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Q NO 1. Who may pass orders for preparation of Register Haqdaran Zameen if the same does not exist earlier?

A: Asstt. Commissioner

B: Distt. Collector

C: Commissioner

D: Board of Revenue

Q NO 2. In which court the appeal against mutation may be filled?

A: Asstt. Commissioner

B: Deputy Commissioner

C: Commissioner

D: Board of Revenue

Q NO 3. By whom Abtdai Tasdeek of Register Haqdaran Zameen is carried out?

A: Patwari

B: Qanoongo

C: Naib Tehsildar

D: Tehsildar

Q NO 4. Fard Badar is to be sanctioned by?

A: NaibTehsildar / Tehsildar

B: Addl. District Collector

C: Deputy District Collector

D: District Collector

Q NO 5. In which court the appeal against consolidation Scheme may be filed?

A: Consolidation Officer

B: Tehsildar

C: Addl. Collector

D: Addl. Commissioner Consolidation

Q NO 6. Upon whom it is obligatory to carry out 100% inspection / partal of Gardavari?

A: NaibTehsildar

B: Tehsildar

C: Patwari

D: Qanoongo

Q NO 7. What is the limitation of appeal to BOR under Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967?

A: 30 days

B: 40 days

C: 60 days

D: 90 days

Q NO 8. A person of whom the land revenue of any land has been assigned in whole or in part by the Govt. is?

A: Village servant

B: Zamindar

C: Village headman

D: Jagirdar

Q NO 9. When Punjab Tenancy Act was enacted?

A: 26-09-1887

B: 23-09-1882

C: 26-09-1882

D: 23-09-1887

Q NO 10. A tenant having a right of occupancy in land may sublet a land or any part thereof for a term not exceeding,

A: Two years

B: Three years

C: Five years

D: Seven years

Q NO 11. Under which Para of Land Record Manual Summary Inquiry into the title of inheritance is necessary?

A: Para 7.36

B: Para 7.32

C: Para 7.33

D: Para 7.26

Q NO 12. Under which Para of Land Record Manual duplicate copy of the mutation would be prepared when the original has been misplaced or lost?

A: Para 7.40

B: Para 7.20

C: Para 7.39

D: Para 7.32

Q NO 13. Under which Para of Land Record Manual Revenue Officer is responsible for correction of filed maps?

A: Para 3.12

B: Para 4.32

C: Para 4.38

D: Para 4.40

Q NO 14. Which Para of Land Record Manual guides with regard to preparation of Tatima Shajra?

A: Para 4.14

B: Para 4.33

C: Para 4.21

D: Para 4.231

Q NO 15. On which date inspection of Kharif Harvest should being?

A: 1″ August

B: 15 November

C: 15 July

D: 1″ October

Q NO 16. On which date inspection of Rabi Harvest should begin?

A: 1 March

B: 15th March

C: 15 April

D: 15th May

Q NO 17. Register Haqdaran Nakhlistan is included in the?

A: Record of rights

B: Register Intaqalaat

C: Register Gardawari

D: Register La Kitab

Q NO 18. Statement of Customs (Wajib-ul-Arz) is included in the?

A: Register Gardawari

B: Register Taqseem Kasht

C: Register Roznamcha

D: Record of rights

Q NO 19. Statement of rights in wells and tube wells is included in the?

A: Register Partal

B: Register Gardawari

C: Register Roznamcha

D: Register periodical record

Q NO 20. Index of survey / Khasra Number is included

A: Register Gardawari

B: Register Intaqalaat

C: Register Periodical Record

D: Inspection Register

Q NO 21. Under which Section of Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967, Revenue Officer may summon the person give evidence and produce documents?

A: 22

B: 32

C: 42

D: 52

Q NO 22. Under which section of Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967 the computerized record shall be prepared?

A: 31B:

B: 41A:

C: 51A:

D: 61A:

Q NO 23. What is the limitation of appeal to the collector under Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967?

