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1. What is the capital(center) city of Nigeria

(A) Abuja 

(B) Lagos

(C) Kano 

(D) Accra

2.  Capital city of Baku____ 

(A) Azerbaijan

(B) Armenia 

(C) Turkmenistan

(D) Kazakhstan

3. Istanbul is a city of

(A) Greece 

(B) Bosnia

 (C) Turkey 

(D) Kosovo

4. Which continent Bosnia is situated in? 

(A) Europe 

(B) Asia

(C) Africa 

(D) South America

5.  Which is the odd word ? 

(A) Crow 

(B) Parrot

(C) Eagle 

(D) Tiger

6. Khewra mines are Famous  for their huge deposits of:

(A) Coal 

(B) Bauxite

(C) Rock Salt

(D) Iron One

7. Jahangir Khan was world champion of:

(A)  Wrestling

B) Squash

(C) Snooker 

(D) Scrabble

8. Who is the Captain of our national T20 Cricket Team?

(A) Misbah-ul Haq

(B) Muhammad Hafeez

(C) Shahid Afridi

(D) Younis Khan

9.  Pakistan’s 1973 Constitution has been amended ___

(A) 17 times TE

(B) 21 times 

(C) 18 times

(D) 21 times

10. when was Allama Iqbal born in 

(A) 1877 

B) 1875

(C) 1869 

D) 1879

11. The oldest(firstborn) Mughal monument in Pakistan is __

(A) Kamran’s Baradari Lahore

(B) Grand Mosque Thatta 

(C) Wah Gardens

(D) Shalimar Gardens

12.  The capital city of  Tashkent?

(A) Azerbaijan 

(B) Uzbekistan

(C) Kazakhstan

(D) Tajikistan

13. OGRA is the regulatory body for our____ 

(A) Banking sector

(B)  Media

(C) Oil and gas

(D) Oil and geology

14. “ West Indies” capital city name is? 

(A) Port of Spain

(B) Kingston 

(C) Panama City

(D) None of these

15. Taj Mahal was built at Agra was mausoleum  of ___

(A)Jahan Ara

(B) Zaibunissa 

(C) Mumtaz Mahal

(D) Noor Jahan

16.  who was Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy ? 

(A) Prime Minister of Pakistan

(B) Great writer

(C) Fast bowler 

(D) Top businessman

17. Pakistan Steel was established in___ 

(A) 1965 

(B) 1982

(C) 1988 

(D) 1973

18. Which is the odd word ? 

(A) Sweet 

(B) Sour

(C) Black 

(D) Bitter

19. Which is the odd word among these? 

(A) Chair

(B) Sofa 

(C) Cushion 

(D) Bed

 20. Which is the odd word among these? 

(A) Big

(B) Large

(C)  Small

(D) Bali 

21. _____is the best policy.

(A) Integrity 

(B) Honesty

(C) Telling

(D) Silence

 22. Facebook is a networking program.

(A) Criminal

(B) Social

(C)  Political

(D) Children

23. Bill Gates is the creator of 

(A) Microsoft

 (B) Google

(C) Yahoo.com

(D) IBM 

24. Which one is a famous email program

(A) Opera 

(B) Windows

(C) Linux 

(D) Gmail

25. Unit of storage capacity of a hard disk is ____

(A) Volt

(8) Watt

(c) Millimeter

(D) Megabyte

26. Which Ozone layer protects life on earth from 

(A) Greenhouse Gasses

(B) Meteorites

(C) Humidity 

(D) Ultra Violet Rays

27. Which Chemical formula for water is 

(A) H2 O

(B) CH 

(C) Na 

(D)  H2 O2

28. What is Tsunami

(A) Massive wave in sea due to arthquake

(B) Wind Storm

(C) Cyclone 

(D) Snowstorm

29. Which one is the Ecosystem refers to?

(A) Earth Environment

(B) Sea Salt

(C) Earth Heat 

(D) Air Humidity

30. what is the  branch of  Gynecology?

