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1.Where is  SAARC secretariat  located?

(A) Dhaka 

(B) Colombo

(C) Islamabad

(D) Kathmandu

2.  “Khuda kay liye” is a 

(A) TV Program

(B) Pakistani Film 

(C) Urdu Novel

(D) Stage play

3.  what is Sarajevo?

(A) Mountain

(B) River

(C) City 

(D) Desert

4.  Nelson Mandela was the President of  which country?

(A) Zimbabwe

(B) Zaire 

(C) South Africa

(D) Nigeria

5. The country Burma is now Known by

(A) Myanmar

(B) Pracheen

(C) Laos 

(D) Mandalay 

6. Capital city of Russia is?

(A) St. Petersburg

(B) Kazan

(C) Moscow 

(D) Vladivostok

 7.Where is  next Summer Olympics Games will be held in

(A) Beijing in 2015

(B) Melbourne 2018

(C) Seoul 2017 

(D) Rio de Janerio in 2016

8. Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of which country?

(A) United Kingdom

(B) Scotland

(c) Ireland 

(D) Norway

 9. In Which years the  second World War was fought between 

(A) 1939 – 1945

(B) 1937 – 1942

(C) 1941 – 1946

 (D) 1938 – 1942

10. How many European Union has  member states?

(A) 28 Member States

(B) 26 Member States

(C) 25 Member States

(D) 31 Member States

11. What is ASEAN ?

(A) Regional Association of Countries

(B) Scientific Company

(C) TV Network 

(D) Sports Body

12. Tick the odd” word out 

(A) Paris

(B)  London 

(C) Brussels

(D) Cairo

 13. Tick the odd word out

(A)  Lira

(B) Dirham

(C)  Euro

(D) Gold

14. Where is Allama Iqbal studied(examined) at these  universities in Europe

(A) Oxford, Paris

(B) Edinburgh, Leiden

(c) London, Hamburg 

(D) Cambridge, Heidelberg

15. Associated rivers  with Sohni Mahiwal legend?

(A) Jhelum 

(B) Chenab

(C) Indus 

(D) Ravi

16. Why Manghopir is famous for ?

(A) Sulphur springs

(B) Blind dolphins 

(C) Coal Deposits

(D) Rice

17. Onyx is a kind of ____

(A) Marble 

(B) Drink 

(C) Apple

D) Bird

18.  Lakhra town is famous for it’s: 

(A) Coal 

(B)  Blind Dolphins

(C) Crocodiles

(D) Copper Mines

19. What is KANUPP

(A) Nuclear power plant

(B) Hydroelectric power plant

(C) Independent power plant 

(D) University

20. Who is the most famous painter of pakistan 

(A) Sadegain

(B) Saleem Raza

(C) Fazal Mahmood 

(D) Ghulam Rasool

21. which sport associated with Jan Sher ____ 

(A) Boxing 

(B) Squash

(C) Kabaddi

(D) Snooker

22. Thar desert is famous for its:

(A) Oil Wells

(B) Coal Deposits

(C)  Gas Fields

(D)  Sand 

23. What is NUST ? 

(A) Football club

(B) A welfare NGO 

(C) University

(D) High school

24. Tarbela is the world’s largest: 

(A) Earth filled dam

(B)  Boulder dam

(C) Concrete dam 

(D) Hydrošectric dam

25. M4 Motorway will link 

(A) Faisalabad – Multan

(B)  Faisalabad – Gojra 

(C) Lahore – Karachi

(D) Lahore – Vehari

26. who is Aristotle?

(A) Student

(B) Son

(C) Son-in-law

(D) Teacher

27.First Captain of our national cricket team  was?

