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1. Allama Iqbal gave  his first public proposal/suggestion  for a separate state for Muslims in:

 (A) Lahore 

(B) Allahabad

(C) Dehli 

(D) Dacca

2.  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah remained(stayed) the Governor General of Pakistan for almost:

(A) 10 months

(B) 11 months

(C) 12 months

(D) 13 months

3.  Kalabagh Dam is proposed to be built on:

(A) Indus River

(B) Chanab River

(C) Jehlum River

(D) Ravi River

4.  I n 1947 which area of Punjab with Muslim majority was awarded to India by the Boundary Commission ?

(A) Ferozepur

(B) Jalandher 

(C) Amratsar

(D) Hoshiarpur

 5. How many districts in Punjab  

(A) 32 

(B) 34

(C) 35 

(D) 36

6. The State means___ 

(A) Federal Govt.

(B) Provincial Govts

(C) Parliament

(D) All of these

7.  Electricity in Pakistan is produced by:

(A) Hydal Power

(B) Solar Power 

(C) Thermal Power

(D) Nuclear Power

 8. to the south of Pakistan lies___ 

(A) Iran 

(B) China

(C) The Arabian Sea

(D) Afghanistan

 9. Reka Diq is a mining project in Pakistan for ___

(A) Coal reserves

(B) Copper reserves 

(C) Iron ore LES

(D) Oil reserves

10. What is the name of  Boundary between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir ? 

(A) Dead Line

(B) Green Line 

(C) Durand Line

(D) Control Line

11. Wana is the main town of: 

(A) North Waziristan

(B) South Waziristan 

(C) Kurram Agency

(D) Khyber Agency

 12. The Karakoram Highway connect  China and Pakistan through:

(A) Khyber Pass

(B) Khunirab Pass 

(C) Bolan Pass

(D) Babusar Pass

13. Loralai is a district of: 

(A) Sindh 

(B) Punjab

(C) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

(D) Balochistan

14.  Who is the Chief Coordinator of Head of the Committee for peace talks with Taliban?

(A) Irfan Siddiqui

(B) Maulana Sami-ul-Hag

(C) Maulana Abdul Aziz 

(D) Maulana Yousaf Shah

15. Gwadar Port is in the province of: 

(A) Sindh 

(B) Punjab

(C) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

(D) Balochistan

16. Jerusalem is the Holy City of. 

(A) Muslims 

(B) Jews

(C) Christians

(D) All of these

17. What is the name of second largest religion in the world

(A) Islam 

(B) Christianity

(C) Buddhism

(D) Hinduism

18. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of: 

(A) France 

(B) Germany

(C) Italy 

(D) Belgium

19. Lionel Messi is a famous player for which game ?

(A) Cricket 

(B) Hockey

(C) Tennis 

(D) Football 

20. Who is not a Scandinavian country?

(A) Poland 

(B) Norway

(C) Denmark

(D) Sweden

 21. Who is the author of Harry Potter series of books for children?

(A) Enid Blyton

(B) Roald Dahl 

(C) Denis Robins

(D) J.K. Rowling

22. The famous Al-Tehrir Square is in: 

(A) Istanbul 

(B) Damascus

(C) Cairo 

(D) Kabul

23. Barack Obama the American President belongs to:

(A) Democratic Party

(B) Republican Party 

(C) Labor Party

(D) None of these

 24. Amnesty International is an organization for ___

(A) Fighting Global Terrorism

(B) Prevention of Crimes

(C) Providing financial aid to prisoners 

(D) Protection of Human Rights

 25. Capital Punishment means. 

(A) Death sentence

(B) Confiscation of property

(C) Life imprisonment 

(D) Huge fine

26. Juvenile prisoners are under the age of:

(A) 12 years 3

 (B) 14 years 

(C) 16 years

(D) 18 years

27. FIR stands for: 

(A) First Investigation Report

(B) First Information Report

(C) Forensic Information Report 

(D) Follow up Investigation Report

28.  What is the basic duty of every citizen : 

(A) Obedience to Constitution & Law

(B) To get education

(C) To work hard 

(D) To respect the elders

29. Every person arrested & detained in custody shall be produced before a Magistrate:

(A) Immediately

(B) Within 24 hours 

(C) The same day

 (D) Within 48 hours

30. According to fundamental rights no child below the age of shall be engaged in any factory, mine or any other hazardous employment.

