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1. The epic poem “Shahnama’ was written by

(A) Al-Beruni

(B) Firdausi 

(C) Amir Khusrau

(D) Rumi 

2. Babar laid the foundation of Mughal Empire in 1526 by defeating ____

(A) Daulat Khan Lodhi 

(B) Ibrahim Lodhi 

(C) Rana Sanga 

(D) Alauddin Khilji 

3.The Court language of the Mughals in India was ____ 

(A) Turkish 

(B) Hindi 

(C) Persian

(D) Urdu 

4. Babar came to India originally from____ 

(A) Ferghana 

(B) Samarkand

(C) Khorasan

(D) Seistan 

5. Humayun was removed from throne by 

(A) Akbar

(B) Shah Jahan

(C) Sher Shah Suri

(D) None of them 

6. Battle of Plassey was fouhgt between Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula and 

(A) Lord Clive

(B) Lord Canning

 (C) Warren Hastings

(D) Shah Alarm 

7. Durand Line Treaty was signed between Sir against the Dogra tyranny, on the eve of Mortimer Durand and King ____ of Afghanistan in 1893 

(A) Amir Amanullah 

(B) Abdul Rehman

(C) Noor Muhammad 

(D) Ahmad Shah Abdali 

8. Name the Mughal Emperor whose Revenue Minister was Todar Mal.

(A) Akbar

(B) Babar

(C) Shah Jahan

(D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

9. Who founded the ‘Arya Samaj’?

(A) Ambedkar

(B) Raja Ram Mohan 

(C) Swami Dayananda Saraswati

(D) Ram Gopal Acharya

10. In 1905 Bengal was divided into two provinces  by

(A) Lord Ripon

(B) Viceroy Curzon

(C) Lord Lintingthow 

(D) Sir James Oliver

11.Who was  Chairman(leader) of the first session of the All India Muslim League :

(A) Sir Adamjee Pirbhai 

(B) Sir Agha Khan

(C) Nawab Saleemuliah 

(D) Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk

12. Name the area(location) of Kashmir where a spontaneous armed uprising took place partition

(A) Rawalakot

(B) Srinagar

(C) Poonch 

(D) Jangmu

13. The Maharaja of Kashmir signed the so-called Instrument(device) of Accession to India on 

(A) 25 October 1947

(B) 26 October 1947

(c) 27 October 1947 

(D) 28 October 1947

14. Who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the assassination Liaqat Ali Khan?

(A) Ghulam Muhammad

(B) Ms. Fatima Jinnah

(C) Abdul Rab Nishter 

(D) Khawaja Nazimuddin

15. The capital of Pakistan was transferred(moved) from Karachi to Islamabad on which year?

(A) 10 December 1961

(B) 12 October 1963

(C) 1 August 1960 

(D) 2 July 1970

16. Pakistan tested its first nuclear device on which place

(A) Nankana Sahib

(B) Pakpattan

(C) Jandiala Sher Khan 

(D) Mithanko

17. In Pakistan the Governor is accountable to the 

(A) Parliament

(B) Provincial Assembly

(C) President 

(D) None of them

18. In which year did the Cease Fire Line in Kashmir come into existence?

(A) 1953 

(B) 1947

(C) 1951 

(D) 1949

19. Manchhar is a____ 

(A) River

(B) Regional Language

(C) Canal 

(D) Lake

20. Name the narrow(slim) strip of Afghan territory, which separates(divides) Pakistan from Tajikistan. 

(A) Wakhan Corridor

(B) Pamir Knot

(C) Tora Bora Mountains 

(D) Khyber Pass

21. ‘Tango Tower’ is a ___

(A) A Communication Tower

(B) Mountain Peak of Pakistan

(C) Skyscraper in Chicago 

(D) Tallest Building in Thailand

22. The author of “Kashf-ul-Mahjb” is 

(A) Data Ganj Baksh

(B) Shah Rukn-e-Alam

(C) Bahauddin Zikirya 

(D) Mian Mir

23.Where is  Waris Shah  buried in 

(A) United Kingdom

(B) Australia

(C) USA 

(D) Belgium

24. Which is not an official language of the United Nations?

(A) Chinese 

(B) Spanish

(C) Arabic 

(D) German

25. The instrument used to measure the specific gravity of milk is

(A) Hygrometer

(B) Barometer 

(C) Lactometer

(D) Hydrometer

26. Pentagon is the military headquarters of 

(A) 19 May 1998

(B) 11 May 1998 

(C) 28 May 1998

(D) None of these

 27. which month does a new session(meeting) of the UN General Assembiy begin?

