PPSC 2021 Past Papers Paper 39 ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT JAIL (BS-16) | PPSC Past Papers 2021 pdf | PPSC MCQs 2021

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1. Who is Nicolas Sarkozy? 

(A) German Chancellor 

(B) Canadian President 

(C) French President 

(D) President of Georgia 

2. What position Hu Jintao holds in China 

(A) General Secretary of Communist Party 

(B) President of the country 

(C) Both ‘a’ & ‘b

(D) Prime Minister of the country 

3. Who is the president of World Bank? 

 (A) Robert Zoellick 

(B) Robert Bruce Gate 

(C) Robert Bruce Lohaf 

(D) Bill Gates 

4. Where is the Headquarter of the Amnesty International located? 

(A) Geneva 

(B) London 

(C) Paris 

(D) New York 

5. Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established(formed) in: 

(A) 1964 

(B) 1966 

(C) 1968 

(D) None of these 

6. Who were the three statesmen who formulated(plan) Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)? 

(A) Gandhi, Nasser. Tito 

(B) Nehru, Nasser, Tito 

(C) Chou-en-Lai, Bhutto, Nehru

(D) Soe Kamo, Nasser, Tito 

7. The Permanent(everlasting) Secretariat of SAARC is: 

(A) Delhi 

(B) Dhaka 

(C) Kathmandu

(D) Islamabad 

8. Who was the founder(creator) of HAMAS in 1987?

(A) Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 

(B) Yasser Arafat

(C) Abu Nidal  

(D) None of these 

9. How many official working language are recognized by UNO? 

(A) 8 

(B) 6 

(C) 4 

(D) None of these

10. In which month does the UN General Assembly usually(commonly) meet every year? 

(A) August 

(B) September 

(C) October

(D) November 

11. Which of the following countries have the power(worth) of veto in the General Assembly of UNO? 

(A) USA 

(B) Russia 

(C) China

(D) All of these

12. The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice(fairness) is

 (A) 5 years 

(B) 7 years

 (C) 9 years 

(D) None of these

13. The total percentage of silicon in earth crust

(A) 27.72% 

(B) 30%

(C) 45% 

(D) None of these

14. The Iran – Pakistan – India gas pipeline is also known as:

(A) Friendly pipeline

(B) Peace pipeline

(c) Great pipeline

(D) None of these

15 Where is H.Q of UNICEF?

(A) Washington

(B) Geneva

(C) Vienna 

(D) New York

16. Which is the National Flower of Pakistan?

(A) Tulip 

(B) Rose

(C) Jasmine

(D) None of these

17. After Pashtuns the largest-ethnic group in Afghanistan is:

(A) Uzbeks 

(B) Hazaras

(C) Tajiks 

(D) None of these

18. The Capital of Argentina is:

(A) Columbia 

(B) Barcelona

(c) Buenos Aires

(D) Peru

19. Which is the largest country in Africa?

(A) Sudan 

(B) Nigeria

(C) Libya 

(D) Algeria established at

20. Name the currency of Sri Lanka?

(A) Rupiah 

(B) Lek

(C) Ringgit 

(D) None of these

21. The existing police system in Pakistan is based on the police Act of

(A) 1861 

(B) 1864

(C) 1886 

(D) 1934

22. When US bought Alaska from Russia 

(A) 1857 

(B) 1867

(C) 1877 

(D) None of above

23. Who was the creator of Nobel Prize?

(A) Swedish statesman Olaf Plamay 

(B) Norway Scientist Dr. Navsen Nobel

(C) Swedish Chemist and engineer Alferd Nobel

(D) Alfonso VIII, King of castle

24. reaching a party a day before yesterday, found myself two days late. If day after tomorrow is Friday on what day was party scheduled to be held

(A) Sunday 

(B) Monday

(C) Saturday

(D) Thursday

25. Battle of plassy was fought in 1757 between English and

(A) Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula

(B) Mir Qasim

(C) Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula 

(D) None of these

26. Which choice supply the missing figure in the following blank space to continue the services? 48, 45, 40, 33, 24, —–

(A) 11 

(B) 13

(C) 8 

(D) 3

27. Identify the length of Islamabad – Peshawar section of Motorway

(A) 96 KM 

(B) 133 KM

(C) 154 KM 

(D) 168 KM

28. In the composition of Earth Oxygen is approximately

(A) 20 % 

(B) 38 %

(c) 46 % 

(D) 58 %

 29. SHO is Police department is the abbreviation of

(A) Senior House Officer

(B) Station House Officer

(C) Superintend House Officer 

(D) Supervision Home Officer

30. An Art of writing in code words or cipher is called

(A) Cryptography

(B) Epigraphy 

(C) Criminology

(D) Chronometry

31. Horse Power is a standard unit of power(valu) equal 

(A) 370 Watts

(B) 480 Watts 

(C) 658 Watts

(D) 746 Watts

32. If 6 x 2 = 31, 8 x 1 = 42, 2 x 4 = 12 then 8 x 6 is =?

(A) 34 

(B) 43

(C) 46 

(D) 48

33. The recipient of “Nishan-l-Haider’ captain Kamal Sher Khan belonged to 

 (A) Punjab Regiment

(B) Frontier Force Regiment

(C) Sindh Regiment 

(D) Northern Light Infantry

34. In term of area which is the largest Administrative district of Punjab

(A) Bahawalpur

(B) D.G Khan 

(C) Faisalabad

(D) Lahore

35. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Indian Sub-Continent?

