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Q NO 1. The News agency of Egypt is called

A: Suna


C: Sky


Q NO 2. Silicon Valley is famous for:

A: Computer Business

B: Steel Industry

C: Gold mines

D: Cotton Industry

Q NO 3. What is the Nationality of Pope Francis of Vatican?

A: American

B: British

C: Brazil

D: Argentine

Q NO 4. Kigali is the capital of

A: Uganda

B: Togo

C: Mamibia

D: Rawanda

Q NO 5. River Nile flows mainly through

A: Egypt

B: Sudan

C: Kenya

D: Tanzania

Q NO 6. Which of the given countries, is not Scandinavian country?

A: Norway

B: Poland

C: Denmark

D: Sweden

Q NO 7. Email consist of two parts one is username and other is?

A: Login

B: LAN Card

C: Password

D: Address

Q NO 8. Which country has the largest Muslim population in the world?

A: Iran

B: India

C: Indonesia

D: Saudi Arabia

Q NO 9. Hyperlink Shortcut key is:





Q NO 10. Carbon credits introduced in:

A: Climate Change summit

B: Kyoto Protocol

C: Polymer Congress

D: None of these

Q NO 11. PAEC stands for?

A: Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

B: Pakistan Atomic Efficiency Commission

C: Pakistan Agriculture deficiency Commission

D: None of these

Q NO 12. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has its headquarters at

A: Cairo

B: Jeddah

C: Tehran

D: Islamabad

Q NO 13. Human Rights Organization ‘Human Rights Watch’ is based in:

A: Geneva

B: New York

C: London

D: Paris

Q NO 14. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court is?

A: Justice Riaz Ahmad Khan

B: Justice Fida Muhammad Khan

C: Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

D: Justice Sheikh Najam ul Hassan

Q NO 15. The first Chairman of senate was:

A: Habib Ullah Khan

B: Ghulam Ishaq Khan

C: Syed Fazl Agha

D: Wasim Sajjad

Q NO 16. Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e- Haider posthumously. Which other medal for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army?

A: Tamgha-e-Basaiat

B: Nishan-e-Shujaat

C: Hilal-e-Jurat

D: Sitara-e-Jurat

Q NO 17. Who succeeded President Zia-ul-Haq as the President of Pakistan?

A: Rafiq Tarar

B: Ghulam Ishaq Khan

C: Farooq Leghari

D: Fazal Elahi Chaudhry

Q NO 18. Muhammad ali Bogra was succeeded by ?

A: 1.1 Chandrigar

B: Chaudhri Muhammad Ali

C: Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy

D: Feroz Khan Noon

Q NO 19. Partition of Bengal took place in 1905 under the supervision of

A: Lord Mew

B: Lord Mountbatten

C: Lord Curzon

D: Lord Canning

Q NO 20. On which river Mangla Dam is built?

A: Indus

B: Chenab

C: Jhelum

D: None of these

Q NO 21. Guantanamo Bay, an American Naval Base is in:

A: Cuba

B: Mexico

C: Turkey

D: Afghanistan

Q NO 22. Afridi once made the fastest ODI century in just?

A: 37 balls

B: 36 balls

C: 41 balls

D: 56 balls

Q NO 23. The term Butterfly Storke is associated with which of the following sports?

A: Swimming

B: Boxing

C: Rowing

D: Golf

Q NO 24. In which year first FIFA World Cup was held in?

A: June 1930

B: July 1931

C: July 1930

D: June 1933

Q NO 25. The first Muslim who got Nobel Prize

A: Abdul Salam

B: Anwar Saddat

C: Yousaf Ali

D: Yasir Arfat

Q NO 26. One Unit Bill was passed in Year?

A: 1948

B: 1950

C: 1955

D: 1970

Q NO 27. China got more gold medals in Asian Games?

A: 2016

B: 2017

C: 2018

D: 2019

Q NO 28. Viceroy term is made for used in year

A: 1600

B: 1707

C: 1858

D: 1905

Q NO 29. Fill in the blank: She ran him into the courtyard?

A: After

B: Before

C: For

D: With

Q NO 30. Which of the following protects our bodyagainst disease?

A: White blood cells

B: Red blood cells

C: Platelets

D: None is correct

Q NO 31. Hydrophobia is a symptom of which of the following disease?

A: Malaria

B: Cholera

C: Small pox

D: Rabies

Q NO 32. “Tooth decay” due to the cause of

A: Fluoride

B: Calcium

C: Weakness

D: None of these

Q NO 33. Who was the care taker Prime Minister in 2018?