(A) 10 years 

(B) 12 years

(C) 14 years 

(D) 16 years

 31. No person shall be punished for the same offense/fault  more than:

(A) Once 

(B) Twice

(C) Thrice 

(D) None is correct

32. According to Constitution of Pakistan the education shall be free & obligatory to all citizens of age:

 (A) 5 to 16 years

(B) 4 to 16 years

(C) 5 to 10 years

(D) 4 to 14 years 

33. Which is not among the fundamental rights of citizens?

(A) Freedom of movement

(B) Freedom of speech

(c) No discrimination on the base of sex 

(D) All are correct

34. Minimum age limit In National Assembly is:

(A) 18 years 

(B) 21 years

(C) 25 years

 (D) 28 years

35. In Pakistan the sale of cigarettes is prohibited/forbidden under the age of:

(A) 12 years

(B) 15 years 

(C) 16 years

(D) 18 years

36. What is a Optical Fiber System  

(A) Defense Mechanism

(B) Telecommunication System

(C) Air Raid System 

(D) None of these

37. Diabetes is due  to the deficiency of: 

(A) Calcium 

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Iron 

(D) Insulin

 38. It is taugh to cook on mountains because of: 

(A) High atmospheric pressure

(B) Low atmospheric pressure

(C) Low temperature 

(D) Lack of oxygen

39. Ozone layer protects/care  life on earth from: 

(A) Ultraviolet rays

(B) Greenhouse gases

(C) CFCs 

(D) Carbon Dioxide

40. Which poisonous gas is produced/generate  when coal is burnt without enough air supply

(A) Ammonia

(B) Carbon monoxide 

(C) Nitrogen

(D) Hydrogen

 41. The humidity in the air tells us about the ratio of_ _in the air. 

(A) Oxygen 

(B) Carbon dioxide

(C) Water vapors

(D) None of these

42. Sunlight falling on our skin causes it to produce:

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B 

(c) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

43. Which  is a man-made material? 

(A) Granite 

(B) Copper

(C) Plastic 

(D) Methane

44. Which of the following protects/keep  our body against disease?

(A) White blood cells

(B) Red blood cells

(C) Platelets 

(D) None is correct

45. Common salt is also known: 

(A) Amino Acid

(B) Sodium Chloride

(C) Sodium Potassium 

(D) None is correct

46. She felt——-when went on stage. 

(A) Worried 

(B) Nervous

(C) Anxious

(D) Agitated

 47. The horseman pulled the _of the horse. 

(A) Reins 

(B) Reigns

(C) Rains 

(D) Ranes

48. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is a papolar  verse by:

(A) Wordsworth

(B) Shelly

(C) Keats 

(D) Byron

49. Which word is wrongly spelt ?

(A) Confusion

(B) Previous 

(C) Computer

(D) Distruction

50. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words?

(A) Enquiry 

(B) Electricity

(C) Nursary 

(D) Library

51. An “above board” person means: 

(A) Dishonest

(B) Cruel 

(C) Trustworthy

(D) Wise

52. Beautiful is a:

 (A) Verb 

 (B) Noun

(C) Pronoun

 (D) Adjective

 53. Choose the correct spellings: 

(A) Occurred

(B) Occured 

(c) Ocurred

(D) Ocurrad

54. Do you see….. blue sky? 

(A) A

(B) An

 (C) The 

D) None is correct

55. The man is poor….. honest. 

(A) And

(B) Or

(c) But

(D) If

56. Will you wait…….. I return? 

(A) After 

(B) When 

(c) Till

(D) If 

57. What is the meaning of Catastrophe?

(A) Problems

(B) Pressure 

(C) Disaster

(D) Huge

 58. She…….insensible since four O’clock: 

(A) Is 

(B) Was

(C) Has been

(D) Would be

59. Honest men speak ____truth. 

(A) A 

(B) An

(C) The 

(D) None is correct.