(A) Muhammad Bin Qasim

(B) Mahmood Ghaznavi

(C) Muhammad Ghouri 

(D) Qutab-ud-Din Albak

36. Light travels from Sun to Earth is 

(A) 2 minutes 

(B) 4 minutes

(C) 6% minutes

(D) 8% minutes

37. The archaeological site of ‘Kot Diji’ is located near the city of

(A) Larkana 

(B) Thatta

(C) Khairpur

(D) Swat

38. In 1994 Pakistan became world Champion of 

(A) Cricket

(B) Hockey & Squash

(C) Snooker 

(D) All of the above

39. In which of the following countries the effectiveness of Police and Judicial system has reduced the rate of crimes to the minimum in the world

(A) China 

(B) Germany

(C) Japan 

(D) France

40. Which of the following district of occupied Jammu and Kashmir has Buddhist majority population

(A) Rajourial

(B) Doda

(C) Leh 

(D) None of above

41. A man faces north and covers 7 kilometers, turns west and covers 2 kilometer then turns south and covers 4 kilometers and turns west again and covers 2 kilometers. How far is he from the starting?

(A) 4 kilometers

(B) 5 kilometers 

(C) 7 kilometers

(D) None of above

42. The numbers of Jails for prisons in Punjab at present is 

(A) 29

(B) 32

(c) 44 

(D) 48

43. Grozny is the capital of 

(A) Kosovo je

(B) Bosnia 

(C) Chechnya

(D) Finland

44. Identify the musician who composed the National Anthem of Pakistan

(A) Nisar Bazmi

(B) Khalil Ahmed

(C) Suhail Rana

(D) Abdul Karim Chagla 

45. Lake Manchar is the largest lake in Pakistan is situated at

(A) Kaghan 

(B) Swat

(C) Dadu 

(D) Lasbela

46. The power generating capacity of Chashma Hydro Power Plant is

(A) 100 MW

(B) 154 MW 

(C) 184 MW

(D) 274 MW

47. Velocity of Sound in air per second is 

(A) 250 meters

(B) 331 meters 

(C) 434 meters

(D) 561 meters

48. Deficiency of vitamin ‘C’ in human body leads to

(A) Eye disease

(B) Nerve disease 

(C) Teeth disease

(D) Skin disease

49. Salman bin Abdulaziz is: 

(A) King of Saudi Arabia

(B) PM of Saudi Arab

(c) President of Saudi Arab 

(D) Crown Prince of Saudi Arab

50. Which of the following instrument is used for comparing earthquake magnitudes?

(A) Anemometer

(B) Seismograph 

(C) Richter Scale

(D) Pyrometer

51. “Olive Branch” is a symbol(sign) of peace while ‘Lotus’ is a symbol of

(A) Progress

(B) Culture and Civilization

(c) Justice 

(D) Romantic love

52. A man pointing a photograph said, ‘I have no brother and no sister but that man’s father is my father’s son. What relationship he has with me? 

(A) Father 

(B) Son

(C) Brother 

(D) None of these

53. Approximately how much part of Jammu and Kashmir is under India’s occupation? 

(A) 1/3 

(B) 2/3

(c) 3/4 

(D) 1/2

54. The word ‘AKIN’ is closest is meaning to 

(A) Helpful 

(B) Friendly

(C) Similar 

(D) Pointed

55. Which of the following disease has been totally eradicated in the world?

(A) Polio 

(B) Smallpox

(C) Measles

(D) Hookworm

56. ‘Elysee Place’ is the official residence(living place) of 

(A) King of Denmark

(B) German Chancellor

(c) President of France 

(D) Pope of Vatican

57. The earth’s movement round its axis once in 24 hours is called “Rotation while its motion round the Sun once is approximately 365 days is called

(A) Movement

(B) Spinning

(C) Revolution

(D) Circulation 

58. ‘Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah – the story of a nation” is a biography of Quaid-i-Azam written by

(A) M.AH Isphani

(B) G Allana

(c) Khalid Bin Saeed 

(D) Akbar S. Ahmed

 59. At 12 o’clock noon Pakistan Standard time in London (U.K) shall be

(A) 4:00 PM 

(B) 7:00 AM

(C) 5:00 PM 

(D) 4:00 Am

60. Dead sea is lying between 

(A) Israel and Jordan

(B) Turkey and Greece

(C) England and France 

(D) Sudan and South Yemen

61. in which of the following games(sport), player in known(named) as “Matador

(A) Hammer throw

(B) Base Ball 

(c) Billiards

(D) Bullfighting

62. Identify Muslim Scientist who is credited with the discovery of sulphric Acid. Nitric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid

