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Which word is wron following set of words?


(A) Companion

(B) Confusion 

(C) Priveous

(D) Gratitude 


(A) Straight

(B) Parfect

(C) Destruction

(D) Necessary  

Identify the correct spellings.


(A) Challenge

(B) Chalange 

(C) Challange

(D) Chalangi


(A) Imidiatly

(B) Immediately

(c) Immidiatly

(D) Imediately  

5. He is very particular his clothes

(A) of  

(B) With 

(C) About 

(D) For 

6. Do not shout___ me, I am not deaf. 

(A) To 

(B) on

(C) With 

(D) Upon 

7. He is ___M.A. History 

(A) A 

(B) An 

(C) with

(D) In 

8. I thanked him, for ____me the way to the Post Office

(A)  Advising

(B) Leading

(C) Showing

(D) None of these

9. The defeated army fled ____the battlefield. 

(A) About 

(B) From 

(C) Of

(D) By 

10. They learned to cook____ their mothers 

 (A) By 

(B) With 

(C) for

(D) From 

11. He was____ such a hurry(quickly) that he forgot his keys

(A) on

(B) In 

(C) With 

(D) By 

12. The fire was finally brought ____control. 

(A) To 

(B) On

(C) Under 

(D) of

13. which among is the Opposite of hostile is:

(A) Aggressive 

(B) Friendly

(C) Cunning 

(D) lovely

14. Opposite of  the word continue :

(A) Hide 

B) Capture

(C) Confirm 

(D) Release

 15. What is the Ambiguous means:

(A) Unclear 

(B) Indifferent

(C) Dangerous

(D) Brief

16. Wh0  took part in Presidential Election?

(A) ShaistalkramUllah 

(B) Begum Ghazi Esa. 

(C) Begum Liaqat Ali Khan

(D) Mohtama Fatima Jinnah

17. Where is the Muslim League was founded at

(A) Lahore 

B) Karachi

(c) Dacca

(D) Allahabad

18. In 1947 who was the ruler of Kashmir ?

(A) Ghulab Singh

(B) Hari Singh

 (C) Sh. Abdullah

(D) BukhshiGhulam Muhammad 

19. What  was the  name of first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

(A) AR Comelius

(B) Mauhana Tamizud Din Khan

(C) Mian Abdul Rashid

(D) M.R. Kiyani

20. Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was a by profession.

(A) Doctor 

(B) Lawyer

(c) Economist

(D) Dentist

21. Who is called “Sher-e-Bangal”? 

 (A) Sh. MujeeburRehman

(B) AK. FazalulHaq

(C) Ch. KaliquzZaman 

(D) NawabWaqar-ul-Mulk

22.Where is famous QissaKhwani Bazar : 

(A) Quetta 

(B) Multan

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Peshawar

23. Where is Gomal University in: 

(A) Dera Ismael Khan

 (B) Peshawar

(C) Quetta 

(D) DG Khan

24. In 1930 the first Round Table Conference was held in: 

(A) Lahore 

(B) Simla

(C) London 

(D) Dehli

25. In 1973 who suspended  Constitution for the 1st time?

(A) Z.A. Bhutto

(B) Yahya Khan

 (C) Gen. Pervez Musharaf 

(D) Zia-ul-Haq

26. At the time of Simla Agreement who was the Prime Minister of India?

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B) Indira Gandhi

(C) Lal Bahadar Shastri 

(D) Atal Behari Bajpal

27.Who introduced  the nationalization policy: 

(A) Ayub Khan

(B) Z. A. Bhutto 

(C) Zia ul Haq

(D) Pervaz Musharaf

28. Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan is appointed for:

(A) 5 years 

(B) 6 years

(C) 4 years 

(D) 2 years

29. The first woman ruler of India

(A) Chand Bibi

(B) Mumtaz Mahal 

(C) Noor Jehan

(D) Razia Sultana

30. Pakistan is situated in: 

(A) East Asia 

(B) South Asia

(c) South East Asia

(D) North East Asia

 31. Reko Dia is a excavating project in Balochistan for:

(A) Copper reserves

(B) Coal

(C) Oil 

(D) Lime stone

32. Quaid-e-Azam presented/showed  his Fourteen Points in response to:

(A) 3rd June Plan

(B) Lucknow Pack

(c) Quit India Movement 

(D) Nehru Report

33. The country situated on the north of Pakistan is:

(A) China 

(B) Iran

(C) Afghanistan

(D) India

34. Durand Line is a boundary between: 

(A) Pakistan & India

(B) Pakistan & Afghanistan

(c) Pakistan & China 

(D) Pakistan & Iran

35. The number of administrative districts in Punjab is: 

(A) 32 

(B) 34

(C) 36 

(D) 38

36. Fill in the blank .Juvenile prisoners are under the age of……..: 

(B) 16

 (C) 18 

(D) 20

 37. The conditional release of a prisoner prior to the expiry of his term is known:

(A) Probation

(B) Bail

(C) Parole 

(D) Remission

38. MOSAD is the intelligence agency of 

(A) Israel 

(B) India

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Germany

39. Who is the Founder/builder  of WikiLeaks? 

(A) Bill Gates

(B) Julian Assange 

(C) Steve Jobs

(D) Mark Zuckerburg.