A: 20 days

B: 30 days

C: 40 days

D: 60 days

Q NO 24. What is the limitation of appeal to the Commissioner under Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1967?

A: 20 days

B: 30 days

C: 50 days

D: 60 days

Q NO 25. Under which section of Punjab Land Revenue Act 1957 Board of Revenue may make cities for demarcation of boundaries and creation of boundary makes?

A: 121

B: 122

C: 123

D: 124

Q NO 26. Who scored a century before lunch in a lead match?

A: Asif Iqbal

B: Zaheer Abbas

C: Shahid Afridi

D: Majid Khan

Q NO 27. Pakistan scored 130 runs against England in 1″ ODT at Abu Dahabi on 13-02-2012 and lost the match by runs?

A: 120

B: 125

C: 130.

D: 135

Q NO 28. How many balls are used in the game of snooker?

A: 18

B: 20

C: 22

D: 24

Q NO 29. With which sport, Matador is associated?

A: Bull fighting

B: Rowing

C: Cycling

D: Yachting

Q NO 30. When Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani was indicted for contempt of court by Supreme Court of Pakistan?

A: 10-02-2012

B: 12-02-2012

C: 13-02-2012

D: 15-02-2012

Q NO 31. When Osama bin Laden was. Slain in his compound at Abbottabad?

A: 01-03-2011

B: 30-03-2011

C: 15-04-2011

D: 02-05-2011

Q NO 32. NATO air raided Salala Check Post killing 24 soldiers on the night of:

A: 20-21/11-2011

B: 22-23/11-2011

C: 23-24/11-2011

D: 25-26/11-2011

Q NO 33. Begum Nusrat Bhutto died on?

A: 10-10-2011

B: 15-10-2011

C: 20-10-2011

D: 23-10-2011

Q NO 34. Name the biggest barrage of Pakistan?

A: Sukkhar Barrage

B: Taunsa Barrage

C: Guddu Barrage

D: Ghulam Muhammad Barrage

Q NO 35. When First TV Station in Pakistan was established?

A: 26-03-1964

B: 26-05-1964

C: 26-10-1964

D: 26-11-1964

Q NO 36. In which year Dr. Abdul Salam received the Nobel Prize?

A: 1979

B: 1980

C: 1981

D: 1982

Q NO 37. Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team?

A: Khan Muhammad

B: Faza Mehmood

C: HanifMuhammmad

D: Hafeez Kardar

Q NO 38. How many deserts are there in Punjab?

A: 1

B: 2

C: 3

D: 4

Q NO 39. When NAB was established?

A: Oct 17, 1993

B: Nov 16, 1999

C: Dec 15, 1999

D: Jan 12, 2000

Q NO 40. What is the maximum permissible period of physical remand under NAB Ordinance 1999?

A: 30 days

B: 45 days

C: 60 days

D: 90 days

Q NO 41. When India was declared MEN (most favoured nation) by the Cabinet?

A: 30-11-2011

B: 01-11-2011

C: 02-11-2011

D: 03-11-2011

Q NO 42. When Women Protection Bill and Anti-acid Throwing Bill was passed by Senate?

A: 05-12-2011

B: 07-12-2011

C: 09-12-2011

D: 12-12-2011

Q NO 43. Velocity of wind is measured by

A: Speedo meter

B: Tachometer

C: Anemometer

D: Audio meter

Q NO 44. Oncology is the study of:

A: Birds

B: Cancer

C: Mammals

D: Sod

Q NO 45. A branch of medicine dealing with skin is called:

A: Pharmacology

B: Urology

C: Phraseology

D: Dermatology

Q NO 46. A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders is called

A: Dermatology

B: Hematology

C: Entomology

D: Pathology

Q NO 47. Parkinson is a disease associated with:

A: Brain

B: Heart

C: Lungs

D: Bones

Q NO 48. Which is the cause of dengue fever?

