) Shortening of sentence imposed on the Prisoners

(C) Increase in the term to imprisonment due to misconduct

(D) None of these

53. How many Juvenile Jails/Borstal Institutions are in Punjab?

(A) 2 

(B) 3

(C) 4 

(D) 5

54. A call to appear in court of Law is called: 

(A) Summons

(B) Warrant

(C) Writ 

(D) None of these 

55. The D-8 Organization (The Developing Eight) comprises of:

(A) Muslim countries

(B) African Countries

(C) European countries 

(D) Middle East countries

 56.  Khartoum is the capital of 

(A) Nigeria 

(B) Sudan

(C) Yemen 

(D) Jordon

 57. Which of the following help in the clotting of blood?

(A) White Blood Cells

(B) Red Blood Cells

(C) Platelets 

(D) Cholesterol

58. A short sighted person can see clearly the 

(A) Near objects

(B)  Distant objects

(c) Both near and distant objects 

(D) Colored objects

59. Which of the following is not a primary color of light:

(A) Red 

(B) Yellow

(C) Blue 

(D) Green

60. A paratrooper jumping from a plane will experience the state of:

(A) High blood pressure

(B) Unconsciousness

(C) Low blood pressure 

(D) Weightlessness

61. Speed of sound is the speed of light:

(A) Greater than

(B) Equal to 

(C) Less than

(D) 1/10 of

62. Which of the following have maximum calories:

(A) Carbohydrates

(B) Proteins 

(C) Vegetables

(D) Fats

63. The picture at the back of Rs: 5000 Note is of: 

(A) Faisal Mosque

(B) Lahore Fort

(C) Badshahi Mosque 

(D) Khyber Pass

64. A Personal Account cannot be opened in: 

(A) State Bank of Pakistan

(B) Industrial Development Bank

(C) National Bank of Pakistan 

(D) None of these

65. In human body the Insulin is secreted by: 

(A) Pancreas

(B) Kidneys

(C) Liver 

(D) Adrenal Gland

66. Aleppo is the coastal city of: 

(A) Syria 

(B) Egypt

(C) Turkey 

(D) Iran

67. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time in:

(A) 1989 

(B) 1990

(c) 1991 

(D) 1992 

68. At night the plants give out 

(A) Oxygen

(B) Carbon dioxide

(C) Hydrogen Oxide 

(D) Carbon monoxide

69. The __of a substance changes when it is heated:

(A) Mass 

(B) Volume

(c) Weight 

(D) All of these

Identify the correct preposition in the following sets of words

70. Mr. Ahmed always sets good example __other people 

(A) To 

(B) With

(c) On 

(D) For

71. He agreed ___my proposal

(A) With 

(B) For

(C) On 

(D) To

72. The defeated army fled ___battlefield.

(A) Out

(B) About

(C) Off 

(D) Form

73. The property was divided __Aslam and Amjad.

(A) Among 

(B) Amongst

(C) Between

(D) With

74. The fire was finally brought ___control.

(A) To 

(B) In

(C) Under

(D) At

75. Opposite of Gradual is 

(A) Temporary

(B) Sudden

(C) Slowly 

(D) Momentary

76. Opposite of contract is 

(A) Subtract 

(B) Expand

(C) Divide 

(D) Decrease


(A) Chalange

(B) Challenge

(C) Challange

(D) Challunge


(A) Opportunity

(B) Upertunity 

(C) Oppertunity

(D) Opurtunity


(A) Immediately

(B) Imidtately 

(C) Immidiately

(D) Imediately


(A) Elactricity

(B) Electricity 

(c) Elactrecity

(D) Ellectrcity 

81۔اردو کا پہلا عوامی شاعر کسے کہا جاتا ہے؟

  • نظیر اکبر آبادی
  • علامہ اقبال
  • حبیب جالب
  • الطاف حسین حالی

 82۔مشہور ناول “راجہ گدھ” کس کی تصنیف ہے؟

  • بانو قدسیہ
  • جمیلہ ہاشمی
  • الطاف فاطمہ
  • قرۃالعین حیدر

83۔مشہور نظم” طلوع اسلام” کے شاعر کون ہیں؟

  • مولانا ظفر علی خان
  • احسان دانش
  • علامہ اقبال
  • حفیظ جالندھری

84۔ خارجیوں کی بغاوت کی سرکوبی ا کس خلیفہ راشد کے دور میں ہوئی؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر صدیق
  • حضرت عثمان غنی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق
  • حضرت علی مرتضی

