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Q NO 1. “Airblue” airlines belongs to which country?

A: Pakistan

B: India

C: America

D: Jordan

Q NO 2. Which of following is Cottage Industry?

A: Cement

B: Sugar

C: Handicraft

D: Textile

Q NO 3. The agro based industry is:

A: Woodwork

B: Dairy farms

C: Carpets

D: Iron work

Q NO 4. The slave Dynasty was founded in India in:

A: 1206

B: 1196

C: 1198

D: 1199

Q NO 5. Qatub-u-din Aibek became the first ruler of first ruler of Islamic state of India in:

A: 1206

B: 1196

C: 1198

D: 1199

Q NO 6. Qatub-u-Din Aibek died during playing:

A: Hockey

B: Polo

C: Cricket

D: Football

Q NO 7. Who was the first and the last woman ruler of Delhi?

A: Chand Bibi

B: Noor Jahan

C: Razia Sultana

D: None of these

Q NO 8. The biggest Industry of Pakistan is:

A: Cement

B: Sugar

C: Textile

D: Paper

Q NO 9. Kilograms are there in one metric ton?

A: 100 kg

B: 10000 kg

C: 10 kg

D: 1000 kg

Q NO 10. Name the two regions won by British from French in 18th century?

A: Ghana & Egypt

B: Canada, USA

C: Egypt

D: Canada, India

Q NO 11. In 1659 AD Aurangzeb finally defeated Dara Shakoh and became the Emperor of India.

Name the battle?

A: Battle of Sebraon

B: Battle of Talikita

C: Battle of Samugarh

D: None of these

Q NO 12. Name the German scientist who invented the atom bomb?

A: Hahn Otto

B: John Walker

C: John Gutenberg

D: William Hunt

Q NO 13. “Decline of the West book was written by German Philosopher.

A: Herbert Spencer

B: Spengler

C: Spinoza

D: None of these

Q NO 14. Kosovo, the latest independent nation in the world was ruled by?

A: Indonesia

B: Australia

C: Malaysia

D: Serbia

Q NO 15. The Abbasid capital was removed from Baghdad to ‘Samarra’, a newly founded city in – 836, during the reign of

A: Mamoon

B: Mutasim Billah

C: Maroon

D: Wasiq Billah

Q NO 16. The last Fatimid ruler was:

A: Al-Muizz

B: Al-Adid

C: Al-Mansur

D: None of these

Q NO 17. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of Second Round Table Conference?

A: Ramsay MacDonald

B: Clement Attlee

C: Neville Chamberlain

D: None of these

Q NO 18. Who was the Viceroy during the time Mr. Attlee of England declared the British intention to transfer power to Indians?

A: Lord Irwin

B: Lord Mountbatten

C: Lord Wavell

D: Lord Linlithgow

Q NO 19. Quaid-e-Azam became the permanent president of Muslim League:

A: 1935

B: 1937

C: 1934

D: 1939

Q NO 20. How the future status of Sindh was to be decided under 3rd June plan?

A: By the Commission

B: By plebiscite

C: By majority vote of assembly members

D: None of the above

Q NO 21. How the future status of NWFP was to be decided under June 3rd Plan?

A: By majority vote of assembly

B: By the Commission

C: By plebiscite

D: None of the above

Q NO 22. Name the person who was the first to translate the Holy Quran in Persian?

A: Shah Rafi-ud-Din

B: Shah Walliullah

C: Khalid bin Waleed

D: Mujadid Alf Sani

Q NO 23. The total period of Abbasids caliphate was:

A: 400 years

B: 508 years

C: 600 years

D: 708 years

Q NO 24. Salahuddin Ayubi emerged as the hero of the Muslims in:

A: First Crusade

B: Second Crusade

C: Third Crusade

D: Fourth Crusade

Q NO 25. Latani River is located in:

A: Syria

B: Lebanon

C: Turkey D: Iran

Q NO 26. Which is the largest Fort of Punjab Province?

A: Rohtas Fort

B: Attock Fort

C: Sheikhupura Fort

D: None of these

Q NO 27. Rohtas Fort is located in the district:

A: Jehlum

B: Lahore

C: Chakwal

D: Attock

Q NO 28. Which is the broadest strait in the world?

A: Northumberland Strait

B: Messina Strait

C: Mozambique Strait

D: None of these

Q NO 29. Which of the following countries has the largest area in the world?

A: Canada

B: China


D: Russia

Q NO 30. The foreign phrase Aqua pura means

A: Air

B: Water

C: Mineral

D: None of these

Q NO 31. Hail storm occurs in summer season due to the formation of clouds called

A: Cirrus

B: Cumulus

C: Cumulonimbus

D: Cirrocumulus

Q NO 32. NASA stands for:

A: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

B: Natural Aeronautics and Space Administration

C: Natural Administration and Space Administration

D: Natural Administration and Space Agency

Q NO 33. King Abdul Aziz international Airport is the name of

A: Makkah Airport

B: Jeddah Airport

C: Riyadh Airport

D: None of these

Q NO 34. “ZIANA’ is a news agency of:

A: Zambia

B: Zimbabwe

C: New Zealand

D: Zaire

Q NO 35. Who advocated the theory of laissez faire?