(A) Fazal Mahmud

(B) Imtiaz Ahmad

(C) Hanif Mohammad 

(D) Abdul Hafeez Kardar

 28. Largest district of Pakistan is ? 

(A) Avaran

(B) Bahawalpur

(C) Dadu 

(D) Chagai

29. In Which  year three Round Table Conference were held in London ?

(A) 1930 – 1932

(B) 1929 – 1931 

(c) 1928 – 1930

(D) 1935 – 1937

30. who was music of our national anthem  composed by:

(A) Nisar Bazmi

(B) Khursid Anwar

(c) Ghulam A Changla 

(D) Master Ghulam Hussain

31. When Ayub Khan imposed martial law  

(A) 1960 

B) 1958

(C) 1982

(D) 1959

32. “Ajrak” is a cotton sheet made mostly in ___

(A) Sindh 

(B) Balochistan

(C) Lasbela

(D) Cholistan

33. Sehwan city is well-known for its mausoleum of_______ 

(A) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

(B) Sh. Usman Merwandi

(c) Shah Rukan-e-Alam 

(D) Feroz Shah Tughlaq

34. Dr. Abdus Salam was presented the Nobel Prize for his work in ___

(A) Chemistry

(B) Medicine 

(C) Physics

(D) Peace

35. The 2nd  highest mountain peak K2 is in _____

(A) Nepal 

(B) Bhutan

(C) Pakistan

(D) China

36.What is  ENGRO?

(A) A Pakistani Company

(B) An Afghan Contractor

(C) A Film Producer 

(D) A Publishing House

 37.What is a UNICEF ?

(A) ECO Organ

(B) UN Body 

(C) OIC Project

(D) European Bank

38. River Nile flows primarily through 

(A) Egypt 

(B) Sudan

(C) Kenya 

(D) Tanzania

39. Bolan Pass in the province of ….province.

(A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Sindh 

(D) Gilgit Baltistan

40. Who was the fastest woman of South Asian Games 2010

(A) Akbari Rehman

(B) Sana Mir

(C) Naznin Murtaza 

(D) Naseem Hameed

41. Hansraj, the pet antelope of Prince Salim” is buried at:

(A) Dina

(B) Gujrat

(C) Hiran Minar 

(D) Chicho ki Maliaan

42. Choose the odd word 

(A) Karimabad

(B) Hunza

(C) Gilgit 

(D) Bisham

43. Choose  the odd word: 

(A) Lahore 

(B) Abbottabad

(c) Iran 

(D) Faisalabad

44. choose the odd word: 

(A) Drink 

(B) Look

(c) Walk 

(D) Aspirin

 45. choose the odd word: 

(A) Shirt 

(B) Trousers

(C) Cough 

D) Socks

46. What is odd word among these? 

(A) Motor car

(B) Aero plane

(C) Boat 

(D) Airport

 47. Badshahi Masjid. Lahore, was built during the reign/rule of_____

(A) Jahangir

(B) Aurangzeb

(C) Akbar 

(D) Shah Jahan

48. Gandhara civilization established  in Pakistan during the rule of

(A) Brahman rulers

(B) Buddhist kings

(C) Muslim Sultans 

(D) Hindu Rajas

49. Where is famous poet saint Sachal Sarmast is buried 

(A) Uch Sharif

(B) Daraza Sharif

(C) Dera Ghazi Khan 

(D) Ghotki

50. In December 1930  Allama Iqbal gave his idea of a country for Indian Muslims at :

(A) Allahabad

(B) Lucknow

(C) Abbottabad 

(D) Delhi

 51. First Prime Minister of Pakistan? 

(A) Ghulam Muhammad

(B) LI. Chundrigar

(C) Liaqat Ali Khan 

(D) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

52. First President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was ?

(A) Ayub Khan

(B) Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar

(c) Ch. Muhammad Zafarullah 

(D) Iskandar Mirza

 53. Who was Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar : 

(A) Poet 

(B) Politician

 (C) Actor 

(D) Islamic Scholar

 54. Who is the hero of Indian film ‘PK’  ___

(A) Salman Khan

(B) Farhan Akhtar

(C) Amir Khan 

(D) Shahrukh Khan

55. Where is Mohenjo Daro  in _____

(A) Sindh

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Kyber Pakhtunkhwa 

(D) Gilgit Baltistan

 56. All Indian Muslim League was build in___ 

(A) 1900 in Lahore

(B) 1908 in Galcutta

(C) 1903 in Chittagong 

(D) 1906 in Dhaka

57. Where was Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi’s hometown ____ 

(A) Nishapur

(B) Ghazni 

(C) Samarkand”

D) Lahore

58. Who was the  Chief Minister of Balochistan ——-

(A) Sardar Raisani

(B) Hasil Bizenjo

(C) Dr. Abdul Maalik

(D) Ataullah Menga! 