 60. He jumped /push off the bus while it___ 

(A) moved 

(B) had moved

(C) was moving

(D) moves

61. Which  number can replace(change) both the question marks? 2/? =? /50. 

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 25 

(D) 100

62. What comes in the series: 6,9,13,16,20,23 _ 

(A) 26. 30 

(B) 26. 31

(C) 27, 30 

(D) 27, 31

63. If you write  all th numbers from 1 -100, how many times would you write 3?

(A) 18 

(B) 19

(C) 20 

(D) 21

64. Fahad ran around(nearby) a 1/4 kilometer jogging track 17 times. How many kilometers did he run?

(A) 4 km 

(B) 41/2 km

(C) 41/4 km 

(D) 43/4 km

65. Complete the series: 64, 48, 40, 36, 34, 

(A) 30 

(B) 31

(C) 32 

(D) 33

66. A man buys a toy for children in  Rs. 70 after getting a discount of 20%. What was the marked price of the children  toy?

(A) Rs: 84

(B) Rs: 56 

(c) Rs: 87.50

(D) Rs: 90 

67. A science  class has 12 boys and 18 girls. Boys are what fraction of the class?

(A) 3/5 

(B) 2/3

(C) 3/4 

(D) 2/5

68. 25 Students took a test 4 of them failed. What % of them passed the test?

(A) 75% 

(B) 80%

(C) 82% 

(D) 84%

69. 3/1000 written as a fraction is…….? 

(A) 3

(B) 0.3 

(C) 0.03 

(D) 0.003

70. 1 square foot is equal  to: 

(A) 24 square inches

(B) 48 square inches

(C) 72 square inches 

(D) 144 square inches

71. Hard copy of a document refers to——–

(A) Display copy

(B) Resolved copy 

(C) Scanned copy

 (D) Printout

72. Small files that are deposited on user’s hard drive when they visit a website are best explain as:

(A) Codes 

(B) Cookies 

(C) Profiles

(D) Trackers

73. A voice mailbox in a voice mail system is ___

(A) Storage location on a hard disk

(B) Processor

(C) Input Device 

(D) Output device

74.___ is to protect/secure  data and passwords 

(A) Encryption

(B) Authentication 

(C) Authorization

(D) Non-repudiation

75. The browsers keep a list of web pages(sheets) you have visited in the current session:

(A) History 

(B) Cache

(C) Favorites

(D) Trail

76. A_ _certificate is a notice that assurance a user or a web site is legitimate

(A) Assigned

(B) Protected

(C) Secure 

(D) Digital

77. Measuring unit of capacity of a hard disk to save(protect) data is___

(A)  Ghz 

(B) GB

(C) Newton

 (D) Watt

78. What are three most famous social networking web sites today?

 (A) Google, Yahoo, Bing

(B) Facebook, Bebo, Blogster

(C) Facebook, Myspace, Twitter 

(D) Zorpia, Netlog, Habbo

79. In MS word short cut “Shift+Delete” is used to:

(A) Delete the chosen item permanently without placing the item in recycle bin

(B) Copy the selected Item

(C) Rename the selected item 

(D) Create a short cut to chosen  item

80. from which menu, you can insert/add  the Header and Footer

(A) Format Menu

(B) View Menu 

(c) Tools Menu

(D) Insert Menu

 81. Which is not a search engine? 

(A) Google.com

(B) Altavista.com 

(C) Facebook.com

(D) Yahoo.com

82. Which  is correct form of an e mail address

(A) Ppsc: Puniab.com

(B) Puniab.gov.pk@ppsc

(C) ppsc@http://www.punjab.gov.pk 

(D) ppsc@punjab.gov.pk

 83.  hat does a ‘Home’ do within a browser? 

(A) Add(put) your e-mail address to your e-mail message

(B) Enter your home address into  the text box

(C) Take you to the previously visit site

(D) Display /show the content of your designated start page

84. What is a URL? 

(A) Netscape

(B) Searchainternet.net

 (c) Internet Explorer

(D) www.yahoo.com 

85. When you friend someone on a social networking site, what does this allow(permission) them to see:

(A) Nothing, the same as everyone else 

(B) They can see all of things you put on private/personal so only friends can see

(C) They can see just your picture

(D) A and C