40. Capital of Turkey is: 

(A) Istanbul

 (B) Ankara

(C) Konia 

(D) Izmir

41. Buenos Aires is the capital of…..: 

(A) Germany

(B) France 

(C) Argentina

(D) Italy

42. Francois Hollande is the newly elected president of:

(A) France 

(B) Italy

(C) Germany

(D) Russia

43. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the Prime Minister of:

(A) Indonesia

(B) Egypt

(C) Turkey 

(D) Yemen

44. The Olympic Games are held after 

(A) 4 years 

(B) 5 years

(C) 3 years 

(D) 2 years

 45. Amnesty International is an organization for 

(A) Fighting Global Terrorism

(B) Helping the third world countries

(C) Welfare of Refugees 

(D) Human Rights

 46. Which country of the world has no Railways? 

(A) Bangladesh

(B) Sri Lanka 

(c) Afghanistan

(D) Nepal

 47. Scotland Yard is the Police Force of: 

(A) U.K. 


(C) Scotland

(D) France

48. Who is the current coach of Pakistan Cricket team?

(A) Dav Whatmore

(B) Intikhab Alam 

(C) Waseem Bari

(D) Bob Wolmer

49. Tiger Woods is the famous(papolur) player of: 

(A) Tennis 

(B) Football

(C) Golf 

(D) Hockey

50. Mr. Muhammad Younas of Bangladesh got(won) Nobel Prize for his contribution in the field of:

(A) Economics

(B) Physics 

(C) Chemistry

(D) Literature

51. Guantanamo Bay is in: 

(A) Cuba 

(B) Afghanistan

(C) USA 

(D) Iraq

52. Which of the following sports is associated with Davis Cup?

(A) Football 

(B) Chess

(C) Tennis 

(D) Boxing

53. White Flag is called  as a symbol for: 

(A) Friendship

(B) War

(C) Peace 

(D) Minorities

54. Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of: 

(A) Canada 

(B) Australia

(C) Denmark

(D) Germany

55. Aung San SuuKyi, a Political Leader and a Nobel Peace Laureate belong to which country:

(A) Myanmar

(B) Nepal 

(C) Sri Lanka

 (D) China

 56. who are known as Kiwis? 

(A) Australia

(B) England 

(C) New Zealand

(D) South Africa

57. Biology is the Study of: 

(A) Plants 

(B) Animals

(c) Micro-organisms

(D) All living things

58. The Process of Photosynthesis in plants takes place in:

(A) Stem 

(B) Leaf

(C) Flower 

(D) Root

59. Which of the following substances is used in Match Sticks? 

(A) Zinc 

(B) Sulpher

(C) Phosphorous

(D) Acid

60. Which component of the diet prevents/control constipation?

(A) Minerals 

(B) Fiber

(C) Protein 

(D) Vitamins

 61. Which food consist  the highest concentration of protein & iron?

(A) Fruits 

(B) Vegetables

(C) Bread 

(D) Meat

62. The main cause of Tsunami is: 

(A) Tide waves

(B) Humicanes

(C) Earthquakes 

(D) Sea Storm & Heavy rains

63. The gas used in advertising lights is: 

(A) Helium 

(B) Carbon dioxide

(C) Neon

(D) Argon

64. Which of the following protects/secure  the body against disease & infection?

 (A) Red Blood Cells

(B) White Blood Cells

(C) Blood Platelets

(D) Hemoglobin 

65. Which is a renewable source of energy?

(A) Coal 

(B) Gas

(C) Electricity

(D) Water

66. The Theory of Relativity was developed by: 

(A) Newton 

(B) Edison

(C) Einstein 

(D) Marconi

67. One Billion is equal to: 

(A) 100 Lacs

(B) 100 Crores

(C) 100 Millions

(D) 100 Thousands 

68. 5/6×2/5 =?

(A) 7/11

(B) 1/3

(C) 1

(D) 3

69. 18  ÷.  2   =?

(A)   4               

(B)   11        

(c)   36      

(D)  7       

70.  3        written as a fraction is: 

(A) 3.72 

(B) 37.20 (C) 0.372 

(D) 372.00 

71. When you divide 0.7 by 10 you will get: 

(A) 7 

(B) 0.07

(c) 70 

(D) 0.007

72. 0.03 x 10 =? 

(A) 30 

(B) 3

(C) 0.3 

(D) 0.003 

73. If 10 men can complete a work in 20 days, how long will it take 8 men to do the job if they work at the same rate?

(A) 16 days 

(B) 18 days

(C) 20 days

(D) 25 days

74. In a class of 550 students 42% wish to go to school. How many students wish to join the school?

(A) 210 

(B) 220

(C) 225

(D) 231