A: Malik Miraj Khalid

B: Mian Soomro

C: Mir Hazar Khan Khoso

D: Justice (R) Nasir-Ul-Mulk

Q NO 34. Amnesia is related to:

A: Sleeping sickness

B: Loss of sight

C: Loss of hearing

D: Loss of memory

Q NO 35. Kazakhstan is the largest?

A: Balkan Country

B: Landlocked Country

C: Protectorate Country

D: Landlord Country

Q NO 36. What category of web-based system would you assign to discussion groups?

A: Collaborative work

B: Online communities

C: Web portals

D: Workflow-oriented

Q NO 37. Mujadid Alaf Sani belong to?

A: Suherwardia order

B: Naqshbandi order

C: Chistia order

D: Qadria order

Q NO 38. The pass which connects Pakistan with China is known as:

A: Khojak Pass

B: Khunjrab Pass

C: Shandur Pass

D: Pelwaskotal Pass

Q NO 39. The Wakhan corridor separates Pakistan from:

A: Afghanistan

B: Tajikistan

C: Uzbekistan

D: None of these

Q NO 40. Which device is required for internet connection?

A: CD Drive

B: Modem

C: Mouse

D: NIC Card

Q NO 41. The Act which is base of current Acts of India and Pakistan?

A: Indian Council Act 1835

B: Indian Council Act 1774

C: Indian Council Act 1773

D: Govt. of India Act 1935

Q NO 42. Less than one per cent of Earth’s water is fresh water but the oceans contain percent of the Earth’s water.

A: 87%

B: 97%

C: 77%

D: 99%

Q NO 43. A computer on internet is identified by its:

A: E-mail Address

B: Street Address

C: Login Password

D: IP Address

Q NO 44. Docx is the extension of which of the following?

A: MS Word

B: MS Excel

C: Power Point

D: None of these

Q NO 45. In Microsoft Power Point two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are?

A: .wav files and .mid files

B .wav files and .gif files

C: .wav files and .jpg files

D: .jpg files and .gif files

Q NO 46. To access directly font dialogue box in PowerPoint which shortcut key used?

A: Ctrl + C

B: Ctrl + R

C: Ctrl + E

D: Ctrl + T

Q NO 47. The First session of All India Muslim League was held at:

A: Dacca

B: Aligarh

C: Karachi

D: Lahore

Q NO 48. The All India Muslim League was founded in 1906 in:

A: Delhi

B: Dhaka

C: Lahore

D: Allahabad

49. 6th Hearts Asia conference held in India 2016?

A: Amritsar

B: Patiala

C: Chandigarh

D: Bhatinda

Q NO 50. Acid rain contains high levels of:

A: Oxalic Acid

B: Sulphuric Acid

C: Nitric Acid

D: Both B and C

Q NO 51. Embedded Formula in MS EXCEL can be removed by pressing:





Q NO 52. The most abundant element in the universe is:

A: Iron

B: Hydrogen

C: Oxygen

D: Nitrogen

Q NO 53. In MS Word one can undo last actions using which key





Q NO 54. Palaeontology is study of

A: Bones

B: Blood

C: Fossils

D: None of these

Q NO 55. International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on:

A: 1 October

B: 6 September

C: 10 September

D: 8 September

Q NO 56. The scout movement was started by Sir Robert Baden-Powell in: –

A: 1910

B: 1915

C: 1920

D: 1925

Q NO 57. Famous Novel “A Tale of Two Cities” was written by:

A: Thomas Hardy

B: Alexander Dumas

C: Charles Dickens

D: None of these

Q NO 58. Aristotle was the teacher of:

A: Alexander 

B: Plato

C: Buddha

D: Julius Caesar

Q NO 59. Who wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’?

A: Albert Einstein

B: Stephen Fleming

C: Stephen Hawking

D: Max Plank

Q NO 60. The largest Cricket Stadium of the world in terms of sitting capacity is:

A: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

B: Eden Garden, Kolkata

C: The Oval, London

D: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Q NO 61. Which of the following animals is depicted In the logo of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)?

A: Snow Leopard

B: Panda

C: Rhinoceros

D: Lion

Q NO 62. ‘Nippon’ is stock exchange market of:

A: Tokyo

B: London

C: New York

D: None of these

Q NO 63. CPEC connected Gwadar to city of china?

A: Kashgar

B: Beijing

C: Wakhan

D: Khunjrab

Q NO 64. Total number of round table conference held in London?

A: 2

B: 3

C: 4

D: 5

Q NO 65. “Nanga Parbat” is the famous mountain Peak of:

A: Karakorum Range

B: Himalayas range

C: Hindu Kush-range

D: Suleiman range

Q NO 66. Siachin Glacier lengths approximately?