85۔قرآن پاک میں رکوع کی تعداد کیا ہے؟

  • 788
  • 688
  • 488
  • 558

86۔درج ذیل میں سے کن لوگوں کو زکوٰۃ دینا جائز نہیں؟

  • قرض دار
  • مسافر
  • فی سبیل اللہ
  • غیر مسلم

87۔قرآن پاک کی تدوین کا کام کس کے دور خلافت میں شروع ہوا؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر صدیق
  • حضرت عثمان غنی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق
  • حضرت علی مرتضی

88۔صحاح ستہ سے مراد احادیث کی کتنی مستند کتابیں ہیں؟

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

89۔درج ذیل شعر کس کا ہے؟

ہے جستجو کہ خوب سے ہے خوب تر کہاں

اب دیکھنے ٹھہرتی ہے جا کر نظر کہاں

  • مولانا الطاف حسین حالی
  • مرزا غالب
  • میر تقی میر
  • علامہ اقبال

90۔نبی حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے مسجد نبوی کی بنیاد کب رکھی؟

  • 1 ہجری
  • 2 ہجری
  • 3 ہجری
  • 4 ہجری

91۔بیت المقدس کس خلیفہ راشد کے دور میں فتح ہوا؟

  • حضرت ابوبکر صدیق
  • حضرت عثمان غنی
  • حضرت عمر فاروق
  • حضرت علی مرتضی

 92۔نماز استسقاء کب ادا کی جاتی ہے؟

  • چاند گرہن کے وقت
  • سورج گرہن کے وقت
  • حاجت روائی کے وقت
  • بارش کی دعا کے لیے

 93۔اسلامی کیلنڈر کے دسویں مہینے کا نام کیا ہے؟

  • ر جب
  • جمادی الثانی
  • ذیعقد
  • شوال

94۔غزوہ کی تیاری کے لیے حضرت ابوبکر صدیق رضی اللہ نے اپنے گھر کا سارا سامان صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے سامنے پیش کر دیا

  • غزوہ تبوک
  • غزوہ بدر
  • غزوہ احدا
  • غزوہ حنین

95۔یہ اشارات کس شخصیت کے متعلق ہیں ؟

 سیالکوٹ، نقش فریادی ،ترقی پسند تحریک ،لینن انعام یافتہ

  • علامہ اقبال
  • احمد فراز
  • فیض احمد فیض
  • احمد ندیم قاسمی  

96۔کس شخصیت نے پنجاب یونیورسٹی میں مزدور کی حیثیت سے کام کیا اور بعد میں اس کے ممتحن مقرر ہوئے؟ 

  • حفیظ جالندھری 
  • حبیب جالب ب
  • ناصر کاظمی
  • احسان دانش

 97۔”چچا چھکن” کا کردار کس کی تخلیق ہے؟

  • اشفاق احمد
  • سعادت حسن منٹو
  • امتیاز علی تاج
  • آزاد شفیق الرحمن

98۔رسالہ “تہذیب الاخلاق “کے بانی کون تھے ؟

  • مولانا محمد علی جوہر
  • مولانا ظفر علی خان
  • علامہ اقبال
  • سرسید احمد خان

99۔ اردو نثر کا بانی کسے کہا جاتا ہے؟

  • سرسید احمد خان
  • مولوی عبدالحق
  • سعادت حسن منٹو
  • ڈپٹی نذیر احمد

100۔ قرآن مجید میں سب سے زیادہ ذکر کس پیغمبر کا آیا ہے؟

  • حضرت عیسی
  • حضرت موسی
  • حضرت ابراہیم
  • ان میں سے کوئی نہیں