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1.  Where is Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Park : 

(A) Karachi

(B) Rahimyar Khan 

(C) Bahawalpur

(D) Multan 

2. Pakistan is the most populous (famous) country in the world: 

 (A) Third 

(B) Fourth 

 (C) Seventh

(D) Sixth 

3. Which country is situated to the North of Pakistan?


(B) China 

(C) Afghanistan

(D) India 

4. Which city Muhammad Khan Achakzai is the governor of ? 

(A) KPK 

(B) Baluchistan 

(C) Sindh 

(D) Gilgit Baltistan 

5. Pakistan has joined which international organization recently?




(D) Shanghai corporation organization  

6. Gawadar Port is being built with the collaboration/copration of:

(A) Russia

(B) Iran 

(C) Turkey 

(D) China 

7. In Pakistan electricity is produced by: 

(A) Thermal Power

(B) Hydropower 

(C) Nuclear Power

(D) Solar Power 

8. The largest province of Pakistan is by area :

(A) Punjab 

(B) Sindh 

(c) Baluchistan 

(D) KPK 

9.when was  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah started his law practice in:

(A) Karachi 

(B) Bombay

(C) Delhi 

(D) Koklata

10. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was sworn in as the governor general of Pakistan on:

(A) 11th August 1947

(B) 15th August 1947

(C) 16th August 1947

(D) 17th August 1947 

11. In Which city All India Muslim League was founded in 1906:

(A) Delhi 

(B) Dhaka

(C) Lahore 

(D) Allahabad 

12. The Punjab Police Department consists(contains) of how many Regional Offices?

(A) 8 

(B) 10

(C) 13

(D) 12

13. Juvenile Prisoners(convicts) are under the age of:

(A) 14

(B) 13 

(C) 16 

(D) 18

14.  Shanghai Cooperation Organization prisoners before the expiry of a sentence or account of good behavior is called: 

 (A) Bail 

(B) Remission

(C) Parole 

(D) Probation

15.  Where are Khuzdar and Kalat districts  in:  

(A) KPK 

(B) Sindh

(C) Baluchistan

(D) Kashmir

16. Pakistan Steel Mill Karachi was founded with the collaboration(cooperation) of

(A) Russia 

(B) Germany

(C)  Germany

(D) China

17. when was the Elite Force Punjab was formed in: 

(A) 1998 

(B) 1999

(C) 2000

(D) 2002

18. Who worked Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the Governor General of Pakistan?

(A) Khawaja Nazmuddin

(B) Ch.Rahmet Ali

(C) Sikandar Mirza 

(D) Muhammad Ali Bogra

19. In which subject Dr. Abdus Salam won(got) the first Nobel Prize for Pakistan :

(A) Chemistry

(B) Physics 

(C) Mathematics

(D) Biology

20. The Lowari Pass connects Peshawar with: 

(A) Chitrl

(B) Gilgit

(C)  Hunza

(D) Swat 

21.  Where is in Neelum Valley : 

(A) Swat 

(B) Gilait

(C) Azad Kashmir

(D) Hunza

22. Who is Mr. Raza Rabbani? 

(A) Leader of Opposition in National Assembly

(B) Chairman Senate

(C) Deputy Speaker National Assembly 

(D) Speaker Sindh Assembly

23. 2018 Olympics Games will be held in: 

(A) France 

(B) America

(C) China 

(D) South Korea

24. Big Apple is the nickname of: 

(A)  Paris

(B)  London 

(C) New York

(D) Tokyo

25. What is the Capital of Yemen : 

(A) Sana’a 

(B) Aden

(C) Aden 

(D) Amman

26. Bashar Ali Asad is the President of which country  : 

(A) Iraq 

(B) Syria

(C) Yemen 

(D) Lebanon

27. The international Criminal Police Organization is called as:

(A) CIA 


(C) MIG 

(D) Interpol

 28.  Lionel Messi famous football player belongs to:

(A) Spain 

(B) Italy

(C) Argentina

(D) Pranon

 29. Where is the international Court of Justice  headquarters ?

(A) New York

(B)  Geneva 

(C) The Hague

(D) London

30.When we celebrated  International Human Rights Day :

(A) 10th November

(B) 10th December 

(C) 10th January

(D) 10th February

31. MI-5 is the intelligence agency of: 

(A) United State

(B) United Kingdom

(C)  France

(D) Israel 

32. Where is Taksim Square  in: 

(A) Cairo 

(B) Istanbul

(C) Damacus

(D) Beirut

33. Anything which is forbidden by law is called: 

(A) Irregular 

(B) Immoral

(C) Illegal 

(D) Un Islamic

34. Al Jazeera TV channel belongs to: 

(A) Qatar 

(B) Kuwait

(C) Egypt 

(D) Bahrain

35. NATO is a/an___ alliance

(A) Regional

(B) Economic

(C) Military 

(D) Political

36. The UN was founded in:

(A) 1944 

(B) 1945

(C) 1946 

(D) 1947

37. The system of Jail was introduced by: 

(A) Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A)