A: Aedes Aegypteis

B: Anopheles

C: Barinohits

D: None of these

Q NO 49. Which vitamin gets destroyed by heating?

A: A

B: E

C: C

D: K

Q NO 50. Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships?

A: Hydrogen

B: Helium

C: Carbon dioxide

D: Hydrogen Sulfide

Q NO 51. Which gas is used in the preparation of soft drink?

A: Oxygen

B: Carbon dioxide

C: Nitrogen

D: Hydrogen

Q NO 52. Pakistan joined UNO on:

A: 30-08-1947

B: 30-09-1947

C: 30-09-1948

D: 30-12-1948

Q NO 53. When IMF was established?

A: 1945

B: 1946

C: 1947

D: 1948

Q NO 54. Who was the Prime Minister of UK at the time of creation of Pakistan?

A: Lord Chelmsford

B: Churchill

C: Attlee

D: Lord Wavell

Q NO 55. The first nuclear power plant in Pakistan was established at:

A: Mianwali

B: Islamabad

C: Karachi

D: Peshawar

Q NO 56. When did Edmund Hillary scale Mount Everest?

A: 1950

B: 1951

C: 1952

D: 1953

Q NO 57. Neil Arm Strong was the first man to set foot on the moon in the year:

A: 1966

B: 1967

C: 1968

D: 1969

Q NO 58. Name the country who has most land borders with other countries:

A: Russian


C: China

D: Japan

Q NO 59. Highest score in the history of one day cricket is:

A: 440

B: 443

C: 448

D: 450

Q NO 60. Which country has the oldest anthem of the world?

A: Japan

B: China

C: Egypt

D: Greece

Q NO 61. The largest producer of coffee in the world?

A: Sri Lanka

B: Kenya


D: Brazil

Q NO 62. Arfa Kareem the youngest ever Certified Microsoft Professional breathed her last on?

A: 14 January 2012

B: 15 January 2012

C: 16 January 2012

D: 17″ January 2011

Q NO 63. Which is the highest military award of Britain?

A: Military Cross

B: Victoria Medal

C: Elizabeth Model

D: Victoria Cross

Q NO 64. Which Muslim country got the most Nobel prizes in Muslim world?

A: Pakistan

B: Bangladesh

C: Iran

D: Egypt

Q NO 65. Which country awards the Nobel Prize?

A: America

B: Switzerland

C: Norway

D: Sweden

Q NO 66. Who conceived the character of James Bonds?

A: Samuel Johnson

B: R.Y.Kippling

C: Charles Dickens

D: lan Fleming

Q NO 67. Who is the author of “Gulliver’s Travel”?

A: Jonathan Swift

B: TS Eliot

C: George Bernard Shaw

D: Beacon

Q NO 68. Urdu drama Anarkali was written by:

A: Agha Hashar Kashmiri

B: Ashfaq Ahmad

C: QudasiaBano

D: Imtiaz Ali Taj

Q NO 69. When International Day for Youth is observed?

A: 6 March

B: 10 April

C: 30 July

D: 12 August

Q NO 70. Last week of September is observed as:

A: World Heart Day

B: World Maritime day

C: World Cane day

D: Scot Day

Q NO 71. Dum Dum is the name of airport of:

A: Calcutta

B: Dacca

C: Nairobi

D: Nepal

Q NO 72. SAVAK is the secret agency of

A: Iraq

B: Saudi Arabia

C: Egypt

D: Iran

Q NO 73. Parliament of Turkey is known as:

A: People Council

B: National Assembly

C: Majid-e-Shora

D: Grand National Assembly

Q NO 74. Boundary line between China and India is known as:

A: Control Line

B: Durand Line

C: Red Cliff Line

D: McMahon Line

Q NO 75. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence?

A: George Washington

B: Ihrahim I incoln

C: Cart Marks

D: Thomas Jefferson

Q NO 76. Which is the year of French Revolution?