(A) January 

(B) July

(C) February

(D) September

28. Pure gold is called carat gold.

(A) 18 

(B) 22

(C) 14 

(D) 24

29. Which one of the following is a land locked(full of land) country?

(A) Belgium 

(B) Mongolia

(C) Iran 

(D) Bangladesh

30. Which two oceans(sea) are links by the Panama Canal?

(A) Atlantic and Indian

(B) Indian and Pacific

(C) Indian and Arabian Sea 

(D) Atlantic and Pacific

31. “Amicus Curiae” means 

(A) American Citizen

(B) An amusing person

(C) Friend of the court 

(D) None of these

32. “Kyoto Protocol is an international Treaty dealing with

(A) Human Rights

(B) Nuclear issues

(C) Refuges 

(D) Environmental problems

33. Fear of the enclosed spaces is called(named) 

(A) Altophobia

(B) Claustrophobia 

(C) Heliophobia

(D) Hydrophobia

34. The world’s first female Prime Minister was 

(A) Ms. Margaret Thatcher

(B) Ms. Golda Meir

(C) Indira Ghandhi

(D) Srimavo Bandaranaike 

35. KANNUP (Nuclear Power Plant) was provided(present) to Pakistan by

(A) Canada 

(B) China

(C) USA 

(D) France

36. McMohan Line is the border between 

(A) Iran and Turkey

(B) Pakistan and China

(C) China and India 

(D) Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

37. Which is the national animal of Pakistan? 

(A) Markhor

(B) Snow Leopard

(C) Buffalo 

(D) Brown Bear

38. Which component of diet helps/coprate  in preventing constipation?

(A) Proteins 

(B) Fiber

(C) Fats 

(D) Carbohydrates

39. Entomology is a Science of 

(A) Snakes 

(B) Reptiles

(C) Insects 

(D) Rodents

40. What is the name of present(current) Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA?

(A) Ms. Maleeha Lodhi

(B) Hussain Haqqani

(C) Ashraf Jahangir Qazi 

(D) Jalil Abbas Jilani

41. Name the Indian Foreign Secretary who visited Pakistan recently(previously).

(A) Shiv Shankar Menon

(B) LK. Gujrat

(C) Subramanyam Jai Shankar 

(D) V.K. Menon

42. Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi is a papolar political leader of