(B) Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)

(C) Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A) 

(D) Hazar Ali Murtaza (R.A)

38. Silicon Valley is famous for: 

(A) Computer Business

(B) Steel Industry

(C) Gold mines 

(D) Cotton Industry

39. Financially motivated(interested) nonviolent crimes committed by business and government professionals are named ?

(A) Personal Crime

(B) Statuary Crimes

(C) White Collar Crimes 

(D) Property Crimes

40. The main character of Police in society is to: 

(A) Preserve order

(B) Enforce Criminal Laws

(C) Protect Individuals and Property 

(D) All of these

41. As stated by the Muslim personal law, marriage for males and females respectively is: 

(A) 16 and 18

(B) 18 and 16 

(C) 16 and 14

(D) 20 and 18

42. A device that converts Chemical energy into electrical energy is called:

(A) Battery 

(B) Generator

(C) UPS 

(D) Television

 43. Which of the following has the highest electrical conductivity?

(A) Silver 

(B) Iron

(c) Steel 

(D) Wood

44. Hematology is the study of: 

(A) Sound 

(B) Space

(C) Blood 

(D) Insects

45. Which of the following is not a primary/main color: 

(A) Red 

(B) Green

(C) Blue 

(D) Orange 

46. Sunlight is a source of: 

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B 

(c) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

47. Which component of diet prevents constipation?

(A) Fiber 

(B) Minerals

(C) Proteins

(D) Vitamins

48. Which of the following protects the body against disease and infection?

(A) Hemoglobin

(B) Platelets

(C) White Blood Cells 

(D) Red Blood Cells

49. Which gas is used in advertising lights? 

(A) Argon 

(B) Neon

(C) Helium 

(D) Carbon dioxide

50. Who is the founder/organizer of the social media network “Facebook”?

(A) Mark Zuckerberg

(B) Bill Gates

(c) Steve Jobs 

(D) Steve Wozniak

 51. The minimum(lowest) number of rows and columns in MS Word document is: 

(A) 1 and 1 

(B) 2 and 1

(C) 1 and 2 

(D) 2 and 2

52. What is the smallest font size available in the font size tool on formatting toolbar?

(A) 6 

(B) 8

(C) 10 

(D) 12

53. What is the biggest  font size available in the font size tool on formatting toolbar?

(A) 68 

(B) 72

(c) 75

(D) 78

54. Selecting text means selecting _____?

(A) A word 

(B) An entire sentence

(c) Whole document

(D) None of these

55. Which key should be pressed/pushed to start a new paragraph in MS Word?

(A) Down cursor key

(B) Enter key 

(C) Shifty + Enter

(D) Ctrl + Enter

56. Which of the following is a graphic solution for processor?

(A) Clip Art 

(B) Word Art

(C) Drop Cap

(D) None of this

 57. The most widely/wast used internet search engine in the world is:

(A) YouTube 

(B) Google

(C) Yahoo 


58. Any crime that involves/consist  a computer and internet is:

(A) Anti-social crime

(B) Cyber Crime

(C) Professional Crime

(D) Organized Crime 


59. It is Ten O’clock ___my watch.

(A) By 

(B) On

(C) In 

(D) With

 60. He agreed ___my proposal: 

(A) To 

(B) With

(C) For 

(D) On

61. The horseman pulled the _ of the horse:

(A) Rans 

(B) Raine

(c) Reins 

D) Reigns

62. The old man is blind ___one eye

(A) Of 

B) With

(C) From 

D) In

63. A group of sheep is called: 

(A) Flock 

(B) Swarm

(C) Troop 

D) Company

 64. Opposite of  word contract is: 

(A) Subtract 

B) Attract

(C) Increase 

(D) Expand

65. Eminent meaning is : 

(A) Ambitious 

(B) Clever

(C) Famous

(D) Hardworking

 66. What is the meaning of Sub judice? 

(A) Justice

(B) Law abiding

(c) Under judicial condition 

(D) Injustice

67. Pros and cons means: 

(A) Details 

(B) For and against

(C) Analysis

(D) Great loss

68. “Quickly” is……

(A) Verb 

(B) Adverb

(C) Noun 

D) Adjective

69. “Beautiful is:

(A) Noun 

(B) Adverb

(C) Verb 

(D) Adjective

 70. The opposite of deteriorate is! 

(A) Decline 

(B) Improve

(C) Disgrace

(D) Come town



(A) Govenmment

(B) Gorment 

(C) Govermant

(D) Government


(A) Biscut 

(B) Bescuit

(C) Biscuit 

(D) Bescut


(A) Parmanent

(B) Permanent 

(C) Purmanent

(D) Parmnant


(A) Religion 

(B) Relegon

(C) Religon 

D) Relegion


(A) Temparary

(B) Temperary 

(C) Temporary

(D) Temprary

76. 18 is 75% of 

(A) 24 

(B) 25

(C) 34 

(D) 32

77. In a class of 550 students, 42% wish to go to college. How many wish to attend college?

(A) 200 

(B) 210

(C) 231 

(D) 252

78. When you divide 0.7 by 10 you FIND : 

(A) 7 

(B) 0.07

(c) 70 

(D) 0.007

79. A toy is sold for Rs. 220, what was the cost/charges if the rate of profit was 10% of the cost?

(A) Rs. 196 

(B) Rs. 198

(C) Rs. 200 

(D) Rs. 210

80. If ten men can do a piece of work in twenty days, how long will it take 8 men to do the job if they work at the same rate?