(A) Medicine

(B) Geology

(C) Physics 

(D) Chemistry

31. which one  European country Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were from ?

(A) Cyprus 

(B) Romania

(C) Greece 

(D) Bulgaria

32. During the British rule Sahiwal city was named  ?

(A) Campbellpur

(B) Lyallpur 

(C) Montgomery

(D) Jacobabad

33. The British named city of Campbellpur is now known:

(A) Fatehjang

(B) Attock

(C) Taxila 

(D) Haripur

34. FIR abbrivation is . 

(A) First Information Report

(B) First Investigation Result

(C) Final Investigation Record 

(D) For Investigation Report

35. Who was a Rai Ahmad Kharal ?

(A) Raja of Okara

(B) Freedom Fighter

(C) Big Landlord 

(D) Civil Servant

36. Madho Lal and Shah Hussain were?

(A) Deep Friends

(B) Traders 

(C) Policemen

(D) Soldiers

 37. Luckhnow Pact was signed/hired between Congress and Muslim League in ___

(A) 1922 

(B) 1920

(C) 1918 

(D) 1916

38. Pakistan’s first Olympic Hockey Gold Medal was won in which year ___

(A) 1960 Rome

(B) 1964 Tokyo 

(C) 1972 Munich

 (D) 1976 Montreal

39. The Head Office of the State Bank of Pakistan is in which city?

(A) Rawalpindi

(B) Islamabad

(C) Lahore 

(D) Karachi

 40. Who is the  Foreign Minister of Pakistan ?

(A) Sartaj Aziz

(B) Tarig Fatemi

(c) Raza Rabbani

(D) None of these 

41.Name UN Body dealing with ?

(A) Health 

(B) Drug Control

(C) Child Abuse

(D) Money Laundering

42. Cybercrime is connected to:

(A) Radio

(B) Media

(C) Juveniles 

(D) Information Technology

 43. The currency of Bangladesh is known ?

(A) Rupiah 

(B) Taka

(C) Rupee 

(D) Riaal

 44. The currency of China’ is named  __

(A) Yuan 

(B) Yen

(C) Dong 

(D) Kya

 45. Father of the nation of Indonesia name is ?

(A) Sukarno 

(B) Soeharto

 (C) Adam Malik

(D) Habibi

46. First Prime Minister of Bangladesh name was ?

(A) Khondkar Mushtaq Ahmed

(B) AK Fazl-ul-Haq

(c) Sh.Mujibur Rehman 

(D) Begum Khalida Zia

47. Vladimir Putin is the president of  which country?

(A) Ukraine 

(B) Poland

(c) Belarus 

(D) Russia

48. Khyber Pass lies in which province?

(A) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

 (B) Baluchistan

(c) Azad Kashmir 

(D) Sindh

49. Malika-e-Taranum was the title given to: 

(A) Nasim Begum

(B) Noor Jahan

(C) Mussarat Nazeer 

(D) Kausar Perveen

50.Who won  last One Day Cricket World Cup? 

(A) Australia 

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) New Zealand

(D) India

51. Mahathir Muhammad was the Prime Minister of ?

(A) Thailand 

(B) Brunei

(C) Philippines

(D) Malaysia

52. The Year 2015 corresponds/matchs to which Hijra Year? 

(A) 1436 

(B) 1440

(C) 1429 

D) 1430 

53. Which province is the largest Province of Pakistan by area.

(A) Punjab

(B) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

(c) Baluchistan

(D) Sindh 

54. Name  the national flower of Pakistan.

(A) Rose 

(B) Pansy

(C) Jasmine 

(D) Sunflower 

55. which is the highest mountain peak of Pakistan

(A) Nanga Parbat

(B) Rakaposhi 

(c) Koh-e-Safed

(D) K-2

56. UNESCO is a ?

(A) Baby Milk Brand

(B) Chocolate Brand 

(C) UN Body

(D) TV Channel

57. River Amu Darya flows through___ 

(A) Central Asia

(B) North Africa 

(C) Malaysia

(D) Iran

 58. The Muslim Andalus was located in ___

(A) Portugal

(B) Holland

(C) France 

(D) Spain

59. Warsak Dam is located in the provinces of ____

(A) Sindh

(B) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

(C) Punjab

(D) Baluchistan

60.  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded the——collage.