A: Marshall

B: Malthus

C: Adam Smith

D: None of these

Q NO 36. Where was Albert Einstein born?



C: Germany

D: Albania

Q NO 37. The Keil canal links the:

A: Pacific and Atlantic Ocean

B: Mediterranean and Red Sea

C: Mediterranean and Black Sea

D: North Sea and Baltic Sea

Q NO 38. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?

A: C.V. Raman

B: R.N Tagore

C: Mother Teresa

D: L.A. Bunin

Q NO 39. MAD is the name of secret agency of

A: Germany


C: London

D: Manchester

Q NO 40. World environmental day is observed on:

A: 15th June

B: 5th June

C: 25th June

D: None of these

Q NO 41. Freud is associated with:

A: Detective

B: Biology

C: Physiology and medicine

D: Leprosy control

Q NO 42. In American history only president who give resign

A: Richard Nixon

B: Eisen Hower

C: Ronald Reagon

D: Truman

Q NO 43. Who has taken the highest number of wickets in One-Day International cricket?

A: Malcolm Marshal

B: M.Maralitharan

C: Waqar Yunus

D: Wasim Akram

Q NO 44. Which is the second highest Pass in world?

A: Namni Pass

B: Col de Rstefond Pass

C: Donner Pass

D: Myanmar Pass

Q NO 45. Second highest Pass in the world situated in


B: France-Spain

C: Italy Spain

D: Myanmar

Q NO 46. Synagogue is place of worship of which religion?

A: Confucianism

B: Judaism

C: Buddhism

D: None of them

Q NO 47. Which is the largest Sea in the world?

A: South China Sea

B: Mediterranean Sea

C: Black Sea D: Red Sea

Q NO 48. 15th Conference of NAM was held in March 2008 in:

A: Havana (CubA: 

B: Cairo (Egypt)

C: Sharam Shaikh (Egypt)

D: Jakarta (IndonesiA: 

Q NO 49. Headquarter of Council of the European Union is located in:

A: Brussels

B: Geneva

C: Vienna

D: None of these

Q NO 50. Which of the following book was written by A.H. Ispahani?

A: Quaid-e-Azam My Leader

B: Struggle For Pakistan

C: Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah As I Knew Him

D: None of them

Q NO 51. “The Great Divide, Britain, India & Pakistan” was written by:

A: W.H. Wriggins

B: Stanley Walpert

C: H.V. Hudson

D: None of them

Q NO 52. “The Military and Politics in Pakistan” is written by:

A: Shahid Javed Burki

B: K.K. Aziz

C: LH, Qureshi

D: Hassan Askari Rizvi

Q NO 53. Peshawar district and major part of Mardan district, are consisted of

A: Hilly areas

B: Plain areas

C: Plateau areas

D: None of these

Q NO 54. What is the total area of Sindh?

A: 139,424 sq km

B: 138.532 sq km

C: 142,532 sq km

D: 140,914 sq km

Q NO 55. What is the total length of Pak-India boundary line?

A: 1610 kilometers

B: 1670 kilometers

C: 1810 kilometers

D: None of these

Q NO 56. What is the total length of coastline of Pakistan?

A: 1020 km

B: 1046 km

C: 1095 km

D: 1126 km

Q NO 57. Switzerland is also known by the distinctive name of:

A: Land of Thousand Lakes

B: Land of Milk & Honey

C: Playground of Europe

D: Land of Humming Bird

Q NO 58. Which city is called “City of Parks”?

A: Banaras

B: Quito

C: Kiev

D: Rome

Q NO 59. People’s Great Hural is the parliament of which country?

A: Cuba

B: Mexico

C: Magnolia

D: Nigeria

Q NO 60. The area of lowest rainfall in Pakistan is

A: Nushki

B: Quetta

C: Thar

D: Nokhundi

Q NO 61. The Chashma Nuclear plant was built with the help of:

A: France

B: Germany

C: Canada

D: China

Q NO 62. The first nuclear device was tested in

A: 1940

B: 1941

C: 1945

D: None of these

Q NO 63. Which of the following countries is the leading producer of rice in the world?

A: Australia

B: Argentina

C: China

D: Cuba

Q NO 64. The highest lake in the world is:

A: Lake Hanna

B: Lake Tanzania

C: Lake Toba

D: Lake Titicaca

Q NO 65. Which is the largest producer of diamonds in the world?

A: Australia

B: Canada

C: South Africa

D: Russia

Q NO 66. Which is the largest producer of coffee in the world?

A: Brazil

B: Sri Lanka

C: Pakistan

D: Myanmar

Q NO 67. The largest reserves of fresh water on the Earth’s surface is located in:

A: North America

B: South America

C: Russia

D: None of these

Q NO 68. Which of the following countries lead in the production of tea in the world?