(A) 21 days 

(B) 22 days

(C) 25 days

(D) 28 days

81. A bag contains 9 KG of sugar which is separated(combine) into packages containing(consisting) 450 grams each. How many such bags can be made?

(A) 16

(B) 18  

(c) 20

(D) 24

82. 8/3×5/14 =?

 (A) 21/20

(B) 20/22  

(c) 50/42

(D) 40/24

83. (1/4 +5/8) ÷ (1/2+3/4) =?

(A) 35/32

(B) 5/12 

(c) 7/10

(D) 10/7

84. 5/6 ÷5/9 =?

(A) 3/2

(B) 25/24 

(c) 2/3

(D) 3

85. 5/6× 2/5 =?

(A) 7/11

(B) 1/3 

(c) 1

(D) 3

86۔ حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا وصال کس سن ہجری میں ہوا ؟

  1. 9 ہجری 
  2. 10 ہجری
  3. 11 ہجری
  4. 12 ہجری

 87۔ سفر طائف میں میں حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے ہمراہ کون سے صحابی تھے؟

  1. حضرت زید بن حارث
  2. حضرت جعفر طیار
  3. حضرت عثمان غنی
  4. حضرت سعد بن ابی وقاص

88۔ اس قرآن حکیم میں کس غزوہ کو یوم الفرقان کہا گیا ہے ؟

  1. غزوہ احد
  2. غزوہ خندق
  3. غزوہ بدر
  4. غزوہ تبوک

 89۔ قرآن مجید کی پہلی وحی میں میں کتنی آیات نازل ہوئیں ہوئی ؟

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7

90۔ قرآن مجید میں حروف مقطعات کی تعداد ہے ؟

  1. 21
  2. 25
  3. 27
  4. 29

91۔ مشہور ڈرامہ ڈرامہ قرطبہ کا قاضی کس کی تصنیف ہے ؟

  1. سعادت حسن منٹو
  2. احمد ندیم قاسمی
  3. پطرس بخاری
  4. سید امتیازعلی تاج

92 ۔خوشبو کس شاعری کا مجموعہ ہے؟

  1. فیض احمد فیض
  2. ناصر کاظمی
  3. پروین شاکر
  4. کشور ناہید

93۔ مندرجہ ذیل میں ضرب المثل کونسی ہے؟

  1. پانی میں آگ لگانا
  2. بوڑھی گھوڑی لال لگام
  3. عید کا چاند ہونا
  4. اپنے منہ میاں مٹھو بننا

94۔ مشہور ناول” اداس نسلیں “کس کی تصنیف ہے؟

  1. قرۃ العین حیدر
  2. ڈاکٹر اشفاق احمد
  3. عبداللہ حسین حسین
  4. بانو قدسیہ

95۔مسدس کے ہر بند میں کتنے مصرعے  ہیں؟

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7

96۔ درج ذیل سید شعراء میں سے عوامی شاعر کسے کہا جاتا ہے ہے؟

  1. علامہ اقبال
  2. الطاف حسین حالی
  3. فیض احمد فیض
  4. نظیر اکبر آبادی

97۔ جملہ کسے کہتے ہیں؟

  1. دو یا دو سے زیادہ الفاظ کا مجموعہ
  2. حرفوں کا مجموعہ
  3. فقرہ جس میں فائل نہ ہو ہو
  4. با معنی الفاظ کا مجموعہ

98۔ مشہور نظم “طلوع اسلام “کے شاعر کون ہیں؟

  1. الطاف حسین حالی
  2. علامہ اقبال اقبال
  3. حفیظ جالندھری
  4. احسان دانش

99۔ درج ذیل شعر کس کا ہے؟

 “سب کہاں کچھ لالہ و گل میں نمایاں ہو گئیں

  خاک میں کیا صورتیں ہوں گی کہ پنہاں ہو گئیں”

  1. اسد اللہ غالب
  2. میر تقی میر
  3. علامہ اقبال
  4. حسرت موہانی

100۔ درج ذیل الفاظ قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہیں؟

 پنکھڑی ‘ نوکری ‘پہاڑی

  1. اسم مکبر
  2. اسم تصغیر
  3. اسم ظرف
  4. اسم مفعول