 (A) MAO College Aligarh

(B) Delhi College

(C) Lahore College 

(D) Patna College

61. Who was a Zia Mohyuddin ? 

(A) Actor 

(B) Singer

(c) Businessman

(D) Journalist

62. Which is the Pakistan’s largest industry ?

(A) Sugar 

B) Software

(C) Carpet 

(D) Textile

63. What is Hiran Minar ?

(A) Monument to a pet deer

(B) Hindu Temple

(C) Light House 

(D) High School

64. Bulley Shah is buried in ——city?

(A) Chunian 

(B) Dipalpur

(C) Kasur 

(D) Raiwind

65. Who is the Chief Justice of Pakistan  Mr. Justice ____

(A) Jawwad Khawaja

(B) Riaz Ahmed

(C) Naşirul Mulk

(D) Tassadaq Gilani 

66. Sadrdudin Hashwani is the owner of ____

(A) Pepsi Pakistan

(B) Lakhra Mines 

(C) PC Hotels


67. Who is Asma Jehangir ?

(A) Business-person

(B) Lawyer 

(C) Politician

(D) Poet

 68.Who is Mukhtaran Mai ?

(A) Gang rape victim

(B) Cricket Heroine

(C) Top Banker 

(D) Politician

 69.Who is Malala Yousaf Zal ?

(A) A Student

(B) A Nobel Prize Winner

(C) A Teenager 

(D) All of these

70. E-Commerce mean is :

(A) On-Line Trade

(B) Stocks & Shares 

(C) Cotton Exchange

(D) Money Changing

71.How many members in Senate of Pakistan?

(A) 99 

(B) 100

(C) 104 

(D) 110

72. Boka Haram is a: 

(A) Hindu Sect

(B) Shipping Company

(c) Christian Sect 

(D) Terrorist Group

73. Where is the  hometown  of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: 

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Andhra Pradesh 

(C) Haryana

(D) Gujrat

74. Who is the  hero in the film “Waar”  ?

(A) Fawad Khan

(B) Shaan 

(C) Javed Sheikh

(D) Faisal Queshi

75. What comes end  in this sequence? 2, 6, 11, 17___

(A) 24 

(B) 25

(C) 26 

(D) 27

76. What comes end  in this sequence? 1.3, 12, 60____,

(A) 340 

(B) 320

(C) 360 

(D) 380

77. 121 is how much above 100? 

(A) 20 

(B) 21

(C) 19 

(D) 22

78. 27 + 15 + 40 + 8 + 32 + 19 = solve it?

(A) 139 

(B) 140

(C) 141 

(D) 142

79. 99 + 77 +55 +33 + 11 = sum is?

(A) 272 

(B) 273 (

C) 274 

(D) 275

80. How many planets revolve/rotate  around the Sun? 

(A) 6 

(B) 7

(C) 8 

(D) 9

81.  How many kilo meters is equal to 50 miles?

(A) 79 

(B) 80

(C) 81

(D) 9 

 82. 99 x 4 = multiply?

(A) 390 

(B) 396

(C) 394

(D) 392 

83. 40 x 5.9 = multiply?

(A) 236 

(B) 237

(C) 278 

(D) 239 

84. 1140 ÷ 40 = divide?

(A) 25.5 

(B) 21.5

(C) 27.5

(D) 28.5

85. 300 ÷ 1.5 = answer

(A) 100 

(B) 200 

(C) 300

(D) 400