59. What position was Mahatma Gandhi of Indian National Congress 

(A) Chairman

(B) President 

(C) Founder

(D) None of these

60. Pakistan television was originated in 

(A) 1960 

(B) 1964

(C) 1965 

(D) 1968

61. Pakistan hosted the 2nd  Islamic Summit in ___

(A) 1974 Lahore

 (B) 1972 Karachi 

(C) 1975 Islamabad

(D) 1977 in Lahore

62. In which year  first Constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on:

(A) 7 October 1958

(B) 21 March 1956

(C) 23 March 1956 

(D) 20 January 1954

63. What is the name of the book who wrote president Ayub Khan : 

(A) Masters Not Friends

(B) Pathway to Pakistan

(c) Friends Not Masters 

(D) Friend of Pakistan

 64. When was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah  born(birth) ?

(A) 1876 

(B) 1878

(C) 1870 

(D) 1881

65. Pakistan’s first national election on one-man one-vote principle(code) was held in which year:

(A) 1954 

(B) 1970

(C) 1976 

(D) 1956

66. Which  is not a search engine? 

(A) Google 

(B) Yahoo.com

(c) Altavista.com

(D) You Tube

 67. Hard copy of document/file is: 

(A) Display Copy

(B) Scanned Copy 

(C) Print out

(D) Save Copy

68. What is Internet : 

(A) Search Engine

(B) Network of Networks

(C) Scanning Technology 

(D) Display system

 69. who is done to protect data and passwords:

(A) Authorization

(B) Authentication

(C) Encryption

(D) Verification 

70. WWW stands by : 

(A) Worldwide web

(B) World Wrestling Web

(C) World Wildlife Web 

(D) Wrestling & Wildlife Web

71. When exposed to Sunlight our skin produces .

(A) Vitamin D

(B) Vitamin C 

(c) Vitamin K

(D) Vitamin B

 72. Which of the following chemical name for common salt is____ 

(A) Sulphuric Acid

(B) Sodium Chloride

 (C) Potassium Glucomate 

(D) Nitrogen  

73.Which colour is the most common color in nature:

(A) Blue 

(B) Green

(C) Black

(D) Orange 

74. Cholesterol level is evaluated in sample

(A) Blood 

(B) Urine

(C) Sputum 

(D) Stool

75. Watt is the unit of measure: 

(A) Electricity

(B) Water 

(C) Rain Water

(D) Air Pressure

76. Add this : 46 + 37 + 29 + 5 + 14 + 33 = 

(A) 163 

(B) 173 

(C) 164 

(D) 160

77. sum  of these : 33 + 8 + 27 + 13 + 48 + 10 = 

(A) 138 

B) 139

(C) 149 

(D) 131

78. 425 is how much above 4007 

(A) 25 

(B) 26

(C) 27 

(D) 24

79. 367 is how much below 400? 

(A) 32 

(B) 33

(C) 35

 (D) 31 

80. Multiply these : 9.5 x 4 = 

(A) 37

(B) 36

(C) 38 

(D) 39

81. Multiply: 0.4 x 710 = 

(A) 284 

(B) 285

(C) 286

(D) 287 

82. Divide: 340 ÷ 50=_______

(A) 6.9

(B) 6.8

(C) 6.7

(D) 6.4

83. Divide: 810 ÷ 500=_______

(A) 1.62

(B) 1.61

(C) 1.60

(D) 1.64

84. Which of the following comes next in this sequence? 1, 2, 4, 7, 11,_______

(A) 15

(B) 17

(C) 18

(D) 16

85. What comes next in this sequence? 5, 10, 20, 40,________

(A) 60

(B) 70

(C) 80

(D) 90