(A) Thailand

(B) Vietnam 

(C) Myanmar

(D) South Korea

43. Who is the current President of Iran? 

(A) Syed Ali Khamenei

(B) Mahmood Ahmedinejad

(C) Sadaq Vazeer Zadeh 

(D) Hassan Rouhani

44.  Article 47 of the Constitution the President Pakistan can be

(A) Arrested

(B) Impeached

(C) Tried in the Court of law 

(D) None of these

 45. SCO stands for 

(A) South Asian Cooperation Organization

(B) State’s Council Organization

(C) Shanghai Cooperation Organization 

(D) Sri Lanka Cricket Office

46.  The cheapest and environmentally friendly source(cause) of electricity?

(A) Solar 

(B) Thermal

(C) Hydro electric

(D) Nuclear 

47. Under which agreement was the name of Cease-fire Line changed(altered) to Line of Control?

 (A) Geneva Agreement

(B) Shimla Agreement

(C) Tashkent Agreement 

(D) Amritsar Accord


 48. A penny for your____

 (A) Apples 

(B) Efforts

(C) Writings

(D) Thoughts

49. Actions speak louder than___ 

(A) The game

(B) Words 

(C) Loudspeaker

(D) An actor

 50. Bite more than you can___ 

(A) Eat 

(B) Digest

(C) Chew 

(D) Swallow

51. It takes two to___

(A) Clap 

(B) Construct

(C) Climb 

(D) Tango

52. Let the sleeping dogs___ 

(A) Bark 

(B) Die

(C) Sleep 

D) Lie


 53.  Enigmatic 

(A) Illusive 

(B) Puzzling

(C) Pithy 

(D) Complicated

54. Infallible 

(A) Authentic

(B) Outspoken

(C) Weak 

(D) Perfect

 55. Transient 

(A) Permanent

(B) Transparent 

(C) Fleeting

(D) Brief

56. Adversity 

(A) Opponent

(B) Hardship 

(C) Opening

(D) Agency


57. Abbreviate 

(A) Abridge 

(B) Expand

(C) Achieve

(D) Accept

58. Absurd 

(A) Silly 

(B) Adorn

(C) Abnormal

(D) Rational

59. Active 

(A) Animated

(B) Adjust

(C) Passive 

(D) Agile

60. Sublime 

(A) Strange 

(B) Low

(C) Ridiculous

(D) Mean

61. Vilify 

(A) Commend

(B) Admonish 

(C) Pray 

(D) Excuse


62. I am Intent ___

(A) To win 

(B) Of winning

(C) On winning

(D) For winning

63. If I ____-worked hard, I would have succeeded.

(A) Would have

(B) Had 

(C) Should have

(D) Have

64. The new law came into ____month.

(A) Effect 

(B) Affect

(C) Action 

(D) Itself

 65. It became ___that he was going to die.

(A) Visible 

(B) Distinct

(C) Apparent

(D) Manifest

66. I do not have any ____to share my secrets.

(A) Confident

(B) Confidant 

(c) Confidential

(D) Confederate

67. Bile Juice is secreted by ____

(A) Pancreas

(B) Stomach 

(C) Gall Bladder

(D) Kidneys

68. A number whose 7 percent is 42 is ____

(A) 300 

(B) 400

(c) 500 

(D) 600

69. In the examination 45% candidates failed and 550 candidates passed. What was the total number of candidates who appeared in the examination?

(A) 1000 

(B) 900

(C) 1500 

(D) 800

70. A pizza is divided into 12 slices. what fraction pizza is left if 4 slices are eaten?

(A) 3/4 

(B) 2/3 

(C) 1/3

(D) 2/4

 71. If 3X + 8 = 20 then what is the value of X? 

(B) 2

(C) 4 

(D) 5

72. If Y = 3x + 12 and Y = 5 then what is X =ANSWER?

(A) 7/3 

(B) 3/7

(C) – 7 

(D) -7/3

73. GPS is the abbreviation of 

(A) Global Poles System

(B) Global Polymer System

(c) Global Poistioning System 

(D) Global Position Structure

74. Camera uses lens to form an image. 

(A) Convex 

(B) Concave

(C) Condenser

(D) None of these

 75. CNG stands for 

(A) Converted Natural Gas

(B) Conducted Natural Gas

(C) Concentrated Natural Gas 

(D) Compressed Natural Gas

76. When natural light is passed through a prism it splits into how many  colors

(A) 5 

(B) 6

(C) 7 

(D) 8

77. ECG is used for diagnosis of ailments related to ____

(A) Brain Tumors

(B) Kidneys

(C) Heart 

(D) Respiratory System

78. Meteorology is the science of ____

(A) Meteorites

(B) Planets 

(C) Weather

(D) Metals

79. Jaundice affects the in the human body.

(A) Kidneys

(B) Liver

(C) Lungs 

(D) Heart

80. “Davis Cup” is links with which of the following game?

(A) Cricket 

(B) Polo

(C) Tennis 

(D) Golf

81.The first Football World Cup held at? 