A: India

B: Myanmar

C: Sri Lanka

D: Japan

Q NO 69. Name the largest railway station of the world is:

A: Grand Central Terminal, New York

B: Lahore railway station, Pakistan

C: Trans-Siberian railway station, Russia

D: None of these

Q NO 70. Which is the third largest landlocked country in the world?

A: Magnolia

B: Sudan

C: Switzerland

D: Chad

Q NO 71. Marco Polo was the famous

A: Traveller

B: Scientist

C: Musician

D: Conqueror

Q NO 72. Slave Dynasty in India was ended in:

A: 1290

B: 1234

C: 1323

D: 1245

Q NO 73. The famous poet Amir Khusrau, nicknamed the ‘Parrot of India’ was the contemporary of all of the following except:

A: Alauddin Khilji

B: Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban

C: lltutmish

D: None of these

Q NO 74. The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilizationwas discovered in:

A: Harappa

B: Lothal


D: Ropar

Q NO 75. “Freedom Air’ is the name of airline of:

A: New Zealand

B: South Africa

C: South Korea

D: Canada

Q NO 76. Ariana airline is an airline of:

A: Afghanistan

B: America

C: Iran

D: France

Q NO 77. The Khilji Dynasty was founded in India in:

A: 1245

B: 1276

C: 1290

D: 1298

Q NO 78. Pablo Picasso was a:

A: Spanish painter

B: American scientist

C: British jurist

D: German sportsman

Q NO 79. Which continent has no desert?

A: Europe

B: Asia

C: Australia

D: North America

Q NO 80. According to Cabinet Mission plan in which group Punjab and Sindh, were included?

A: First

B: Third

C: Second

D: Fourth

Q NO 81. According to Cabinet Mission plan Bengal and Assam would be included in group

A: 1st

B: 2nd

C: 3rd

D: 4th

Q NO 82. Simla Conference started on:

A: 24th June, 1945

B: 24th June, 1946

C: 22nd September, 1945

D: 22nd September, 1946

Q NO 83. During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who among the following proposed that Swaraj should be defined as complete independence free from all foreign control?

A: Mazharul Haque

B: Maulana Hasrat Mohani

C: Hakim Ajmal Khan

D: Abul Kalam Azad

Q NO 84. When was the Pakistan’s first constituent Assembly constituted?

A: July 20, 1947

B: June 20, 1947

C: August 20, 1947

D: August 25, 1947

Q NO 85. How many members were there in the Constituent Assembly when it was set up?

A: 59

B: 69

C: 79

D: 80

Q NO 86. How many members were later added to the Constituent Assembly?

A: 5

B: 7

C: 9

D: 10

Q NO 87. On what date did the Quaid-e-Azam Address the Constituent Assembly for the first time?

A: 10 August 1947

B: 11 August 1947

C: 20 August 1947

D: 25 August 1947

Q NO 88. Penicillin was discovered by:

A: Alfred Nobel

B: Alexander Fleming

C: Louis Pasteur

D: S. A. Waksman

Q NO 89. Who wrote Sassi Pannu?

A: Hashim Shah

B: Bulhe Shah

C: Waris Shah

D: None of these

Q NO 90. Qissa-Ahsan al-Qissas was written by Ghulam Rasool. Who wrote Sohni Mahiwal?

A: Bulhe Shah

B: Waris Shah

C: Fazal Shah

D: None of these

Q NO 91. The weight of 1000 milligrams is equal to 1gram. _____decagrams are there in 10 grams?

A: 2

B: 1

C: 3

D: 4

Q NO 92. The pharaohs of Alexandria is located in

A: Germany

B: Italy

C: France

D: Egypt

Q NO 93. The third battle of Panipat was fought between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Mahrattas

A: 1801 AD

B: 1750 AD

C: 1761 AD

D: 1758 AD

Q NO 94. Which of the following wars is the shortest war ever fought, ended in just six days?

A: Gulf War

B: Israel-Arab War

C: Desert-War

D: Boer War

Q NO 95. Name the Mughal king who died in 1707?

A: Jahangir

B: Aurangzeb

C: Shah Jahan

D: Akbar

Q NO 96. Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in

A: 1418

B: 1448

C: 1453

D: None of these

Q NO 97. Which one of the following Sultans established diplomatic relations with China?

A: Balban

B: Jalaluddin Khilji

C: Muhammad bin Tughlaq

D: None of these

Q NO 98. The first Umayad Amir of Andulus to adopt the title of Caliph

A: Abdur Rehman III

B: Al Hadi

C: Umar III

D: Hamza II

Q NO 99. The city constructed on the bank of the river Tigris is:

A: Basra.

B: Baghdad

C: Najaf

D: Tehran

Q NO 100. The “Berber” tribes were resident of

A: South Korea

B: North Africa

C: Andulus

D: China