A: 47 km

B: 49 km

C: 70 km

D: 72 km

Q NO 67. Who became the first black president of SouthAfrica, his party was banned in 1961 and hewas given life imprisonment?

A: Nelson Mandela

B: Robert Mogabe

C: Eddi Amin

D: Martin Luther King

Q NO 68. The FBI is a government agency belonging to:


B: Russia


D: Israel

Q NO 69. In for a penny, in for a

A: Rupee

B: Pound

C: Dollar

D: Euro

Q NO 70. Motto of Red Cross is:

A: Charity Everywhere

B: Charity in Peace

C: Help in War

D: Charity in War

Q NO 71. Who was not a member of the 1st Cabinet ofPakistan?

A: Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

B: Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

C: Jogendra Nath Mandal

D: Malik Ghulam Muhammad

Q NO 72. How many feathers are fixed in the base shuttlecock with respect to badminton game?

A: 17

B: 16

C: 18

D: 20

Q NO 73. Which short cut key is used to insert a new slide in power point presentation?

A: Ctrl + S

B: Ctrl + M

C: Ctrl + N

D: Ctrl + B

Q NO 74. Bagram Air base is in

A: Balochistan Pakistan

B: Iran

C: Afghanistan

D: Tajikistan

Q NO 75. What is the length of badminton court for single competition?

A: 16.2 m

B: 13.40 m

C: 14.63 m

D: 13.80 m

Q NO 76. The last King of Afghanistan was:

A: Habibullah Khan

B: Muhammad Zahir Shah

C: Sardar Daud Khan

D: Amanullah Khan

Q NO 77. The war of Independence started at:

A: Delhi

B: Maysoor

C: Lahore

D: Meerut

Q NO 78. ‘Amazon’ is a best example of site.

A: E-Commerce

B: Social Networking

C: Blogging

D: Entertainment

Q NO 79. Current Secretary-General of UN belongs to:

A: South Korea

B: Portugal

C: Thailand

D: North Korea

Q NO 80. Famous city of Turkey

A: Istanbul

B: Cairo

C: Sana

D: Tripoli

Q NO 81. Genoa is in?

A: Italy

B: Paris

C: France

D: Germany

Q NO 82. Capital of Bosnia?

A: Nairobi

B: Mogadishu

C: Tripoli

D: Sarajevo

Q NO 83. President of Cuba?

A: Raul Castro

B: Miguel Díaz

C: José Ramón

D: Fidel Castro

Q NO 84. Excel is a:

A: Graphic Program

B: Word Processor

C: A Spreadsheet Program

D: Designing template

Q NO 85. In 1787, the original constitution of U.S.A was drafted at a Constitutional Convention held at:

A: Philadelphia

B: Washington

C: Chicago

D: New York

Q NO 86. The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wire is known as

A: ductility

B: malleability

C: sonorousity

D: conductivity

Q NO 87. EIGE of EU relates to:

A: Gender Study

B: Gender Equality

C: Gender Inequality

D: Homosexuality

Q NO 88. Great Barrier Reef is in


B: Australia

C: Russia

D: France

Q NO 89. North Korea changes its time due to?

A: Unity with S. Korea

B: Against S. Korea

C: Climate change

D: None of these

Q NO 90. Convert to Indirect form: She said “Go upstairs”.

A: She told me to go upstairs

B: She said me to upstairs

C: She told me that go upstairs

D: She told me to went upstairs

91. This work is _____ his capacity

A: beyond

B: under

C: over

D: in

Q NO 92. This merchant deals _____ silk goods

A: with

B: about

C: for

D: in

Q NO 93. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him?

A: Drown

B: Drink

C: Dance

D: Ride

Q NO 94. Fill in the Blank: “His voice gets on my

A: Brain

B: Nerves

C: Mind

D: Ears

Q NO 95. The English poet who died in his young age:

A: Shelley

B: John Marshal

C: John Keats

D: William Black

Q NO 96. When you insert a picture into a document, the default text wrapping option is:

A: Line with Text 

B: None

C: Tight

D: Square

Q NO 97. Name the new book, of Hillary Clinton released in 2014:

A: Living History

B: It takes a village

C: Hard Choices

D: A Terrible Beauty

Q NO 98. Sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure_____

A: Humidity in the Air

B: Blood Pressure

C: Purity of Milk

D: Thickness of Water

Q NO 99. Australian called?

A: Morris

B: Aussie

C: Borjians

D: Protties

100. ‘Ashes Cup’ of cricket is played between:

A: Australia & England

B: England & New Zealand

C: New Zealand & Australia

D: India & Sri Lanka