A: 1775

B: 1780

C: 1785

D: 1789

Q NO 77. What Port of Spain is?

A: Sea Port of Spain

B: Harbour of Barbados

C: A fishing city of Belarus

D: Capital of Trinidad and Tobago

Q NO 78. What is the currency of Sweden?

A: Lira

B: Sweden pound

C: Euro

D: krona

Q NO 79. Monte Video is the capital of?

A: Paraguay

B: Nicaragua

C: Fi

D: Uruguay

Q NO 80. Name the capital of Azerbaijan?

A: Baku

B: Dushanbe

C: Darul Islam

D: Mina

Q NO 81. Name the most expensive city of the world?

A: Paris

B: London

C: New York

D: Zurich

Q NO 82. Lahore International Book Fair – 2012 was holed at Exp Centre from 3 to 7 February 2012. It was?

A: 24″

B: 25″

C: 26th

D: 27th

Q NO 83. WTO has granted Trade Waiver to Pakistan for?

A: Two years

B: Three years

C: Four years

D: Five year

Q NO 84. In which city as many as 73 fans were killed on 1-2-2012 after football match?

A: Amman

B: Beirut

C: Cairo

D: Port Said

Q NO 85. How many awards were won by Adele, British singer in Grammys Award-2012?

A: 3

B: 4

C: 5

D: 6

Q NO 86. Who is the latest induction into the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame?

A: Tendulkar

B: Imran Khan

C: Ricky Ponting

D: Sunil Gavaskar

Q NO 87. Which year of its inception Govt. College University Lahore marked on 1-1-2012?

A: 148

B: 149

C: 150

D: 151

Q NO 88. On 6-2-2012 Queen Elizabeth-Il celebrated her to throne:

A: 45 years

B: 50 years

C: 55 years

D: 60 years

Q NO 89. Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time celebrated on 8-1-2012 his birth day?

A: 45th years

B: 50th years

C: 5th years

D: 70th years

Q NO 90. Urs of Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri was celebrated on 13 to 15 January 2012. It was Urs number?

A: 960

B: 965

C: 968

D: 970

Q NO 91. In which country of Central America, as many as 300 jail inmates died in February 2012?

A: Jamaica

B: Cuba

C: Costa Rica

D: Honduras

Q NO 92. World Bank President Robber Zoclick has decided to step of down on:

A: 01-3-2012

B: 30-04-2012

C: 30-05-2012

D: 30-06-2012

Q NO 93. Who helped CIA to trace Usama Bin Ladin in Abbottabad?

A: Hussain Haqani

B: MansoorEjaz

C: Dr. Khalil Afridi

D: Dr. ShakilAfiridi

Q NO 94. Which proved to be the killer medicine in PIC Medicine Scam?

A: Loprin

B: Concour

C: Zestoretuch

D: Isotab

Q NO 95. Who is Director of “Saving Face – a Pakistan Documentary Film nominated for Oscar Award?

A: Madhia Gohar

B: Uzma Gillani

C: Saira Kazmi

D: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Q NO 96. To which country contract of M-9 (Karachi -Hyderabad Motorway) has been awarded?

A: Malaysia

B: Indonesia

C: Iran

D: South Korea

Q NO 97. Which is group of G-4 countries?

A: India, Brazil, Japan, Germany

B: India, Brazil, South Korea, Germany

C: Germany, North Korea, Japan, Malaysia

D: Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Iran

Q NO 98. Which country clamped an un-official ban upon Valentine Day on 14-02-2012?

A: Bangladesh

B: Indonesia

C: Malaysia

D: Uzbekistan

Q NO 99. When the 20th Constitution Amendment Bill 2012 was unanimously passed by National Assembly?

A: 14-02-2012

B: 15-02-2012

C: 16-02-2012

D: 17-02-2012

Q NO 100. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani participated in Annual 2012 World Economic Forum on 26-01 2012 at?

A: Tokyo

B: Beijing

C: Shanghai

D: Davos