(A) Brazil 

(B) Argentina

(C) Uruguay

(D) France

82. “Glock” is the brand name of a ___

(A) Perfume

(B) Car

(C) Motorcycle

(D) Pistol

83. Name the Kalimah which is recited in a funeral.

(A) Shahadat

(B) Tamjeed

(C) Tawhid 

(D) Tayyaba

 84.What first important thing was done by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after Hijrat to Madina?

 (A) Built a Mosque for prayers

(B) Built his house

(C) Created Bait-ul-Maal 

(D) Organized an Army

85. Name the third Kalimah: 

(A) Kalimah-e-Tayyaba

(B) Kalimah-e-Saalis

(C) Kalimah-e-Sahadat 

(D) Kalimah-e-Tamjeed

86. Who revolted against Akbar’s “Deen-e-Ilahi” for the first time?

(A) Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani

(B) Hazrat Shah Walliullah

(C) Khawaja Bagi Billah 

(D) None of these

87. What is the necessary tax on the products of agricultural land?

(A) Ushr 

(B) Zakat

(C) Jizya

(D) Poor tax 

88۔”کھسیانی بلی کھمبا نوچے ضرب المثل سے کیا مراد ہے؟

  •  پریشان آدمی کچھ بھی کر سکتا ہے
  • غصہ کسی کا نکالنا کسی پر
  • شرمندہ آدمی دوسروں پر غصہ نکالتا ہے
  • شرمندگی میں کچھ سمجھ میں نہیں آتا

 89۔ان میں سے کون سی ضرب المثل سہی ہے ؟

  •  چھوٹے میاں سو چھوٹے میاں بڑے میاں سبحان اللہ
  • بڑے میاں سو بڑے میاں چھوٹے میاں سبحان اللہ
  • چھوٹے چھوٹے میاں بڑے میاں سبحان اللہ
  •  بڑے میاں بڑے میاں چھوٹے میاں سبحان اللہ

 90۔“اونٹ رے اونٹ تیری کون سی کل سیدھی “ضرب المثل سے کیا مراد ہے؟

  • بھد ے آدمی کو کہتے ہیں
  • بیوقوف آدمی کو کہتے ہیں
  • داغا باز آدمی کو کہتے ہیں
  • جھوٹے آدمی کو کہتے ہیں   

91۔رباعی کا سب سے بڑا اور مشہور شاعر کون سا ہے

  • فردوسی 
  • عمر خیام
  • حافظ
  • غالب

92۔مرثیہ کس نوعیت کی شاعری کو کہتے ہیں؟

  • مزاحیہ
  • المیہ
  • رزمیہ
  • تحسینی

  93۔کس پنجابی شاعر کا کلام سکھوں کی مذہبی کتاب کا حصہ ہے؟

  • وارث شاہ
  • بلھے شاہ
  • سلطان باہو
  • بابا فرید

94۔ روزنامہ جنگ کے بانی کا نام کیا ہے؟

  • میر جاوید الرحمن
  • میر خلیل الرحمن
  • میر شکیل الرحمن
  • ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

95۔نسیم حجازی کی وجہ شہرت کیا ہے

  • جاسوسی ناول
  • شاعری
  • تاریخی ناول
  • افسانہ نگاری

96۔” ایک چادر میلی سی ” مشہور ناول ہے؟

  • راجندر سنگھ بیدی
  • منشی پریم چند
  • کرشن چندر
  • کشور ناہید

97۔ علامہ اقبال نے ایم اے کی ڈگری کس مضمون سے حاصل کی؟

  • فلسفہ
  • انگریزی
  • نفسیات
  • اسلامیات

98۔ “امراؤ جان ادا”  تحریر ہے

  • سر سید
  • ہادی رسوا
  • رفیق احمد
  • پریم چند

99۔” آثار الصنادید ” اور “رسالہ اسباب بغاوت ہند “کس کی کتابیں ہیں؟

  • محمد حسین آزاد
  • علامہ اقبال
  • مولانا حالی
  • سرسید احمد خان

 100۔لفظ “بلد “کی جمع کیا ہے

  • بلدان
  • بلااد
  • بلدیہ
  • بلود