(A) Muhammad Bin Zakira Razi

(B) Ibne-al-Hashim

(c) Bu Ali Seena 

(D) Jabir Bin Haiyan

63. What do you understand by the term ‘Brain Drain?’

(A) Mad person

(B) Migration of skilled labor to other countries

(C) Emigration of intellectuals 

(D) Literacy and Ignorance

64. Victoria falls is in

(A) Canada 

(B) Norway

(C) Rhodesia

(D) Venezuela

65. The length of famous Khyber Pass is 

(A) 33 KM 

(B) 53 KM

(C) 73 KM 

(D) 93 KM

66. How many were the writer of the ‘Wahee’ ?

(A) 31 

(B) 35 

(C) 40

(D) 42

 67. The tenure of Hazrat Ali was 

(A) 3 years 

(B) 4 years

(C) 5 years 

(D) None of above

68. When the incident of Karbala’ occurred 

(A) 58 AH 

(B) 60 AH

(C) 70 AH 

(D) None of above

69. Who was the king of Egypt to whom the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered Islam?

(A) Asmha 

(B) Hercules

(C) Macugas

(D) None of above

70. That color will not ___ your complexion

(A) Soot 

(B) Suite

(C) Suit 

(D) None of these

71. There aren’t __people here

(A) Much 

(B) Many

(c) A lot 

(D) Some 

72. Select a correct word 

(A) Coalition

(B) Coallition 

(C) Coalition

(D) Colition

73. Be __in your language 

(A) Precise 

(B) Meticulous

(c) Punctilious

(D) None of these

74. I went to the shop ___some chocolate.

(A) For buying

(B) For buy

(C) To buy 

(D) Buy

75. Forgery means 

(A) Fraudulent alteration of writing

(B) Forcefulness

(c) Inventiveness in writing 

(D) Inventiveness in speaking

76. Who is King of Jordan? 

(A) Abdullah

(B) Hassan 

(C) Ali Shah

(D) None of these

77. Who was founder of Ottoman Empire? 

(A) Osman

(B) Suleman

(C) Sultan Mehmood 

(D) None of above

78. Pure gold is carat gold

(A) 12 carat 

(B) 14 carat

(C) 22 carat 

(D) 24 carat

79. Gwadar is famous 

(A) Fishing Town

(B) Industrial City

(C) Sea Port 

(D) None of the above

80. The duration(period) of day & night at North & South Poles is

(A) 3 months

(B) 4 months 

(C) 5 months

(D) 6 months

81. Which is wrongly(incorrectly) spelt in the following set of words 

(A) Hight 

(B) Might

(c) Light 

(D) Slight

82. What was the rule of the Quaid-i-Azam for enacting the Rowlett Act

(A) Supported it

(B) Opposed it

(C) Proposed it 

(D) None of the above 

83. 2/9×4/9 =?

(A) 8/81

(B) 4/9

(C) 1/2

(D) 8/9

84. There was so much smoke in the room that I could hardly(barely) ___

(A) Breath 

(B) Breathe 

(C) Breathing

(D) Breathless

85. The hardest substance known is 

(A) Diamond 

(B) Steel

(C) Platinum 

(D) Iron

86. Modern computers compared to earlier computers are

(A) Faster and larger

(B) Larger and stronger

(C) Slower but more reliable 

(D) Faster and smaller

87. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has its headquarters at

(A) Cairo 

(B) Jeddah

(C) Tehran 

(D) Islamabad

88. Durand Line is a boundary between Pakistan 

(A) India 

(B) Afghanistan

(C) Fran 

(D) China

89. Identify the correct spellings the following set of words

(A) Cyclone

(B) Cycloan

(C) Cyclon 

(D) Ciclone

90. People prefer to wear white clothes during summer because

(A) The clothes look nice a cool

(B) Do not absorb heat

(C) Absorb heat 

(D) None of the above

91. Warsaw is the capital of 

(A) Norway 

(B) Bulgaria

(C) Poland 

(D) Belgium

92. Muslim Saint Baba Fareed Ganjshakar is buried at

(A) Kot Mithan

(B) Pakpattan

(C) Multan 

(D) Bahawalpur

93. Only one planet in the Solar System has an atmosphere which is

(A) Earth 

(B) Mercury

(C) Pluto 

(D) Venus

94. Meaning  of the underlined word in the sentence?

“Emperor(king) Jahangir had a reputation(character) for being Just”

(A) Stubborn 

(B) Fair

(c) Strict 

(D) Flexible

95 What comes next in the series? 

64, 48, 40, 36, 34, ___

(A) 33

(B) 32

(C) 31 

(D) 30

96. FIR stands for 

(A) First Investigation Report

(B) First Information Report

(C) First Information Record 

(D) First Information’s Report

97. The largest Island in the world is 

(A) Australian

(B) Japan 

(C) Green Land

(D) Indonesia

98. Which of the following languages is spoken(utter) by the largest number of people in the world? (A) Chinese

(B) English 

(C) Arabic

(D) French

99. The rotation of earth around its axis causes 

(A) Summer & Winter

(B) Summer

(C) Day & Night 

(D) Winter

100. Identify the correct spellings in the following set of words

(A) Prety 

(B) Pretty

(C) Prettey 

(D) Prity